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Found 91 results

  1. Filthy Hunthers have tied our score recently. If nothing changes they will win Hemlocke. Do we let that happen? Hell no! I counted battle reports, currently we have few active players and a lot of lads that played one game. If every one posted just one more game it would make huge difference. Most active players for now (aka hall of fame): Mechmage (10), HammerTime (9), Island (8), el009 (6), KevinBryant, Bbzs, Lhel (5).
  2. Hello all! As many others, I've jumped into Guild ball coming from a bunch of other games. (GW, Confrontation, PP) Being more into the conversions than into painting, I've gone all in on resin models, as being able to completely reshape a miniature with just a sharp blade and some hot water is really nice. I really like the arts for all the Butchers, but I'm not too fond the overly dynamic models for some of them. Brining out the butcher's knife, this is how I started after a couple of nights. Shank, Boar, Tenderiser, Boiler Fillet and Gutter (0% Gutter, based on parts from Fillet and Meathook) Brisket, with legs from Angel First finished Butchers line-up: Circus Alchemists:
  3. Morts at WTC

    Just wondering how our corpse slinging brethren did at the World Team Championships. Any insights into matchups, battle reports, or anything of that nature might help! Thanks in advance!!
  4. http://www.buzzsprout.com/57387/581741-episode-49-talking-season-3-morticians-with-charles-nurser-charles-nurser In this episode Andrew and Jason talk to Charles Nurser Charles Nurser about the Morticians guild, how he plays them and which models he takes in a lineup. Then Jason can barely contain himself and he talks about Blackheart. Again. Like the podcast? If you do, why not support us on our Patreon page at... www.patreon.com/singledoutgb Support us and get instant access to our exclusive podcast, Singled Out: Bonus Time!
  5. I've finally started painting my Guild Ball models. I'll dump update pics in this thread as I get stuff painted. I have a hobby blog which I use to keep me motivated and therefore generating content for it at https://splayedpaintbrush.com/ Hence the strange thread title. I didn't want to call it "My Masons", as I expect there to be more than just Masons making an appearance here eventually. I've started painting Mallet and Flint. I want to try something new. So I'm playing with gold NMM. There's more of me waffling on about my first experiments painting NMM gold on my Masons in this blog post: https://splayedpaintbrush.com/2016/07/13/painting-experiments-gold-non-metallic-metal/
  6. Dear puppeteers, I already asked this question in another guild's sub-forum. Our local store is starting an Escalation league this week and I am considering my options. As it stands, we already have way too many Butchers players, so I will likely be moving away from my first team and get to know something a little... different. Thus, which players of our guild would you recommend me to bring for the first match (3v3)? I was thinking Obulus (never played him, so this is kind of a must for me :)) and Casket (the legendary seems great in the smaller game sizes, PLUS the area affects seem nice as well). I am undecided about the third player. I was thinking about Minx for efficiency, B+M for movement fun, but I really don't yet know my way around the Morticians. So yes ... HELP? :-) For example, what do you think about Obulus, Minx and Cosset? Have a great day, Sebastian
  7. Link for full size http://uploads.im/x4dw6.png
  8. Morticians by D2

    Ghast Obulus Dirge Slience
  9. I'm a slow painter. I don't have the time I would like to have for painting and playing. But I enjoy it very much, when I finished a miniature and much more, when it get some table time. Two or three month ago I started with Guildball and choosed the Spooks. It was the first time, that I had the chance to choose a faction freely, because I was the first in my gaming club collecting Guild Ball. When we start a new game, we normally try to choose different factions and not to double some on the start. But I never was the first, when starting a new system - but for this time! After some rounds with the models of the starterbox, I bought the rest of three team members to fill the ranks to a full team. In the meantime I began painting Obulus, but stuck with the feather coat. So I took a reacreation of him and started with my new Ghast, one of my favorit of the Morticians. After a game I played yesterday, I finished him today. But because I didn't know if I do myself a Guild Ball gaming table or buying a gamemat, I don't finished the base and doesn't used dull coat spray on him. But I hope you still like him:
