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Found 93 results

  1. The Big League plot card Bolt Action states "The friendly model may use that Character Play again during this activation without spending Influence, regardless of restrictions." In the following examples, what restrictions may be disregarded? If Gutter uses Scything Blow to damage an enemy model, can this card be used to Scything Blow again even though that play is not normally bought with influence? If a Union team borrows this card from an Engineer and vRage uses Red Fury to allow Decimate to trigger Thousand Cuts off her play book, can this card allow her to use Thousand Cuts again even though it's not her activation?
  2. Truth be told we did say this would be coming out at the weekend but with our Hunter Scout Reports and Salute you guys might not get a chance to watch it, so here it is early! Our newest match report, Fishies vs Pin Vice! :-)
  3. Greetings forum-ites! I am back with another game play commentary for my series Run the Length. This one is against Pat VanValue from Strictly the worst. Can I break my losing streak vs the Strictly the Worst guys find out below. Let me know what you guys thought about the game and tell me about my mistakes in the comments. Go subscribe over on Youtube if you want to know when new content gets put up and while you are over there hit the like button it helps the channel a lot. The Plugs: Strictly the Worst Guild Ball Podcast: http://strictlytheworst.libsyn.com/ Game was filmed at Grognard Games in Hoffman Estates. Their Website can be found here: http://grognardgames.com/ Follow me on Twitter: @TheCurkov https://mobile.twitter.com/thecurkov Pat's Twitter: @PatVanV https://twitter.com/PatVanV
  4. Truth be told we did say this would be coming out at the weekend but with our Hunter Scout Reports and Salute you guys might not get a chance to watch it, so here it is early! Our newest match report, Fishies vs Pin Vice! :-)
  5. @DrillbossD and I were just starting to have this conversation in another forum thread, but I thought I'd post it to the main page and let everyone weigh-in. I'm a new guild ball player and am slowly filling out my Engineers team, so I'll probably be picking up one or two of the models recommended here. Question: If you can only take one Union model in your tournament 9, who makes the cut and why? Feel free to respond however you want or use this small form below: Union Model: Nine Model Roster: How does this model support your team roster? What do you hope to accomplish with this model?
  6. This is a popular topic these days, and I'm running light on ideas. Plus I dont want to bump an older thread so...We have a force in our meta who runs Ballista, Mother, Hoist, Colossus, Ratchet, and Harry, though lately he played Velocity and it worked well for him. I usually play into him with Midas, Naja, Vitriol, oKatalyst, Harry, and Compound. in S3 he's basically the one I have no answer for. If he kicks I typically score quickly and he fires back, scoring at the top of T2. He plays a line across the middle of the field, with Colossus on one end and Ballista on the other. This has the great effect of having Ballista's TO threat be an L, across the field to Colossus or in front of him. Ratchet tools up Ballista almost 100% of the time except when a viable target doesn't present in which case he uses blast earth to funnel toward Colossus, Harry, or Ballista. If I kick he will sit on the ball scoring at the end of the turn which only makes sense for any of us since it exposes your striker to be a MO farm. The real problem is Hoist. Between replicating Burrow to make a dodge, Tough Hide, Reanimate, and Sturdy, he literally parks him 6" from my goal in the middle of the pitch with the understanding that he is not worth the inf cost to attack him. Final score is almost inevitably 12-8 or 12-6 with a first goal by Hoist, 2 TOs from either Ballista or Colossus/Harry team up, finished by Ballista's Legendary. I can almost always score, but he only occasionally exposes Ratchet or Harry and conditions being present for vKat shenanigans are iffy so swapping there seems like a losing proposition. Thoughts?
  7. Hi! I post the only two minis I have painted, Mainspring and Hoist. I hope you like them, the rest of the team will go in this Golden/Dark steel NMM + Clear blue with some OSL in blue... and mud in the bases .
  8. Hey guys I'm back with a new video! No it isn't another episode of Run the Length. It's another Blog! Run the Length to return in 2 weeks. In this blog I talk about my Guild Ball adventures this past month and go over the new models released this month. I cover where i think they fall within their respective teams from a competitive perspective.
  9. Afternoon, fellow Engineers enthusiasts! I've been running a lot of Pin Vice recently (she won me a local 8 man tourney this past weekend, so huzzah!) and have been enjoying her and the Engineers as a whole. One thing I have been struggling with is kicking off. So my question(s) to everyone is what do you for your first turn when kicking off? Who do you kick with? How do you set up? What do you try to accomplish in that first round of activations? Thanks for your input!
  10. When using ballista's legendary is there a an accident misprint? his kick is represented as ' 4/6" ' where as his breach adds [+0"/+4]. is it plus 4 kick or is it a misprint/the wrong way round and is meant to be [+4" / +0]. +4 to kick dice is odd as intervening models cannot intercept, are ignored and then get knocked down. Just curious as im in big league and a player has asked. although we think it is a misprint, its easier to make sure Thanks!
