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Found 123 results

  1. Nyk's Adventures

    Hey all, how are ye doing? I was thinking of starting a match report thread. I'm thinking it might help with reviewing certain matches in which I encountered problems, but didn't know how to handle them. And, of course, some people just like reading match reports. First up, a practice match between me and one of my friends, who has ~5 games of Union on his belt. Mason's: Honour (c), Marbles (m), Harmony, Brick, Mallet, Flint Union: Rage (c), Coin (m), Fangtooth, Avarisse and Greede, Decimate, Grace Rough Ground on the left flank, obstructions in the center and right flank, all around the halfway line. Mason's win initiative and kick off with Flint through the middle, ball gets stuck just over the halfway line behind an obstruction. Turn 1 Rage comes forward to pick up the ball and tries to pass to Avarisse. Sadly for him, he misses. He actually wanted to use the Teamwork Action to close in with Flint. The ball scatters to just behind Grace, on the right flank. Mallet moves up on the left flank and Fangtooth mirrors his move. Brick moves in to protect Mallet and Flint with his Counter Charge bubble. Decimate moves in besides Fangtooth. Marbles completes the defensive double bubble on the right side of the center, while Coin Coffers Avarisse and walks into cover behind the center obstruction. Harmony runs forward and hides besides the right obstruction, in cover, after which Grace passes the ball to Avarisse and moves to the right side of the central obstruction. Flint smells his chance, sprints for Avarisse, steals away the ball and scores! From the gained momentum, he dodges away, but Avarisse is still able to get close to him and knock him on his arse. The Goal Kick was done into the left field, towards the patch of rough ground. Lastly, Honour Quick Time's Brick into a better position, so Decimate can't get to him anymore, and moves up along the right flank to get close to her sister. 4-0 Union gets initiative and chooses to go first. Turn 2 Avarisse drops Greede, and both of them kick Flint from the field. As vengeance for Flint, Honour and Harmony then do their Sister Act and delete Grace. Fangtooth moves up towards Mallet, but Brick Counter Charges into him. I forgot Gluttonous Mass... Oops! Mallet and Decimate start wailing on each other, while Brick repositions, and Coin slithers over the field towards the center. Only Rage was close to him, so there was no Coffers target. Marbles then positions himself to counter Rage's possible Furious charge into Brick. Sadly, the charge didn't get the required 5 results to push Rage away from Brick, which makes that Rage is able to wail on Brick some. 6-2 Mason's get initiative and choose to go first. Turn 3 I was really lucky here. The Union was +3 on the initiative roll, so he expected to go first. But now, Honour and Harmony could close with Rage, while having friends in Brick and Marbles. Honour and Harmony delete Rage, cleaning up the scrum's right side. Fangtooth starts wailing on Brick and knocks him down, and Mallet strikes back onto Fangtooth and knocks him on his arse as well. Using 'Come On Mate', Brick is able to stand back up. Decimate hits Mallet some, and dodges into snap shot range, but still within 2" of Mallet. Flint then goes for the ball, but just comes up short, so he moves to stand in the way of the pass towards Decimate. Avarisse picks up Greede and moves closer to threaten Flint's life next turn, but my opponent forgets that Fangtooth is not engaging Brick, who can Counter Charge in and drop the big guy to the ground. Marbles moves into Decimate to deny another kicking die. Grace then grabs the free ball, kicks it successfully towards to Decimate, who Bonus Time's a now two-die Snap Shot... but misses. The ball is intercepted by Harmony. 8-2 Union gets the initiative and chooses to go first. Turn 4 Decimate tackles the ball off of Harmony and shoots for goal. And she scores! The ball is kicked in towards the center scrum, to land at Honour's feet. Honour snaps up the ball, uses KD'd Fangtooth to get two double dodges, uses Quick Time and sprints to get in range for a 4-dice Shot and scores to decide the match. 12-6 The match was played against someone with an even amount of Guild Ball experience, but this was his ~5th game being Union, so he was still getting into the working of the Guild. In my eyes, his team was sub-optimal against mine, and he seemed to not respect the Honour-Harmony combo. Grace was quite overextended (while still in cover), and Rage stood against Marbles and Brick, so Honour's attacks gained 3 dice and 1 DMG He also made some key mistakes ,i.e. passing the ball to Avarisse in turn 1, who was clearly in range for Flint to grab the ball and score an easy T1 goal. For next time, I advised him to bring Benediction for Fangtooth and to bring Minx for Grace. Benediction is a much better control piece for the center scrum, and Minx helps out Rage with her Marked Target and Snared. Using her speed, she's also a decent goal threat. Maybe even Gutter for an extra 2" melee character, and forcing people in using Chain Grab, but for who? AnG? And would Strongbox've been better than Coin? I'd say yes, but I'm not exactly a Union connaiseur. What do you guys think? I also made some mistakes, but those were mostly due to playing against the Union and their roster for the first time. Most of my problems came from figuring out what to do with Decimate. That broad is só mobile! I basically just ignored what she did, or counter-attacked with Mallet to try and keep her off him. I knew that a goal from her would eventually happen, and I kept Flint or Honour/Harmony both in position to do an immediate response-goal, in this case to end the game. I think I played it quite okay, but I'm not sure if the same will happen if my opponent gets some more practice in. Getting lucky on the initiative roll in turn 3 really swung the game for me. Anyway, would you like me to continue these reports? Let me know! Any (constructive) feedback is welcome!
  2. Have at ye. Quality is low. So is the cost. #content
  3. After doing some research into the newest member for both Masons and Brewers guilds aka Lucky, I want to give him a test run in my masons team. The only thing that's got me thinking is his Stack the Deck. If you lose the initiative, does that 1 INF he gains count as an extra or is it part of the overall INF allocation?
  4. Here is the start of my brewers team ...
  5. Hello All! I'm a new player in the game, and the Masons Guild too. I've got the Masons part of the Kick Off, and I really enjoy all of the three game, that I played. But I've got a problem with Mallet. I don't feel the style of him :-/ Can you give me any advice about him? Or the another idea that I switch them to Minx, because I want to play football more than fight against anybody In that case, my idea about this team, that one side, there is Honour and Harmony, the other is Minx, and in the middle, there will be a "bubble", Marbles, Flint, Brick. What do you think about this? All C&C are welcome!
  6. Need to pick up a KS Honour and any Blackheart.
  7. How to Play: Honour Masons