  10. Forum, Welcome to the fourth episode of Guild Ball Gotchas where I go through the biggest surprises and powerful combinations in Guild Ball and walk you through how to play around them. This episode we are covering the three abilities in the game that allow your opponents to take control of your models. Please Note: This was filmed before the July 2017 errata. Special thanks go out to Pat Vanvalzah, Zachary Poulos, and Alex Botts for assisting with this video. The GBG Logo was designed by Dano Amonette. His Instagram is https://www.instagram.com/deadpoolxanko/?hl=en Games were filmed at Grognard Games in Hoffman Estates. Their Website can be found here: http://grognardgames.com/ Follow me on Twitter: @TheCurkov https://mobile.twitter.com/thecurkov
  11. Obulus sits at his wooden desk, a clean surface devoid of any objects save a single candle, ink pot, and a thin strip of parchment. With the precision of a surgeon, he crafts each letter carefully. A light tapping, as though not to disturb the master, echoed softly from his door. “Enter.” He spoke firmly, concentrating on his eloquent penmanship. A man wearing a stained apron, patches of grey hair above his ears, and a thin goatee to compliment his gaunt build shuffles into the room. He bows graciously. “It is time, my lord.” The Ferryman pauses for a moment, then quickly finishes. He rolls the parchment, sealing it with an Omega sigil stamped firmly into the hardening black wax. He stands and clasps his raven feathered cloak about him before handing the man the message. “Send Dirge. Deliver this to the commissioner.” The man accepts with a bow. Obulus walks to the door, glances over his feathered shoulder whispering, “Now show me, Doctor Graves.” The pair descend long winding stairs as Doctor Graves leads the way with a lit candelabra. Rats scurry into pockets and holes within the cobblestone to escape the sprays of light revealing them. They finally arrive to shafts of warm light escaping from cracks and crannies around a small wooden door. Doctor Graves pushes the door open as his master ducks below the entryway into a room filled with various surgical and alchemic equipment. Transformers arc occasionally blasting a scent of ozone. Bubbling pots, beakers, and flasks with various colored liquids litter carts surrounding a large cross-like table in the middle of the room. Connected tubes and lines enter into a figure tightly wrapped in discolored tattered cloth and bandages. Its arms outstretched to each of the cross beams. Doctor Graves whispers from behind "She’s sleeping, my lord.” Obulus walks between the arm and body extending his hand at her feet, gliding above her without touching. “Success then?” He says, his eyes narrowing over her form. “Of course, your grace. I had always said the hardest part would be finding her. Assembly was easy, thanks to our supply. Visage was a bit more laborious, due to the extensive decay …” Doctor Graves pauses a moment watching the Ferryman slowly pull the wrapped bandages from the figures face. A lock of black hair falls freely revealing a pale skinned face. Her eyes closed, and a gentle rouge about her cheeks and lips. She was perfect. Memories raced through the Ferryman’s mind. Memories of this woman. A past lover. “I think you’ll find my meticulous work appealing, your grace?” Doctor Graves smiles inquisitively. “She is perfect.” Obulus replies. He caresses her cool face gently with his fingers. His eyes narrow even more intensely stifling the emotions that attempt to break his stoic nature. “We will rule together, my sweet.” He whispers softly. Obulus returns to the door and looks upon her body once more. “I have been skeptical of your work in the past, doctor. However, you have pleased me with her reconstruction. She will be a valuable asset.” “Kind words, my lord. I live to serve you.” Doctor Graves humbly bows. The Ferryman’s eyes glance to the doctor, and nods. “Come, we have much to prepare. She is to be trialed immediately.” The doctor follows Obulus. He smiles widely at his creation with such pride. He closes the door and ascends the stairs. The woman lies on the table, her chest slowly expanding with each breath quietly among the bubbling liquids and arcing transformers. Moments later a robed man, face as white and cold as fresh snow, appears from behind a transformer. His slippered feet carefully sliding closer to the woman. His eyes transfixed on the door. He carries a glass bottle shaped like an oversized human heart with a glowing green liquid sloshing about. He stops and looks at her face, now uncovered from the cloth. He sneers, and pours the liquid into a nearby flask. His eyes shift nervously toward the door as the last bit is emptied from his glass heart. He gazes impatiently as the green fluid lurches forward through the tubes connected