  11. Scenario: Pin Vice puts up Mechanical Heart to give all friendly Guild models the Mechanica type. She pops her Lengendary to give each Mechanica model a well-oiled token. For whatever reason, Pin Vice dies during the turn and there are still well-oiled tokens on Mechanical Heart-ed players. Question: Since Mechanical Heart reads "While this model is on the Pitch", does that mean typical non-Mechanica models (i.e. Ratchet/Salvo) are no longer Mechanica? To follow up, the well-oiled tokens are now stuck on these players and unable to be used?
  12. When using ballista's legendary is there a an accident misprint? his kick is represented as ' 4/6" ' where as his breach adds [+0"/+4]. is it plus 4 kick or is it a misprint/the wrong way round and is meant to be [+4" / +0]. +4 to kick dice is odd as intervening models cannot intercept, are ignored and then get knocked down. Just curious as im in big league and a player has asked. although we think it is a misprint, its easier to make sure Thanks!
  13. I've had my engineers team for a while now and dabbled with them a bit, however, until now they've always played a distant second fiddle to my Union team. I'm poised to change that though as I really want to move Engineers up to first string and really make some significant ground with them. The main obstacles I can see to this are firstly that I feel for me specifically - my play style is very aggressive and I prefer to execute take outs and maintain goal scoring as a secondary threat when the opportunity presents. This is almost the antithesis of an ideal Engneer to play style (in my mind) though as every time I've put them on the table and 'defaulted' to instinct I end up getting them bunched together where they lose on any mobility and get squashed. When I am able to overrule my instinct (and keep my hand in the box) though I have significantly better games with them and am also much more successful. The second obstacle to this transition is that presently I haven't painted any of my engineers. Thanks to @Shano I inherited a painted base line, yet as the roster grows I haven't devoted any time to painting them or coming up with a scheme that I like. This point of s easily overcome with a dedicated time investment and some discipline (Agot, lol and hots are all vying for my time in addition to GB games, work and life in general); it's a matter of choice though - so I have to make the call and get it done! With respect to play style though this is a harder thing, there is a real challenge to seeing blood in the water and choosing to swim past... I've had a couple of iterations with my Engineers and one that worked well utilized several union players mainly to shore up the gaps that Engineers have to reliable melee damage and momentum. I've found that Decimate and Gutter make excellent Engineer companions as they are both competent kickers as well as having exceptional melee abilities - even ifor perhaps because ) the rest of the team adds nothing on that front. I have had some good success with Ballista - I've always found though that it's like pushing a wheel up a cliff - eventually it gets away from you and that tipping point usually happens on turn three once you get engaged and the opponent starts to generate momentum. What I'd like to do now though rather than trying my fusion team is strike out from a new start point with a new design perspective and goals in mind. Firstly what am I trying to achieve; well for the most part that is win games and as Engineers are designed as a goal kicking faction it makes sense to conform to those strengths rather than trying to bend a square through a circle port. I've decided to that end that I want to give Pin vice a go, I've had her for a bit and just never managed to get the model put together. I think it's because I really haven't decided on a ruling aesthetic for how I want to paint my Engineers. That being said though I really need to just make it happen and get her on the board so that I can at least learn to play her. I feel like the team that I want to start off with is using main spring (until Mother comes out anyway), Hoist and Velocity as they both conform to the scoring archtype as well as being mechanikcka for her plays. The last two slots are going to start off being a combination of Compound,Salvo, Colossus, and either Decimate, Avarisse and Greede and lastly Rage. I'll need to chop it down to eight at some point however for the moment this is the selection that I want to go with and see if I can get an effective scoring team up and running. I'm going down to IF tomorrow where I hope to get some practical experience and develop some of these ideas into strategies and maybe break my streak with Engineers.
