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Found 159 results

  1. Looking for a few LE Models, and a few cards Models: -LE Blackheart -LE Rage Cards: -Chibi Hammer/Wrecker -Chibi Union -Chibi Farmers (If these exist) I'm in the US, and would like to only buy from someone in the US. Thanks for poking your head in here, y'all. Cheers, -Capt
  2. Howdy! Forgot to post my last blog post up on here, so here you are, how about 3? First up, I discuss Engineers with Greg Day: http://www.halloflegends.co.uk/2017/10/legendary-plays-with-greg-day-on.html?m=1 Then I talk Blackheart- I mean, Union with Jason Mountain from the Singled Out Podcast: http://www.halloflegends.co.uk/2017/11/legendary-plays-with-jason-mountain-on.html?m=1 and then this week I spoke to Mike Dam from Crit Damage Miniature Games about his Hunters: http://www.halloflegends.co.uk/2017/11/legendary-plays-with-mike-dam-on.html as always, let me know why you think! lots to go at there! Regards, Mr Hall
  3. Engineers go Hunting.

    In a desperate bid to win the favor of Harold the Hat, the Engineers Guild approached the Herald's of Winters Moon and sheepishly begged the would-be opponents to join them on the pitch. Old Man Ballista showed up with his trusty wooden bug, and the four people who responded to his group-text: Salvo the frail, Locus the woodwork abomination, Ratchet the similarly frail, and Velocity the woodperson of questionable usefulness. Skatha and her exceptional forehead accepted the Engineer challenge, and she called forth her finest players to the trampled, well-worn pitch: Snow, the Canid Hero; Ulfr, the Ninjazerker; Seenah, the Ursine Champion of Justice; Egret, the kneeshakingly renowned Woodswoman; and Chaska, the master trapper and shotgun maestro. Ballista elected to receive the kickoff. Ballista manages to get the ball toward center-pitch, and at the beginning of turn 2, scores an easy goal with "Breach!", knocking down Chaska and Snow. Ulfr rubber-bands a goal, and Velocity scores quickly in response. Skatha takes the goal kick, and drives for the goalpost, scoring comfortably. In the last activation of the third turn, the ball is free and Mainspring is left to activate. Mainspring jogs up, scooping the ball into its bug-a-pult. A successful pass from Mainspring, and a few grinding gears, and Velocity swipes her foot, adding to the momentum of the recently bug-launched ball. Velocity, the performer of the day, scores a clean snapshot, netting Ballista an undeserved, close win. Harry the Hat moves closer yet to the mechanical grasp of the Engineers.
  4. The lineups are Engineers: Ballista, Mainspring, Salvo, Hoist, Ratchet and Locus Hunters: Skatha, Snow, Hearne, Chaska, Egret and Seenah Skatha won the roll of and decided to receive. (note - sorry for the picture quality, I couldn't figure out how to submit them without making the pictures ant sized) Locus starts the action off by kicking off far and to the right side of the pitch. This leads to Skatha rushing up to get the ball and passing it back to Seenah without much in the way of an offensive set up. As the hunters players pass the ball along the line Ballista manages to pin Chaska with a well placed deadbolt. This is quickly followed by several of Ratchet's grenades being tossed onto him. Seenah positions aggressively in an attempt to shield her captain from any unforeseen assaults but is punished when an overclocked Locus reaches her and knocks her to the ground and bats her away from her team. Hearne moves in to try and assist but with no way for him to get Seenah off the ground he launches his skewer. His plan backfires as he misses Locus and now is in a terrible spot himself. Salvo shows up only to torment the poor bear further. The engineers make the first move in the next few moments as a result of the crucial momentum the team had built up and not wanting to give the hunters a breather Ballista charges Chaska. Still pinned to the ground and with no way to fight back