to her body. “You are not the only thaumaturgist within the dark arts, Doctor Graves.” The figure whispers with a scowl. Her body convulses violently on the table. He shuffles back to avoid the flasks and bottles shattering across the floor. Reddish foam bubbles from her mouth as she gags horrifically. His eyes excitedly widen at the trauma the woman is experiencing. Then within an instant she falls limp on the table. He stands along a step, his fingers tapping his bottle. An arc from a transformer breaks his anticipation. He carefully slides around the shattered glass and oozing fluids, to the table and examines her body. Still intact, only a little less breathing now. He leans down to smell the foam. Ahh the scent is intoxicating to him. Suddenly her hand wraps around the wizard’s throat. He gasps dropping his bottle to shatter against the floor. He clutches desperately at the woman’s black clawed hand. Her eyes burst open, iris a flame with a rich coppery glow. She sneers rising up from the table still gripping the sycophants throat. She breaks away the remaining tubes connected to her and steps down. Her feet crushing and grinding into the glass. She raises him off the ground and hurls him into a cabinet destroying the shelves, flasks and vials. He gasps painfully for breath, holding his throat. She pulls the loose bandages from her head, long curls of pitch black hair fall about her shoulders. She leaps over the table approaching the door. “Wait…” Silence begs gasping for breath. “I know what he did to you.” She whirls around to face him. Her piercing copper eyes widen as she cocks her head. “Now is your chance. Eviscerate him. Eviscerate them all!” Silence choked. “Eviscerate … I am.” She snarls hoarsely. A smile slowly spreads across his thin lips.
  12. Clanger's Stuff

    I've just finished painting all of the Guildball models I own. Firstly because they have been a joy to paint and secondly because I love this game.
  13. Forum Challenge - Wretch

    Stepping out from the shadows, Wretch squinted as she looked out over the pitch. It'd been months since she'd been brought up from the steps into the guild house and today was the first time she'd seen the sunlight. Her blinded eye stared pointlessly off to the side where the patrons were watching, hidden in the cool shade away from the blinding light in the Mortician's training pitch. Dressed in rags little better than the ones she had been found in, she filed into place behind the 'captain' of the match for her side, 9 other rookies around her, all looking for their big break. Black feathers fell out from the layers of dark rags as Wretch took up her position amongst the other nameless trainees. That had been the first thing that had been stripped from them. Names. Ideals. Goals. They meant nothing.Obedience to the guild was everything. Wretch turned her good eye to regard her opponents. Worm, Rat and Crow up front. Maggot and Slug behind. It wasn't an unusual line up considering things. They hadn't known each other well before they had joined, but all of the rookies had been told to keep an eye on their rivals. They had to – learning to spy and root out those disloyal to the guild was as much part of their training as anything. Wretch, however, had an advantage over all the others. With a shrill whistle the game started and wordlessly Wretch dashed forwards. Unlike the others she had little interest in the ball, instead she had targets. They hadn't been allowed to bring any equipment onto the pitch, but what her opponents didn't know was Wretch didn't need a thing. Rat was her target. He was her rival, even though he hadn't known it. The tall Valentian was slated as a replacement to Ghast, a position Wretch coveted for herself when the time came. But without the heavy club the man had become reliant on, Wretch knew this was her best chance. Around her, the game had gotten underway. Worm and Crow had begun chasing Creep after he'd retrieved the ball, beginning to weave through the brightly lit debris. The pitch was likely some old gravesite by Wretch's guess, some now unmarked grave where debris from a shattered mausoleum made for a tricky ground to pass or dribble the ball, a challenge intentionally imposed on the young Rookies. After all, if they could play in blinding light and poor footing they'd be in good stead for dealing with any of the lower league pitches. The ground was clearest towards the centre, funnelling all the new players towards one another... But Wretch skirted the edges, clearly looking for something. As she rounded the base of one of the former foundations, she caught a glimpse of sunlight reflecting off the floor. A crooked grin slipped across her lips as she picked up the shard of glass, wrapping one of her rags around