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Found 100 results

  1. Hi guys, We're back with a new match report as we see how the recently errata'd Alchemists fare against Pin Vice! As always please feel free to have your rulebooks at the ready if we (inevitably) forget something (like our chat about Magnum Opus) and please do let us know if there are any teams or lineups that you'd like to see make an appearance over the rest of the summer!! We've updated our editing software so any feedback on the editing in particular would be awesome!! Enjoy!
  2. Hi guys, We're back with a new match report as we see how the recently errata'd Alchemists fare against Pin Vice! As always please feel free to have your rulebooks at the ready if we (inevitably) forget something (like our chat about Magnum Opus) and please do let us know if there are any teams or lineups that you'd like to see make an appearance over the rest of the summer!! We've updated our editing software so any feedback on the editing in particular would be awesome!! Enjoy!
  3. Second Guild Ball video I've edited. My brother and I intend on doing more because right now we love this game more than our other war-games. Enjoy.
  4. It's quite remote, I understand. But anyone from Utah Valley to Salt Lake is within playing range for me. I play engineers, union, and am looking to pick up farmers and/or masons. I'm fairly new; I've had the game since season 2 but have had very few players to play with so my experience is almost non-existent. I've only played against s2 alchemists, butchers, and hunters.
  5. Pin Vice Experiments

    I have noticed that Pin Vice has seen a resurgence in popularity on the forums and podcasts recently, with people playing her again and enjoying her. I myself started engineers in late N2 around pin vice's release and played her almost exclusively. I really enjoyed playing her, and it had opened me up to the more dynamic scoring game approach that I had not previously fully understood at that point yet. Since N3, I went the other way and picked up ballista and really started to enjoy his flexible/versatile mixed scoring and fighting playstyle. Since then, I've only had a handful of games with pin vice. So I figured it was time to pick her back up again and give her another shake. I think she is in a decent place right now overall - similar to ballista she can swap between a scoring and fighting gameplan quite easily. Unlike ballista, she seems a lot more high variance (high risk and reward) as she doesn't have the control that ballista brings, but rather brings some additional personal threat when it comes to goals and takeouts. I'll be updating this thread with reports, commentary, thoughts on pin vice and how she fares in the meta, etc. First games with her will be tonight, likely playing against some alchemists and either union or brewers. Here is my current 10 for engineers: Ballista Pin Vice Mother Hoist Colossus Rachet Velocity Harry Compound vVelocity (flex slot) I will be messing around with that last slot a bit. I have yet to try but would like to see how vet velocity does with pin vice in certain matchups. Not convinced it's better than just original velocity or compound but certainly worth giving it a shot. My 6 for pin vice typically looks like the following: Pin Vice Mother Hoist Colossus Rachet Flex slot (Compound, Harry, Velocity, vVelocity) It's really hard to give up Harry in that slot if you are receiving. Against certain teams, and if kicking swapping for compound seems pretty good. Rachet is also potentially able to be replaced against certain teams, but that only works in my opinion if a pure scoring game is viable, or the opposing team has at least 2 vulnerable targets for pin vice to take out (w/o needing tooled up or overclock). Against Alchemists tonight I'll likely be playing with the standard 6 (including harry) or compound.
