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orange teams

I managed to get some slightly less bad photos of my teams taken, so here they are. Sorry they're still a bit off with the exposure, hopefully future pictures will be a bit better.

First up is Masons, just went for the standard colour scheme. Not long until Hammer now...


Here's the Union, again in fairly standard colours, I probably didn't go quite as bright as I should have done with the purple though. Still have Blackheart, Minx and Fangtooth to paint.


And finally the Engineers. I'm pretty happy with how the Mechanica turned out. Pin Vice still to paint.


I'm not 100% sure, but Fish are probably next for me.

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Ok, here are some on a black background and not taken into the light so much. Still a little bit blurry.





Finished Coin:


Blackheart's ship:



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ljNsW6C.jpgI finally got my morticians finished in time for Vengeance this weekend. Still need a 10th player now, and may as well paint up the rest, but here's a team shot.


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