what would serve as a grip. For a moment, she caught a glimpse of her own reflection and was reminded once again of why the crows in the Rookery had been her main companions for the last few months. Jagged scars covered the right side of her face, down past her jaw and across her throat. She'd been lucky to survive the attack, but even today the memory made her flinch. Slashing claws and snapping teeth that stole her voice so she couldn't even scream when the nightmares woke her... But Wretch shook her head, then tightened her grip and began dashing towards her target. Even without his weapon of choice, Rat had begun physically dominating the match. Tall and burly, with enough bulk to palm off most of the other underfed recruits. Each of the ten had been mentored at least in passing by a member of the team and Silence had put his all into making sure he would have the brawn when he needed it in the future. Rat had been fed well and treated far in excess of what the other recruits had received, making him the envy of the others. Wretch, on the other hand, had only the briefest of contact with her mentor – after all, someone as petty as Cosset saw little use in the savage, scrawny thing to the point where she'd almost forgotten about the Wretch entirely. It'd been on nothing but a whim that she'd even let the waif into the building, something about that one good eye appealing to some meaningless thought. Instead, Wretch had made it her business to know everything about her mentor she could. She listened. She watched. She learnt. And as she dashed up behind the oblivious Valentian and jumped onto his back, she put her learning into practice. The glass shiv buried itself into Rat's throat, a spray of arterial blood gushing out in a crimson arc. In the patrons box, an array of commotion took place, Silence shrieking in rage to Obulus as Cosset jumped out of her chair, a wide smile across her lips as she dashed to the edge of the box, captivated as Wretch shoved the basic shiv in and out over and over in a flurry of frenzied hatred. She would take everything from the hypocrites who had the world handed to them. And one day, those at the bottom of the pile would rise to the top, drowning the rest in blood.
  14. Well the last one went down so well I done did another one I did. Lots of thanks that have already posted rules clarifications on the channel. Learning the game by crowdsourcing!
  15. Morts Blog

    Hello all, I have decided to start a blog of my games on here to keep motivated with the Morticians, I've decide these will be my team for season 3 tournaments. I have previously played a lot of Butchers and Union to reasonably good success but I'm really struggling to get around how to win with the Morts. I'll post a picture of my team up soon. Managed to get most of the options painted last year but they have been sat in a box until now. I'm a bit of a completist so have all the options except; Vileswarm, Veteran Graves, A+G and Fangtooth completed so far. Game 1 - Brewers Scalpel, Dirge, Silence, Ghast, Bonesaw and Graves (my spares were; Minx, Cosset and Obulous) Tapper, Quaff, Hooper, Pintpot, Spigot and Stoker A very fighty line up so I was hoping to ping in goals early on and then single out a couple of his players to finish the game off. A couple of big errors were made, I missed 2 goal runs with Bonesaw due to missed passes (probably a bit of inexperience in using it, reasonable odds at both I think). This put me on the backfoot but I was in control of the ball all of the game. The second big error was underestimating Pint Pot. He managed to take out both Silence and Dirge (poor positioning by me, I was trying to get Silence to Tuck/Shutout someone) without too much trouble. Scalpel was the only one doing the real work, taking out 2 players and picking up the ball from Bonesaw's loose passes. Timed out as well with my opponent having 16 minutes left on the clock, he would have got the 6 take outs before I could pop a couple of goals in as well Game ended up 4-12 to the Brewers Got the chance of a couple of games this weekend so will see how it goes.
  16. Just checking on the movement for Memory. The card states that Memory can take a 2" Dodge at the start of every friendly Guild model's activation. I read this as it includes Brainpan's activation as well, which means that Memory can dodge up to 12" over the course of a full 6 model turn. Is this the correct view of Memory's card?
  17. Just bought Brainpan and Memory and I have a question on the kick interaction. Memory does not get an activation, so everything Memory does is out of activation. Does this mean that if Brainpan spends an influence to make Memory take a shot on goal, is it considered a Snapshot, meaning that 2 successes are needed?
