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Found 3 results

  1. Using vOx

    Hi everyone, I'm a new guild ball player and we've just started growing the community in Dubai. I picked up a butchers team and have played about 10 games so far, mainly vs Brewers, seaBrisket, and one game vs Masons. My 'learn the game' list was very simple Ox, Princess, Boiler, Meathook, Boar and Brisket - there was rarely a time where I wanted to choose anything other than the damage option on the playbook, but that seemed to work just fine. Still learning the game and of course our meta of 2 active players (and about 8 'interested' ones) won't be representative of the game as a whole. I've since expanded my list to the rest of the butchers and have had a couple of games with Fillet, including vOx. I've seen a lot of people saying that vOx is great but I can't figure out how to use him as well. I'd really appreciate a break down of how to use him and why he is so awesome, but here are some issues I've run into so far: - Whirling Chains seemed great to pull everyone in, but then I was stuck with 3 players around me who can just beat vOx to death. His defense didn't seem enough to save him once he'd pulled everyone in, is he meant to be a sacrifice? - Damage: When not engaged I can charge him into a good position but then I found his damage to be a little disappointing, even loaded up with.3 inf I was taking the non-momentous push and knockdown options to just get players into a better position. But if he's just used for positioning opponents then... - Harry seems better? Hopefully someone can help me use vOx a bit better Edit: For those just coming across this post, here is a summary of points made in the thread He can act as a battery (requiring little influence to be a threat) Loading him with lots of influence is generally not advisable unless you're sure you can get the kill (for The Old Ways) or you need multiple repositioning attacks Remember Lash Out. Remember Never Say Die. Get into 1.1" melee range to tie up enemy models nicely He's better at tying up low def models
  2. Vet Ox painted offering

    Been playing for a while now but first time posting a picture of my first team: The Butchers! Here is Veteran Ox ready for next Saturday's local tournament. I think I've done him justice but eyes are still something I'm not confident painting.
  3. New Release Scout Reports

    Hi all, We've put together some new scout reports to help you get to grips with the shiny new releases! Hope they help!! Veteran Ox: https://youtu.be/SRdxTuIka3w Brainpan & Memory: https://youtu.be/zLqCvXdqWcg Hag: https://youtu.be/ho9uk_6URl8