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Found 74 results

  1. Corsair vs Fillet Help

    I am having trouble making Corsair work into a Fillet lineup. While I am great at dealing with single targets, the second I have a crowd of butchers descending into my group, they just die! I am not trying to outfight them, as that is a fight I will not win, but keeping kickers alive is really tough. I usually play Shark into this lineup with varying amounts of success, but I want to change things up, as a Shark lineup feels like I am running around trying not to die and score as fast as possible, plus corsair has been fun into other match ups. Is this a lost cause? Anyone have any words of wisdom?
  2. Vs Fish

    I'm slowly starting new S3 threads for each of the other guilds, and, since I will be facing two Shark coaches over the next week, I thought now would be a good time. So what do y'all think? I've been toying with the idea of bringing Gutter in my 9, hoping that her 2" reach, speed, Chain Grab and Anatomical Precision might prove useful, but I've grown very comfortable with both A&G and Harry. I'm also assuming vSpig is just a no-go vs Fisherman - especially since oSpig can help in the team more. And then there is Stave. Any other thoughts?
  3. Tentacles all done

    Tell me what you guys think of my mascot. Comments and criticism would be appreciated.
  4. Hi everyone New to the forum from western canada in this glorious place called Edmonton, Alberta Been playing awhile love this game. Running Fishermen, Alchemists, just picked up kick off and I am insanely excited for the Blacksmiths guild.
  5. Grenoir's Guilds

    After recently finishing off painting all the zombies from my Zombicide Black Plague box, I have (pleasantly) got my painting mojo back after a long hiatus following moving house - really missed having my paint station set up at a south facing window! Remembering that I hadn't done much to my Guild Ball teams since the Kickstarter (!) I decided to finish my Fishermen and Alchemists. I've actually decided to change from Alchemists to Butchers so those will be going on eBay, but Jac has just arrived and Corsair and Sakana will be ordered at the weekend. Looking forward to adding to the Fish!
  6. Match Report - Engineers vs. Fishermen

    Truth be told we did say this would be coming out at the weekend but with our Hunter Scout Reports and Salute you guys might not get a chance to watch it, so here it is early! Our newest match report, Fishies vs Pin Vice! :-)
  7. Truth be told we did say this would be coming out at the weekend but with our Hunter Scout Reports and Salute you guys might not get a chance to watch it, so here it is early! Our newest match report, Fishies vs Pin Vice! :-)
  8. Looking for LE Shark

    Hi all, I'm looking to purchase the LE Shark model. Super excited to pick up the game and love the faction looks, just not a fan of the base Shark posing. Thanks
  9. Hello everyone, I have received my first Guild Ball minis a few weeks ago and I had a little time to start painting some of them. I first tried to paint Boiler, Meathook and Brisket but didn't had the chance to finish them. I wanted to try a color scheme classic with a twist. So I added the jade color. I also started to paint Corsair but didn't had the time to finish it for the painting contest. So now my goal is to finish what I have started and paint Ox and the fishermen starter in order to apply to the pundit program. So what do you think of these WIPs
  10. Plain ol' Siren

    I am having a hard time getting the hang of Siren 1. It seems that every time I use her she gets ganged up on and killed quickly. I have tried playing her in my Shark teams, but I feel Vet Siren gets a lot more work done by dealing some damage, generating momentum, and being a decent goal threat. Just curious how everyone else plays Siren 1, maybe I can get some ideas.
  11. My Fishermen :)