  18. Hi, This is the first time I've ever attempted to paint miniatures but the Spooks really inspired me. Comments and advice on improving always welcome. Thanks!
  19. Vs Morts

    I guess I can add Morts to the list of teams that I struggle against. Scalpel/Dirge/Ghast/B&M/oGraves/Mist just destroyed my Esters/Quaff/vSpig/Friday/Hooper/A&G. 4 (1 TO each of Scalpel and Mist) to 14 (Turn 1 & 2 Goals by Scalpel, a Turn 3 TO of Esters, and a T3 Goals by Graves). My opponent only needed Scalpel and Mist. That was an embarrassment, but I can't see holes in this lineup - at least, none that the Brewers have the tools to exploit.
  20. Im selling off all my spare models as I have all teams. Alchemist - Smoke (metal) built, unpainted Morticians - Obulus (metal) unbuilt, unpainted... Morticians - Obulus (metal) built, unpainted (staff snapped at hand) Morticians - Dirge (metal) built, unpainted Morticians - Cosset (metal) unbuilt, unpainted Morticians - Cosset (metal) built, unpainted (very top of staff snapped) Morticians - Silence (metal) built, unpainted Morticians - 2 x Graves (metal) unbuilt, unpainted Morticians - Graves (resin) unbuilt, unpainted Morticians - Brainpan + Memory (metal) unbuilt, unpainted Butchers - Limited edition Ox (metal) unbuilt, unpainted Butchers - Ox (metal) unbuilt, unpainted Butchers - Vet Ox (metal) unbuilt, painted stripped Butchers - Boar (metal) built, unpainted Butchers - Brisket (metal) unbuilt, unpainted Butchers - Princess (metal) built, unpainted Fish - Hag (metal) unbuilt, unpainted Masons - Granite (metal) unbuilt, unpainted Brewers - Pintpot (metal) unbuilt, unpainted Union - Rage (metal) unbuilt, unpainted Hunters - Theron (metal) unbuilt, unpainted Hunters - Hearne (metal) unbuilt, unpainted Hunters - Zarola (metal) unbuilt, unpainted Hunters - Jaecar (metal) unbuilt, unpainted Hunters - Egret (metal) unbuilt, unpainted Hunters - Farhad (metal) unbuilt, paint stripped Please pm me if you are interested in any to discuss price, would prefer they went to a good home as they are sitting on my shelf next to my painted teams. Prefer to sell teams as a whole if possible. UK based and attend many events if you want to save on postage. Pics available if requested
  21. So I thought about some moves I could play against the Fisher, my main enemy team at the moment. While I thought about it, I came up with a story behind it. It's not finished yet, and this one is written in one go, with only few corrections, so the wording and the grammar are likely to be a bit off, but it is for pure enjoyment. I hope you will find it an intersting read. Like it is said in the title, it is unofficial. Things will happen that would likely not happen in the real Guildball fluff, but I thought I could use some elements of existing fluff and create an exciting shortstory. Here we go The game was about to begin. Shark overlooked the jubilating crowd on the fan ranks. They were cheering, drinking, laughing and screaming towards the Pitch. They couldn’t await to enter their fanatic rage of fandom. Shark knew when the ball gets kicked over the ground the fans couldn’t hold their enjoyment. It wouldn’t be the first time that the pitch was flooded with wild and adrenaline rushed savages. He overlooked his team. Greyscales and Sakana were meant to flank the Morticians. He learned from the past to never engage them singlehandedly. Even their evasive skills were sometimes not enough to protect from a blow of a scythe or the slashing hit of a butchers glaive. Kraken and Siren were teamed up. He didn’t know why they were intertwined to each other so deeply, but he didn’t need to ask why. He knew they were effective, and that is all he needed for the game. They were his spear he would use to ram through the Morticians ranks and score one goal after another. If everything would go according to the plan. And that was exactly the Problem he would have facing those freaks. Obulus opened the playbook. For this game Cosset was unfitting. He didn’t need a player that couldn’t follow the plan. Even the crowd was part of it. It took weeks of consideration and a fair amount of coins to coerce the masses. He looked over to the officials to start the game and nodded. A slight hand signal told him that everything was set up. Another look over to the Fishers’ Coaches in their shack. They were talking to each other and apparently