    So thanks for the great feedback on our last 'How to Play' video. With the responses we have had we're now moving to examine each captain and their common/most used plays. Here's Honour and Tapper from the Kick-Off set, ideal for getting new players up to speed. It's by no means perfect, but let us know your thoughts!
  8. I've finally started painting my Guild Ball models. I'll dump update pics in this thread as I get stuff painted. I have a hobby blog which I use to keep me motivated and therefore generating content for it at https://splayedpaintbrush.com/ Hence the strange thread title. I didn't want to call it "My Masons", as I expect there to be more than just Masons making an appearance here eventually. I've started painting Mallet and Flint. I want to try something new. So I'm playing with gold NMM. There's more of me waffling on about my first experiments painting NMM gold on my Masons in this blog post: https://splayedpaintbrush.com/2016/07/13/painting-experiments-gold-non-metallic-metal/
  9. Ok, @TheLieutenant you knew this as coming after the awful sting of questions I forced upon you at WTC. The general gist of my question is how does the timing structure of multiple counter charges mixed with counter attacks resolve? In all the following examples I will be using Masons and Farmers models Example 1 I trigger both Marble and Bricks counter charge with Grange and I want to make a counter attack. How are these declared and how are they resolved? Example 2 I trigger both Marble and Bricks counter charge with Grange. Brick's countercharge allows me to trigger Tater's counter charge. Brick declares a counter attack. How are these declared and how are they resolved? I'm sure there are a ton of permutations of this could you please answer as many as you can think of or at least give me the tools I need to answer judge calls like this in the future. -Vincent
  10. Mirror Match

    I'm curious as to how everyone here approaches the Masons vs. Masons matchup. I have put a ton of thought into it, and I honestly can't decide. Additionally, in a Big League (which I'm currently dealing with), the mirror becomes much more complicated when the concept of "loaned" players comes into factor. I seek your thoughts and input, fellow Mason's; how do ya beat rock with rock?
  11. Thoughts on Granite

