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Clarification on previous ruling - PuppetMaster/Lure vs OPT

In reference to the following ruling:

Considering @TheLieutenant's answers on Bonus questions #1 and #2, it appears that Rising Anger can only trigger once per turn no matter who benefits from it.

I'd like to know if this is true only for Rising Anger or if the same applies to other Character Traits (if applicable).


Considering the rule on page 13, I would have assumed that the ruling should have been different, no? OPT Plays would be different (and could be used by both players), but is the fact this refers to once per turn actions the reason it doesn't apply to Traits/Rising Anger?

Each individual model's once per turn actions may be used once per turn per player.

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You are correct, page 13 is specific to actions. OPT actions are once per turn, per player. Everything else (i.e. passive traits) is the first time regardless of player (Rising Anger, Close Control, etc...).

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