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Found 79 results

  1. This came up in our game yesterday and I could not find any information on it, so I am sorry if I just missed how this would work. Jaecar places a pitfall trap, and then is pushed. Is Jaecar allowed to be pushed onto his trap, and if so, how would that work? Would he be on top of it? Thanks!
  2. So had this come up in a game and could not find a clear answer, If I model has a dodge can they use it to leap clear of a trap marker without setting it off? Or if you drop a trap within an inch of them are they basically stuck with eating it unless they don't want to move again?
  3. Slacks gone metal, moving beyond Kick Off

    So while everyone else is coming to terms with the new plastics, I'm going backwards and moving beyond the Kick Off set with the older metals (for now, 'Smiths and maybe Farmers will probably happen in time). I thought the mystery box might be a good way to expand my collection, which of course means I'm working with the Hunters. No paint yet, just glue and green-stuff, and coming to terms with these things. Guild Ball has taught me that I like painting, and now that I do not like fitting models together nearly as much. Going to get all 9 (season II + a young Theron) assembled, then think about basing, and eventually get around to paint. I did manage a quick paint job on an Easter Fangtooth to keep me from going mad with all the assembly
  4. Hey folks. Getting together bases and bits for my Hunters and Masons goalposts. Just after recommendations for sourcing ideally, good quality, resin weapons and accessories please. Specifically after hammers/masonry tools, archery targets /dummies and jumpers/sweaters/ cardigans/if at all possible! Thanks!
  5. Hey Hunters! Started guildball with Skatha box + Seenah and Chaska at Salute. Played maybe six games or so with just them Just completed my hunters with the mystery box Played one game swapping Chaska for Egret and another swapping Ulfr for Jaecar as well. Currently getting a game in every week Doing relatively well so far, but we're all new players at a very friendly, social, non-competitive club. Got a friendly team tournament in another meta, early November and expecting a steep learning curve. Not expecting anything from my first tourney of course, but want to prep to do my best! So far my tactics seem to be moving towards holding central defense/midfield with Vet Hearne/Seenah. Using them as beat sticks for takeouts. The others for movement /distraction /assists and scoring (usually Skatha) Won my last game with 2 takeouts 2 goals and generally finding scoring more effective in my little meta! Immediate advice I could use is what union it's worth buying to use in my 10? None? Just Minx? Are the others worth a look? Obviously I'm gonna have limited practise time between now and the tourney and I still haven't played a game with Theron yet, so I need to focus my time and money with potential union picks! Also just any other advice that might be handy going into the tourney would be much appreciated Thanks for reading this far!
  6. Taking on Fillet Butchers

    Hey all, Got a hunters team in my mystery box and played them for the first time since the errata last night. Really dig Theron for control. Coming from post errata Fish the range control is familiar and makes for a fun time trying to frustrate my friends. Played Tapper Brewers and, while the score was close, I felt like I was running the show the whole game. Really bullied Tapper with Theron and some terrain that wasn't big enough to stop on. I think Tapper maybe swung 5 times the whole game and I could've prevented all of them if I paid a little closer attention to the line of directly towards. Wouldn't have been AS close if I had played Fahad better (or just played snow instead.) The guy I play the most games against plays Fillet pretty religiously. After my game last night I was racking my brain on how I would deal with her. I struggle against her anyway (she is just a damn good unit) but I wasn't sure what everyone has been playing into her. More than anything I really don't know which captain to take. Snared is great but they are going to be up on momentum to clear conditions since healing is weak for them and pinned is not only kinda risky on a DEF 5 but it just brings her to the model she wants to swing at anyway. I imagine Snow is the better mascot since he can disengage friendlies from the onslaught. How are you dealing with her? Out footballing with Skatha? Pinning and using some terrain she can't make it over? Eating the damage and boom boxing her while she is snared? Just looking for ideas so I don't walk into this game like a lamb to the slaughter.
  7. If Greede is off the pitch, is he a valid target for the Hunters GIC Bait the Trap? Does it matter whether he is suffering the taken-out condition or not?
  8. Finally got my Mystery Box and I'm not into all of this chibi stuff that seems to be going around. Quite frankly I would like to get rid of this stuff in case it's contagious. Chibi cards for Brewer's (Esters and Quaff) and Hunter's (Theron and Fahad) also got the Ballista and Mainspring chibi pin. On a side note, I also now have an extra set of S3 Plot Cards and Big League. PM me if you are interested in any of it, located in the United States, Arizona.
  9. [W] Mystery Box Hunters [H] $

