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Found 4 results

  1. The new book is out and with it came only a few surprises at this point. The Farmers, and the new Union pair. For the most part, the other releases have been out, and tested, and opinions are already out there. I’m a long ways from being qualified to tell you how good they are, and aren’t. I can give you some impressions if you haven’t seen them, but consider this more of a news outlet than the actual no-kidding way to play the game...http://midwestwargaming.com/guildball-season-3s-new-guys/ -Authored by JDHaigler
  2. Hello, Two questions about Hag's legendary. 1) Suppose Hag chooses to order the effects of her legendary play such that the push and dodges happen first, causing the models to be positioned over 4" away from her, and then resolve the "This model suffers [1] DMG for each other model within this pulse". Does she take reduced damage as there are fewer models "within the pulse", or does the pulse check the model count when it is first used. 2) Suppose Hag chooses to order the effects of her legendary play such that the damage happens first, killing her. Do the models that were in the pulse get pushed/dodged despite Hag being off the pitch? Call of the Sea [ 4” Pulse ] This model suffers [1] DMG for each other model within this pulse. Enemy models within this pulse suffer a [2”] Push. Other friendly models within this pulse may make a [2”] Dodge. Thank you.
  3. Here is a new video about where run the length is headed and a review of the new minis that came out this month. Enjoy!
  4. New Release Scout Reports

    Hi all, We've put together some new scout reports to help you get to grips with the shiny new releases! Hope they help!! Veteran Ox: https://youtu.be/SRdxTuIka3w Brainpan & Memory: https://youtu.be/zLqCvXdqWcg Hag: https://youtu.be/ho9uk_6URl8