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Found 5 results

  1. So, with Artorias coming in wave 2, there is one thing I wanted to bring up... His pose. Now, I know he has this iconic slouched pose with his dangling arm And his greatsword slung over his shoulder... Can we possibly not get that? Two companies, one for collecter statues and another for action figures have done just that. I think it would be better to have a original combat pose for Artorias, giving steamfieged their own image for him. Anyone else feel this way?
  2. Is there a release window for the rest of the Season 2 models?
  3. Who, (if any), of the models do you hope that steamforge recast in the near future? Personally I would recast the starter set for the masons. It's not that there is anything wrong per se, but it is rather distracting seeing Mallet, Honour and Harmony all shorter than Chisel. It's just a little uncanny looking at my thicker brewers and see friday tower over those three in the masons. (I think they are even smaller then the fishermen for pity's sake.) Yet if I had to pick one above the mentioned three, I would say Harmony needs it the most, (her head looks rather like a poorly scupleted gorgon's head). But it's a small gripe if nothing at all, and I do enjoy the detail in the models. What are your thoughts?
  4. Not sure if this is the best place to write this, but... It blew me away that the Avarisse and Greede kit came with magnets. As in, that makes it one of the coolest kits I've ever assembled, so mad props to Steamforged for the design. For those who haven't put them together, you get three so that you can put one on Avarisse's chest and the other two on baseless Greede/a chestpiece for Avarisse. If it came with a fourth, that would be a helping hand toward finding a good place to put the detached piece. Current considerations are on Avarisse's base or on my goal token. As it stands I'm going to go purchase this fourth magnet myself, but if it had come with the kit, that would have been amazing (I really like the magnets they chose, too). Just a thought. Cheers, Dustin
  5. Hi When using an AOE play, if there is a friendly model within the AOE do you roll to hit against them or are they automatically hit? I have heard contradicting opinions from either side. Cheers