    I know there's a lot of people getting Hunters from their mystery boxes, and probably some of those people already own them. If any of you want to sell off their duplicate hunter team, please message me. I live in the Southeastern U.S. if you're looking for convenience when selling.
  10. I'm attending my first Guildball tourney in a couple of weeks, a nice little 16 player one dayer. Having not played much Guildball, I am taking the one guild I have all the accessible miniatures for... Hunters. I have all 12 guild models and the 3 (4 if you count Avarice and Greede as 2 lol) Union players. i am planning to take the following but wanna check I'm not missing anything too major. Theron, oHearne, vHearne, Jaecar, Egret, Snow, Ulfr, Seenah, Chaska and Minx. (only 1 union due to tourney rules!) just let me know if any of the ones I haven't taken should be taken (Skatha, Zarola & Fahad, Hemlocke, A & G.) thanks guys!
  11. Hunters v Fish

    With the errata out, what are folks using against Fish? I am thinking its a Theron line up, but what is the supporting cast?
  12. Who to kick with?

    Hey guys, glad to see all the recent discussion I've had a few games lately and am struggling with who to use for the kick off. Particularly with Theron as the captain. A couple ways I've tried are: Theron kicks, threatening a 6 inf activation on anyone who comes in. Zarola can theoretically reposition him to line up better against opponents threats. Jaecar kicks. Use minx to try a marked target for extra range on a late turn charge. Minx kicks, goes for an early charge + retreat. Combo of marked target and midnight offering let jaecar follow up. Egret kicks. Fire off some poison and sit back for hard turn one denial. None of my plans so far have felt great. I've pulled a few gotchas but that's all I can call them What have you guys been trying?
  13. Its outrageous that we have whooping 3 models with 2" melee range and that we can take 2 of them in a team! to put things in perspective: Alchemists have access only to a puny 6 models only with reach Brewers access to 5 2" melee models Butchers access to 6 such models Engineers 4 models Farmers access to 6 models (one of them is a captain with 3 inch melee when he activates) Fish only 10 models with 2" melees Masons as well as us have access to 3 such models, but unlike us they can field all 3 of them (and one has a 3" melee when he activates) Morticians access to 4 such models The Union access only to 5 such models I hope we'll see a third expansion where we hopefully get 3 more extended melee zone models. I know someone has to get the least amount of 2" melees but, why us?
  14. As the title says. If Skatha hits a model and triggers a momentous cold snap and places the template to hit other models, does this hit models under it automatically as it was triggered from her playbook or does she have to roll as its an aoe. My initial thought is that it auto hits due to how its triggered but wasn't certain as its an aoe rather than a single target character play.
  15. Last night I had my first game in a few months, and my second ever game with Hunters (I won the first one!). It was, predictably, a hammering. 4-12 against Corsair Fish. I took Theron, Fahad, Chaska, Egret, Jaecar, Zarola against Corsair, Greyscales, vSiren, Angel, Salt, and Kraken. Angel scored all 3, two in turn 2. I couldn’t get near her in time, so it was all over as soon as she was in SS range. Egret scored the return goal and was set up for a second, but the Drag/Pull moves and easy KD for Corsair/Kraken soon put paid to that. Zarola rolling snake eyes on a pass didn’t help either. It was like starting from scratch to be honest. I wasn’t looking at my cards, had no idea what Corsair could do, forgot all about basic stuff such as engagement ranges. I was completely shut down, despite trying to play keep-away. This is where I’d normally mince off, cry, and buy a new team and start the sorry cycle again. However, talking it through with my mate after the game, I realised that I haven’t played more than 10 games with any Guild I own, which might explain my appalling Win/Loss ratio. That, and my inability to ‘see’ the game. So I’m going to stick with Hunters and get to know them… intimately, and hope that tactical thinking (and rolling better!) will come naturally. Good to get that off my chest. Thanks for reading. I am open to any advice about generally Getting Good.