  14. One of the two guys I consistently play Guild Ball with, plays Butchers as his main guild, and we played two games yesterday. I have been trying to figure out how to beat the butchers since I started playing the engineers at the beginning of the year and it's been a bit of a rough journey. Typically, I would score 6-8 points against him but I had little luck closing out a game because of the way I was going about it. Against most teams the Engineers tend to go for 2 goals and 2 TOs, we are a great footballing team but my experience has been that we don't do it very fast, which tends to lead it's self to the 2-2 game style. What I've learned, the hard way, is that the engineers have to go for three goals against the Butchers. The problem I kept running into against the Butchers is that I had no problem getting a first turn goal, but then when the scrum started to form, I thought I needed to be in it to try and provide Crowd-outs and Gang-ups while also attempting to knock out a couple of players. This never worked for me because the damage output of the Engineers just frankly doesn't measure up to that of the Butchers and then when you add their bleed conditions into the mix, especially Fillet's shenanigans, the last place you want to be is in a scrum with her. Sooo... long story short, I decided to try a different plan yesterday and told myself no matter how good of an option I would have to charge in on a lone player to try to get a Take-out, I would resist temptation and only go for the ball and trying to score three goals as fast as possible. Game 1- Butcher Roster: Fillet, Truffles, Boiler, Vet. Ox, Meathook, and Minx Engineer Roster: Ballista, Mainspring, Ratchet, Salvo, Velocity, and Colossus The game plan was simple: attempt to gain as much momentum as possible, deny the Butchers as much momentum as possible, and score three goals. My opponent chose to kick off and other than a couple of terrible rolls (no 4+ successes over the course of two passes and a Blasted Earth) the first turn went great. I received the ball with a sprinting Mainspring who then hid behind some rough ground as far out on the right wing as possible and kicked it back to the line where Colossus was waiting. Ratchet dropped some more rough ground and then Colossus passed to Ballista. All of these where the ones that failed, but all goals were met. Both passes were intercepted and the rough ground still got placed. The important part here is that nobody left the line by more than an inch, which kept the Butchers super speedy players out of range. The last three of my activations were Ballista who deadbolted vet ox from behind a wall, being sure to stay out of threat range of remaining butcher players, and then passed to velocity who dodged forward 4 in. Then Salvo went up and flurry'd vet. ox bringing the momentum count up to three. Lastly, velocity sprinted up the field bounced off vet ox and then scored. We ended up winning the initiative roll because the Butchers were unable to gain any Mom. This first turn denial was very effective and led to having the upper hand going into round two. 4-0 Round two began with Ballista charging Fillet to tackle the ball away and then popping his legendary for a second goal. This is where things started to get hairy. The butchers player very quickly took out Ballista and then got a return goal with Fillet. My throw-in went pretty poorly and was picked up by the butchers. The turn ended 8-6 with the ball in the butchers hands. On the final turn I ended up charging in with Ballista, tackling the ball back and then sending it out towards salvo on the wing. Salvo was engaged previously by Truffles and then was charged by Fillet picking up the ball on her way in. He managed to stay alive and dodge out of Truffles engagement. On the next turn Salvo got a super clutch T<< that allowed him to take the ball off of Fillet and dodge out of engagement. Salvo sprinted up the field, passed it in to velocity who snap-shotted for the game winner! Result: 12-6 and my first win against a Butchers Team! Sidenote: Even though he didn't play a major role in the game (and therefore was included in the match report), Colossus was really important in the support role. I know he becomes a bit of a Mo battery against beater teams, so by keeping him out of range during the first turn and then sending him up the wing during the second turn. He was able to keep a couple of players engaged and knocked down who were straggling behind the run of play, which turned out to be very important! Game 2- Butcher Roster: Fillet, Truffles, Boiler, Vet. Ox, Meathook, and Minx Engineer Roster: Pinvice, Mother, Velocity, Ratchet, Hoist, and Colossus After the first game I decided to change things up a bit and proxy Pinvice who I had never played before. At first she was a little disorienting because I didn't really know how to use her, but by the end of the game I was really liking her versatility. My opponent won the role off again, but this time decided to receive because he really didn't like the way the first turn had gone the game before and figured that by pulling one of my figures out for the kick-off, somebody would have to be in range! I kicked off with Hoist and he received with Vet Ox who basically jogged up, grabbed the ball and passed it to Fillet who then took a four inch dodge. Things were looking grim for me because there was a full six stack of INF Fillet staring me down from about six inches away. I decided to Blasted Earth Fillet with Hoist's True Replication and then sprinted away from Fillet and angled behind a wall effectively taking away her sprint and charge options and ultimately was able to deny Fillet an attack turn one, so she ended up only using 2/6 INF to sprint and pass. The rest of the turn was mostly just repositioning for me. I spread mother and Colossus out a bit moving Colossus out onto the wing and using mother to drop a nest by the goal just in case they decided to shoot. Pinvice then cast alternator on herself and Velocity and they both shot up the left wing. This is when I learned that Pinvice is crazy fast! But because we didn't gain any momentum, the butchers won initiative. 0-0 Turn two Fillet tore off towards Hoist to try and take out a model that was finally in reach. Hoist weathered the storm. For my first activation Velocity charged in from the wing to tackle the ball off of Vet ox. who had the ball at the end of turn 1. Velocity was just out of reach of a shot herself, so she passed the ball to Pinvice who was able to score a goal on her next activation with Minx charging in first trying to keep Pinvice from scoring. My opponent kicked out to vet ox who ended up charging ratchet. Mother went next and dropped a nest within 4in. of Hoist and went to crowd out vet. ox. Hoist didn't have any INF so he remained engaged to Fillet and Colossus attacked boiler. Ratchet attacked vet. ox and Engineers one the initiative roll. 4-0 Turn three, Hoist Burrowed up to vet ox. and tackled the ball away and kicked it up the field to Colossus who then dodged four inches towards the goal. Fillet decided that there was no way to stop the goal so she charged mother who was the only model in range and took mother out. Colossus charged minx and knocked her down, then scored a goal, used knee slider to reengage boiler and truffles. He kicked out to meathook who charged in towards hoist. The rest of the turn was a blood bath, with reanimate saving Hoist and Pinvice. We barely won intiative. 8-1 At the top of turn four, Hoist was able to tackle the ball away true replicate acrobat, sprint up the field and pass to Pinvice who snap-shot the final goal. 12-1 TL:DR Going for three goals with as many reanimate models as you can seems to be the Butchers kryptonite. If you can manage to receive and deny the butchers first turn momentum, it's looking even better for you!
