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Found 65 results

  1. Never really done anything like this before, but I figured I could give it a shot. New Moon, the story of a Rookie under Theron's Hunter's in her first game as captain. I definitely appreciate any critiques or criticisms. Devana looked on as the Butchers descended upon her team. It was like lions descending on prey. For reasons unknown to her, Captain Theron had put her in charge of the Hunter's rookies for this skirmish game, and this was very different from the Fishermen's rookie team they played several weeks prior. She charged in, intent on stealing the ball from the opposing captain, Ribs, so called for his tendency to break them. She watched as her brother, Chase, whacked another Butcher in the kneecaps with his club, before spinning past him and making a break for Ribs as well. She shouldn't have been watching. She completely missed the fist coming from the other side, and it caught her square in the gut. Pain exploded in her eyes, and for a moment all she could sense was the interesting combination of blood in her mouth, pain in her chest, and grass in her nose. Cursing herself for the lapse in attention, she groaned, and thankfully whoever had sucker punched her moved on to someone else, but she wasn't down. She's only been on the ground a few seconds, but Ribs had even moved closer. She waited for just the right moment, then sprang at the boy, catching him by surprise. With some footwork that left him dizzy, she managed to steal the ball away, and make a break in a random direction. She looked for anyone who might be open, knowing she didn't have long before Ribs would be on top of her again. Chase was locked in a slugfest with another boy on the Butcher's team, and the rest of her team were too far on her side of the field to be of any help. So she ran. She didn't get far before she felt a presence coming up fast behind her. In an almost instinctual move, she stopped, pivoted on one foot, and jumped backwards, lifting the ball up with her leg. It slammed into Rib's face, and she used the slight spring of the ball to vault off of him. She made a graceful summersault in the air, twisting to land facing the Butcher's goalpost. Not pausing to see Ribs land, she heard the thud after several steps. Clear now, she felt amazing, and within seconds was close enough to score. With a solid kick, she slammed the ball into the Butcher's goalpost, and she took a moment to watch with pride as the score cards flipped over to show 4-0. She jogged back to the field, surveying her team's status. Two of her Hunters had been carried off, to one Butcher that looked like she had a broken leg. Chase was still dodging and weaving around the other boy, and Ribs was just beginning to stand up from her kick, a bruise already forming on his forehead. Out of the corner of her eye, she watched as the Butcher's representative, Boiler, she thought, drop kick the ball out, over her head, and back onto the field, in the center, between Ribs and Chase. Ribs immediately broke into a sprint towards it, and Chase, likewise, disengaged from his opponent and ran for the ball. The two met in a flurry of fists and clubs, both trying to knock the other out for control of the ball. She ran to help out her brother, but was cut off by his earlier adversary. He eyed her with a cold grin, flipping a flat stick of metal over in his hand. Flatiron, his name was. She knew she didn't have long, Chase couldn't handle Ribs, even injured as he was from her kick. She ran straight at the boy. It caught him off guard, and she used the slight flinch to jump forwards, planting her hands on his shoulders. She vaulted over him, high into the air. This high in the air, she could see another of her Hunters coming from further down the field, a very young girl named Jaci. Devana pulled a small sling from her pocket, and, in midair, twisted to launch a rock at the ball between the two boys. It struck, knocking the ball out and away from the two, and towards Jaci. Ribs jumped after it, earning a club to the back of the head from Chase. Jaci met the ball, and began running down the field. Devana landed hard, and her chest complained from its earlier hit. She watched Jaci run downfield, but the girl was no match for Flatiron's speed. Ignoring her own pains, Devana began running, not towards Jaci, Chase could handle that, but towards the goal herself. She felt the ancient powers she had always known well up inside of her, and bracing for impact, released just as Flatiron swung his bar towards Jaci's head. In an instant, she felt the bar strike her, and she fell into the grass for the second time this game. She watched, as downfield, Jaci stumbled a bit from the disorientation of Devanna's moon blessing, but the girl was clear for the goal. Just before her vision went black, Devana saw Jaci kick their second goal. Then she smiled as everything went black. Her crazy plan had worked. It would be up to the rest of her team to finish it now. Across the field, a white haired girl sat in the bleachers and watched as Devanna shifted, then fell. She idly spun a snowball in the seat next to her, before the barest of smiles crept across her pale face, and she left, leaving the snowball to melt, and the game to finish. She'd seen what she needed.
  2. Its outrageous that we have whooping 3 models with 2" melee range and that we can take 2 of them in a team! to put things in perspective: Alchemists have access only to a puny 6 models only with reach Brewers access to 5 2" melee models Butchers access to 6 such models Engineers 4 models Farmers access to 6 models (one of them is a captain with 3 inch melee when he activates) Fish only 10 models with 2" melees Masons as well as us have access to 3 such models, but unlike us they can field all 3 of them (and one has a 3" melee when he activates) Morticians access to 4 such models The Union access only to 5 such models I hope we'll see a third expansion where we hopefully get 3 more extended melee zone models. I know someone has to get the least amount of 2" melees but, why us?
  3. Match Report - Hunters vs. Butchers