    Siren Angel Shark
  12. Morning folks. After a(nother) prolonged absence from the GB scene, I'm meeting up with a mate on Saturday to have a couple of games. All very chill, no clock, just catching up throwing dice, all the LOLs etc. My mate will be playing Butchers, possibly Veteran Ox (or Fillet?) and with minx or whoever as Union spot. I will be taking S1 Fish. Shark, Salt, Angel, Siren, Greyscales, Kraken. I have played this team only once against this same mate and his butchers and it was a massacre (not helped by the dick head hovering over our table, dictating my mates plays). We have discussed that proxies are fine, but I'd like to use what I have. What should I be doing?! Playing keep away and going 3 goals looks legit. FAQ: Aren't you the guy that has only ever won game? - yes correct. Why aren't you using that team, then? - I just don't 'get' Masons and can't get them to work and don't enjoy playing with them. What about your Morts? - I have scored with them, and had fun, but think I need to give the Fish a fair crack. tl;dr - S1 fish roster tips, please.
  13. Hello Guild Ballers Haves: I have to offer a Butchers and Fishermen team including almost every miniature from Season I & II in metal. Some of them are primed and partly painted. Also i have the Kickstarter exclusive versions of Ox and Shark! Butchers: - Butcher Token set (SFG Season I) Fishermen: - Shark Kickstarter version metal! - sold! - Shark retail version (unassembled) - Corsair (boxed as new) - Tentacles (boxed as new) - Veteran siren (boxed as new) - Greyscales - Sakana - Salt - Siren - Angel - Jac - Kraken - Ball Marker - Fishermen Dice (10) - Fishermen Token set (SFG Season I) Wants: €€€ *** Update with photos: Best regards!
  14. The 3-0 Meta

    This could be a local phenomenon, but I've been to several tournaments in the north eastern United States since season three came out and I've seen a pattern emerging. A majority of teams are extremely football oriented. That's no great surprise with the tap in and home crowd changes, but what is surprising is the extent of it. Somewhere in the vicinity of 50% of all players at these events have been Alchemists Engineers and Fishermen and they inundate the top tables. At first I didn't think anything of it. Everyone was thrilled to try out the new Engineers after all and season 3 was meant to reemphasize the goal scoring game, but this is a bit ridiculous. Is it like this elsewhere? Has anyone seen Butchers or Brewers dominating in season 3?
  15. Hello all! I was fortunate enough to be gifted a bunch of Fishermen as a birthday present from a friend who went to Steamcon. I had a read of the rules, painted up my team and started playing a week or so ago and I'm really enjoying it. I come from a long gaming history beginning with Blood Bowl back in the late 80s. I can tell that GB is going to take a while to grasp fully and even longer to master. I look forward to learning more sneaky tactics from you all. Behold my fishies!
  16. Bob's Guild Ball Blog

    Hello Guild Ballers! Another report is up on my blog! Read it here! It's a friendly game between my Brewers and Hunters. We used season 1 guild plots since nobody had the season 2 plots yet. Other than that, feel free to comment or ask questions. I hope you enjoy the read, and don't be afraid to look at the other stuff in my blog. It's all guild ball related! See you on the pitch some day!
  17. I got a few extras at Christmas so looking to get something for them. Looking for Money or any trades. Have all morts, so other than them.
  18. Have had a recent discussion with players at my local, I am the only fish player there and whilst pretty new to the game I have started to grasp the concept of how to play a goalscoring fish team, my problem seems to be positioning and usually due to my play style and from some fair few games I have watched played with shark goalscoring fish teams like my own they open up for easy counters for other teams playing goal scoring teams, with the other teams having the ability to easily blow up any fish player with the abundance of KDs or 2" melees to ignore counters against players who have a have 1" melee its very easy to take a player out then score a goal and end games very fast unless the fish player can take someone out or is exceptionally good against players who know their team. I feel that the missing thing for a shark fish team is a goalkeeper. The reasons behind this are that when you play a goal scoring team, you can find yourself with a gap somewhere on the field after dodging around and getting out of being killed, the enemy team if they are not focused on takeouts or have a single goalscorer ready up pitch can get the ball up and score in a single activation. I have experienced this against Butchers season 3, Masons Season 3, Morticians Season 3 and Union Season 3. Other teams got a little bit better at scoring this season and fish stayed pretty much the same, It is great, but now they don't really have a defence against other goal scoring teams that have that ability to get the takeouts by the time you get your first two goals, unless you get really lucky or really well positioned with players on their kick. I feel that a reasonably balanced goalkeeper that adds a challenge to the counter-score threats but not overpowering, with the current goalkeepers being very limited, i.e compound and tenderiser being very powerful tanks and vet velocity being a very controlling player something in the middle of those would balance well 14-16 health 5 tac playbook with some footballing, dodges or pushes character plays and a kd in there somewhere reasonably small movement 4/6 with a 2" melee 4+1 defence 1/3 inf 2/7 kick or something goal defence and rush keeper maybe and a character play similar to quick time or balls gone on a 5 success to move about more near the goal would like to hear peoples suggestions and thoughts on the matter, what they think would be a balanced keeper stat-wise for a fish team and if they think it would be a nice way to fill that lacking space in season 3 fish
  19. Season 3 - Release the Kraken

