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Guidelines for Posting in the Rules Clarifications Forum

Hello all. Just updating this since the previous post was a little out of date.

When you ask a question, the Lawyer's Guild will either answer right away, or if we're not sure of what the right answer is straight off the bat, we'll mark it Checking. A locked thread indicates that the question has been correctly answered, even if no Lawyer's Guild member has posted in it. A thread that's Checking means we're conferring amongst ourselves and with the Design Team in order to get an answer. There is no particular length of time this will take, it could be two days, it could be a month. We're all busy people, and sometimes particular rules interactions will have other implications that may not be immediately obvious.

Before asking a question, please at least check the Collected Clarifications thread first. Searching for your question is also a good idea, since there's a good chance your question (or a variation of it) has been asked before.

Please adhere to the following rules when asking questions on the Rules Clarifications forum.

1. Only ask one question, or a couple of closely related questions, per thread. If you have a new topic or question, please start a new forum thread for it. Use tags in order to make searching for previously answered questions easier.

2. Be polite and patient. Calling us all jerks will not get a ruling made any faster.

3. Name the topic so it closely references your question. Vague titles are bad.

4. Don't bump threads marked as Checking. We're aware of them. 

5. Please don't turn a thread into a discussion. This is not the place to discuss why a particular ruling is great/lame because of all the cool/horrible stuff you can do with it. There are, handily, forums for each specific Guild on this page too, which are perfect for that sort of thing.


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