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Found 5 results

  1. A ball scatters from a KD result being placed on a model and is placed within 1’’ of 4 models, 2 belonging to each team, in what order do the human players choose whether or not they would like to snap the ball for each eligible model?
  2. Can a model who’s jog distance has been reduced to 0’’ jog while within 1’’ of a free ball in order to snap it? If yes, similar question for dodges. Can a model within 1’’ of a free ball and a Jaecar trap select a <M result and dodge 0’’ to snap the ball without triggering the trap or is the trigger the same?
  3. In one of my recent games this situation came up, and I am wondering what the official ruling should be: Shark had the ball and at the end of his activation, dropped the ball. Friday activated next and declared a jog advance to get the ball and continue moving forward. The Shark player then announced his intent to snap the ball back to Shark, after Friday had started moving. In thinking about this, I think there are 3 possibilities, but I want to understand which one is correct: 1. Shark is allowed to snap the ball prior to Friday picking up the ball 2. Friday arrives at the ball and then has to make a roll off with Shark to gain possession of the ball as it is contested 3. Friday is allowed to pick up the ball as Shark had previously dropped the ball and effectively give up rights to the ball. I am thinking option 2 is correct, but wanted to get the official ruling on this.
  4. Hello, Does a Snap To require Line of Sight to the ball? For example if the ball is placed right next to a half inch thick barrier, could you pick it up from the other side without LOS? Thank you.
  5. When kicking, any kick scatter must be complete before you determine if a ball 'snaps to' another model. Example: You want to try a pass to a model who is 1" beyond the maximum kick range (you've measured and checked). You declare a kick to a target spot at maximum kick range then generate the kick scatter to determine the final landing spot and revised ball path. Once the landing spot and revised ball path have been determined you can then check if any player is eligible to intercept the ball (1" from the ball path) or snap to (as the landing spot is 1" from a player - hopefully the one you aimed at). Just want to check I am doing this correctly as have seen tutorial videos showing players using the 'snap to' to take possession before the kick scatter is resolved. Effectively using the 'snap to' to allow the max kick range of a player to be extended by 1". So because the initial kick spot is 1" from a model, the 'snap to' rule is used to prevent a kick scatter.