  15. Hello, I have various lots for sale with pictures in the website free shipping and safe secure checkout!! playitagain.mysimplestore.com/t/GB please take advantage of these team lots as they will give you a great start on the game. Just simply order the team as normal and it will ship the same day!, thank you so much and I hope you guys enjoy what I have to offer.
  16. Hi there I've decided that with the new year and the new season comes a new guild. I've decided that I'm going to commit myself to playing the Engineers Guild for Season 3, giving my Brewer's Guild team a rest. To make things more fun for me and to chronicle the change to the new team, I've also decided to launch a blog, which I've called A Cog's Life In general, A Cog's Life is just meant to be a place to throw down some thoughts about the game and especially the guild. My forum posts tend to be long-winded, and even then I sometimes have more to say. So, I figured that a personal blog might be a more appropriate place to do that. As often as I can (I'm aiming for 1 post per week), I plan to cover a range of topics, from new (...and new to me...) player reviews, match-reports, news releases, the meta-game, etc. And, honestly, I'll probably cover some topics more than once as my opinions will inevitably change as I become more experienced and the zeitgeist of the Guild Ball community shifts. So, I don't know if there's necessarily any need or any interest in yet another blog about Guild Ball or someone's shiny new guild, but I thought that I would at least extend an invitation to the community to have a look. Of course, if any of you fellow-coaches have any thoughts about the content (which isn't much right now, I'll admit ... one post!) I'd welcome any constructive criticisms or comments. Cheers!
  17. First video in a series I am making for the Engineers. It is just basic stuff, but I made it to help beginners or those thinking about getting into the game, because I knew I was looking for videos like these my self. Any criticism is welcome!
  18. When making the Season 3 Long bomb it changed from ignoring terrain and models by placing then standard-scatter, towards a long pass that can't be intercepted. Was the way a pass interacts with terrain currently taken into consideration when making season 3 long bomb and just elected to not ignore terrain?
  19. Hey all, Last weekend I went to the Las Vegas Open, which was hosting the Guild Ball Western US Regional Championships. I still haven't had very much S3 practice, but was hoping that I could scrape through to the 8 man championship depending on the size and strength of field--and of course with a little luck. Due to not having much time off I only scheduled to attend Friday and Saturday of the Open, with my plan being to play casual Warmachine on Saturday if I didn't qualify for the Championship. Qualifier Round Lineup: Ballista, Pin Vice, Mainspring, Velocity, Hoist, Ratchet, Compound, Colossus, Gutter I took both captains to keep people guessing, though I had no real inclination to play Pin Vice. Maybe into Fish, but for fluff and nostalgia reasons I prefer Ballista. Mainspring is more efficient than Mother even though he is less good at retrieving/killing the ball and enabling Hoist jank. I wanted to not think about giving my Mascot influence. Velocity and Hoist are an excellent scoring duo; Velocity is an excellent striker anyway, and Hoist is great when taken with her. Hoist also pairs with Ratchet for a robust gunline, while Ratchet brings Tooled Up and Fixer on top of Blast Earth. Compound and Colossus are the in-faction reach bros, and Compound is a battery which I love. For my Union spot, I wanted more reach, so it had to be Gutter or Harry. Everyone has been taking Harry, and I can't imagine not doing so with Pin Vice--so naturally I took Gutter. Actually, @Maurice just told me new Chain Grab was fun, and I wanted to confirm. --- The field was pretty small with only 17 players. With 4 rounds, this meant the 4-0, all 3-1s, and the top 2-2s would make it through to the top 8 for the next day. Round 1 vs Don's Union Ballista, Mainspring, Velocity, Colossus, Compound, Ratchet vRage, Coin, Mist, Gutter, Harry, Minx Don is from my local (California) meta, though we'd never played Guild Ball against each other. He was rocking vRage only. I didn't want to drop Gutter due to Usurper paranoia which was probably unfounded. Velocity kicked off. Harry retrieved the ball and used some creative fire to stop me from scoring right off the bad. Mist was on my far left. Ratchet and Ballista did some bombing (with a Deadbolt into Minx too, I think) but Rage was very cagey. Compound put up Odour. Mist made a goal run but the positioning was such that if he used Acrobatics he wouldn't have the inf to kick--so he risked the Rush Keeper. Compound stripped the ball, then Mist took it back. Velocity went last, took the ball, and gave it to Mainspring for safe keeping. I won the roll and had my team dogpile Mist for murder reasons. That went