    Hi guys, We're back with another match report as we throw our vengeance rosters into the mix to see how they fare! As always please feel free to have your rulebooks at the ready if we (inevitably) forget something and please do let us know if there are any teams or lineups that you'd like to see make an appearance over the rest of the summer!! #screwvethearne Enjoy!
  4. BurroBoskov's Teams

    I wanted to start a thread for my Guildball teams. Coming from Warhammer Fantasy, and through Warmachine, I've had experience painting large armies where I'll spend hours on handfuls of models that will only sit on the table for ~10 minutes or get lost amongst the moving pieces of the game. Arriving at Guild Ball, each model plays a critical role in the game, and has a chance to the be the star of the match. I've decided to try to up my painting level since I'll only be painting ~12 models per faction. I consider myself a firmly middling painter, but enjoy taking my time and exploring some new techniques for me with these models. So hopefully you can find some inspiration, or at the very least respect a fully painted team! I've really enjoyed painting my Alchemists, and I'll be adding my take on the Hunters as well when I get them ready to go.
  5. Greetings forum dwellers! Episode 7 of Run The Length is up! This time I play against Zachary Gray's Hunters. Zach is on the USA's WTC Team and was nice enough to play his off guild for me. Due to very fortunate timing the game uses the new OPD. Let me know your thoughts on the game by commenting here or on the video. Hit the like button it helps others find the series and share this with your buddies. Thanks for watching!
  6. Grenoir's Guilds

    After recently finishing off painting all the zombies from my Zombicide Black Plague box, I have (pleasantly) got my painting mojo back after a long hiatus following moving house - really missed having my paint station set up at a south facing window! Remembering that I hadn't done much to my Guild Ball teams since the Kickstarter (!) I decided to finish my Fishermen and Alchemists. I've actually decided to change from Alchemists to Butchers so those will be going on eBay, but Jac has just arrived and Corsair and Sakana will be ordered at the weekend. Looking forward to adding to the Fish!
  7. With Veteran Hearne's "lunar eclipse" play http://steamforged.com/s/Lunar-Eclipse-of-the-Heart.jpg If Hearne wraps to a push or gets a dodge from winter's night for example http://steamforged.com/s/GB-S3-Hunters-Skatha-LEG.jpg Would you be able to place from lunar eclipse before the reposition? As of right now I'm reading the placement in step 4 of the attack sequence and thinking it's not possible.
  8. Slow Grow League

