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Found 25 results

  1. I've been messing around with Rage as my union addition. The goal is to have this one-two punch with him and Boar. Anyways, I played a game with it and wrote up a battle report. http://midwestwargaming.com/butchers-ox-vs-engineers-ballista-battle-report/
  2. So I thought I knew this, but it came up tonight and I can see it both ways. I damaged a model with Boar and took that model out and then charged another model with furious. Since I damaged that model with the charge and I had caused damage on the take out I did two more attacks generated from berserk. Is that right? Can I essentially bank a free attack from berserk to use later in Boar's activation? The rules clarification says: "Berserk:- The free Attack does not have to be against the same target, or even immediate – the model can even move before taking it if able.A model cannot use Berserk outside its activation (e.g. when Seduced)." It's the "or even immediate" part that makes me think I'm right in thinking that. However, someone else pointed out that traits of the same name don't stack, like Hooked for Meathook, so since you'd already have one instance of berserk on Boar or whomever, you couldn't have a second instance of it. I can see their point, but I still feel that's not the case here. The trait itself simply says "During its activation, if this model damages an enemy model with an Attack, this model may make an additional Attack without spending influence. This ability cannot generate a further additional Attack from itself." I would think so long as you made a normal attack and caused damage that you'd just get the bonus attack and since it doesn't need to be immediate, you just get those extra attacks. It's not a condition, buff or debuff so I sort of feel the can't stack idea doesn't apply here. If I'm wrong, I'm wrong, but I just wanted to bring it here to know for sure. Thanks in advance!
  3. I'm trying to work out a strong vetRage & Blackheart roster to play into the new meta and in preparation for a steamcon qualifier. I know that the "ideal" or "most effective" is all subjective and of course very dependant on player skill. But since currently my playtime is limited and I have an abundance of dojo and solo vassal time, I figured I'd put my thoughts out to the community. We all know Rage is a support beater monster but I've been having some good success with Blackhearts strong 2-2 game. He's a solid beater/striker switch captain that can really spread his team out to skirt around teams that want to scrum or teams like Smoke who can really punish clumped players. With all being said, below are my thoughts on a roster: vetRage Blackheart Strongbox: he's amazing with vetRage and not terrible with blackheart Mist: one of the best non-captain kickoff pressures out there Benediction: Reach, survivability, momentous pushes and solthecian are great for either captain. Rage loves having a model to reliably disengage him and impart wisdom is great for red fury. Gutter: Reliable momentous damage, amazing wrap potential with bloody Coin and crowdouts, and chain grab helps to control teams that try to spread way out against vetRage. Rage: helps Blackhearts 2-2 game with reliable momentous damage, inf efficiency and condition damage. Tooled up on blackheart nearly brings him back to season 2 level of beat down. Benediction (and/or Harry) can help to reliably disengage rage. Minx: great for both captains. Very efficient, fast, snare on damage and can score/retrieve the ball decently. Slightly squishy. 2 FLEX SPOTS Snakeskin: one of the best ball killers in the game. Shark (and midas I suppose) is weakened but is still strong into vetRage. Snakeskin can buy vetRage a turn or two each time shark scores for the beat down to continue (albeit at a cost of 3inf). She's also a decent piece in footballing teams and can tank a lot of hits against male. Harry: still has his aura, which is great for receiving, and is still great at pushing and decent at knocking down. Although he competes with Benediction for this role, redundancy in pushing and knock downs is not a bad thing in some matchups. Harry Stil has strong control with character plays, and rising anger + counter attack threat helps to dissuade attacking Avarisse & Greede: the new hotness, always liking playing with new toys. Can put out absurd damage, tho very influence hungry to keep Greede safe. Since Avarisse never wants to charge, this pair is very slow. I see their potential with practice, but with Canadian championships coming up soon I worry I don't have the time to figure them out well enough. Hemlocke: with midas sad, smoke might make a comeback, I've heard this is happening in the Chicago meta. In that case smelling salts become very useful. Even in other matchups like masons, blind is very strong and noxious blast is always solid. Never will 1-2inf be wasted on her. Still very squishy tho. Coin: might be a better mascot in a blackheart team that wants to spread out compared to the slow speed and area of effect for the turtle. Those are my thoughts, what do you guys think? I'm pretty set on the first 8, trying to decide on the last two mostly (leaning towards snakeskin for 1 of then). Tho I am of course open to suggestion.
  4. Forum, We are mixing it up for episode 10! You guys asked about getting my opponents thoughts so we are trying that out. This is the tenth episode of Run the Length a gameplay commentary series for guild ball. In honor of the tenth episode, we are changing up the format slightly. Instead of me explaining my thoughts and decisions as I played this match Alex and Pat are playing and we will hear their thoughts throughout the game. Both Alex and Pat are on USA's WTC Team as well as hosts of Strictly The Worst Guild Ball Podcast. Follow me on Twitter: @TheCurkov https://mobile.twitter.com/thecurkov Alex's Twitter: @LeftSlothrop https://twitter.com/LeftSlothrop Pat's Twitter: https://twitter.com/PatVanV Strictly the Worst Guild Ball Podcast: http://strictlytheworst.libsyn.com/ Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/TheCurkov
  5. So with all the errata changes, how do people see these matchups going now. Assuming union have rage + blackheart available and fish and alchemists have both captains in their respective rosters. Fish Previously this felt like blackheart had better tools to deal with the fish since shark was their normal drop (rage ruins the corsair party). Shark could spread out way to much against rage and sacrifice players to retrieve the ball as he moves towards his 3 goals. Blackhearts ability to spread out and his natural reach and manoeuvrability gave him a few more tool, although it was still an uphill battle. But now the shark and siren control game is much weaker, perhaps rage is quite good into the matchup now? I guess shark can still spread out with his 3 or 4 strikers, so this might be an issue for rage as before, but he can't shut rage down as much with his loss of gut and string at least. And dropping rage into fish also covers if he tries to list chicken you and drops corsair which I don't think blackheart really likes to see. But perhaps blackheart still is better into fish than rage and is now much more of an even matchup due to the shark and siren nerf (assuming they drop shark) Alchemists Although I don't have a whole lot experience against alchemists, it feels like blackheart might slightly edge Rage out here too. I'm not sure. Against midas, with the change to Harry meaning rage probaby won't be taking him (and therefor one less great reach model), and again with blackheart natural reach, it seems like blackheart might be better. Although blackheart doesn't quite have the tools to deal with the midas goon squad (okat and now a+g?) as well as rage, but maybe that won't be a thing withoit Harry. If he drops smoke, again it feels like blackheart might edge rage out since smoke should really be able to control a rage team that likes to bunch up through aoes and without Harry rage has slightly less momentum to play with and deal with all the conditions. Blackheart against smoke can again spread out much nore and probably do a pretty reliable 2-2 game. Anyways, I'm not saying that i think rage can't play into either, it's just that Canadian nationals are coming up next month, and since I'm working up in Alaska until the end of August, my practise window is small. So I'd like to be able to really focus my preparation games in the short time I'll have. So do you guys think?
  6. Any love for oRage?