swimmingly, as Velocity, Compound, Ratchet, and Ballista were all able to put hands on Mist. Then I realized that Gutter was staring down the whole clump. Whoops. At least Mine Field was up. This didn't go as badly as it could have; due to positioning of the clump, only Ballista and Ratchet took significant damage. Minx went first to get some Snared up then Gutter + Red Fury and other things blasted Ratchet apart and left Ballista very hurt. Velocity escaped to near the goal but got engaged by Coin. My momentum was low, but Mainspring put a snapshot through Velocity (3 dice needing a 5, then 3 dice needing 2 4s) which succeeded! Ball went out to where Mist came back on. Ballista died to Rage. There was some fighting back and forth. Another turn and Velocity is still clinging for dear life even though Rage has beaten her up. Ballista comes back, and he, Colossus, and Compound get in an epic fight with Gutter, Rage, Minx, and Harry that sees Colossus, Minx, and Harry taken off the pitch. Mist scores. When the dust settles on the turn, the score is 10-10 (1 goal 3 takeouts apiece) with the Union up 3-2 on momentum. I win the roll. Colossus comes back on to engage Mist, who is still on 6 health. Ballista charges in for the kill. 12-10 victory That was a hell of a tone-setter. Round 2 vs Garrett's Alchemists Ballista, Mainspring, Gutter, Colossus, Compound, Ratchet Smoke, Flask, Vitriol, Calculus, Mercury, vKalalyst So in this game, I lost the starting initiative roll, but I think that was the only initiative roll I lost. We had a handful of even rolls and even a deficit which I won. That really defined a lot of what happened. After a rather cagey opening with Smoke's team having the ball, Ballista and Ratchet shot Katalyst and Gutter and Colossus went deep in hope for a good second turn. The initiative was even so that was a big gamble, but it paid off. That being the case, Gutter Chain Grabbed Mercury off of Katalyst and dropped a few Scything Blows on Kat, Mercury, and Smoke. My opponent tried to rectify the Katalyst situation and got some momentum and health back. He'd left the ball on Smoke, though, so Colossus stripped it and scored. Ballista got up in the business and punched Katalyst to death; it wasn't long, of course, before Gutter and Ballista were both Poisoned and Burning. I loaded them up, because even though they were deep and conditioned, Colossus was positioned to stop Katalyst with a good charge if he came on too close. As it happened, Katalyst played a bit cagey and came on within 4" of the edge of the pitch--my opponent didn't know about Unexpected Arrival. With Katalyst handled a second time, Gutter and Ballista went about fighting Smoke and Mercury. Calculus and Ratchet were having a weird little tango of their own while Vitriol crept down my right flank with the ball. I was sort of hoping for the goal so Ballista could score with legendary, but ultimately Vitriol lacked the distance when she failed to stick the needed number of dodges off of Mainspring. Instead, with the help of Colossus and some bad attack dice on my opponent's part, Ballista and Gutter pulped Smoke and then Mercury. 12-0 victory Round 3 vs Nick's Masons Ballista, Mainspring, Gutter, Colossus, Compound, Ratchet Honour, Marbles, Granite, Mallet, Harmony, Tower This was a grind. I kicked off with Colossus and used an early opportunity to Chain Grab/Scything Blow Tower off of Granite. This led to a pile on Granite and Granite's Demise, followed by the monkey and Honour taking out Colossus. In this game, I noticed a major pattern against the Masons: I'd get a bunch of momentum at the start of a turn if I was lucky, but that momentum advantage would evaporate over the course of the turn as the Masons generate a *lot* once their people are lined up. I got a bit tunnel-visioned in trying to kill Tower as my opponent had the ball nicely tucked away on Harmony. We're talking Gutter, Ballista, Ratchet attacks, and I think even overclocked Compound up in the business. Ultimately, a weird opportunity came up when Tower was on 4 health (why couldn't it have been 3? :'( ) and Ballista was in range to sprint onto Harmony, who was in cover and about 11" from the goal. Ballista shot Tower to put him on 1 and on the floor, then used his marvelous MT on a 1 to get the ball off Harmony, legendary, and score. He then Knee-Slidered to engage Tower. Tower died, but so did Gutter and Ballista. The scrum thickened, with Granite inching toward the pile (now consisting of Colossus, Compound, Marbles, Honour, and Mallet, with Harmony off to one side with the ball and Ratchet and Mainspring staring from the other). In the following turn, I was losing the fight, but my opponent's clock was low. I had a massive derp moment in which I moved Compound to get away from the monkey. This was doubly dumb as 1) the monkey hadn't activated and 2) I wanted right into Granite's threat. Long story short, Harmony comes on cleanup duty and the turn ends with Compound dead and Honour, Marbles, Mallet, Granite, Harmony, Colossus, and Mainspring all getting poisoned. Harmony and Marbles clear because he has momentum to spare. Opponent wins init, times out during Honour's activation (but kills Colossus), then scores with Harmony. 