going through the plan for the game. No one noticed it. The officials were handed their megaphones. “Ladies and Gentlemen, we are here today for this seasons 3rd matchup. Hold your beverages – and some their bladder – for this is going to be a fight of the giants. It were many games between those two teams, and every single one of them was a stressed threat of pure tension. Goals were shot, bones were broken and knifes and spears were clashing. But THIS game, Ladies and Gentlemen, the rivalry is spiking, and there will be no holding back! Adults and children, old and young, man or woman, please do the teams a favor and CHEER, SCREAM AND JOOOOY!” The two teams moved onto the field. The crowd was energetic, loud. The Fishers jogged into their deployment area, waving at the crowd, stretching their limbs. It was a show. Obulus overlooked this spectacle with an arrogant smirk on his pale face… Shark waved hand signals over to Greyscales and Sakana and ordered Kraken and Siren to be in the center of their deployment. He hushed a few words over to Salt and that little guy was jumping around in joy. They were readying their weapons. Shark and Obulus went to the center of the Pitch. The thumping of the crowds’ feet was rhythmic and deafening. They looked each other in their faces while one of the officials transited towards them. He flipped the coin and Obulus loudly said “Head.” When the coin landed it showed the chosen symbol. Shark looked down to it. Something was wrong. His eyes went up to meet with Obulus’ eyes. “And mines’ next?” The Spooks’ Captain offered him a hand without saying a word. Damn these bastards, Shark thought to himself and shook it. The game was about to begin. <They call you freaks, spooks, outsiders. Though they are the ones using monsters in their team.> Abendroth overlooked the guilds’ area from his domains balcony. It was evening and the sun was going down. The warm wind blew the summers’ heat into his splendid apartment. Obulus was quiet. <That… Kraken guy and Siren. They are the ones. You know, you throw out the guilds’ money for bribery and your… plans. She just needs to look at one and make him do what she wants. And that big, blue guy is a mountain. If it weren’t for them, there would be no problems, for anyone.> Obulus listened up. <What do you want me to do? Take… away their abilities?> Abendroth turned his head slightly over to him, not even looking at him, his head tilted up a little, his nose in the air. He was combining all the clichés about rich and arrogant nobles there were ever to be. He hated him. And he hated it to be so similar. But it was still necessary to wear the mask of a servant. <I leave it to you how you cripple their team.> That was all he wanted to hear. All he needed to hear. He turned around, his feathery mantle weaving in the summer wind while he walked down the stairs into the guilds’ underground. He stared into the shadows between two massive pillars. The dim shine of a lighted cigar and the crackling sound of burned and inhaled Kraut greeted him. The story itself is already finished in my head, but I just wanted to give a little... let's call it preview. Hope you enjoyed it.
  22. Looking to trade out some extra items i have acquired. I HAVE: Union: New: Decimate and Vet. Rage Masons: Original Honour(Painted), Flint(Painted), Mallet(Painted), Harmony(Painted) New and unpainted: Kickoff Flint, Kickoff Marbles New Masons momentum/influence tokens (won em in a tourny but already had some) Other: 4" Hunters Patch (Won in a tourny but dont play them) Full S3 card set for the following teams: Engineers, Butchers, Alchemists, Hunters I WANT: (Preferably Unpainted) Brewers: Esther, Quaff, Mash, Pint Pot, Vet. Spigot Union: Token Set Morticians: Any.... Chibi Cards: Honour(really want), Blackheart, or Tapper Can send pics upon request. Tried posting one or two but it keeps giving me messages about size limitations no matter how many times i try to resize it.
  23. Bob's Guild Ball Blog

    Hello Guild Ballers! Another report is up on my blog! Read it here! It's a friendly game between my Brewers and Hunters. We used season 1 guild plots since nobody had the season 2 plots yet. Other than that, feel free to comment or ask questions. I hope you enjoy the read, and don't be afraid to look at the other stuff in my blog. It's all guild ball related! See you on the pitch some day!