Chaska is taken out of action and is carried off the field. Seenah stands up and uses what energy she can muster to roar at Locus and swing on Salvo. Locus then returns to the fray and takes he out of the fight. Egret runs the ball up the far left side of the pitch attempting to get in range of the goal and launches arrows at mainspring only to miss time and time again. Hearne goes in on ratchet and with Skatha's help they get Ratchet and Salvo dangerously low. Salvo and Ratchet use their actions to heal up and get in as best positions as possible to take on Hearne in the upcoming moments. In all the commotion Mainspring easily makes it all the way to Egret and prepares to steal the ball. Hoist and Snow try to assist their respective teams but are mostly lending support to the other players. Mainspring takes the next action and after a brief struggle manages to wrestle the ball away from Egret and pass it to Ballista. Skatha activates but is knocked down by Locus while trying to get to Ballista. Standing back up she decides to freeze the engineers around her and begins to beat on Locus to generate momentum. Ballista takes this opportunity to score a goal with an insanely powerful kick after beating Snow with his crossbow and then dodges towards Egret. Backed into a corner Egret had no choice but to go fetch the ball and hope for the best as she made her way back towards the engineers goal. Despite Hearne's best efforts he can't seem to land the finishing blow on either Ratchet or Salvo despite them being both frozen and snared. A once again overclocked and rampaging Locus knocks Skatha to the ground once more and knocks her unconscious. At this point with the odds looking grim for the hunters their coach decides to call the game. Had the coach not been ill or luck been more on their side perhaps events would have transpired differently. This time however engineers can count this game as one step closer to claiming a new companion.
  5. The Brewers guild brought a brawl! No goals only Take Outs!
  6. You have my bow

    The fight for Hemlocke is over, pretty happy with the result - will be posting my remaining games here!
  7. My friend's newly painted Hunters squared off against the first Blacksmith release box: The scrum in the middle of the pitch gets heavy as Ferrite scores a goal, getting the Blacksmiths back into the game after Ulfr makes an expert goal run: The blacksmiths pull ahead with a second goal from Ferrite: It proves to be too little, as Cinder, Sledge, Iron get taken out, and then Ulfr finishes off Sledge for the win: Even Blacksmiths, in a loss, can see that Hemlocke belongs with the Hunters.
  8. Hunters taken out 7 times

    Great game with friend, my Butchers against his Husters Victory for Butchers 13-10 with 7 taken outs. Butchers line up : Fillet, vBrisket, Boiler, Boar, Princess and Gutter Hunters line up : Skatha, Snow, Hearne, Jaecar, Chaska, Minx
  9. Thursday's match saw the Hunters Vs. the Fishermen. The line-up: Turn one - Hunters to receive. Start of turn: Brick takes the kick-off and the Hunter's pass'n'go the ball along the line to Snow & Egret who pass it between themselves, trying to use the Barrier to shield them from the Masons defence but Flint and Harmony move into take back the ball in turn two. End of turn: Player health, VP & MP: Turn two - Fishermen have initiative Start of turn: Snow kicks the ball free and Ooh, Balls to it* and sprints through the gap and passes to waiting Egret who Snap Shots it into the Fishermen's goal. Harmony then retrieves the goal kick and passes to Harmony, who sprints up the pitch to score, but leaves herself open to Jaecar who casually jogs up, knifes her once and dodges to the free ball and passes it back to Snow before using Back to the Shadows to shield Snow from Flint's charge. *We realised afterwards that Ooh, ball's movement is listed as a Jog so would've provoked Parting Blows from Harmony and Flint. End of turn: Player health, VP & MP: Turn three - Hunters have initiative Start of turn: Theron takes-out Mallet and places a forest between Marbles and the Mason's goal allowing Snow to sprint forward, drop the ball then Ooh, ball's into to kick range and scores. Jaecar then goes back and finishes off Harmony to win the match. End of turn: Player health, VP & MP:
  10. Midas gets Skewered

    Played two games yesterday. In the first, my Hunters faced the Alchemists. My opponent played GIC - Chemical Resistance Midas Naja Calculus Mercury Vitriol Harry the Hat I played GIC - Bait the Trap Theron Fahad Hearne Jaecar Zarola Minx I lost the dice roll and kicked off with Theron. Calculus put Blind on Theron. We were a bit surprised that it doesn't interfere with his ability to needle people with arrows. I jumped up Hearne to put some damage into Midas and knocked him down before he could get a goal. The ball scattered to Mercury who had already activated. Jaecar to put pressure on Calculus. In the second turn, Theron could deny Midas the goal again due to a combination of Snipe and Pinned. My opponent took out Hearne, I took out Midas, Mercury, Calculus twice, Harry. I went for a Linked activation to throw Fahad towards the goal but its charge on Calculus failed to generate Momentum. Theron could take out Vitriol, though. Final Result Hunters 12 - 2 Alchemists
  11. A slaughter in the forest

    Today I played a game with Butchers against the Hunters. I was playing: Fillet Pig Boiler Hook vBrisky and vOx He was playing: Theron Doggo vHearne Chaska Jaecar and Minx The game starts off with me losing the dice roll and kicking off with Fillet. I went for a short kick to get the hunters to come closer to me in case they managed to hit fillet with a couple of plays. The turn goes fairly normally, starting off with Chaska retrieving the ball and missing a boombox on Fillet followed by boiler swift stancing her. We both spend a few activations shuffling up the board when finally Theron goes and fails to hit fillet with any arrows. Last activation comes and Fillet murders theron catching both hearne and jaecar in the blood rain and activates man marking. Turn 2: Here's where the game begins to get a little rough. I lose a +3 roll for initiative. Theron walks onto the board from near the goal and proceeds to beat fillet to death in a single activation from full health. I did not expect him to down her in one go and lost a full stack of influence for the turn putting me on the back foot. I send Ox in to knock down Jaecar and Hearne and try to regain some pressure despite being massively down on influence this turn. The pig and meathook keep minx busy and unable to charge while the hunters gang up on Ox leaving him pretty low on hp at the end of the turn. Boiler is able to pump a handful of damage into Chaska and earns enough momentum to get me the initiative for turn 3 with an even dice roll. Turn 3 begins with Fillet charging in from the side taking out both Jaecar and Chaska a long with 2 influence on each of them. Earning me back a sizable portion of the tempo lost the previous turn. She heals Ox Boiler and Herself to prevent Theron and Hearne from as easily causing a huge problem. Theron kills Ox, while hearne meanders over towards meathook and minx. Boiler and brisky position around hearne to set up a few crowd outs for an easy take out in turn 4. Also positioning themselves close to the dog who has the ball on top of the obstruction near his goal. Going into turn 4 I lose initiative again and watch Theron perform another miracle deleting Fillet from 12 hp. His dice have been spiking all game so I had only given her 3 influence this turn in case of this exact problem. Following Fillet going down, boiler erases Hearne. At this point the hunters are on the back foot with butchers at 8 vp with several people located near enough to the ball. Minx attempts to tie up brisket, while Meathook walks up to the dog takes the ball and sinks a goal to end the game. 12 - 4 for the butchers.
