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Found 3 results

  1. Kueller

    My Butchers :)

    Brisket Ox and Boiler Princess Meathook Boar Shank
  2. Forum, I am back with the ninth episode of Run the Length a gameplay commentary series for guild ball. I added a new scoreboard and HP recaps at the end of turns. Let me know what you think of these changes. Join me as I breakdown an Alchemists vs Butchers game against Alex Botts explaining my thoughts and decisions as I played this match. Alex is one of the USA's WTC Team members as well as a host of Strictly The Worst Guild Ball Podcast. Follow me on Twitter: @TheCurkov https://mobile.twitter.com/thecurkov Strictly the Worst Guild Ball Podcast: http://strictlytheworst.libsyn.com/ Alex's Twitter: @LeftSlothrop https://twitter.com/LeftSlothrop
  3. malladin.ben

    A few years down the line...

    Just been rediscovering my love for Boiler and Princess - they were my favourite players when I started playing in S1, but poor old Boiler got largely pushed into a turn 1 support role in S2 under Fillet. However, in Season 3 I'm finding he's more generally useful - support player early doors, brutal finisher in the end game. Plus his story in the Butchers' Civil War was my favourite instalment. So I've been having a think about what Boiler's future might be. As a star player at such a young age, surely he's got to be a consideration for a captain at some point down the line. So I got to thinking about what veteran captain Boiler might look like, and how might Princess have changed over the years, and came up with this: I wanted him to be something of a half-way house between Ox and Fillet - primarily a support captain, but with the ability to deal a fair chunk of damage if he needs to. He's better than Ox, but without easy access to a damage buffs he's not doing the same sort of damage as reliably as Fillet. I also wanted his support to be more about mobility and accuracy than brute damage. He's got a special new character play that rolls dirty knives (which he had at one point in playtest, apparently) and market target into one ability, and rather than Anatomical Precision he's got weak point, so he can usually ignore armour, but also helps his team ignore armour, too. He's still got Crucial Artery, and when tied with a flurry-like ranged area play and his legendary play it can really help him set things up for his team to go to town. Add Slick with Blood into the mix and his team could potentially be stacking up 6" of movement buffs on a charge! His relationship with Princess has matured, and now they work like a well-tuned machine. With linked he can really help Princess make the most of all the set up he can muster in his activation before the opponent gets chance to respond. But by the time Boiler gets to be captain, Princess must surely be knocking on a bit? And in under captain Boiler, surely she'd deserve to be more than just a mascot... This version of Princess does little more than the original Princess on her own. She has more TAC and KICK, and INF in line with a player rather than a mascot, but has slowed with age. She's also still got Rabid Animal, which I have to admit I never use as it's costing me damage and momentum, so I added it to a playbook damage result to see it get a bit more play. I was considering giving her Tough Hide and/or Assist [Boiler], but after I hit upon the idea of her as a mother with a litter of pups it seemed like a really interesting and new idea, and that maximising gang-up bonuses was something Butchers didn't really do a lot of, and would play into captain Boiler's support role. Finally Pop! was inspired by my mate's dog who gave us all a heart attack at our last RPG night when he popped a football he was playing with and thought it might make a fun GB ability. Cheerio, Ben