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Found 159 results

  1. Advices to an event

    Dear fellow guild members! In my local meta there will be a one day event on next saturday. There will be upper and lower side, and i'm in the lower. The other players will bring alchemists, brewers, blacksmiths and union. My questions are the following. 1. Against these guilds, wich captain would be the better choice? I think the gamers would bring these captains: Union: Rage Brewers: Tapper Blacksmith: Ferrite or Burnace Alchemist: I think it will be Smoke. 2. What tactics I choose in these games? 3. What squaddies will be the core of my team each games? I know, this is so theoretical, but I would really appreciate any advice, ideas or help
  2. If Seasoned Brisket uses her Legendary Play, Worthy Sacrifice, can she choose Rage as part of the first clause? Place this model in base contact with an other friendly model within [6"] of this model. The other friendly model may then immediately make a [6"] Dodge.
  3. Union Blog & Cage Ball

    Hi there I help write a little Blog and have started a series where I move away from my staple of murder ball to a new guild and the football centric team. in my 3rd instalment I take a look at mini guild ball tournaments in a single evening. How to do it and how my ‘football’ is trying to get better. I wonder what the forums 4 player Union line up & 4 Player Blackheart lone up would be for Cage Ball? your thoughts would be welcome as I play this format more and more! https://www.fishywargaming.com/single-post/2017/12/15/Guildball-Loot-Plunder-3---A-Cage-Party
  4. Listening to one of the UK streams, they talked about Furnace’s character play “One at a Time Lads!” would cancel the effects of Bloody Coin against Veteran Rage. Is this correct? The wording on Bloody Coin says +1 Tac and Damage against enemy models engaged by friendly models, so my assumption is you lose crowding out dice, but still gain Bloody Coin dice if they are engaged by a friendly model.
  5. Howdy! Forgot to post my last blog post up on here, so here you are, how about 3? First up, I discuss Engineers with Greg Day: http://www.halloflegends.co.uk/2017/10/legendary-plays-with-greg-day-on.html?m=1 Then I talk Blackheart- I mean, Union with Jason Mountain from the Singled Out Podcast: http://www.halloflegends.co.uk/2017/11/legendary-plays-with-jason-mountain-on.html?m=1 and then this week I spoke to Mike Dam from Crit Damage Miniature Games about his Hunters: http://www.halloflegends.co.uk/2017/11/legendary-plays-with-mike-dam-on.html as always, let me know why you think! lots to go at there! Regards, Mr Hall
  6. Harry?

    So veteran "female hat" is going to Engineer guild, but what will happen to my Harry? Will he still be playable with his current errata card rules? For how long? In the keynote the dev said "union players will no longer be available once the matching minor guild is released" so does that mean my Harry is just a useless chunk of metal soon? What about the decimate and A&G I have too? Is Steamforged going to refund my money for selling me non-playable models? I can't exactly sell them to a union player since Union is squashed soon too.
  7. Masons: Hammer, vHarmony, Brick, Tower, Mallet, Marbles Union: sBrisket, Mist, Gutter, Harry, Benediction, Coin The game was quite intense. I was the receiving one, but I missed a few passes, so the ball was lying on the ground. It was close to my ranks, but Mist is quite a fast fellow, so he managed to get the ball and pass it to Harry, who passed it to Brisket. After that, Brisket scored and I did nothing. The Union team won initiative roll and began turn 2. Brisket got the ball and scored again. After that I kicked the ball to Hammer and went after Harry. Hammer killed Harry with ease and kept killing the ball. I had to pass the ball further and further away up to the point when I found an opening in my opponent's play. He placed the ball on Mist within Hammer's reach, so Hammer paid him a deadly visit followed by a goal. That was enough to turn the tide of the match and win 12:9.
  8. Masons: Hammer, vHarmony, Mallet, Tower, Brick, Marbles Union: Blackheart, Gutter, Rage, Hemlocke, A&G, Strongbox The game was quite easy for me. The whole point of it was waking a setup with Mallet (SO + KD) and Tower (TU) for Hammer and then ending it with a kill. Hammer killed Avarisse in turn 1, scored in turn 2 and killed Rage in turn 3. In the meantime the Union managed to kill Brick and Marbles (and Strongbox, because Gutter is insane). The game ended when Mallet scored, but I was already 3 minutes in overtime.
