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Found 4 results

  1. So I had my first adventure with using Kneadatite Blue/Yellow epoxy putty (Green Stuff) over the weekend. I made some pieces of meat for my Butcher's goal. That stuff is sticky...to the point of being hard to get it shaped and do what I wanted it to do. So... what's the trick to sculpting with that stuff... does simply wetting your fingers/tools make it more manageable? Any other tips and tricks with this stuff for my future creative attempts?
  2. Hello there! I've been a long time lurker on this wonderful site and I'm not afraid to say I've stolen a fair few ideas from the lovely models on display. I hope I can share with you the work I've been doing for a very good friend of mine. As it stands I don't play Guild Ball myself but I feel I'll be sucked into this game really quite quickly the more I'm exposed to these miniatures. First up I have an Alchemists team that have had a few tweaks with a little sculpting. I have a few pics of them close up and in the green stuff stage if anyone would like to see a bit more.
  3. Hey all, Thought I'd share with you a little commission I'm working on for @glamage at the moment. I'm currently underway converting A&G from Union into a Hunter. I'm trying to tie him in with the other Hunters by adding in some fur linings, tatty clothes and bandages/cloth wrapped around his arms. We also decided that the bat wasn't really a hunter's weapon so I switched it out for an axe which is made from plasticard. The mound of green currently on his head will very shortly be turned into a bear head/hat. It's still very early WIP but here's where I'm at so far... All C&C welcome hd
  4. Female Bodytypes

    Hello everyone! I love Guild Ball and teh Character Design for the current teams! There is a great variety of different looking characters, which I really appreciate. However, so far there seems to be only one female body type - the slender type prevalent in most miniature games. I am aware that this conforms to current conventions in character design, however I would appreciate it if Guild Ball would get different body types for women as well as for men. Instead of going into sociological issues of objectification and such, which usually only lead to nasty flaming discussions on the web. Instead I argue that we have a wide variety of male body types from young slight Boiler up to massive Fangtooth and I would find a greater variety for female models more interesting on the tabletop.