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Found 8 results

  1. From the Collected Clarifications Thread: Ball behind the line:- If a model is knocked-down while in possession of the ball-marker, and the ball-marker scatters behind that model's own goal line, that model's team may still generate MP. The placement of the ball-marker is done by the opposing team's Controlling Player. What if the model inflicting the knock down condition is on the same team as the model suffering that condition? Suppose Stave collects the ball and walks behind the Brewers' goal and centers the Lob Barrel character play at his own feet to knock himself down. If the ball lands behind the Brewers' goal line, can the Brewers continue to generate momentum? If Tater knocks down another Farmer with Mow Down and the ball scatters behind the Farmers' goal line, can the Farmers continue to generate momentum?
  2. Does tater's sweeping charge activate if he does one net hit, and chooses 1dmg, against a tough hide opponent? Sweeping charge states "During Charge, in addition to one or more Playbook damage results[...]" So it is different to other similar effects, which usually say when enemy is damaged (also it states damage results, not damage done). Also if it does trigger, then would said attack give momentum, as playbook doesn't do anything, but trait does? If tater wrapped then would I gain 2 momentum if I chose 2 damage results, but one of them beong m1? What if I chose only 1 damage result. Thanks for taking your time answering this question
  3. Greetings, Me and my friends were talking about the big league Tater and were wondering if his harvest marker rules would supersede the current rules for harvest markers as his cannot be destroyed if an opponent moves on them. Which rules would that Tater use?
  4. So in a test game with Farmers I charged Seenah with Tater and made 6 Net-Hits. I selected Mow Down and for the wrap the . Can I trigger Sweeping Charge or does her Tough Hide negate the damage and as such the Sweeping Charge?
  5. I have two scenarios I'd like clarification on, but I suspect they'll have the same answer. Tenderizer is within 4" of the butchers goal marker. Mallet activates and moves within 6" of Tenderizer. Tenderizer uses Rush Keeper to immediately charge Mallet. The mason's player declares a counter attack. Tenderizer uses his charge attack to push Mallet to be more than two inches away from himself but less than 3" away. Does Mallet's Extended Reach allow him to make the counter attack? Boar advances to within 6" of Brick. Brick uses Counter Charge to charge Boar. The butcher's player declares a counter attack. Boar's counter attack deals damage to Brick. Does this damage trigger Boar's Berzerk to give him a free attack?
  6. I'd like clarification on how multiple Counter Charge like abilities interact with each other. Consider the following scenario. In a Masons vs Butchers match in the Big League, the Butchers player has brought along Tater. Tenderizer is 3" from the Butchers' goal maker. 4" in front of him Tater stands 1" from a Harvest Marker. The Masons player activates Mallet who charges Tater. He stops to Tater's left 3" away. The Butchers player chooses to resolve Tenderizer's Rush Keeper before resolving Tater's Gerrof My Land (which he couldn't use if he resolved it now because Mallet is engaging him.) Tenderizer charges into Mallet. He stops 2" from him directly between Mallet and the Butcher's board edge so that Tenderizer is barely 4" away from Tater. The Butchers player rolls Tenderizer's attack and selects a 2" push, moving Mallot so he is no longer engaging Tater. Can Tater now trigger Gerrof My Land to charge Mallot off Mallot's charge move? Assuming that he can, if Tater moves to engage Mallot and doesn't knock him down or push him away, can Mallot resolve the attack from his charge against Tater?
  7. I've finally started painting my Guild Ball models. I'll dump update pics in this thread as I get stuff painted. I have a hobby blog which I use to keep me motivated and therefore generating content for it at https://splayedpaintbrush.com/ Hence the strange thread title. I didn't want to call it "My Masons", as I expect there to be more than just Masons making an appearance here eventually. I've started painting Mallet and Flint. I want to try something new. So I'm playing with gold NMM. There's more of me waffling on about my first experiments painting NMM gold on my Masons in this blog post: https://splayedpaintbrush.com/2016/07/13/painting-experiments-gold-non-metallic-metal/