  9. This was a casual game, we played with new deploy, and GiC. I like to play with a model after it's been painted, so I built a list around Snakeskin, Hemlocke, Coin, Decimate. Union - Brisket, Coin, Hemlocke, Snakeskin, Decimate Mist GiC - Gain +2 MP when you lose initiative (holy crap thats amazing!) Engineers - Pin Vice, Mother, Compound, Velocity, Ratchet, Avarisse and Greede GiC - the 1 less momentum for snap shot card This was a super long game, where i mostly just moved the ball up the wing and tried to avoid Pin Vice's threat range. I think it was actually one turn longer than I said, with a lot of nothing happening turn 1 and turn 2 Turn 1 - Union received, Velocity kicked. A&G and Pin Vice up front, with Decimate and Coin up front as well. Decimate was the only one in A&G's threat range, so she went first, sprinted 9 to get the ball, and passed to Snakeskin, who dodged 4" away to the side, safely out of everyones threat range. Decimate second winded herself, thinking back, she should have done this on Snakeskin. Mist, hemlocke, coin, all sort of did nothing, except staying out of everyones threat range. Brisket did Im open to get the ball from Snakeskin, then passed back to snakeskin, who had nimble and cloned herself and jogged up. Turn 2 - A&G went first and killed Decimate. The Mist, Coin, Brisket, Snakeskin group just moved forward on the wing, with Snakeskin keeping the ball. Brisket did the im open and pass back to Snakeskin thing again. This group stayed together while Hemlocke tried to blind pin vice, but missed (with bonus time). Hemlocke got weakened by Pin Vice. Decimate had jogged back in, but got taken out again by Ratchet. Turn 3 - A&G finished off Hemlocke, and Mist tied up Compound, so that Snakeskin could finally go for that first goal, which she made. The ball threw back in and no one retrieved it. Besides that was just hitting for momentum with Brisket. Decimate had jogged back in, and second winded herself. Sprinted, got the ball, kicked it upfield, then chased after it. Here my opponent misplayed, instead of picking up the ball with Compound, Compound attacked Decimate, setting up another decimate kill for Ratchet. But then Mist activated, got the ball, got 2 attacks on Compound for the momentum, and scored a tap in. Turn 4 - The ball had been thrown in, and Pin Vice couldn't both get it AND score, so Mother got the ball, and dropped it near Pin Vice so she could get it on her activation. Brisket legendary played to Coin's base, then sprinted through rough ground to snap the ball, and pass it to nowhere upfield, where I got a pretty lucky scatter and landed right on snakeskin (who had no influence). Snakeskin jogged behind the goal to make it harder to take it from her. Brisket got a lucky counter on pin vice to dodge out. I won the initiative roll and opted to go second, forcing my opponent to deal with Snakeskin. Turn 5 - No one could reach Snakeskin, so Pin Vice had to go first, and do controller and alternator on Compound, letting him activate immediately and now able to reach Snakeskin. Snakeskin is a 5-0 in cover by the goal, luckily Compound was only able to get 1 hit on all 3 attacks on Snakeskin. So then Snakeskin just dodged out and took a bonus time tap in for the win (that GiC extra momentum is awesome!) Super weird game, definitely won't be playing that lineup again. But I love Snakeskin with Season Brisket. Having the ball on Snakeskin, cloned and nimble is really great. Also, I have started deploying a mascot on the front line with the new deploy, this seems really good as it makes it easier to back up and play defensively.
  10. Union see Off Mason interest

    So it’s union consisting of Blackheart, Coin, Decimate, Minx, Rage and A&G Vs Honour, Marbles Harmony, Mallet, Flint and Brick Baal goes back and forth during the game with neither side getting many takeouts but after Blackheart misses a 4 dice tap in and gets soundly beaten to a pulp by the masons Minx finishes the game off by scoring the final goal
  11. With SteamCon US coming up a lot of green coaches will be competing for the first time in a large tournament. One aspect where some of my locals are struggling with is developing a 10-man roster. For some, the problem is how to limit their roster to just 10 models whereas for others the difficulty is deciding when to replace one of their favorite six starters with someone who they don't normally bring. JD Haigler wrote up a visual walkthrough of how he decides his 10-man Union roster and this can help people who are new to the game or just looking for ways to improve. http://midwestwargaming.com/concept-behind-guildball-lineup/
  12. You have my bow

    The fight for Hemlocke is over, pretty happy with the result - will be posting my remaining games here!