  12. Wednesday's match saw the Hunters take on the Fishermen. The Line-up: Turn One - Fishermen to receive. Start of turn: Salt retrieves the ball and the Fishermen pass it along their line to Shark who sprints up the wing and kicks the ball into the now vacant Hunter's half. End of turn: Team status, MP & VP: Turn Two - Hunters have initiative. Start of turn: Shark evades Theron's Pin, dodges around Fahad, collects the ball and scores. Jaecar sets-up Kraken for a fall only to have Gutter step in the way and hold the Hunters at bay...so instead she is Singled Out as the priority target and Bear hugged into waiting arms of the apothecary guild. End of turn: Team status, MP & VP: Turn Three - Hunters have initiative. Start of turn: Jaecar pounces upon Salt and leaves him to bleed out while he slinks Back To The Shadows with the ball. Kraken makes a valiant last stand against Avarisse, Greede & Seenah but ends up giving the Hunters the lead. End of turn: Team status, MP & VP: Turn Four - Hunters have initiative. Start of turn: Denied a shot on goal, Jaecar vents his frustration on Jac only to have Seenah steal that victory away from him. Intent not to be the Hunter's next victim Shark catches them in a net and runs away leaving behind Angel to be the final step towards the Nature Boys' victory. End of play: Team status, MP & VP:
  13. Dead Blackheart, dead Coin, dead Snakeskin, Minx, Grace, Benediction Vs Skatha, Fahad, Jaecar, Seenah, Egret, Chaska Chaska kicks off pumpkin ball : Fahad is first casualty, then Minx takes out Chaska (with friends): Dead Snakeskin taps in pumpkin 🎃 : Jaecar and the bear kill Dead Blackheart: Grace tackles Jaecar and passes to Dead Snakeskin, for snapshot screamer! : Bear kills Minx: Dead Snakeskin finishes off Fahad!: 12-4 to the Union Really fun game, my original opponent couldn't make it with his butchers, so another friend stepped in borrowing my hunters and we were both using new teams. So somehow a team of dead Union players beating Hunters, brings Hemlocke one game closer to Hunters - Don't ask for logic, it's Halloween! 🎃
  14. Played against a friend that just received in his new set of Hunters Guild from ebay. To avoid the mirror match I used the Kick-Off! masons lineup. The details are fuzzy, but between poison chip damage from Egret and two goals from Skatha I got reamed. 10/10 was fun
  15. After an away victory a few weeks ago, could the Hunters capitalise on their home field advantage to do the double over the old pirate? In short, no. After disproportionately bad luck in the opening rounds (Theron failed to pin Kraken on two separate occasions, for instance) the Fish pulled out an advantage that the Hunters were never able to overcome. Despite Hearne threatening a goal early doors and Jaecar stealing the ball from an imminently dangerously placed Siren to threaten the opposition goal in turn. The Fish won out, in no small part to pinning down Fahad and raining repeated blows down on his head on multiple occasions. Still, Seenah got to do unpleasant things to Sakana for the second game running, so she went home happy at least. The whistle went at Fishermen 10 - 5 Hunters.
  16. Monday evening was Hunters Vs. Fishermen The line-up: Turn one - Fishermen to receive. Start of turn: End of turn: Player health, MP & VP at end of turn: Turn two - Fishermen have initiative Start of turn: End of turn: Player health, MP & VP at end of turn: Turn three - Fishermen have initiative Start of turn: Angel scores twice with assists from Siren End of turn: Player health, MP & VP at end of turn: Turn four - Hunters have initiative Start of turn: Salt and Seenah fight for the ball but Salt passes it to Jac who takes a Boom Box to the face, fends off Seenah with his Heroic play and scores! End of turn: Player health, MP & VP at end of turn: Fishermen 12-0 Hunters
  17. I participated in a tournament called 'Promise of Fortune', which was hosted in Cracow last weekend. The first round was played against Hunters. Hunters: Skatha, Hearne, Jaecar, Minx, Snow, Seenah Engineers: Pin Vice, Compound, Hoist, Velocity, Ratchett, Mother The game started quite well for me. I had to kick, but Pin Vice managed to send the ball to my far left and Hearne was unable to pick it up. That way I quickly regained the ball and kept it on Velocity. Ratchet and Hoist tossed some grenades on Skatha and the turn ended with Velocity scoring. The following goal kick sent the ball to Hearne. Turn 2 started with Velocity trying to get the ball from Hearne, but she got knocked down by the counter attack. Seenah charged Pin Vice and almost killed her. I could have stopped that, but forgot to counter charge with Compound. Hoist tried to get the ball, which scattered to Skatha, but failed to roll any 5s on 10 dice. Well, tough luck. Hearne decided to kill Pin Vice. In the meantime, Jeacar and Minx killed Mother. Skatha passed the ball to Seenah. In turn 3, Pin Vice came back, tackled Seenah, used her legandary and tried to pass to Velocity for a snapshot, but failed. Skatha got the ball and passed to Seenah again. Hoist angaged Seenah, tackled, replicated Acrobatics to move away, passed the ball to Pin Vice, who passed it again - to Velocity. The mannequin went for a snapshot and scored. My opponent kicked the ball to Minx, but didn't move her away. Velocity activated, tackled Minx and went for another goal. After the game, I took the second place amongst 10 players participating in the tournament. The next game was against Morticians.
