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Found 4 results

  1. Here is the German quote from Ludo Packt directly. I'm a little bit worried about that "probably" because if it's still not going into delivery next week I will be pissed off as hell... But I'm optimistic... Also, every German version is now in delivery.
  2. Hey Guys, Playing since New Year, got my Morticians painted and starting with Union. Reading since then in the Forum, which is very nice and informative We got here an nice bunch together and having fun with this great game. We will start a local league maybe someone living near Saarbrücken? Greetings
  3. Hello folks, i'm a little bit confused, since there are two topics with "stop here to introduce yourself". In one of them is "and ask questions" added. So I also stop here I'm from germany and live in the so called "Ruhrgebiet". At the moment I have just played one game and watched two others. But they were so great, that we've started a small league out of nothing. We are 4 Players, so there are three games, half-time and then another three games. A game is set every two month, so in one year the league is over. the rules for the guilds are: choose 8 Player, they are your rooster, from where you can choose your Team. Only one Captain and Mascot is aloud, so no Captain-switching. After the forst half, the transfer market opens and player can be switched. Th guild which will be played are Engineers, Masons, Butchers and Brewers (myself). And a little bit to my person: At the moment I play some games: - Kings of War (Goblins, Ogre, Brotherhood) - Warhammer 40k (Chaos, Tau) - Freebooter's Fate (Pirates, Goblin Pirates, Brotherhood, Mercenary) Besides that I'm a great boargame fan and get the one or another from Kickstarter.
  4. German Distribution -> Warehouse Games

    Hello together, just to introduce me and Warehouse Games to the community. My name in Carsten, I'm a long time tabletop veteran and the managing director of Warehouse Games. We are more than happy to announce the official distribution of Guild Ball for Germany. : ) If you got any questions just feel free to ask, if you are interested in promoting Guild Ball in Germany please also feel free to get into contact with us: support@warehousegames.de