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Found 2 results

  1. What DS 3 boss do you want in the game one day. I did not include certain bosses either because they are already coming to the game or if the boss is impractical. I may miss a boss or two (i am human). Enjoy I left out the Deacons of the Deep b/c it is not worth it
  2. [Poll] Tankiest Team!

    Heya, It's been a while since the last poll in which we determined who was the Best Striker in the game! I come to you today, with a new question in mind. We have in the past discovered which team is the most killiest, bloodthirstiest team around. Let's flip the table and discover the opposite! Which team is the most resilient, dodgy, difficult to take down team in the game?! It doesn't matter how a team makes themselves difficult to kill, whether it's thru high defenses or armor, avoiding battles thru clever dodging, or just playing keep away with ranged abilities. Which team can withstand the most violent hate from the opposition! & That includes all forms of hate, from melee stabbing, to conditions melt downs, to filling 'em full of arrow holes, to melee clubbing. http://www.polljunkie.com/poll/jtrjoo/tankiest-team (As usual results will be hidden until we have at least around 20 replies)