    Hello Fishies, hope you’re all doing well, may the Lords of the Deep bless you with fair weather and following seas! Today, as a lovely treat, we’re gonna spoil Kraken for you guys! So, DEF [3+]. We debated this change for a while, since we never want to make changes without a good reason. In the end, we decided that Kraken was in a similar position to Boar throughout Season 2. We knew he was a strong choice, one popular with a lot of Fishermen Players, but perhaps just a little too easy for your opponent to get momentum from. Thus, upping his DEF (and removing his ARM, he’s not supposed to be a tank!), felt like a fair way of making him fit his intended role better. This change also fits his aesthetic a lot more, since he’s not actually wearing any armour! We feel like this is super useful change, which helps bump him up a little and make him much more of a valid choice for all Fishermen Players. Kraken’s second change is the addition of a pair of double Push results, non-momentous on column 2, momentous on column 4. Having taken a good look at Kraken over the last six months, the lack of any Pushes on his Playbook felt…weird. Here’s a model with two Character Plays which are all about Pushing enemy models around, and yet he literally had none on his Playbook? How odd, we cried, how out of place! Thus, we added these Push results to give him more utility and options. He can now get stuck in to his heart’s content, knocking enemy models down and Pushing them all over the Pitch! Much like when we spoiled Mercury last week, not every change has to be big; many smaller changes are just as valid. We’ve given Kraken a boatload (BOOM! BOOM!) more options, and made a tweak to make him more survivable. While these changes aren’t necessarily big, they are exciting. Kraken was a valuable model in Season 2, and now he’s even more viable, creating even more headaches for Fishermen Players in list construction. Hope you’ve enjoyed this glimpse into the future’s murky waters, we’ll see you all soon!
  20. Permanent "Tap In"

    Since the plot card "Home crowd" has been made permanent and "Husbandry" sort of has I think there's a small chance "Tap in" could also be made permanent. That would be a nice buff to most Fish strikers bar Angel.
  21. Anamnesis painting corner