    So we are doing a Slow Grow league in my meta to try and get people into painting and more into the game as well. I'm thinking of doing Hunters as everyone here hates them and refuses to accept them as viable. We are going with the starter boxes and working out from there. With the Hunters starter being 6 models, I'm only going to use them. Now to he reason for the post: What are the starting 3? I know Theron for sure, but what other two models go along side him? I want to think its Egret and Jaecar, but I'm not sure. Thought?
  9. Hey guys I'm back with a brand new blog entry. Check it out! In this blog I talk about my Guild Ball adventures this past month including Adepticon, my experiences with Crucible, and the new Hunters models released this month. I cover where I think they fall within the team from a competitive perspective. A Quick note here guys. Hitting the like button really helps me show up in Youtube's search engine and subscribing will let you guys know the moment my new content is up. Thanks for watching!
  10. So close to the new hunters

    So with the new box so close. What are peopled predictions on what they do? What do you think jamie P ment by the elsa comment? Either way I'm hyped!
  11. Hunters Season 3 breakdown

    To hunt successfully, you must know your ground, your pack, and your quarry. ~ K.J. Parker Since they were first announced and then released, the Hunters Guild has been greeted with much excitement as well as what I would classify as consternation from certain players. Many theorize that much of the design of the team is really still unseen at the moment with fewer players than the other more established Guilds. Others simply think that they are under-powered and maybe not well developed for where competitive players feels they should be. Let’s just admit that no matter what happens, Hunters are never going to hit as hard as Butchers, knockdown like Brewers, tackle/move/score as good as Fish, or control the board like Morticians. The Hunters are something more unique trying to carve out their own niche in the game, which hopefully will come to fruition with Season 3. For now though, I’ll focus on: summarizing the changes the existing players did receive in Season 3, how some of the global rules changes impact them specifically, and until more releases come, some ideas on rosters/teams based on the new organized play Regional Cup format. http://midwestwargaming.com/hunters-season-3/ -Article written by JSKrush
  12. Im selling off all my spare models as I have all teams. Alchemist - Smoke (metal) built, unpainted Morticians - Obulus (metal) unbuilt, unpainted... Morticians - Obulus (metal) built, unpainted (staff snapped at hand) Morticians - Dirge (metal) built, unpainted Morticians - Cosset (metal) unbuilt, unpainted Morticians - Cosset (metal) built, unpainted (very top of staff snapped) Morticians - Silence (metal) built, unpainted Morticians - 2 x Graves (metal) unbuilt, unpainted Morticians - Graves (resin) unbuilt, unpainted Morticians - Brainpan + Memory (metal) unbuilt, unpainted Butchers - Limited edition Ox (metal) unbuilt, unpainted Butchers - Ox (metal) unbuilt, unpainted Butchers - Vet Ox (metal) unbuilt, painted stripped Butchers - Boar (metal) built, unpainted Butchers - Brisket (metal) unbuilt, unpainted Butchers - Princess (metal) built, unpainted Fish - Hag (metal) unbuilt, unpainted Masons - Granite (metal) unbuilt, unpainted Brewers - Pintpot (metal) unbuilt, unpainted Union - Rage (metal) unbuilt, unpainted Hunters - Theron (metal) unbuilt, unpainted Hunters - Hearne (metal) unbuilt, unpainted Hunters - Zarola (metal) unbuilt, unpainted Hunters - Jaecar (metal) unbuilt, unpainted Hunters - Egret (metal) unbuilt, unpainted Hunters - Farhad (metal) unbuilt, paint stripped Please pm me if you are interested in any to discuss price, would prefer they went to a good home as they are sitting on my shelf next to my painted teams. Prefer to sell teams as a whole if possible. UK based and attend many events if you want to save on postage. Pics available if requested
  13. Have: Honour, Harmony, Brick, Mallet, Flint, and Marbles (w/ cards and kickoff token set) Want: Hunters Starter Set, Seenah, & Minx (All or combo) Looking to trade in preparation for the new hunter set to drop
  14. Bob's Guild Ball Blog

    Hello Guild Ballers! Another report is up on my blog! Read it here! It's a friendly game between my Brewers and Hunters. We used season 1 guild plots since nobody had the season 2 plots yet. Other than that, feel free to comment or ask questions. I hope you enjoy the read, and don't be afraid to look at the other stuff in my blog. It's all guild ball related! See you on the pitch some day!
  15. Navo (Original Hunter Concept)