  16. Never really done anything like this before, but I figured I could give it a shot. New Moon, the story of a Rookie under Theron's Hunter's in her first game as captain. I definitely appreciate any critiques or criticisms. Devana looked on as the Butchers descended upon her team. It was like lions descending on prey. For reasons unknown to her, Captain Theron had put her in charge of the Hunter's rookies for this skirmish game, and this was very different from the Fishermen's rookie team they played several weeks prior. She charged in, intent on stealing the ball from the opposing captain, Ribs, so called for his tendency to break them. She watched as her brother, Chase, whacked another Butcher in the kneecaps with his club, before spinning past him and making a break for Ribs as well. She shouldn't have been watching. She completely missed the fist coming from the other side, and it caught her square in the gut. Pain exploded in her eyes, and for a moment all she could sense was the interesting combination of blood in her mouth, pain in her chest, and grass in her nose. Cursing herself for the lapse in attention, she groaned, and thankfully whoever had sucker punched her moved on to someone else, but she wasn't down. She's only been on the ground a few seconds, but Ribs had even moved closer. She waited for just the right moment, then sprang at the boy, catching him by surprise. With some footwork that left him dizzy, she managed to steal the ball away, and make a break in a random direction. She looked for anyone who might be open, knowing she didn't have long before Ribs would be on top of her again. Chase was locked in a slugfest with another boy on the Butcher's team, and the rest of her team were too far on her side of the field to be of any help. So she ran. She didn't get far before she felt a presence coming up fast behind her. In an almost instinctual move, she stopped, pivoted on one foot, and jumped backwards, lifting the ball up with her leg. It slammed into Rib's face, and she used the slight spring of the ball to vault off of him. She made a graceful summersault in the air, twisting to land facing the Butcher's goalpost. Not pausing to see Ribs land, she heard the thud after several steps. Clear now, she felt amazing, and within seconds was close enough to score. With a solid kick, she slammed the ball into the Butcher's goalpost, and she took a moment to watch with pride as the score cards flipped over to show 4-0. She jogged back to the field, surveying her team's status. Two of her Hunters had been carried off, to one Butcher that looked like she had a broken leg. Chase was still dodging and weaving around the other boy, and Ribs was just beginning to stand up from her kick, a bruise already forming on his forehead. Out of the corner of her eye, she watched as the Butcher's representative, Boiler, she thought, drop kick the ball out, over her head, and back onto the field, in the center, between Ribs and Chase. Ribs immediately broke into a sprint towards it, and Chase, likewise, disengaged from his opponent and ran for the ball. The two met in a flurry of fists and clubs, both trying to knock the other out for control of the ball. She ran to help out her brother, but was cut off by his earlier adversary. He eyed her with a cold grin, flipping a flat stick of metal over in his hand. Flatiron, his name was. She knew she didn't have long, Chase couldn't handle Ribs, even injured as he was from her kick. She ran straight at the boy. It caught him off guard, and she used the slight flinch to jump forwards, planting her hands on his shoulders. She vaulted over him, high into the air. This high in the air, she could see another of her Hunters coming from further down the field, a very young girl named Jaci. Devana pulled a small sling from her pocket, and, in midair, twisted to launch a rock at the ball between the two boys. It struck, knocking the ball out and away from the two, and towards Jaci. Ribs jumped after it, earning a club to the back of the head from Chase. Jaci met the ball, and began running down the field. Devana landed hard, and her chest complained from its earlier hit. She watched Jaci run downfield, but the girl was no match for Flatiron's speed. Ignoring her own pains, Devana began running, not towards Jaci, Chase could handle that, but towards the goal herself. She felt the ancient powers she had always known well up inside of her, and bracing for impact, released just as Flatiron swung his bar towards Jaci's head. In an instant, she felt the bar strike her, and she fell into the grass for the second time this game. She watched, as downfield, Jaci stumbled a bit from the disorientation of Devanna's moon blessing, but the girl was clear for the goal. Just before her vision went black, Devana saw Jaci kick their second goal. Then she smiled as everything went black. Her crazy plan had worked. It would be up to the rest of her team to finish it now. Across the field, a white haired girl sat in the bleachers and watched as Devanna shifted, then fell. She idly spun a snowball in the seat next to her, before the barest of smiles crept across her pale face, and she left, leaving the snowball to melt, and the game to finish. She'd seen what she needed.
  17. Match Report - Hunters vs. Butchers