  13. Brisket backs the Engineers Guild against the Morticians to advance the Solthecian plans with her Guilds Win. sBrisket takes out Cosset and Scores a Aplomb Goal and the Crowd goes wild! Graves thought he was safe from the swift grasp of Mist but he got the ball and Scored!
  14. A game on Vassal. Engineers: Pin Vice, Salvo, Hoist, Ratchet, Velocity, Mother Union: Blackheart, A&G, Rage, Gutter, Mist, Coin The game started badly for me. Mist kicked the ball to my far left and I was unable to regain it in one activation. I commited Mother to it and was going to pick the ball with Hoist. I forgot how fast Mist is. He picked the ball and passed it back to Blackheart. Nothing interesting happened in turn 1 apart from Rage generating some momentum on Velocity. In turn 2 I managed to score a goal with Velocity, but I lost the mannequin to enemy attacks. Pin Vice managed to kill Rage. In turn 3 Cogs lost Pin Vice and Ratchet. And Mother as well. Hoist tried to score, but missed it. In the last turn Pin Vice killed Gutter and that freed Velocity from the immediate danger and let her score again for 12:7.
  15. Union in Chains! Tapper takes the win over sBrisket, casts his vote to #BringDecimateHome This was just a local friendly match, opponent conceded at the end of turn 2 because the game was so one sided. 10-4 brewers Turn 1 - Spigot kicked off to Mist, ending his jog within 8" of the edge of the pitch, because I was determined to finally use the Wingback plot card. The kick off failed, and scattered 6,6 right to Mist. Mist moved to cover and then passed to sBrisket, he made the mistake of leaving Mist in threat range of the brewers though. Friday dirty knives Benediction, since I didn't wanna waste her influence and he was the only one in reach. Benediction then sturdy and braced himself, and jogged back into cover. Then PintPot charged Gutter, again not wanting to waste his influence and she was the only one barely in reach. He did 3 damage and dodged to smash face on gutter and benediction. Brisket and Decimate played with the ball, getting momentum and bringing it up the other side a little. Tapper jogged to Mist and commanding aura, KD him, then did some damage, heroic influence to Hooper. Gutter went and attacked PintPot, getting some momentum. Spigot played Wingback and charged Mist, then next attack killed Mist, then tooled up Hooper. Hooper charged Gutter, and attacked, leaving her low hp. I was up 2 momentum. Turn 2 - I went first, with PintPot, because I could sprint to engage on Gutter, Benediction, and sBrisket. Smashed face on all 3 of them! Opponent called OP on that haha since you don't have to roll for it ..... Gutter got some hp back from attacking PintPot, Benedicion went sturdy and braced again. Spigot tooled up Tapper who had 6 influence. then sprinted and turned his Times Called heroic on, giving everyone +2 MOV. Tapper went in and charged Benediction, and attacked him with commanding aura, ignoring Sturdy and just doing damage. Brisket finally went for her goal and made a screamer, I played super fan and gave the ball directly to friday. Hooper killed Gutter and Benediction, (3hp and 2hp left each) then jogged over to Brisket and KD her. Friday dodged, sprint 10" heroic and kick 10" and scored. My opponent threw it back in to Mist but the scatter was bad, so no chance at another goal for him this turn. At this point he conceded the match as I would easily get another kill before he got 2 more goals.
  16. Experimenting with videos but the camera was setup wrong Game is from the escalation league. Butchers want to deal 12 dmg in an activation and place a condition for their points, Union wants to score a snapshot and kick scatter for theirs. A bit of ball play and brisket can score activation 3 and get back to my half Try and get her protected a bit but Rage tells Gutter to take the kill Brisket comes back to the field, Rage ganks Ox, and the scrum forms in the mid field. The camera lost power there Decimate dies to conditions after giving Boar a momentum farm. Ox returned via fast ground and legendaried into Rage, leaving the usurper on 1HP. Rage returned the favour and took out Meathook. Decimate and Grace got their snapshot but Shank and Boar killed everyone else for the win.