    Hey, guys! I recently picked up this game with some friends and am absolutely loving it. I knew I wanted the Hunters right off the bat (because I fuckin love archers) and after a few games they weren't quite what I expected. Most of this was probably my unfamiliarity with the game, and miniature games in general. I definitely have improved with them since! Anyway, shortly after I played my first few games I began drafting up some model concepts to proxy up around the kitchen table with my friends, and I figured I'd post them here and get some feedback from people with more experience in playing the game, so as to point out things in the design which might not be as obvious to me. As of this moment I've yet to win a game with my hunters, although we haven't quite picked up terrain and plot cards, so I really can't speak for the huge implications of an individual model which is where I'm most looking to get feedback. Again, I'm only making these for fun, I don't expect anyone to pick them up and run with them, and haven't gotten around to playtesting yet. Still I think it'd be cool to share my work and thought process and probably help improve my understanding of the game too, and hopefully when I do get around to playtesting these they're in a very playable state and don't break the game in too many ways. Anyway, on to the first concept. _________________________________ Navo High Concept: An archer who is able to generate ranged playbook attacks that have an incredibly high damage potential against a single target. Must leverage getting into position and out to avoid retaliation. 30mm 1" Melee MOV 5" 8" TAC 5 KICK 2/6" DEF 3 ARM 0 INF 2/4 HP 10 Playbook: 1 Hits : M(Dodge) (1 DMG) 2 Hits : (2 DMG + Double Dodge) 3 Hits : M(3 DMG + Dodge) M(Maim + Dodge) Character Plays: Tracker 2 INF, RNG: 4" This model immediately declares an attack against the target enemy model without spending influence. Maim - Playbook Result Target enemy model suffers the snared and bleed condition. Character Traits: Steady Head This model cannot declare a charge Light Footed When this model makes an Advance it ignores the MOV penalty for rough-ground. Nature’s Blessing Once per turn during its activation, this model may choose a piece of forest terrain within [4”]. This model may be placed anywhere within the chosen forest terrain. Assist [Dene] (Dene is another concept, let me know if you'd like to see him) When making an Attack against an enemy model engaged by the named model, this model gains [+1] TAC and [+1] DMG to Playbook damage results. Pros: Character Plays interact with other hunter abilities such as BOTSF. 2 INF investment + Possibly failing TN Test justifies the strong TAC. Cons: Requires awkward character traits to de-incentivise close combat and avoid power issues with larger INF Pool + TAC. Probably requires an additional trait to limit his non-charge close combat capabilities. Might allow him to contribute too much to the team through INF Generation. There are actually 2 versions of this guy's design each with different pros/cons to their implications (they both share the potential problems which I've listed below.) _________________________________ Version 2: Change INF from 2/4 to 1/2 Change Tracker to: Tracker - Character Trait Once per turn, during this model's activation, the controlling player may choose an enemy model within [4"] of this model. This model may declare non-charge attacks from [4"] away. This does not affect this model's melee zone. Everything else is unchanged. Pros: 2 INF naturally de-incentivizes charging, especially coupled with low DEF + ARM. 2 INF also restricts him to a max of 2 Attacks per activation per turn. Cons: 1 INF investment for very strong TAC with little interaction or risk. _________________________________ POTENTIAL PROBLEMS May single handedly dominate combat because of TAC or playbook. May not be interactive enough for the enemy team and provide too few windows to deal with. May be used in close combat due to combat strength despite squishiness. May be too 1-Dimensional and predictable. OR May be too versatile and bring too much to the team. May pigeonhole the roster he is on into one strategy, either making their strategy too 1-Dimensional or too Flexible. (Dependant upon his versatility.) _________________________________ Let me know what you all think, and if there are any formatting issues that are making the concept hard to read. Any feedback is welcome. (so long as its polite I s'pose.)
  16. Given the following scenario: 1. Theron puts Sun Strike on Hearne. (Sun Strike: "Once during its activation, target friendly Guild model may generate [1] MP from a successful Character Play that targets an enemy model") 2. Hearne, on his activation, generates a single hit and uses the non-momentous guild ball result to activate the Singled Out character play. Has Hearne gained momentum from Sun Strike? Or does Sun Strike require the character play to cost INF? Along the same lines, if Hearne generates 5 net hits and uses the momentous double-guild ball result to activate Skewered, has he gained two momentum?
  17. Hunters Second Captain?

