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Found 7 results

  1. Hi there, Played a game on the weekend and i might've got a rule wrong. The situation is that Vet Katalyst is knocked down and clears conditions. He then makes an attack against compound triggering gluttonous mass and is knocked down again in the counter attack. Vet Katalyst then forfeits movement to stand up again to continue making attacks. I assumed that you had to forfeit movement at the start of your activation to stand up. So the question is: Can you forfeit movement to standup anytime in your activation or does it have to be at the start. Cheers, and sorry to the dude if I got this one wrong.
  2. Watching a video game report I saw a player use Take a breather to remove the knockdown condition at the start of his activation, then without moving tackle a player. He whiffed the attack and the counter knocked him down. In the rules there's no where that states (since he hasn't moved yet) that he can't now forego his move, to stand back up and continue to use remaining influence, yet in the video (Battlehammer - yes I know they get loads of stuff wrong but it's where I learn a lot b4 clarification) they decided he couldn't forego move after already removing effects. Q: Can you clarify if he could have got up or not AND if not, what wording have I missed that would preclude him doing so?
  3. Hello, 1. Suppose a friendly model is holding the ball near the friendly goal line. During that friendly model's activation, an enemy causes a Knockdown on that model, and the ball scatters behind the friendly goal line. Is the friendly team shut out of momentum? 2. Same situation as 1, but this time during an enemy activation the friendly ball-holder is knocked down and the ball scatters behind the friendly goal line. Is the friendly team shut out of momentum? 3. Suppose an enemy model is holding the ball near the friendly goal line. During a friendly model's activation, the friend causes a knockdown and the ball scatters behind the friendly goal line. Is the friendly team shut out of momentum? 4. Same situation as 3, but this time during the enemy ball-holder's activation they are knocked down and the ball scatters behind the friendly goal line. Is the friendly team shut out of momentum? Thank you.
  4. Can I target a player that cannot move with Puppet Master or Lure? For example, Obulus is looking at Fangtooth, who doesn't have the ball and has nobody within 1". Can he target him with PM to pop Gluttonous Mass: - if Fangtooth is Knocked Down? (he cannot advance) - if Fangtooth has been hit by Heavy Burden? (he has a MOV of 0) - if Fangtooth is standing on an Obstruction? (he cannot be moved by the enemy) I know he wouldn't actually move anywhere, just wondering if he's a legal target for the Character Play.
  5. Parting Blow Knockdown

    So a parting blow can cause damage, a tackle, or a knockdown. My question is when does the parting blow trigger in relation to the active model's movement? Model A is activating. Model A has a 6" move and elects to move the entire advance away from Model B. Model B has a 1" melee zone. Does Model A move the entire length of his advance and then the attack is triggered? Or does Model A stop just out of 1" allowing the attack and then proceed with his turn? I couldn't find a clarification for this and I apologize if it has already bee answered I just could not find a thread with a similar question with the search tool. Thanks in advance for clearing this up.
  6. OK, so I'm playing with Mash from the brewers and on his final column he has two options, a 3 damage tackle, and a 2 damage momentous knockdown. Since playing with different players I've heard multiple ways of this working so I would like some clarification if possible. Taken from pg 47 in the rulebook, the last sentence for each result. "Knockdown: This result may not be selected if the target model is already suffering from the knockdown condition." "Tackle: This result may not be selected if the target model is not in possession of the ball." To me, this reads that if the enemy target is already knocked down (or has no ball) then you cannot select either of these playbook results, and therefor also cannot take just the damage portion (or momentum portion) of the result because you could not select the result in the first place. Being knockdown or not-having-the-ball blocks it. In this specific Mash playbook, it means that upon achieving 4 successes on an already knocked down model (happens all the time in brewers) that you cannot select either column 4 result, and that the only selectable play that generates momentum is a 1" push on column one. So even though I got enough successes for either his 3 damage tackle or a momentous 2 damage knockdown, I ether have to take the push since i need momentum, or take a basic 2 damage. Seems very backwards to me. Now I know it would be silly to be able to select a column one momentous tackle everytime you punch someone, or to be able to get more momentum by knocking someone down again and again, but it seems really silly to limit a models output this way by not allowing the selection of combo results. I would love for someone to enlighten me.
  7. Ok, the other day we had a game and angel had the ball and was verry close to the edge, so ballista charges and gets the dubble push off and then decides to do deathbolt on angel to push het of the board. Now deathbolt also knocks down as pushes 2" what happens first here the KD or the push this was important for the ball scatter witch would either scatter from the moddel or be trown in and scatter from the middel. Anny toughts. We went for the knock down is first in the text so that happens first.