  17. Dead Blackheart, dead Coin, dead Snakeskin, Minx, Grace, Benediction Vs Skatha, Fahad, Jaecar, Seenah, Egret, Chaska Chaska kicks off pumpkin ball : Fahad is first casualty, then Minx takes out Chaska (with friends): Dead Snakeskin taps in pumpkin 🎃 : Jaecar and the bear kill Dead Blackheart: Grace tackles Jaecar and passes to Dead Snakeskin, for snapshot screamer! : Bear kills Minx: Dead Snakeskin finishes off Fahad!: 12-4 to the Union Really fun game, my original opponent couldn't make it with his butchers, so another friend stepped in borrowing my hunters and we were both using new teams. So somehow a team of dead Union players beating Hunters, brings Hemlocke one game closer to Hunters - Don't ask for logic, it's Halloween! 🎃
  18. Last night, I deployed my brand new Blacksmiths against John who was playing Veteran Rage, Strongbox, Fangtooth, Avarisse and Greede, Minx and Mist. game started positively as the Blacksmiths janked there way up the field, Avarisse got a 7 damage smack in the teeth from Sledge but then Rage decided enough was enough and all hell broke loose. Ferrite clinched a quick goal just after Sledge fell to his furiousness and then soon after, Avarisse and Greede sent Ferrite to the apothecaries along with iron. Mist countered with another goal and things were looking bleak! Iron returned and was looking like he might be able to get back up for another goal but Rage spotted a weakened Cinder and that was all she wrote! Sad times but good that Gutter is coming home to the Butchers! The wall started out well!! Avarisse and Greede say... 'Get in the bin!' Mist says... 'I got this' Blacksmiths cry in their cornflakes...
  19. Hello The Union

    Hey Unionists Being playing GB since April with Hunters, but just picked up Dark Harvest and used it as an excuse to start playing Union. I already have Minx for my Hunters and picked up Grace and Benny, as I really like the sculpts and that rounds out a six man team: Blackheart, Coin, Snakeskin, Minx, Grace and Benediction For all I know it's a terrible lineup, but hey - it's the six minis I have! Playing my first game on Halloween against Butchers. Any tips for a Union Noob? How to use the players/team? Tips for them against Butchers, useful video match reports / podcasts etc? Cheers!
  20. Dodging the gutter...

    Ok, so not the finals, but an important game for the fish. Convincing gutter to join their ranks and trying to keep her out of harms way throughout the game doesn't sound much appealing, but it's what Longshanks requested from Shark in the first place. The crowd starts to shout and roar when the players run up on the pitch. On one side we have Salt, Angel, Greyscales, Hag and Sakana closely followed by Shark. Some ladies in the front rows even faint by seeing his raw natural beauty passing by. On the opposing side, we have Rage, Strongbox, Decimate, Minx, Harry and Gutter taking their favorite spots. "Ok, remember guys, this one should be over quickly, our usual play with one exception. Greyscales, you have to try to get close to Gutter and give her this note. Make sure she leaves the pitch unharmed. Try to ignore her." Shark is pretty clear in his instructions towards the team. Rage takes the ball and kicks it up the pitch, it lands right in front of Salt. Salt picks up the ball and tries to kick it towards Angel, but misses, Shark just able to intercept it. Shark grins. This is his moment. Runs the length towards the Union goal post but encounters Rage and Strongbox when he gets close. Just what he needs to leap a bit further and get a shot it... He carefully aims the end of his spear just before the treasure chest on the turtles back, he creates momentum, and lands just behind it. He takes the shot and ... Fish 4 to Union 0. The Union players didn't even know what happened. On the left flank, Gutter gets the ball. Rage, Decimate and Minx finish of Shark who is trying to use the cover of some barrels to his advantage Fish 4 Union 2. Greyscales advances up the pitch and does as instructed, he gets closer to Gutter who is greeting him half way. Gutter feels uncomfortable and wants to make sure the fish players doesn't get his hand on the ball, she kicks it away from both. Suddenly Shark emerges out of nowhere and grabs it. Loosing drops of blood and bandages along the way he runs down the flank towards the Union goal post once more, looks at Greyscales who carefully engages in a conversation with Gutter. The two seem totally focussed, ignoring the superstar. His chance to make a second goal and drag the attention towards him, not the duo. He shoots and scores! The crowd goes wild. Fish 8 to Union 2. He accepts the cheering and greets the audience by swinging his spear above his head. In the center, Rage gets the ball. All other fish players try to get hold of it, but are being slain one by one. First Angel goes suicidal and charges Rage. She knew she didn't stand a single chance but the change to finish this game once and for clearly took the upper hand in the decision process. As expected she was finished off by Rage and his gang. Sakana makes the same attempt, with the same result. Fish 8 to Union 6. Greyscales finished his assignment, leaving Gutter behind on the left flank. He simply knew that the youngsters didn't stand a chance, only he could pull off such a play. He runs to the center, manages to grab the ball. He's ready to make the shot, BOOOM. The fish drops to the floor. Fish 8 to Union 8. The ball slowly rolls in the direction of Shark. Shark whistles, Salt knows perfectly what to do and runs towards Rage and his gang. Keeping them busy. Hag does the same albeit at a slightly slower pace. She starts to chant and to hum... Suddenly a wave of water is heading straight for the players in the center. Shark uses the momentum to finish off the game. Fish 12 to Union 8.
