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Playing the Brewers

So, I am still fairly new to this game, and (so far) have only ever played using the Engineers.  The other day, as part of our Figo League, I played my first game against the Brewers.  Now, my opponent has a bit more experience than I, and he is a decent margin better at the game than me, which probably partially explains the results, but holy hachi-machi, they just ran right over me.  I darted up field with Velocity and scored, and then the Brewers just beat me my carefully organized Engineer Machine to death - almost literally.  I think one thing I messed up was placing Colossus and Balista fairly close together near the center of the pitch, I often use them as a sort of back-line, letting him make a big mosh-pit with them in the middle.  He just stomped a whole through all my nifty defensive tech.  So, how do others normally deal with games against the Brewers?

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So I'm the regular opponent of the brewers player you played and I think i might have some insight into your opponent and into brewers. The first thing you should know is he gets alot of practice against Shark, which is basically like training at 2G for brewers, so don't sweat the experience difference. 

First thing about dismantling the brewers is understanding what each model does for set up, and what they do for follow through.

So for example ospigot is a support model turn 1 where he wants to speed up his team and throw out tooled up. But after turn 1 he shines more as the best damage output on the team. 

Tapper on the other hand wants to try and get stuck in to someone turn 1 to win the mp race and do dmg but later turns he's more throwing out kd, extra inf, and putting up his aura. 

Understanding the order he wants to beat you up in helps you do alot to disrupt his chain of activations. 

You should also try to capitalize on the weaknesses of the brewers. The first is they just have shit def. Pretty much across the board they are 3+/1. All of your ranged plays should be very reliable and singled out or tooled up should help ballista remove enemies a quick clip. The trick to that is to take the non-momentous dmg and just get your kills in. 

They next thing they are terrible at is dislodging the ball. They have almost no playbook dodges anywhere. Friday is actually not that great at getting in, getting the ball, and getting out.  They are suceptible to counter attacks when they want to pick tackle or a play and cant freely choose kd or push. This frequently means their disruption tech is kd. So sturdy hoist can be a great place to park the ball while you try to get your own work done. 

Hope some of this helps. I know the least about engineers of any faction so im probably lite on specifics but understanding the order brewers want to go in a turn will go a long way to stopping them. 


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