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Found 1 result

  1. Hi all, giant disclaimer, this topic is about the Brewers in the season three fluff so if you aren't up to date you may want to look away now... . . . . . . Has that guy gone..? . . . Good, he's an arse hole anyway... . . Getting back on topic, while the Brewers guild didn't have much prominence in the core storyline in the book, they started off well with Hooper using text based flavor of his cards abilities to start off one of the arching storyline which runs till the last page of the book.. Also, I think the clandestine meeting between Tapper and Brisket is a good showcase of both their personalities while also including Friday and some comic relief from the previously mentioned Hooper.. Getting onto the team section of the book, it's been made very clear that there is a large rift in the ranks of our guild.. While not as messy as the Butchers civil war, you can see that there are two camps and that the power is slowly bleeding in Esters direction.. Regarding the power struggle itself, I like that it appears to be being kept fairly civil, but with Esters showing she is far more willing to play the political game than Tapper which is why she's probably earning more favor with the higher ups in the guild.. Also, I think Tappers introduction followed by his character blurb is a great way to start it all off.. Add to the fact the voting system which is showcased there in turns out to be a debate about naming an Ale is a flavorful way to introduce the current state of the guild.. I won't go into to much detail of each character to allow for later discussion, but one of the hint I do want to bring up is the name Amber.. I can't remember if she's been mentioned previously in the fluff or if she's a nod to the one of the potential rulesets which may have been used for "rookies", but she gets mentioned a few times throughout the Brewers section.. Long story short, she has grown up around the guild and was particularly fond of Tapper.. Due to this Esters has manipulate a way to get her removed from the guild in order to weaken Tappers position.. While it's unclear who she is or where she came from, in a game which contains a lot of "charmed male" I think we could do with another lass to back Tapper up.. (2" melee, unpredictable movement, just saying) Lastly I think the subtle nod to the other guilds (including the Blacksmiths) and the general pacing of the story lines is a good way to firmly place the Brewers into the world.. I'm also a big fan of the name of the tavern our lads and lasses tend to frequent throughout their tales.. If you haven't read this yet, go grab a book and do it now.. Feel free to comment on your favorite parts of the Brewers fluff.. #saveAmber