  21. The Union Witnesses Vet Kat

    In another GIC, Alternate Deployment game Smoke and her Alchemists take on Blackheart and his band of filthy pirates. The lineups were as follows: Smoke, Flask, Calculus, Venin, VetKat, and Compound Blackheart, Strongbox, Grace, Benediction, Gutter, and Mist With a poor kickoff Benediction was able to move up from the front line and score an opening goal. This left him exposed with a Vengeance token for the Alchemist team to sink their teeth into. Moving the ball out first the Alchemists positioned themselves around Benediction full of conditions for VetKat to unload on. This wouldn't get the take out but the top of turn two a Smoke legendary would take out Benediction. After this Blackheart attempted to get the ball off of Smoke but was unable to do so with Compound crowding him out. This would allow the rest of the team to gang up on Gutter who would take massive damage from Calculus, Compound, Venin, Flask and finally vKat, Kat was able to engage top of turn three and kill Gutter then charge Grace while engaging Mist who just took 7 damage from Venin mainly by conditions. After the free charge and an intensify from vKat he would turn his attention to mist who only had one health left and set off a Witness Me. This would leave the score at 8-6 with the Alchemists in control of the ball for Smoke to kick in for an easy 12-6. Harry what are you waiting for?
  22. Need to pick up a KS Honour and any Blackheart.
  23. Pegleg Puts Pirate in His Place

    Pegleg Puts Pirate in His Place Corsair brings the paint to the Pirate King in this match up. The Fishermen fielded Corsair, Tentacles, Sakana, Hag, vSiren, and Avarisse&Greed. The Union fielded Blackheart (God rest his zombie bones,) Coin, Gutter, Decimate, Benediction, and Harry the Hat. Corsair boots the ball to FPL (Fish Player Left) where gutter makes the retrieval. Gutter gets yanked in with the second harpoon where the Siren and Corsair swing some and get the ball off of her. Harry sets Corsair on fire with a molotov. Everyone else is playing positional. Fish take the initiative in round 2 sending their thugs A&G to send Gutter off the field early. Harry rushes Corsair but the seadog dug his peg in for a defensive stance and took the steam out of the Hat's charge (rolled four 3's and two 1's) but couldn't keep his balance, his bulbous backside booming the ball to nearby octopus, Tentacles. Corsair retaliates by sending Harry off the pitch with some key assists from the thugs and Siren before jogging to block Tentacles from the Pirate King's charge lane. The rest of the turn was spent positioning and making ineffective strikes. Siren's dread gaze mercilessly mitigated the mercenaries' muggings. Tentacles drops the ball where Sakana can safely secure it, he is pursued by Decimate. In round 3 the Union took the first swings but earns no take outs. Decimate attempts to take the ball from Sakana but underestimates his ability to get out of the way. Corsair removes her from the pitch for her transgressions. Benediction moves to block Sakana's shot but to no success as the fish slips by. Sakana rockets in a goal. Harry brings the ball down field to Blackheart. In round 4 the Union yet again go first but in a hearbreaker for the Pirate King Harry whiffs the pass and Blackheart doesn't have the energy to make up for it. Fishermen promptly remove Benediction and the game is called. 12-0 Fishermen Link to pics https://imgur.com/gallery/MYW0H
  24. Gutter Fights Farmers for Freedom

    With Rage in chains Gutter sees an opportunity to escape Rage and the Union once and for all. Since the murder of her beloved, Blackheart, Gutter has been in self exile. Contemplating what her next move will be. Everyone sees her as a rabid dog, a killer. If it wasn't for the animosity between herself and Rage they would likely be an effective duo, at least that's what most of the guilds believe. The Butchers have played with her before. They know her style and appreciate it like a fine art. Gutter knew that if she were to escape the grasp of the Union and join another guild the Butchers would likely welcome her with open arms. But is this what she wanted? The Butcher by the name of Brisket now leads the Union. Slowly transforming into a pack of religious zealots as opposed to a gang of mercs. Gutter took this opportunity to get on the pitch once again. She wasn't keen on the idea of fighting alongside 'nutty religious freaks' but it beat fighting alongside a madman like Rage. Besides, Gutter needed to prove to the other guilds that she was a player worth fighting for. Brisket was reluctant to take Gutter on the pitch at first but she remembered fighting alongside when she was still a member of Ox's Butchers. Gutter was ruthless but cunning. A fine addition to any