    Hi guys, We're back with another match report as we throw our vengeance rosters into the mix to see how they fare! As always please feel free to have your rulebooks at the ready if we (inevitably) forget something and please do let us know if there are any teams or lineups that you'd like to see make an appearance over the rest of the summer!! #screwvethearne Enjoy!
  18. BurroBoskov's Teams

    I wanted to start a thread for my Guildball teams. Coming from Warhammer Fantasy, and through Warmachine, I've had experience painting large armies where I'll spend hours on handfuls of models that will only sit on the table for ~10 minutes or get lost amongst the moving pieces of the game. Arriving at Guild Ball, each model plays a critical role in the game, and has a chance to the be the star of the match. I've decided to try to up my painting level since I'll only be painting ~12 models per faction. I consider myself a firmly middling painter, but enjoy taking my time and exploring some new techniques for me with these models. So hopefully you can find some inspiration, or at the very least respect a fully painted team! I've really enjoyed painting my Alchemists, and I'll be adding my take on the Hunters as well when I get them ready to go.
  19. Greetings forum dwellers! Episode 7 of Run The Length is up! This time I play against Zachary Gray's Hunters. Zach is on the USA's WTC Team and was nice enough to play his off guild for me. Due to very fortunate timing the game uses the new OPD. Let me know your thoughts on the game by commenting here or on the video. Hit the like button it helps others find the series and share this with your buddies. Thanks for watching!
  20. Grenoir's Guilds

    After recently finishing off painting all the zombies from my Zombicide Black Plague box, I have (pleasantly) got my painting mojo back after a long hiatus following moving house - really missed having my paint station set up at a south facing window! Remembering that I hadn't done much to my Guild Ball teams since the Kickstarter (!) I decided to finish my Fishermen and Alchemists. I've actually decided to change from Alchemists to Butchers so those will be going on eBay, but Jac has just arrived and Corsair and Sakana will be ordered at the weekend. Looking forward to adding to the Fish!
  21. With Veteran Hearne's "lunar eclipse" play http://steamforged.com/s/Lunar-Eclipse-of-the-Heart.jpg If Hearne wraps to a push or gets a dodge from winter's night for example http://steamforged.com/s/GB-S3-Hunters-Skatha-LEG.jpg Would you be able to place from lunar eclipse before the reposition? As of right now I'm reading the placement in step 4 of the attack sequence and thinking it's not possible.
  22. Slow Grow League

    So we are doing a Slow Grow league in my meta to try and get people into painting and more into the game as well. I'm thinking of doing Hunters as everyone here hates them and refuses to accept them as viable. We are going with the starter boxes and working out from there. With the Hunters starter being 6 models, I'm only going to use them. Now to he reason for the post: What are the starting 3? I know Theron for sure, but what other two models go along side him? I want to think its Egret and Jaecar, but I'm not sure. Thought?
  23. Hey guys I'm back with a brand new blog entry. Check it out! In this blog I talk about my Guild Ball adventures this past month including Adepticon, my experiences with Crucible, and the new Hunters models released this month. I cover where I think they fall within the team from a competitive perspective. A Quick note here guys. Hitting the like button really helps me show up in Youtube's search engine and subscribing will let you guys know the moment my new content is up. Thanks for watching!
  24. So close to the new hunters

    So with the new box so close. What are peopled predictions on what they do? What do you think jamie P ment by the elsa comment? Either way I'm hyped!
  25. Hunters Season 3 breakdown

    To hunt successfully, you must know your ground, your pack, and your quarry. ~ K.J. Parker Since they were first announced and then released, the Hunters Guild has been greeted with much excitement as well as what I would classify as consternation from certain players. Many theorize that much of the design of the team is really still unseen at the moment with fewer players than the other more established Guilds. Others simply think that they are under-powered and maybe not well developed for where competitive players feels they should be. Let’s just admit that no matter what happens, Hunters are never going to hit as hard as Butchers, knockdown like Brewers, tackle/move/score as good as Fish, or control the board like Morticians. The Hunters are something more unique trying to carve out their own niche in the game, which hopefully will come to fruition with Season 3. For now though, I’ll focus on: summarizing the changes the existing players did receive in Season 3, how some of the global rules changes impact them specifically, and until more releases come, some ideas on rosters/teams based on the new organized play Regional Cup format. http://midwestwargaming.com/hunters-season-3/ -Article written by JSKrush