    Hi guys, In my head I really would like to have oRage in my 10 to be able to spice up the damage game in my Blackheart rosters if need be. However, I never seem to make him fit into a line up, and he often feels like the 7th player. I guess Maverick is annoying me a bit - stopping On my mark, Legendary, Quick foot and Bag of coffers just to name a few, but tooling up Blackheart and doing the occasional furious charge/damage/kd/bleed seems like it have merits. So dear friends. In what line ups, if at all, are you fielding rage and against what teams? Is he a forgotten gem or just simply the 7th player? With our new additions of G&B we have even more choices/decisions to make.
  7. Masons vs. Union Match Report!!

    Hi all, We're back with a new match report as Tom takes on Lee's Rage Union in our newest match report!! Let us know what you think in terms of the editing and style and we'll be sure to keep working on it! ((Its worth noting again that we're going for causal play vs. competitive...we are well out of practice so have fun tearing your hair out at our tactics )) Have a great day!!
  8. Masons vs. Union Match Report!!

    Hi all, We're back with a new match report as Tom takes on Lee's Rage Union in our newest match report!! Let us know what you think in terms of the editing and style and we'll be sure to keep working on it! ((Its worth noting again that we're going for causal play vs. competitive...we are well out of practice so have fun tearing your hair out at our tactics )) Have a great day!!
  9. Episode two of my (soon to be) critically acclaimed YouTube series Run the Length is out! In this episode my Alchemist's Take on Alex Botts' Union. Alex Botts is one of the hosts of Strictly the Worst Guild Ball Podcast. He can be found on the forum @Slothrop His twitter is @leftslothrop Strictly the Worst twitter: @StrictlyWorstGB
  10. Captains grudge match

