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Fully Painted Union Team for Sale

I have the full collection of Union models for sale, it will be everything you need, see the list below. These are painted to a very good standard and looking to take offers for these before going to the shady world of eBay. Excellent collection for those of you who don't like painting and want to game since Union are pretty awesome right now.

Based in Scotland but will post anywhere.

  1. Blackheart
  2. Veteran Rage
  3. Coin
  4. Strongbox
  5. Avarisse and Greed
  6. Mist 
  7. Decimate
  8. Snakeskin
  9. Harry the Hat Hallahan
  10. Rage
  11. Hemlock
  12. Minx 
  13. Fangtooth
  14. Gutter
  15. A goal token and ball with a nice crime and punishment theme

Blurry photo with all the models



Some close ups





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They look great....and thanks for giving me a color scheme I can get on board with. :)

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