9-12 loss Lesson learned here that even with Gutter, the momentum math just doesn't work out for Engineers trying to straight outfight Masons. Need the ball and some denial, but more on this later... Round 4 vs Owen's Engineers Ballista, Mainspring, Gutter, Colossus, Compound, Velocity Ballista, Mainspring, Hoist, Salvo, Compound, Velocity In a match we were both dreading (sort of), I face off with @MilitaryCoo on a new continent. We'd last played in Bristol at Clash of the Guilds 2, he rightly beat me due to my traitorous playing of Pin Vice. None of that this time, I say! The tone of the match was an interesting one in that the winner would definitely qualify, but the loser still might. We both expected a depressing denial-oriented grind... ...which was not what happened at all. Instead, it was an utter shootout--the kind with the ball, not guns. I received for the first time all day, but due to some goofy play and being scared of Salvo (who had kicked) the ball wound up on Gutter in my deployment zone at turn's end. Colossus was up his team's gut, but his Ballista, Hoist, and Velocity were all up in my face. Our respective Mainsprings durdled around on my left flank. Initiative was even going into turn 2. He won. First, his Velocity scored. Easy. I sent the ball right to Colossus, who was just able to sprint onto Owen's Compound for a score of my own. He sent the ball to vaguely near Salvo, and Salvo, being the mensch he is, Tethered the ball and put another in. I then sent the ball to my Ballista, who bobbled up, Deadbolted Owen's Ballista, and scored with legendary. 8-8 just like that, only a half hour into the game total. Hoist and my Velocity were engaging each other, but Hoist was too far from his Velocity to be able to take Acrobatics--and besides, he only had 2 inf. My Velocity had 3 I think. Seeing too much risk in putting the ball in the middle of the field again, Owen sent the ball to my left--the Mainspring territory. It landed where, had his Mainspring not activated immediately, my Mainspring could have picked up the ball and sent it to Colossus for a snapshot. His Mainspring recovered the ball and my Mainspring moved to engage and force a parting blow should his Mainspring want to pass to Salvo. My Velocity was too far to stop this. Basically, whichever Mainspring could win the ball would be able to pass to the respective scorer and end the game. His Mainspring couldn't get away from mine to pass to Salvo directly, but he could pass to space for Salvo to clean up over two activations (though I didn't see this at the time). Thinking Velocity and Compound couldn't really stop him, I had them and Ballista engage his Ballista. Gutter got enough Scything Blows to put his Ballista and Velocity in a scary situation which required answering. Owen won initiative again and chose to go first. He could risk walking his Mainspring away from my Mainspring for the snap shot, or he could save Ballista (who was on 5 health) and Velocity from Gutter. He chose the latter. My Mainspring had 3 inf, but over two 2-die attacks and one 3-die attack failed to get the tackle on his Mainspring . His Mainspring passed to space. With no way to stop his Salvo, my Ballista hail mary'd his Ballista. Owen had no spare momentum for a counter-attack, and my Ballista rolled utter fire on his five 8- and 9-dice swings. I think we saw he missed 5 or 6 dice total out of five attacks. Like a boss! Ballista killed his Doppelganger, Salvo scored (boo!), and that was that. 10-12 loss Awesome game--much more interesting than expected--and to have so much rest on the Mainspring battle was hilarious. In retrospect, I could have sent Velocity or Compound over by Salvo to be ready to interrupt the Tether Ball double activation play. Lesson... learned? With a 2-2 record and 43 points for, I just barely scraped into 8th place, placing me in the Championship the next day! Western US Regional Championship LINK
  20. Hello, I got a question regarding Compound's "Chemical Resist" character play and timing. The character play reads: "Chemical Resist - target friendly model ignores the first poison or burning condition it recieves this turn." Does this mean that a model has to be effected by Chemical Resist before it receives the first poison or burning condition? Or is the the timing of Chemical Resist "irrelevant"? For example, Venin doesn't suffer the poison condition and activates first. He uses his character play "Melting Body" and gets +1 ARM and the poison condition. Compound activates after him and uses "Chemical Resist" on Venin. Does Venin ignore the poison condition or not? I'm pretty sure that Compound has to activate first but the wording of "Chemical Resist" sounds a little bit ambiguous to me. (Please note that English is not my first language.)