    A friend and I both ended up with most of Union after the Steamcon deals and it got us to thinking about a fluffy grudge match. We are going to have a Blackheart/Coin versus Rage/Strongbox battle for the Union. We are going to draft from the remaining Union players one at a time with no repeats. It presents some interesting exercises in thought about player selection. As the Rage player do I take Minx first as the most universally useful to both captains, or do I take Avarisse and Greede to take the scariest goal threat from Blackheart? Also if I want to play the brawling game, would it be worth a spot to take Snakeskin to kill the ball, or perhaps even Fangtooth could serve a more active version of the same role? Lots of options with season 3! Anyone else thought about doing this? We just got the models in so it will likely be a few weeks before the game, but I will post and tweet details when we play it out. (@2manmeta)
  11. I have two scenarios I'd like clarification on, but I suspect they'll have the same answer. Tenderizer is within 4" of the butchers goal marker. Mallet activates and moves within 6" of Tenderizer. Tenderizer uses Rush Keeper to immediately charge Mallet. The mason's player declares a counter attack. Tenderizer uses his charge attack to push Mallet to be more than two inches away from himself but less than 3" away. Does Mallet's Extended Reach allow him to make the counter attack? Boar advances to within 6" of Brick. Brick uses Counter Charge to charge Boar. The butcher's player declares a counter attack. Boar's counter attack deals damage to Brick. Does this damage trigger Boar's Berzerk to give him a free attack?
  12. Rage Vs Smoke

    Finally got around to another game of Guild Ball, this time I putted my new Union team (Rage) vs Alchemists (Smoke). Here's my match report. http://www.halloflegends.co.uk/2016/06/legendary-plays-rage-vs-smoke-june-2016.html
  13. Rage Vs Smoke Match Report

    Finally got around to another game of Guild Ball, this time I putted my new Union team (Rage) vs Alchemists (Smoke). Here's my match report. http://www.halloflegends.co.uk/2016/06/legendary-plays-rage-vs-smoke-june-2016.html
  14. The way this rule is worded: "This model cannot be affected by other friendly Plays or Character Traits" means that none of his other traits (or Tooled Up), with the exception of "Crucial Artery" have any affect. Is that the intent?
  15. Inside Rage [SPOILER]

    So I posted this on FB yesterday but thought it was worth reposting here. The mapping sure is different, but I know I'm not the only one who though of this when reading Veteran Rage's bio: Makes me want to do a Strongbox = Bing Bong conversion. Bing Strong?
  16. As title. Based in the UK but make semi-regular trips to the US (next one is end of April) so if that can fit a schedule then all the better.
  17. Rage2... Soooo Nice...

    Painted up Rage2 on the weekend... soooo nice...
  18. Painted up Rage

    I painted up Rage as my 2nd Union player. Come have a look Painted Rage on bob's guildball blog Not first class painting, but hey, I like it.
  19. Raging

    In my opinion the Rage mini is one of the nicest around, and that coupled with his awesome damage makes him a must pick for my team. What are peoples opinions on how to get the best out of him and do you ever use tooled up?
  20. Devils Morticians ( & Friends )

    Hey Guys, thought I would get some pictures up of my Morticians I painted a little while back, a few of their Union mates joined them for the team photo! Tell me what you think?
  21. Given the answer in this thread http://forums.steamforged.com/index.php?/topic/15604-are-charges-towards-a-model/ confirming that charges are not required to be "towards" the target, does that mean that Rage and other models with the Furious trait can effectively declare a charge against a model they know is out of range (for free) and then sprint in any direction in a straight line?
  22. Captain Rage

    So the latest steamforged news announced rage as the new veteran captain for the union- from the voting previously it didn't seem to surprise many even if I personally expected it to be Minx. so what are people expecting to see his captain card to be? i can only assume he'll lose berserk or have some restrictions to influence, otherwise he's going to destroy anyone on the table. Possibly 4/1 or similar?
  23. The Union: Rage

    One of the nice things about living around the corner from work is being able to pop home at lunch time for a bit of painting! Almost finished Rage last night, so just came home to finish him off this afternoon. This completes my Engineers lineup for this coming weekend! I found this guy surprisingly quick to paint - probably 4 hours in total - and am happy with the way he turned out. Roll on Minx!
  24. I figured we better have this one in here rather than scattered around the forums. Rage cannot be affected by any other Friendly Plays or Character Traits, apart from his own Tooled Up. A Play is a Play. Lob Barrel? Illusion of the mind. Everyone else under the AoE is KD and Pushed, Rage cares not. Scything Blow? Why are you waving that weapon around? Commanding Aura? You're not the boss of Rage. Foul Odour? A pleasant scent. The Unmasking? Another face to punch. Puppet Master/Tooled Up/Bag of Coffers/Smelling Salts on Rage? Rage doesn't need your help. This sound alright?