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Your favorite thing about the game.

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1 minute ago, CurlyPaul said:

I did not realise this!

It's far more fun than it should be to pile a sink full of them and turn the taps on...

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7 hours ago, Mako said:

Bit of an odd thing to like, but having had a couple of orders shipped to me lately, I'm a big fan of the packing peanuts SFG are using - no more bags of them sitting about, or trying to get them all into a bin without escaping everywhere...

you just throw them in the sink, run warm water over them and they're gone :D 

You've prompted me to spend a few minutes reading about packing peanuts! It seems that you can either use polystyrene peanuts or starch-based biodegradable ones that won't clog up landfill sites and even dissolve in the sink. Not something I'd ever thought about before, but well done SFG for picking the environmentally-friendly ones!


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The community. I've met some wonderfully kind people through playing Guild Ball, and I've never seen a company so willing to touch base with the player base. 

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