  21. In which I give highlights of a few rounds at a nice event and comment on my absence of recent comments: Hello Cog friends, It's been a while. The move back home from the UK and new work project have left me with not a lot of playtime. I'd been planning to go to the Las Vegas Open (reports from that will be separate), so I knew I needed practice. There's no better practice than a small tournament, which we happened to have at Heretic Games in San Bruno thanks to heroic efforts of @kryzak organizing our scattered meta. Thanks, dude! The event was two weeks back and my notes were sparse, but here's what I remember. Take everything with a grain of salt, as prior to this event I'd had maybe 5 or 6 season three games, none of which I won. :/ I brought Ballista, Pin Vice, Mother, Colossus, Ratchet, Hoist, Velocity, Compound, Avarisse and Greede I didn't plan to play Pin Vice at all but figured she would get me more mileage out of the drafting option. Compound and Colossus were both in because I love 2" reach; Avarisse and Greede because I've been fascinated by their jank, which I witnessed on Vassal. Hoist is Hoist, Velocity with Acrobatics seems like a great scoring threat, and Ratchet I wanted for condition help and to turn up Ballista's damage. He could also form a gun battery with Hoist. --- Round 1 vs Alek's Alchemists Ballista, Mother, Avarisse and Greede, Velocity, Compound, Hoist vs Smoke, Naja, vKatalyst, Calculus, Harry, Vitriol I remember something along the lines of Velocity and Hoist trying to go up one side, and Velocity being able to durdle around and score in spite of fire issues. Vitriol must have also scored because she was all up in my lines. My whole team dogpiled Vitriol and managed to kill her, which seemed sweet until I remembered I was playing against Smoke. I had the joy of Ballista, Compound, Avarisse, Greede, Hoist, and Mother all being under legendary. Good one Drill! And then VetKat joined the fray... In spite of the issues there I was able to kill VetKat. Greede died, and somewhere in there Smoke must have gotten a goal. Eventually Alek ran out of time, and in haste + being new to GB tournaments gave me the opportunity to go first on a key initiative. Avarisse was KD'd and poisoned from things that had happened previously, but a loaded Ballista killed Harry (Smoke had run away) and stood the man back up. Kat put Avarisse back on the floor and banged him up bad. I had Avarisse... heal himself? I don't remember. He should have stood up but maybe there was a reason he didn't. Calculus came in and was able to chew through Avarisse's 7 or so health with Alek's final minute of play. 11-12 loss It was a crazy game; wish I remembered more. Round 2 vs Zack's Engineers Ballista, Mother, Avarisse and Greede, Compound, Colossus, Velocity Pin Vice, Mother?, Velocity, Hoist, Harry, Salvo Highlight for me: My Velocity kicks off, his Pin Vice chills with ball having received it with a pass and dodged forward for free. My Vel sprints up to Pin, punches her to burn Close Control, punches her again to take ball, then Pin counters and burns my Close Control. Due to Pin and blockers Velocity makes a 1 die goal kick... and misses! Oh well. Salvo had a chance for a goal run but it got stifled by Horrible Odour. I think I eventually got a goal through with Colossus, and I know I killed Salvo. I tried very hard to kill Pin Vice but in spite of Colossus and Ballista's best efforts she was just too slippery. My opponent got a goal through with Velocity, but ultimately clocked out leading me to get I think 6 points from time, but it may have been 4 with me forgetting a takeout. 12-4 win Round 3 vs David's Alchemists Ballista, Mother, Ratchet, Hoist, Colossus, Compound Midas, Flask, Vitriol, Katalyst, Harry, Compound I kicked the ball to a place where my opponent couldn't easily get it, though I would have had to overextend to get it myself. There was a big forest that Midas pulled Katalyst into, with my opponent learning only then that Forests only block LoS if you are opposite them. Ballista Deadbolted Katalyst and he + Colossus got set up to tear the big man apart. It took longer than I wanted but it got done. Midas got a goal in and Vitriol was down my throat. This game wound up being the only one in which I used my legendary, and it was in a very silly circumstance: I had made a chain of bad decisions that left me with no momentum. Ballista had 2 Inf and was able to walk to get the ball, but due to the forest and my opponent's excellent use of Compound I couldn't get Ballista to a place where he could shoot on goal with just a Jog. That being the case. I Deadbolted Katalyst (who had come back on) for a momentum and used Legendary to make a 2" pass to Colossus. There was no model positioned to stop Colossus from then running up on Compound and scoring a goal, so it was worth it, but just weird. Vitriol scored. Hoist took the ball and hid while I slowed the game down. My opponent ran out of time Hoist scored. The score was 11-8 in my favor. But my opponent won the initiative. It took him longer than a minute to resolve Vitriol getting the ball from Ratchet, getting in range, and scoring, so I won, but we rolled it out anyway and he would have scored. It was his first GB event on clock, and we were both exhausted. 12-8 victory ---- So not a terrible outing with 2-1 on the day, and I definitely learned a lot. My play has slowed down, but it was still fast enough to clock all three of my (new to GB clock) opponents. That's something? I thank @MattyBurns for making us play with a 35 minute clock and pairing me against @UciB's Obulus that one time. I broke my losing streak, though never without the clock's help. Avarisse and Greede were cool and did a lot of damage even though they couldn't seem to roll too well. I never got to live any scoring dream with them, though, and Engineers are not hurting for KDs, pushes, or Singled Out. They are hurting for reach though, so my inclination is to experiment with Gutter and Harry, with a preference to Gutter because I'm a snowflake! Report on LVO coming soon (in a separate thread, probably). Thanks for reading!
