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Found 2 results

  1. So I invited 4 friends round for the first campaign session thinking 1 would be busy. Unfortunately they all said yes! So I'm designing a Temporary Sorcerer so we can all play, at least until the stretch goals come out in Wave 2. Stats: Base Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Strength 11 17 26 35 Dexterity 11 18 27 36 Intelligence 14 21 30 40 Faith 11 19 28 37 Weapon: Soul Dart Range 2 [0] 1 Black (Magic) [3] 2 Black (Magic) Armor: Sorcerer Robes Defense: 1 Black Resist: 1 Black Dodge: 1 Off-Hand: Magic Shield Defense: 0 Resist: 1 Black Dodge: 0 Heroic Ability: Magical Infusion Once per spark you can infuse another characters next attack with your highest stamina attack, also causing that attack to do magic damage. Also stays between encounters if unused. (E.G. With Soul Dart it would at 2 Black dice to another characters attack and make it magical) Taunt: 3 Obviously there will be a lack of Sorcerer specific equipment, however I think there's plenty of Intelligence gear to use! Especially since the Assassin has a high potential Intelligence. Let me know what you guys think, I won't be testing it until next weekend, however if you give it a shot, let me know!
  2. Hi there, so, by now I've done several solo runs (and with that I mean 1 character only), both normal and campaign mode and I can't help it, but with a lot of encounters I feel like there is just not much to strategize. As said, I've done several normal runs, completed Campaign 1 (Knight) and started Campaign 2 (Assassin) in the rulebook and in several encounters, there is just not much strategy to work against the need of proper gear. At the latest against the Large Hollow Soldier or the Sentinel, if you don't have any range 1+ (for Large Hollow Soldier) or range 2+ (for Sentinel) weapon, you are just forced to block/dodge at least each time you want to do any damage since you end or begin your turn in range of them, which means you need some decent defensive gear otherwise they will take you down with only 2 of their turns (or 3-4 if you got lucky rolls or have your character tokens available). Or you have some crazy meele weapon which will bring them down in 1-2 turns before they take you down. The single helpful strategy against those is to try to navigate them so only one is in range at the same time (if there are more) or none while you regenerate some stamina, but after all, this still doesn't matter much if a single one of them can take you down with 2 attacks in worst case. If bowmen like Greatsbowman are involved, there is basically nothing you can do apart from going in and try you have a good roll with your basic gear. Problem the other way around is, as soon as you got such a range 1-2+ weapon and got the enemies in position, since you are the only character, you can start to kite them around the tile without any danger, until they died to your attack rolls. As soon as bowmen were taken out, this worked for me 100% of the time. Both the need of good equipment (and if you even got a ranged weapon, you mostly can just kite them to death) and the feel that I don't have to think a lot about what I am doing after all, I don't know, just is a downer. Remember I'm talking about Solo mainly! Since the equipment get's more important with less players I feel, as others have stated in other threads, you better get lucky with the treasure you draw. And the other thing then: In campaign mode, since you only have to clear 1 encounter to get enough souls to buy an additional spark, you basically can never run out of lives assuming you are able to handle one of the adjacent encounters to the bonfire consistently. Which means you could grind until you got all treasure from the deck. And the moment I got such ranged weapons and got the bowmen down, I ended up short-cutting several encounters and just assumed I got them down, because it was not a question of if and how close (if I would need any character tokens), rather just how long until I've had good enough attack rolls while keeping distance and kiting them around the tile. So, I'm not sure if I really will finish this Campaign 2 with the Assassin solo. I ended up resetting the encounters over and over and died in the process once too so far, but with the equipment here and the all or nothing for dodging, you get killed really quick and if you keep rolling blanks and ones with the starting equipment and don't even get through the armor, there is not much you can do apart from keeping distance to the meeles and try to take down the bowmen while regenerating your stamina you've used for all the dodging and then try your dice luck on the meeles again with the same issues as mentioned above. In the end I draw 1 armor with 2 dodge dice and a 1 handed-weapon with better attacks and 1 dodge, but since I needed tier 2 for 3 and tier 3 for 1 of the stats, I kept resetting the encounters and making rounds through the 3 level 1 encounter (ignoring the 2 level 2 encounter, there was just no way with the starting equipment, especially against the Greatsbowman and the dodge difficulty 2 and armor 2) and I figured I would have to do a total of 35 encounters to be able to equip these items! 28 to get enough souls from the level 1 encounters for the stats and 7 level 1 encounters to have enough souls to buy sparks, to be able to reset as often as necessary, since there are only 3 level 1 encounters and as said, there was no point in going for the level 2 encounters. I figured, nope, I won't do the same 3 level 1 encounters, each basically 11-12 times knowing that it wouldn't be much of a strategic challenge each time, but rather good dice and succeed or bad dice and probably die or making it just longer. So, I skipped that and basically assumed that I cleared those 35 encounters and increased my stats! After that I was able to handle the level 2 encounters (including one with 2 Sentinel and a Greatsbowman if I remember correctly) and that's where I am currently in Campaign 2, not sure if I actually keep going or start to play multiple characters. Solo against bosses it really depends on the boss and the moveset how much strategy will be involved. If a boss has only moves/attacks with nearest/aggro, you mostly end up with the same criteria/requirements as above - gear check, not much strategy apart from only going in for the low damage attacks. If there at least 1 or 2 moves/attacks which don't have a specific target, these are the windows to go in, so keeping those in mind and working towards these throughout the other activations. These moments can bring back the fun and strategy to some degree solo, but as said that depends on boss and drawn behavior deck. Ornstein and Smough after heat-up, where I fought Smough in the end after Ornstein was killed, without my range 2+ weapon and an upgrade healing me for 1 at the end of each my activations, there was just no way I would have been able to do it, no matter how much strategy I would have used. Basically all behavior cards are targeted in my direction with move 1 and range 1 magical attacks including one leap for 7 magical damage, which I just can't deny at all. So, I was just kiting him around with a distance of 3, so he moves in, doesn't hit since I'm out of range, he then was at range 2, I attack with ranged 2+ weapon, move back once again until he does his leap every 5th activation for the 7 magical damage where I usually took 5-6 damage. So, I had 5 own activations with the armor upgrade to gain 5 health until the next damage leap and 7 magical damage attackand repat a distance of 3 for all the turns where he With all that said, please remember again I am referring to Solo mainly! The strategic part increases with each additional player from my experience, which is great and I was hoping to see in Solo too. To position everyone probably and deciding which route an enemy will take to make sure incoming damage (apart from those ranged guys who always go for the aggro no matter what) will be distributed evenly and such is great and works against the need of all that gear quite a bit in many situations. I probably will end up just playing multiple characters by myself when playing alone, since I don't see that I would miss anything here Solo which would lower that gear check and would bring back the strategy even just a bit. Probably end up playing multiple characters when playing alone going forward or skip encounters and go for the boss directly while figuring out what gear makes sense to keep the challenge up there where strategy results in defeating it, not mainly my gear and the dice rolls... Whoops, I guess I repeated myself sometimes and this certainly has been longer than I've planned for. I'm sorry... TLDR: Solo(!) disappointed me after several runs (normal and Campaign) because of I feel like there is not much strategy and 90% gear check, while bad gear means you better have easy encounters with good dice rolls or you will die sooner than later, while good gear means encounters aren't a real challenge anymore and it still come down to dice rolls, while with a weapon with range 1 or even 2+ results quite impossible to die since you can kite them all over the place while slowly (or quickly) killing them. Probably end up playing multiple characters or skipping/changing things when playing with one character only. *sad face*