    What sort of Second Captain do you think the Hunters will get? It will have to be quite different to Theron but still feel like a Hunter. I think It will be more of a close range Captain, maybe someone to turn on more DAM output. I would like a Striker Captain would be nice, but feel very different to the normal Strikers/Captains.
  18. Byronthebear play's the Hunters

    I will be updating this thread when ever i get some games on video. 10/17/16 Byronthebear (Byron Sanchex) vs. RandomScrub (David Scotland) 12PM GMT Vassal Tournament https://www.twitch.tv/byronthebear
  19. Hi all, We've been super busy as of late editing our very first match report! We would love some feedback on the format/angles/layout as we have gone for something a little more sports-style with the scoreboard and cards. Its worth noting that we're going for causal play vs. competitive but are looking for feedback whether we should use scenery or plot cards next time around? Hope you enjoy!! Bonus points for spotting any rules fails (e.g. Rage forgetting his extra dice on the knocked down bear!!)
  20. Hi all, I posted this on the facebook group but figured I'd post it here too.. I've been a Tapper Brewers player that moved to Hammer Masons for more options in team selection but I'm currently looking at Hunters for a total change in gameplay style.. Two questions for the more veteran hunters with the rule changes coming in season 3: 1) Which changes would you like to see to your existing roster.. 2) What sort of rules would you like for the new players (assuming at least one captain, one mascot, one veteran and at least one or two standard players)
  21. Mascot changes

    Changes to the mascots (http://steamforged.com/kick-off-news/2016/10/17/season-3-rules-update-mascots-part-1). The key is that they now only generate 1 VP but also get an icy sponge token. I see this as a decent change as our mascot always wants to be mixing it up in melee, but also a bit of a downgrade as I always liked our threat of just dropping an enemy mascot from range or a sneaky push by Jaecar. Now focusing mascots doesn't have nearly the return on investment as it did before.
  22. iPad photo resizing??

    So does anyone have tips to resize photos to post them here? I'm running an iPad, and I can't seem to make my pics small enough to be able to add them directly to a post. I can link to imagur, but I know I personally would rather see the pics in the forum post. Any help is GREATLY appreciated.
  23. New Hunter's Project

    So I have a con coming up and I've decided to do my first diorama ever. Did a lot of research before I started. I'm hoping that by posting it here I can get some C&C as well. Hope you enjoy. Here we go! i started with bases for each member.
  24. More garden variety hunters

    Finished up my hunters players, as my first painted guild. The models definitely ooze character. So many people that really know how to paint keep posting things on here and makes me a little embarrassed. I fear I am about as good as I'll ever get with the brush. Zorola is so black she looks like a ring wraith in every one of these camera pictures I've taken... http:// http:// http://
  25. Lognshanks was paid well