  22. First and foremost i should apologize to Engineers as a whole for giving up on the guild so early in my career. The Engineers was the first team i picked up when i started playing this game over a year ago, and stayed with them up until January of this year because i wasn't happy with the team and felt the other guilds were stronger. I should have stuck around to at least play Pin Vice for more than 2 games then move to the Union. Sorry. For those of you that do not already know i am based in Tampa, FL and i come from Armada Games. Where i started playing GB in August of 2015, i am a coach that loves to compete in tournaments and consider myself a good coach as well. I hangout and talk lot to the host of the TKO podcast Dan and Steve. They are both good coaches in my eyes and we have all made a pact to play new guilds for season 3. Since i didn't give the Engineers the respect they deserve they will be my team this season and i plan to do my best to get as many wins under my belt with them. So this thread will be where i post as many game reports as possible, that means videos, pictures, and written reports. I want to this to track my thoughts of the team, tactics, tech, and where the game is going in season 3 itself. Consider the time of this post until the date of the S3 cards are release in January as my pre-season, where i am learning the team again when the new cards are public on the 28th. Armada Games runs a tournament every month at the store and will be hosting a Big League as well (It might be multiple during the year). So if i do forget to post casual games know that the tournament & league games will have a report. It's time for the Engineers to raise to the top table and show the rest of the world that we are not to be underestimated anymore. Please feel free to comment and ask questions on anything, i would really like the feedback.
  23. This could be a local phenomenon, but I've been to several tournaments in the north eastern United States since season three came out and I've seen a pattern emerging. A majority of teams are extremely football oriented. That's no great surprise with the tap in and home crowd changes, but what is surprising is the extent of it. Somewhere in the vicinity of 50% of all players at these events have been Alchemists Engineers and Fishermen and they inundate the top tables. At first I didn't think anything of it. Everyone was thrilled to try out the new Engineers after all and season 3 was meant to reemphasize the goal scoring game, but this is a bit ridiculous. Is it like this elsewhere? Has anyone seen Butchers or Brewers dominating in season 3?
  24. Background: I am a new Guild Ball player, and Guild Ball is my first foray into tabletop miniature war gaming. However, I've been playing board and card games for over a decade, so I'm bringing that with me into this game (good or bad 😉) I was suckered into the game with the Guild Ball Kickoff box, which is a brilliant way to breach the board gamer market imho, and then found out one of my new friends at work had been playing the game since the Kickstarter. Needless to say, he has been a fount of knowledge and we have played about two games a week since. After reading through all of the fluff, player cards, and watching some YouTube videos of different teams, I ended up picking up an Engineers team and have committed to playing them for the indefinite future. My Team: Ballista Salvo Ratchet Velocity Harry the Hat Mainspring Issue: I'm struggling to go 3-0 in my games. I think the problem lies in this unavoidable scrum that locks up most of my players in the middle of the field. My friend, mentioned above, played Butchers S1 & S2, and decided to roll out a Hammer led Mason's team for S3, which I am pretty sure he plays like the butchers. With the help of Wrecker, he usually manages to corral my team into one area, and through the help of crowded out effects makes my character plays nearly impossible. So my problem is twofold: 1) I have only really played the game with him so I think his play style influences the way I think about the game and 2) I need to figure out how to avoid the scrum or get out of it when it comes. So I turn to you all for some advice. What can I do to better my effort? How can I more efficiently use my players to grab the win? How does one go about playing towards a 3-0 win? If you have any clarifying questions, please ask because I am sure you all know more than I, so I am probably just missing some things 😉
  25. Hello Guild Ballers! Another report is up on my blog! Read it here! It's a friendly game between my Brewers and Hunters. We used season 1 guild plots since nobody had the season 2 plots yet. Other than that, feel free to comment or ask questions. I hope you enjoy the read, and don't be afraid to look at the other stuff in my blog. It's all guild ball related! See you on the pitch some day!