    So I've been playing a bit with Granite lately, and I have to agree with previous posts that she's a hard nut to crack, namely due to her incredibly slow movement. However, I find with the right team build (namely hammer/v.harmony or just honour), you can turn granite into a surprising powerhouse. The following abilities are essential, depending on your team build. My preference is with hammer/v.harmony, but if you want more of a influence-friendly build, use Honour as her quick time will allow you to get those extra inches he desperately needs. When using hammer you have to sacrifice momentum to use Hammer's heroic play, allowing granite to be able to use his Punishing March ability, providing an extra 2". Combine that with V.Harmony's Marked target and granite gains an impressive 4" movement, allowing her to now put on some serious pressure (10" threat). I tend to use this at the right moment rather than all the time and ensure that granite is always centered within the action, so that if necessary I can dig her in more easily. She's absolutely useless against some teams, as she's too easily locked down or easily avoided - namely Fish or Alchemists (their constant burning means Granite basically goes nowhere). However, I quite like using her against brewers or butchers, where her Tar Pit and KD 2 ensures she can get some work done. Final point, I also find Wrecker to be very useful with her as he can zip around pushing players closer to her, without any real fear of being taken out easily (even if he is, it's only 1 VP and by then Granite should have taken out a player on her own, or caused a lot of issues. The main problem I see with Granite is she really needs a lot of support. She needs movement buffs and her short melee range really limits her choices due to the number of models with unpredictable movement. Overall, I have seen some success with her but only at the cost of other players I'd probably rather field. V.Harmony I love taking with her, but again that choice is very situational (brewers or alchemists). I feel if granite was brought up to 4/6" movement (same as brick), her utility would be much more improved, but Brick's counter-charge ensures that he gets the spot in most games.
  12. Hi Everyone I'm trying to get Chisel to work and I don't want this to devolve into a 'there are better options' etc. argument because I really need to start learning the niche Mason's models I never play. I've noticed that Chisel can't really afford to be a winger because some random beater will come back on the pitch and charge/take her out first activation. I have had some success with her providing crowding outs, threatening long range tackles against strikers who are on my side of the board and converting influence into momentum if my captain got taken out. Also, anyone who's played with or against Corsair knows how deadly those 2 inch models that do nothing but provide crowd-outs are. Mallet's awful movement stats means Chisel is marginally better at providing 0 influence crowd-outs on demand. If I can position her so she isn't the weak link in a take-out game then she'll be good enough for me in some games. Where should I be positioning her? Should she be behind Brick, within 3.5 inches of him so his counter charge is protecting her or on the other side of the pitch from most models, annoying strikers? Also, how often do people actually use crazy? I've only been using it to help tackle the ball off strikers as using it to deal damage often backfires. Is it viable to do some weird dragon-ball-z power-up with her in the backfield and then get a take-out in turn 4 after your captain and midfielders have created space for her?
  13. Hey folks. Getting together bases and bits for my Hunters and Masons goalposts. Just after recommendations for sourcing ideally, good quality, resin weapons and accessories please. Specifically after hammers/masonry tools, archery targets /dummies and jumpers/sweaters/ cardigans/if at all possible! Thanks!
  14. DTTB8: Ferrite Vs Hammer

    Come witness just what sleep and coffee deprivation can achieve!
  15. Not sure where on the forums to post the match report of our recent tournament final, so I'll put it here if that's ok? https://lancsf.wordpress.com/2017/08/20/the-gnome-tournament-final-2017/ Cheers! Alan.
  16. Episode 5! Mason's Vs Brewer's more videoing, documenting and then talking nonsenseover games of Guild Ball (now with less Fish puns)
  17. My Collection

    I started around early season 2 and now I've collected Butcher's, Brewer's, Mason's and Union in that time. I have every model for each of the teams and have fully painted them all too.
  18. I just finished painting my first mini, Brick from the Kick Off box. I'm pretty OK with it, I'll get to the base once I've got more of his teammates ready.
  19. Grenoir's Games

