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Found 11 results

  1. I'm not sure if the models were meant to be spoiled, but I just saw cards for the 2 farmers mascots. A mascot with a heroic play and a mascot with a goal threat comparable to Flint's (but with a 2/8" kick stat) look like incredibly fun models. All the Farmer's models look incredibly fun to play, but a heroic mascot just seems too amazing not to mention.
  2. Mascot changes

    Changes to the mascots (http://steamforged.com/kick-off-news/2016/10/17/season-3-rules-update-mascots-part-1). The key is that they now only generate 1 VP but also get an icy sponge token. I see this as a decent change as our mascot always wants to be mixing it up in melee, but also a bit of a downgrade as I always liked our threat of just dropping an enemy mascot from range or a sneaky push by Jaecar. Now focusing mascots doesn't have nearly the return on investment as it did before.
  3. Ragggyyyyy

    So I have been waiting for someone else to say this or even have the balls to paint this but from above (the normal angle i see my figs at when playing) does anyone else notice the physical similarities between Fahad and Scooby doo? Is there anyone out there with the spare time, skill and income to paint a fahad like scooby? Maybe it is just me and I am funny in the head......
  4. Which Mascot to buy?

    Hey, I decided to extend my Union players to full team and went to the aggressive side with Veteran Rage. I try to keep my collection small, so I'm probably buying just one Mascot. Out of Coin and Stongbox which you would suggest and why when my other Union models are Veteran Rage, Gutter, Fangtooth, Minx, Mist and Hemlocke? From what I've deduced myself Coin would be useful every round but Strongbox might have bigger impact on that one big turn when you go all in. What do you think?
  5. A question came up that I couldn't answer. What rule stops someone from playing two mascots on a team? Captain, mascot, mascot, player, player, player. Or even Captain, mascot, captain, player, player, player. Page 10 of season 2 actually says captain, mascot, and fill out the roster with other models that play for the same guild as the captain. Page 7 of the Organized play document uses the term eligible model. I suppose since type isn't limited by either the rule book our OP document on how you fill out the team you could but I'm still of the firm opinion that that was not the intent.
  6. Calling it - Vileswarm with the "token" ruling from the new errata, has the ability to disperse/swarm by placing markers around itself up to a certain distance and amount, creating a patch where models can't stand or gets a movement penalty from moving through. Just a thought seeing as us Spooks like messing with our opponents general play. I think it fits rather nicely. EDIT - MARKERS not tokens
  7. Season 2 Mascot speculation

    To my knowledge one of the as-yet-to-be-revealed new mascots is the engineers, and I when I've heard people trying to guess what it might be they've struggled for ideas. I recently had an idea that I thought might be an idea and thought I'd share it with you. Feel free to agree, disagree or throw in your own ideas - it's all good fun... Chuckles, Psychotic Doll Unknown, Mechanica, Male, Mascot One of the earliest attempts at a mechanical brain for an automata, Chuckles was designed as a child's toy. Unfortunately something went wrong and after slaughtering the entire nursery Chuckles was taken back to the engineer's guild and dismantled to work out what went wrong. Eventually he was forgotten about and his parts boxed up and put on a shelf. Unfortunately someone has since uncovered the doll and reconstructed him out of curiosity. They had not fixed the problem in it's behavioural programming, but have found that, on the guild ball pitch, the psychotic doll can be a great asset to the Engineer's guild team. MOV 4"/6", TAC 3, KICK 1/4", DEF 4+, ARM 1, INF 1/1 HP: 8 Plays: Gut and String Traits: Crazy, Berserk, Crucial Artery, Maverick Playbook: 1; 2 or T; > ; 3 or >>; 3> or Gut & String; 4 (not sure about the 4 damage on a mascot, but he's got no way of boosting it, so it compares reasonably with Princess who can easily get +1 damage to her max of 3) What'd you think? Too good? Liability? What ideas do you have? Cheerio, Ben
  8. New Turtle Mascot for Union

    Does anyone know if the new mascot will be able to be used in other teams? -Brewer player here but the model looks cool as shit and I just want an excuse to paint/use it without having to run union!
  9. Future Mascots

    What type of animals would people like for their Guilds for Season Two?
  10. Normally Mascots can't return to the field once they are taken out, due to the fact that they are at 0 HP and can't receive Icy Sponge tokens. However, it's possible to be taken out without being reduced to 0HP (e.g. being pushed off the field). As far as I can see, nothing requires a taken out model to have Icy Sponge tokens in order to return to the field, so can a Mascot who is at full HP but has been taken out, return to the field in the next Maintainence phase? Presumably, this also means that you can potentially benefit from "Loved Creature" multiple times per game?
  11. Princess, small but fierce

    After some procrastination I started painting the Butchers team, the first player up is the lovely Princess. The base have potential to be better but I'm abstaining from building crazy elevated bases that I'm prone to (mainly for Malifaux minis). I need to find som better static grass, there is too much red strands in my variants. But enough talk, here she is!