    Hi, I've been really impress with the mini from guild ball and after doing a little demo game, i found it pretty cool and that's how i got a fishermen starter in the mail the following week! So i feel in love with Siren and choose the fishermen mostly for her, all of the minis got very nice sculpt, with the exception of shark, i don't really like the pose so i'm planning on changing it. Since it's only 6-8 mini to paint, i thought it would be a good opportunity to do something special, so after searching idea, here is what i've come up for the base idea, with a prepared angel ready for primer! Painted picture will follow when i have time to paint since time is short for the moment sadly.. So here is a picture of a angel and her little base And the second is shark in is current stat *warning graphic content* Comments and critisices most welcomed! Anamnesis
  22. I’ve been to my second tournament. I had a good day and met a lot of nice people. This is a sum up of my games from memory. I’d be surprised if I haven’t got something wrong in here but overall it should be pretty accurate. My roster for the tournament was Shark, Salt, Siren, Jac, Sakana, Gutter, Greyscales and Angel. Game one - Union Union team: Veteran Rage, Coin, Mist, Fangtooth, Hemlocke, Decimate. My team: Shark, Salt, Siren, Sakana, Greyscales, Angel. Highlights turn one He kicks of with Fangtooth and I retrieve the ball and start the passing chain with the plan to end on Sakana for a first turn goal. He second winds Fangtooth and run him up in my face engaging Angel just a few inches from my deployment line. I note that Sakana cannot escape a blind attempt from Hemlocke and I have to bet on Hemlocke missing the blind which she didn’t. I therefore refrained from my turn one goal attempt and hold on to the ball. I use Shark to generate enough momentum to put me ahead for the roll off. I had carefully kept out of Rages threat the whole turn one but forgot about Red Fury which he uses to good effect on Fangtooth to punch on Angel and generate momentum. Highlights turn two I win initiative and use Sharks legendary and Gut & String to good effect to lock most of his players down. I then score with Sakana. He kicks the ball out to Mist and runs far far away to my left flank where I cannot reach him. I approach Mist with Greyscales but he is out of range. Highlights turn three I win initiative again and load Greyscales up for an easy goal but fail to get the ball off Mist who then runs away again. I generate momentum and heal the best I can. I try to walk Angel away from Fangtooth using both Nimble and cover but he rolls three sixes and knocks her down with damage. My opponent tries to pass the ball to Fangtooth with Mist but misses and the ball scatters towards my goal where nobody is in a position to retrieve it this turn. He gets his damage train going and start to take out players but also clocks out. The game ends 7-6 in my favour at dice down. Game two - The circus guild Circus team: Smoke, Flask, Vitriol, Calculus, Mercury, Compound. My team: Shark, Salt, Siren, Jac, Sakana, Greyscales My opponent had made a really nice conversion with his alchemists into a circus guild. Highlights turn one I win the roll off and choose to receive. He kicks off with Vitriol and I retrieve with Siren and pass to Salt, I miss the pass but Salt can intercept it. He charges Salt with Vitriol, steals the ball and scores. I kick the ball out and it lands about two inches away from my deployment line. I leave it there thinking it’s safe there and activate someone without influence to stall an activation. He activates Smoke, teleports to the ball, shoots and score. After two activations I’m down 8 points. At this point it’s clear to me that I cannot score for quite some time as he’ll just score back and win the game. I also wish I had chosen Gutter as that would have given me a stronger takeout game which I now desperately need. I use Shark and I believe also Sakana to push-dodge Smoke and Vitriol towards the board edge behind my goal. I manage to then push Smoke out and Vitriol close to the edge with Jacs heroic and ramming speed. I keep the ball on Shark. Calculus and Mercury successfully throw their AoEs at me. Highlights turn two I win initiative and start by pushing Vitriol off the pitch with Jacs heroic. He charges Calculus at Sakana and push-dodge me into his aura poisoning him. I keep the ball on Shark and try to generate enough momentum to keep initiative and heal and clear enough conditions to stay alive. He uses his legendary this turn to apply some damage on Salt and some more models but don’t manage to kill anyone. Highlights turn three I win initiative again and start by using Sharks legendary and score a goal. He kicks the ball to Vitriol who starts by taking out Salt. My opponent had forgotten about Loved creature. Vitriol ends her activation by passing the ball to Smoke. I activate Sakana, tackle the ball from Smoke, disengage, move upfield and pass the ball to Greyscales. I could also have passed the ball to Shark for a snap shot but that felt like a bigger risk. He activates Smoke, teleports over to Greyscales and tries to tackle the ball 3 times on 2 dice (cover and crowd out from Sakana) but fails. I activate Greyscales, Where’d they go out of Smoke’s melee and score for the win. 12-10 in a game where I was down 0-8 after two activations. That felt really good. After round two all three Fishermen players were undefeated. Game three - Engineers Engineers team: Pin Vice, Mother, Hoist, Velocity, Compound, Decimate. My team: Shark, Salt, Siren, Jac, Sakana, Gutter Highlights turn one I lose initiative and kick off with Siren. I kick the ball close to my left flank and into an obstruction. He retrieves the ball with Decimate and kicks it to Pin Vice who dodges. I forget to play Too Flash. I was thinking about getting the ball back with Seduced but choose to Lure Decimate instead and push her off the pitch with Jac. Pin Vice puts Alternator on Hoist. I thought he’d want to steal Scything Blow from Gutter with Hoist and carefully consider his threat range if he were to pass and dodge but as it plays out he actually don’t even want Scything Blow. He takes Goad from Jac after I’ve informed him that he cannot steal Where’d they go from Salt which is what he really wants. Shark charges Pin Vice and generates momentum. Gutter spends one momentum to glide and charges Pin Vice too. I forget about Compound and he counter charges Gutter and knocks her down. I clear the knock down with momentum but lose my charge attack. With the remaining two influence I trigger gluttonous mass and do a Scything Blow on Compound and Pin Vice. Highlights turn two I win initiative and Shark legendaries and Gut and String compound. Velocity scores a goal and I immediately counter score with Sakana or Greyscales. Hoist picks the ball up, passes to Velocity and Goads Jac. He accidently puts Hoist in Gutters melee doing so. Gutter activates and does three 6 hit swings on Compound for 12 damage on Compound, 9 on Pin Vice and 6 on Hoist. Highlights turn three I win initiative and put four on Gutter. Gutter goes first and does the same thing all over again taking Compound and Pin Vice out and leaving Hoist on one hit box after Reanimate. Hoist activates and walks up to Shark and hits him and generates momentum. Shark counters, does two damage that is reduced to one by Tough Hide and takes Hoist out for the win. Game four - Corair Fish Opposing Fishermen: Corsair, Tentacles, Sakana, Jac, Kraken, Avarisse & Greede. My team: Shark, Salt, Siren, Jac, Sakana, Greyscales. Highlights turn one I lose initiative and kicks off with Siren close to a board edge. Sakan picks the ball up and I eventually push him off with Siren Luring him in and Jac pushing him off. We jockey for position until our last activations where I charge Shark at Jac and try to push-dodge myself out of harpoon range. Corsair passes the ball to Tentacles, dodges 4“ up the field and I play Too Flash on Corsair. At the end of it I’m still just in harpoon range and Corsair beats a bit on Shark. The ball stays parked on Tentacles close to his goal. Highlights turn two Sakana burns the flash token and some influence on Corsair and double push-double dodge him away from his team and puts Weak Point on him. Corsair beats on Shark but fails to kill him. Shark spends one momentum to clear the knock down and dodges out of Corsairs range, knocks Jac down and jogs up to Tentacles but is one influence short of a goal shot when he finally gets the ball off him. Tentacles immediately takes the ball back and Kraken finishes Shark off. Highlights turn three Sakana starts the turn by tackling the ball of Tentacles, dodges away but not out of melee and scores a goal on two dice with Tap In. He kicks the ball to his Jac who I cannot reach with any of my players even though Siren had enough influence for a Seduce. He takes Greyscales out and passes the ball to Corsair. Highlights turn four Corsair scores a goal with his legendary. I kick out and pick the ball up with Salt (who had one influence) and drop it in a spot close to his goal but out of reach for him. Both Siren with four influence and Shark with six influence can easily get the ball and score from where it is but Siren is knocked down. I activate Jac and does a momentous knock down on Avarisse who sacrifices his movement to stand up. I activate Sakana who also sacrifices his movement to stand up and generate two momentum of Kraken by dodging away from him toward Greed who is nearly hugging the board edge right behind his goal. This turns out to be a mistake as Kraken charges me, I forget to defensive stance and he does Release the… to push me off the board. I’m getting low on time at this point and tunnel vision and forget that the current standing is 6 to 10 as I score a goal with Siren. The smart play would have been to heal Siren with Shark and go for Greede. I don’t think I would have killed him but I could potentially have push-dodged him off the board. He kicks the ball out to Sakana who under Corsairs legendary takes a five dice shot on goal and scores ending the game 12-10 in his favour. This was a very tight and enjoyable game that I think the better player won. My opponent was better at managing his clock and was able to capitalize on my mistakes. I placed second with all tiebreakers equal to my second round opponent, winning since I bet him. Conclusions The all striker build that I used game one turned out to be a great disappointment for me. After he had killed the ball I had a hard time getting it back and no other way of scoring VPs. In my third game on the other hand Gutter was really strong and Shark can set her up very well with Gut and String. She also adds a whole new dimension to the team which makes it more versatile. I need to play her more. In the final game Salt really shined when I was able to move the ball to a spot on the pitch from which I could score at any point but he couldn’t reach.