    While I've not played many games it was my first chance today to try out my newly, full-painted Fisherman's team vs a friend whose only just started (both Guild Ball and miniature games) who was playing the Brewers. Fish - Shark, Angel, Kraken, Greyscales, Salt, and Siren. Brewers - Tapper, Hooper, Friday, Stave, Spigot, and Scum. In retrospect I should have gone with Corsair given the Brewer's propensity to knock people down (and they did this a lot) but my opponent hadn't seen any of the Season 2 models, just the ones in the Season 1 rulebook, so I thought it might be a bit 'unfriendly' for our first game. Turn 1 - The Fish choose to receive and start with Greyscales collecting the ball and missing his pass to Angel (this sets the tone for the whole game...) though it does scatter to Shark. The Brewers move up the field close enough for Shark to spring forward, generate some momentum hitting Hooper, and then move off for a shot on goal - with bonus time he still missed. The rest of the turn sees the Brewers collect the ball, move up field, and hit the Fish about a bit, mostly concentrating on Shark after seeing his first activation. The turn ends with Siren and Kraken on one wing with Spigot; Friday on the other with Greyscales; and everyone else in the middle. Turn 2 - Fish win initiative and Greyscales "where'd they go" into Friday, tackles her for the ball, hits again for some momentum and dodging away, then moves off for a shot on goal...and misses again. Stave collects the ball (he acted as a pretty successful goalie barring one "mistake" which we'll get to soon) and lobs barrels to knock Greyscales down. I've not really got anyone near enough to Stave to threaten to get the ball again this turn so it transforms into a bit of a scrum in the middle, however Shark's Legendary really hampers the Brewers from doing anything with the ball either. Turn 3 - Fish win initiative again and Greyscales charges Stave to get the ball back. Momentum is generated, a shot is taken, and Greyscales misses again! Stave gets the ball back once more. The Brewers instead of getting the ball up the field right away, decide to concentrate on taking Shark out as his antics on turn 1 and 2 really struck a nerve. This they do to go ahead 2-0. The Fish respond by using Siren to Seduce Stave into passing Greyscales the ball who goes for a Snap Shot.....and finally scores! Not the best move a Goalie can make Obviously the previous shots were just too easy and I needed to make it more difficult for Greyscales. 2-4 to the Fish. Unfortunately the Brewers respond by getting it straight up the field to Tapper, then to Friday, and score to go straight back in the lead for 6-4. Kraken is beaten quite badly as all this goes on. My turn is nearly over but with a pretty open left wing I put the ball out to that side of the pitch from the goal kick, and move Salt over to the left of centre. Turn 4 - Shark comes back on, pretty near the ball, but I need to generate some momentum first so Siren (of all people) wails on Tapper to generate 4 including a Seduction on Hooper (would have been great if he'd done more than 1 non-momentus damage). There's no way for the Brewers to reach the ball before I do so they continue their beat down on Kraken and take him out 8-4 to the Brewers. Shark's turn and he collects the ball, and runs up field. The plan had been to pass to Salt to take it further to Greyscales but moving the otter into position had been too obvious and Spigot was now marking him. Instead Shark kicks the ball to just a little out of Greyscales reach but, again, beyond the reach of any Brewer. The Brewers player decides he's preferring the 'beating people up' game to bothering with the football and stays in the centre with Angel and Siren. Given his previous form he probably didn't have too much to worry about but Greyscales is left alone to collect the free ball and take a shot - Screamer! 8-8 and it's all even. Turn 5 - The ball had come out to the centre and Angel got it following a roll off to see who it snaps to. However, with the Brewers winning initiative, she is promptly tackled and the ball passed to Friday. With Salt luckily nearby, Angel gives herself Nimble and oh-so-narrowly avoids being knocked down as she takes a parting blow for one damage and moves off to tackle Friday. She then fails to get a single hit and, even engaged by Angel, Friday scores the winning goal. 12-8 to the Brewers. Lots of turns there but we're still both relatively new to the game, and my shooting was amazingly bad - something like 12 dice in a row all below 4! Both really enjoyed the game though, and that was the main thing for someone who was discovering Guild Ball for the first time. Loved the moment I caused Stave to pass to Greyscales for a snap-shot, while my opponent mostly enjoyed knocking people down and the mental image of an otter and a cat playing football (Shark was attacked by Scum at one point and damage was done ). Stave did well as a goalie and we were both pondering if either team would get someone comparable to Tenderiser or Compound in Season 2. With the guild's theme I'm betting on a cormorant as their season 2 mascot for the Fish but a goalie-walrus is truly what I'm hoping for
  20. Crafts Painting Brewers Guild