  18. Sunday's match saw the Hunters Vs. the Fishermen The line-up: Turn one - Fishermen to receive. Start of turn: Theron takes the kick-off. Salt retrieves the ball and Sprints towards Shark only to miss the pass forcing him to go and retrieve the free-ball but Theron Pins Shark before he can move leaving Angel to collect the ball and pass it back to Salt. End of turn: team status, MP & VP at the end of turn: Turn two - Hunters have initiative. Start of turn: Bad positioning in turn 1 leaves Shark on the receiving end of a charge from Seenah and Fahad while Minx tries to get round Kraken at Salt leaves the big bloody but the wild woman sprawled out of the floor. End of turn: team status, MP & VP at the end of turn: Turn three - Hunters have initiative. Start of turn: Shark succumbs to Seenah's smothering Bear Hug and is Taken-Out. While Salt is given the ball and begins to make a B-line for the goal only to be Pinned by Theron before he can activates and seal the deal. End of turn: team status, MP & VP at the end of turn: Turn four - Hunters have initiative. Start of turn: Theron and Fahad decide to let Salt have his moment but the little guy fluffs it and the Shot misses! Elsewhere Minx and Seenah show Siren their appreciation through Screeching Banshee and Bear Hug while Theron and Chaska fill poor Angel full of holes. Jac manages to keep Jaecar from doing anything again this turn and Kraken weighs in for good measure. End of turn: team status, MP & VP at the end of turn: Turn five - Hunters have initiative. Start of turn: Seenah charges to Jaecar's aid and Takes-Out Kraken with a Bear Hug. Shark Quick Foot Charges Fahad but has to attack twice to retrieve the Ball leaving him unable to take the Shot. Theron ends the match by charging and taking out Salt. End of play: team status, MP & VP at the end of turn: The match would've been a lot closer had the Fishermen not rolled poorly when it really mattered. Hunters 12-0 Fishermen
  19. Quick phone edit of a great cosplay by @Jaymes Planning to do some artwork based on this picture to give to whoever posts the most games for hunters in union in chains, if there's any interest Full size: http://uploads.im/UySes.jpg
  20. Theron, Fahad, oHearne, Jaecar, Zarola, Minx. I'll be honest, this was a dull game. I killed the ball, my opponent was frustrated but too cautious to try and retrieve the ball. I took out corsair and he quit. Anyway, one game closer to Hemlocke Early first turn Me doing some very serious measuring in the bottom left foreground. Couple of other games in the background.