    So i was helping a friend prepare for a tournament across the ditch in Oz this weekend by playing a couple of games vs him. I usually play my trusty Fillet lineup and give him a good run for his money. Following details may be a little sketchy (it was late and i am sick). Last night I decided I would field my highly underpracticed Hunters (this was like my 5th or 6th game with them) who I suck with. Line up was Theron, Fahad, Egret, Jaecar, Zarola and Chaska (on debut). He had Honour, Marbles, Brick, Chisel, Mist and Decimate. Masons kicked off, Egret collects and fluffs a pass to Zarola (great start) but it finishes close enough for Zarola to collect on her activation and pass to Egret for MOM. His turn is based around the Chissile so I look to counter that by having Chaska drop a trap in front of the bulk of my team and Tough Skin Theron, Theron Sun strikes, Pins Honour and Arrow to the knees her. Kitty and Jaecar hide like wusses behind chaska and Theron. He has moved Brick and Honour into the center (keeping out of Jaecars range) Decimate on my Right, Mist on my left Marbles slightly to my left flank, and unleashes the Chissile which manages to tackle egret do her a couple of damage second activation he goes into Zarola and realises he misjudged distance for scoring so tries to take her out. She Fails. Masons go first up turn two, Chisel whacks Zarola for a couple of MOM and leaves her on 3 health shoots scores and dodges away 4". Kick off ends up in free space to my right hand side within range of Decimate and Jaecar. Jaecar takes Chisel out, Decimate does shenanigans collects ball and has a couple of swipes at the mascot dodges out bonus times a shot on four dice annnnnd Misses spectaculalry. Ball scatters terribly off the table then across the front of Brick to my right flank. Luckily Honour had already decided to go after Egret earlier in the turn and was standing next to the Monkey. Egret sensing a way out of danger Fires a flurry that hits Honour (who is still snared) and gets Marbles, dodges snap fires Honour and dodges, sprints away and back to the shadows 4" back to safety. Mist goes combat styles on Zarola with 4 inf and her on three it is a sure thing but aha again the Union fail to deliver for the masons with Zarola ending up on one.Theron walks over to decimate and starts punishing her, gives chaska bleesing. Cat charges Decimate gets her dwn to 5 Chaska Boom Boxes her down to 1. Zarola midnight offerings Jaecar who heads back to the middle of the pitch Egret comes slightly central. Honour and Marbles now in no mans land and poisoned advance but have no momentum to clear conditions. Hunters have initiative. Cat Kills Decimate and charges Brick for free doing him 3 damage. Mist collects the ball whacks someone for MOM, shoots and scores score is 8-4, kick off ends up just to the right of Brick in mid field Now at this point in the game I was sure i was not going to win, my models seemed to be terribly placed and he was looking ok, it had become about damage control in my mind. Jaecar charges Brick collecting the ball on the way slicing and dicing for 8 MOM damage gets a double dodge to end on and dodges out 4" ending on some rough ground with the ball, I can't remember how it all happened but Honour was taken out by Theron, Chaska failed a boom box (bonus timed) at Mist which would have pushed him into a bear trap Zarola just healed Egret Flurried Honour prior to Theron going in (she also damaged Theron) Brick failed to do anything to the cat end of turn score was 8-6 with Hunters having about 7 MOM and Masons none. Well 6 is honourable effort i guess. The rest of the game is a blur Mist collected the ball somehow and took another bonus timed shot for the game. Rolling 2x2's a 3 and a 1. Can't beleive it another miss. Same turn Decimate has a bonus timed shot and guess what. That 20 i slipped longshanks before the game paid off She missed. He managed to take out the cat but Chisel ended up back in the sheds again and Hunters had a 7-0 momentum lead with honour to activate Honour got in close enough to have a swipe at Theron and duffed both hits netting a whopping zero momentum which worked for me as marble was the last to activate and was on 2 health and poisoned. It was 10-8 to masons going into the maintenance phase Marbles died in the maintenance phase 10-10. Hunters had initiative and Honour was B2B with Theron, theron loaded up and finished her off with one inf to spare 12-10 to Hunters. WTF! how this happened was absolutely beyond me. I mean I have seen someone miss a bonus timed snap shot for the game before. even missed two shots in a game myself. But three bonus timed 4 dicers!! unheard of. The only conclusion we could draw was that the Union were definately backing Hunters to win this particular game. Anyway was one of the most enjoyable games i have had in a long time watching a guy actually cringing at throwing 4 dice to hit a goal front and centre certain that he was going to miss again.