    Hi, My Masons from Guild Ball Starter Set. What do you think about it? More paintwork on my fb page: https://www.facebook.com/craftspaintingstudio/?ref=aymt_homepage_panel[/ur]
  21. So, the stats for Vengeance 2017 came out today and I was absolutely shocked to see only 8 out of 116 players playing our beloved stonecutters. Is it just me, or are other people also starting to get worried? Even the Brewers and Hunters, who are notoriously famous for performing badly at tourneys, had three times the amounts of players. What could be the reasoning for this low turn-out? Maybe Masons having such a strict possibility of rosters, as I usually see Granite, vHarmony and Chisel just being left out of the 10? The Masons' playstyle being so clearly known, as their new players are hardly ever being picked up, so other players know what other guild members to expect just from seeing the captain? What I've also been hearing quite a lot is that the other guilds have much more 'flavour'? I'm also very much worried about the new guild, the Blacksmiths. Sure, there are only two models spoiled for ~75%, but their [Master]/[Apprentice] mechanic and the "slow MOV / high ARM" stats can easily be compared with what the Masons are known for: synergies between players while standing near each other and high ARM values. So basically, I'd think they'll attract the same kind of players, which might dilute the Masons' playercount even more. Don't get me wrong, I'm quite psyched about them, but I guess that was to be expected from a Masons player, right? Of course, watching the BlackOrifice data of the last year, the Masons have a respectable game count of just 500, so Vengeance might just be an outlier, but still... 8/116... Damn... I'd like to see what'll happen for the rest of the year at major tourneys.
  22. Hello Forum! I have started a new series on my Youtube channel that I hope you guys will like as much as Run the Length. This is Guild Ball Gotchas! Welcome to the inaugural episode of guild ball gotchas where we go through the biggest surprises and powerful combinations in guild ball and walk you through how to play around them. This episode we are covering Mist and Vitriol's kickoff pressure. Special thanks go out to Nick Kleeman, Zachary Poulos, and Alex Bots for assisting with this video. Game was filmed at Grognard Games in Hoffman Estates. Their Website can be found here: http://grognardgames.com/ Follow me on Twitter: @TheCurkov https://mobile.twitter.com/thecurkov
  23. Hi all, I've got a strategy question regarding what to do after getting your goal. I'll use a match I played last Wednesday as an example. Masons: Honour, Marbles, Brick, Mallet, Tower, Flint versus Brewers: Tapper, Scum, Hooper, Spigot, Stave, Mash He kicks off and the ball ends up perfectly for me to get with Mallet and I start passing the ball around to gain some momentum. In the meanwhile, my opponent is just setting up his pieces for turn 2, already expecting my Superior Strategy turn 1 Flint goal. He positions Scum and Hooper in such a way, that I have to go through the middle to score, which succeeds. Turn 2 starts with me at 4-0 and I win the initiative roll. The ball is positioned on Spigot, but Flint can easily reach it with Where'd They Go?! and a sprint. My idea was to momentous tackle Spigot, hope for him to not get 3 results on the counterattack for Ball's Gone and make another goal attempt with 3 dice, as I was within 8" of the goal. I know it'd be a death sentence for the striker, but I'd go for a 8-2 VP trade any day. Sadly, he gets his Ball's Gone result and Flint dies soon after. 4-2 Now the Brewers have the ball, but have shown no intention of trying to come and score. His team was fully built around trying to isolate my squad with Stave's barrels (of which I could lessen the impact with Tower's aura somewhat) and just killing the ball around the sidelines, behind his defensive line of Tapper, Hooper, Stave and Scum. Moving up my pieces one by one would be a death sentence, as they'd just get deleted before the rest of the team arrives. Scrumming against Tapper Brewers is never a good option, by the way... So basically, I tried some stuff with pushing Spigot out of the field with Mallet, after Spigs got too close to the frontline, to try and reset the ball, but I misplayed and couldn't reach Spigs on my Sup. Strat. activation, due to one of Stave's well placed barrels. (I jogged on the first activation, but should've sprinted. I came short 1,5"...) One by one, my guys just got caught out by barrels or pushes into their lines and I wasn't able to get the ball back. And trying to just go into the scrum would've been certain defeat. By the end, my entire team was positioned around my goalpost due to all the pushing and trying to hold off their attack as much as possible, but it all just felt really useless after losing the ball in turn 2. Lost the game with 5 take-outs (of which twice Marbles) and he just scored with Spigot on his last activation, due to everyone in my team being engaged elsewhere around my goal-post. So here's my question: what am I supposed to do when my opponent kills the ball with a superior brawler team?
  24. So, here's my efforts. I'm much more proud of the Mason's, I don't think the Union turned out quite so well.
  25. Now that I finally have an account I can start posting up some models. First up, my Masons: The Masons Honour - Team Captain Marbles - Team Mascot Harmony Brick Flint Mallet Tower The Ball