team but a liability. Blackheart kept her on a leash and now that he's gone who is left to keep her in check? Despite all this Brisket felt the need to give her a chance. Everyone deserves a chance at redemption. Gutter has fought alongside half of this team before. She played with Brisket a few times, sure. But she was never a member of the Union until recently. Mist and Gutter played alongside dozens of times but she never trusted him. He was just too damn quick. One second you see him beside you then would vanish in a puff of smoke. He was not much of a fighter. Mist was a runner. And there were plenty of times when the two of them were in a tough spot and he would abandon her to save his own skin. Granted, when Mist pulled off crap like that he would typically score and win the game for Gutter's team. But she just could not appreciate his style. Not yet anyways. Gutter could have sworn that she was playing alongside Coin. Blackheart's old pet. But that couldn't be the case. The snake was dead. Gutted and filleted by Rage. Was Gutter going mad? He looked so real. No... That can't be him... Coin is dead. Him and Blackheart are dead. And now the two new players. They were a sight to see. Solthecian fanatics but damn intimidating players. The big one calls himself Benediction while the little one calls herself Grace. Fitting names, Gutter felt. She got the impression that they didn't like the idea of having her on the pitch. But Brisket insisted. Whispered something to them and though they were reluctant they agreed to let Gutter play. Not sure what happened to Brisket exactly. Clearly some serious fallout with the Butchers. Everyone knew her and Fillet didn't get along. But now some sort of cult leader? Able to boss around these Solthecian psychopaths? It didn't matter though. Gutter was allowed to play and that's all that mattered to her. Her opponents: the Farmers. No one had seen the Farmers play in years until recently. They went from a lowly guild that no one gave a damn about to a respectable guild to an even more respectable guild ball team. Gutter felt bad that they had to be the ones she had to cut down first. What was this feeling? Sympathy? Gutter actually felt sympathy for the Farmers. Since Blackheart's death Gutter has clearly changed and she knew it. But was this change for the better? That's not something she has considered until recently. Only time will tell. The game starts and the farmers kick the ball off to the Union. Grace says a prayer of some sort and Brisket seems empowered. This is all new to Gutter. Her teammates are calm and praying? The Union has changed drastically, let's see if it's for the better. After both teams begin to advance to the middle of the pitch Gutter sees Brisket just sprint to the ball. Gutter hasn't seen anyone sprint that fast since she last played with the Fishermen. Brisket grabbed the ball, dodged and weaved between the farmers while poking them with her short blades, and then suddenly... She scores. Not even a minute in and Gutter's team is already up four points. Gutter was amazed. She saw Shark from the Fishermen's Guild pull stuff like this off but a Butcher? This was insanity. Gutter was starting to respect Brisket's playstyle a lot more. Gutter stuck to her own playstyle: laying on the pain. She met the majority of the Farmer's in the middle of the pitch but she wasn't alone. Benediction was with her. Despite his reluctance to play with her earlier, Benediction was a team player. He was ready to help Gutter and defend her with his life. There was something behind Benediction though... It's that damn snake. Gutter just kept seeing Coin on the pitch. She tried to not to pay attention to what was clearly a hallucination but couldn't help herself. Real or not, the presence of Coin seemed to inspire her. Grace and Brisket were playing their own game to try to get the ball but that damn Scarecrow was interfering. Creepy bugger, he was. He tied up Grace for the most part while Brisket was bound to get bombarded by the other Farmers soon. But what was Mist doing? He was actually getting involved and trying to protect Brisket. This was not the Mist that Gutter once knew. This Mist seemed to have a spine. Gutter witnessed Mist get knocked out cold. Suppose he should have stuck with what he knew best; running. Gutter couldn't help but admire him though for that. He certainly didn't last long but he fell so Brisket could stand. With the time that Mist earned Brisket she was able to get out of harm's way. She took a few hits from the big oaf farmer but only got a few cuts and bruises. She leapt over to Grace to help out with the scarecrow. While all that was going on Gutter and Benediction tied just about everyone else up in the middle. Benediction was standing firm but for the most