  21. Editor's note: We apologize the headline has been misspelled, it should read "facilitates Fishermen's loss..." Saturday's match saw the Hunters taking on the Fishermen. The line-up: Turn 1 - Fishermen to receive Start of turn: End of turn: Team status: Turn 2 - Fishermen have initiative Start of turn: End of turn: Team status: Turn 3 - Fishermen have intiative. Start of turn: End of turn: Team status: VP Score - Chaska point-blank Boom Box Take-Out on Siren Seenah Bear Hug Take-Out Greyscales. Turn 4 - Fishermen have initiative Start of turn: End of turn: Team status: VP scored - Minx Take-Out on Angel Seenah Bear Hug Take-Out on Shark Turn 5 - Hunters have initiative. Start of turn: End of play: Team status: VP scored - Minx Take-Out on Siren. Final score Hunters 12 - Fishermen 0
  22. Thursday evenings match was Hunters Vs. Masons The Line-up: Turn 1 - Hunters to receive Start of turn: End of Turn: Team status: Turn 2 - Masons have initiative Start of turn: End of turn: VP scored - Chaska double Boom Box onto Marbles. Mallet and Honour Take-Out Chaska. Team Status: Turn 3 - Hunters have initiative. Start of turn: End of turn: VP scored - Mallet, and Harmony Take-Out Seenah Team status: I clocked out at during turn 3 resulting in a 4-1 Masons victory.
  23. A Steller showing by both teams. Hunters came to the pitch with Skatha leading the team to with Seenah, Veteren Hearne, Chaska, Jaecar, and snow bringing in a rounded and versitle showing. Morticians arrived on the pitch with Scalpel heading up their ranks. Cosset, graves, Ghast, Silence, and dirge fleshed out their team. The first round started with morticians serving the ball over to the Hunters successfully. Hunters responded by moving chaska and seenah up the board. Several morticians quickly got caught in seenahs warpath and bogged down as Skatha was able to move up the board and support. After a brutal first round seenah ripped Scalpel off the board, creating a dominance in the center of the pitch. The left side of the pitch was taken up by some light skirimishing between Hearne, Jaecar, Cosset, and Graves. Fearing for Silence, The morticians tossed fire down onto a majority of the Hunter team and retreated behind graves and cosset. This however opened up a clear path for Skatha to blitz up the pitch and score an easy goal putting Hunters ahead 7-0. The Morticians pile into Hearne hard and manage to remove him from the pitch with two rounds of beating from cosset, with aid from graves. But this allows chaska and seenah to apply a vicious amount of damage and pushing hunter dominance to 10-3 with the loss of Hearne. Morticians couldnt stave off the bleeding as Seenah comes in as mvp, spinning around off his recent mauling of graves to pile in on cosset and push through for a brilliant 13-3 Hunter Victory.
  24. Teaching a new player the glory of the broken pitch down at Retford Wargaming Club, an over zealous Honour over extends, tries to get away but is chased down by the bear. The mighty monkey, not having any of that, decides to weigh in on the large beast, eventually leading to hilarious scrum of knocked over models on the left flank. When the dust finally settled, it was a 13 - 4 victory to the Hunters!
  25. This is a escalation league where I brought in my new farmers, lots of mistakes were made by me but I managed to win the game with 8 points. You'll see in one of the pics windle is standing on a harvest token I later found out that you can't stand on any markers I thought that was a mother only thing. We line up and I have windle kick the ball end of turn 1 and the farmers begin to form a brawl, the bear charges peck but only dealing a couple of damage and kd peck was barely able to dodge out (bear was at max reach). Turn 2 the bear hugged windle twice but wasn't able to put him down. Windle with the help of grange and harrow manages to hug the bear back taking it down and getting the extra point from snack break (the bear did 15 points of damage and windle did i think 15-16). Beginning of turn 3 which is what is being shown peck chases after the wolf windle is threatning jaecar, the bear comes back to the pitch, harrow and grange are threatening skatha. Last turn. Grange charges skatha but gets in range of jaecar, steals the ball from skatha and makes a goal, then he knocks her down. the ball goes down the middle but just close enough for harrow to get. the bear charges grange and with the help of jaecar manages to put the hurt on grange. Harrow sprints picks up the ball and gets in range of skatha to make a point of mom by planting a harvest token, then he makes a shot and scores for the game. One of my pictures got deleted or lost some how. And while I did win I was only able to do one of the hidden agenda cards as the ones I had were like pass the ball between each other or have more than 6 mom and I could never get the ball until the last turn.