part the Farmers were ignoring him. They knew they could not get through his armour so they went for Gutter instead. Gutter started to take a beating but was able to fight back. With every hit she took she dished out a hit just as hard. She felt rejuvenated with every blow. After a back and forth between herself and the Farmers (and one chicken taken out) the farmers decided to focus on Benediction. Benediction held his own for a time but even he was unable to withstand the onslaught that the Farmers brought. While their attention was focused on Benediction though, Mist snuck back onto the pitch and was able to get a goal himself. Making the score 8 to 4 in favour of the Union. For the remainder of the game the Scarecrow basically wanted to play keep away with the ball. The Farmers knew what happens when either Brisket or Mist get their hands on the ball so they felt it would be more effective to win through brute force. A fine strategy but it will only work if they can take Gutter down. And Gutter does not go down easily. Over and over she would take a beating from the Farmers but over and over she would dish it back. Eventually the handsome Farmer, who resembled Harry the Hat for some reason, got his hands on the ball. It would have been an easy goal if it wasn't for Brisket. Like lightning Brisket ran up, took the ball from him, dodged and weaved in between the other Farmers and scored the game winning goal. Just like that the Union had won their game. Gutter felt for a moment that maybe she didn't need to leave the Union after all. With Rage gone what does she have to be afraid of? She knew they chained Rage up though. And she hasn't seen Hemlocke and some of the other Union members for a long time. Perhaps they were chained up as well. Gutter needed to stick with her plan and not give these Solthecians the chance to capture her. She was unsure whether or not to risk more games with them. At the very least she likely made a good impression in this game. She saw some Butchers in the audience observing her. But there was another team that had their eye on her... The Fishermen. Gutter felt that maybe she was going about it all wrong. Rather than choosing between the Union and the Butchers, why not an entirely different team? She played with the Fishermen before in the past. And after this game with the Farmers she certainly has grown to appreciate the fast paced, goal scoring style. Their captain Corsair may be a fat drunk but he seems more level headed than most of the Butchers. Maybe the Fishermen will appreciate a killer like Gutter. Or maybe Gutter can change her playstyle entirely... Only time will tell. First thing's first. Gutter needed to make sure to not get locked up her. Author's notes: Sorry for the poor quality pics. Didn't realize how bad they were until I uploaded them to my computer. Harry was being used a proxy for Tater. My opponent had his Tater in the mail during this game and really wanted to try him out. Somewhat kills the narrative but I figured if a dead Snake is on the pitch then why not a proxy?
  25. Union beer enthusiasts want some meat!The Union: sBrisket, Strongbox, Avarisse + Greede, Harry, Benediction, MistButchers: Fillet, Princess, Boiler, Meathook, Boar, BrisketThe Union start with Mist making the kick-off. The ball goes a bit too far almost to the Butchers deployment line.The Butchers pass the ball around a little, but use some of the momentum to get out of Mist's threat range. At the end of turn 1 Mist is able to attack Boiler and get some momentum to get the first activation for round 2. He then immediately attacks and scores a goal and quickly hides behind the butcher's goal after hearing calls for vengeance.The Butchers, who are furious because of the early Union lead, attack head on into the Union side. They take out Harry, Averisse and Strongbox, but forget a little about the ball, which was loose after a failed scatter. It didn't look like it was in immediate danger, so they left it for a bit. But Brisket, being the seasoned player she is, was able to get to the ball and score with a cunning play, that can only be described as legendary! The Union is now 8-5 ahead.After that the Butchers were foaming at their mouths, calling for the traitors blood, but Benediction stood calmly like a rock and kept Fillet in check for the rest of the game, giving his captain time to breathe. Meathook got into a position to score but instead cunningly kicked the ball almost to the Union's edge of the pitch, making it impossible to recover. Brisket realised that another goal is not an option anymore, so she first took out a battered Meathook and then helped their side to gang up on Boiler and score a second take-out for the win. The game ends with 12-5 for the Union, again in support of the Brewer's team.