  6. So I'm finally at a point I have the time to write up my Engineer journey from the end of April through early May. This all started because my friend, Dan decided he had to sell his Engineers which I had been looking to pick up since the start of season 3, but didn't actually have the money or inclination to buy and paint a new guild (at this point I had Hunters, Union, Alchemists, and Brewers with only the Brewers still to paint). But Dan's engineers are gorgeous and I definitely wanted them to stay in house so I blew my gaming budget a bit for a couple months and picked them up when he said he was selling. At this time I had been debating what to put together for an upcoming Regional Qualifier in Denver for Texas GamesCon and even though I had no intention of making the Con, I still wanted to make the qualifier what with it only being an hour away and with me running (and therefor not playing in) one the following weekend in Colorado Springs for MomCon I started the game back in April of 2016 by buying the Hunter starter and really didn't like how they fared in the S2-3 transition so I hadn't really played them all that much. Union is what I had swapped to at the end of S2 and primarily played Blackheart. Early S3 I played a ton of Veteran Rage prompted by the alternate sculpt. Most recently before buying the Engineers I had been playing Alchemists which I traded some Warmachine stuff for. But, while I liked playing them, they weren't really clicking for me. I blame Vitriol who I think was at the time around 0/6 on goal shots for me. So I was kinda of debating whether to paint up Snakeskin who I (along with several others) theorized could kill the ball for my vRage team vs Fish and Alchemists long enough for me to get the 2-4 take outs I wanted or jump ship and paint the Brewers up which I'd only played a handful of times at all but owned in part due to the kick off value. With Dan's engineers suddenly falling in my lap, my decision was made! I had borrowed the team a couple times in the past to mess around with them just for fun (hook) including just playing around one regular game night practicing the steps for a turn 1 Pin Vice legendary run to nail that in a bit in my brain in terms of what was possible with a ton of free passes (line). Him selling the team fully painted and converted (sinker) fit my lazy idea of how gaming should be perfectly so I decided to get in at least a half dozen games of practice over the next couple weeks before the tournament. I hope at least some of you enjoy reading these and/or find them beneficial. My disclaimer is that all pictures are taken poorly by me and while the plan is to snap one start of turn and mid turn every turn, I tend to forget when I'm frustrated or in the groove of executing a plan. I'm terrible at balance (see user name and understand it is an accurate physical description) so some of the pictures wound up so blurry as to be unusable. All my opponent's models look way better in person than they do in my pictures and they have all graciously allowed me to post these write-ups. I'll link the thread out to all of them so they can comment if you have any questions for them. I welcome any and all questions and comments! So without further ado, here are the match reports of my 7 practice games followed by a tournament report of the regional qualifier. Inaugural Game - vs Fishermen 20 April vs Alex - I picked up the Engineers on Thursday en route to my regular game store, Gamer's Haven in Colorado Springs. Alex was down visiting us from Denver for his guard unit's 2 week rotation and had brought his Fishermen with him. This was going to be my last regular chance to play him and also was my 40th birthday so we each just sorted out a lineup we wanted to play and went with that, no draft. This match has no pictures and was before I decided to take notes, but stuck with me well enough to write it up blow by blow when I got home. Writing it up led me to decide to take notes through the qualifier tournament and try and do some written match reports because I like having them to read and figure maybe there are some other old folks like me who like reading this sort of stuff more than watching or listening to it. My lineup was Ballista, Mother, Hoist, Locus, Ratchet, oVelocity with plots Composure, Who Are Ya?, and Sic 'em. Alex went with Corsair, Tentacles, Hag, Kraken, vSiren, Avarice/Greede with plots Good Marker, Brace for Impact, Match Fixing He wins the roll off and elect to receive. I try and kick with Ballista towards A/G, but both the scatter and the re-roll are in direction 6 and land the ball in my half of the pitch. He opts to give the ball to the Hag. Turn 1 The Hag uses her free play to dodge Corsair forward and them misses a pass to Avarice, but Greede is able to intercept the ball anyways. Ballista wants to reposition into an obstruction to avoid Corsair's drag and deadbolt the Hag who is sitting in an obstructions, but I forgot that she has fear and only had 2 influence on Ballista so he delays, and instead, Ratchet tools up Hoist and drops a blast earth on the Hag which hits for a momentum thanks to Ballista's aura. Corsair drags in Ballista, knocks him down and does a couple points of damage. Seeing that both Siren and Kraken are ready to get in on him, Ballista stands up forfeiting his movement and swings on Corsair pushing him out of cover. He gets knocked down by a counter attack so spends the momentum from the push to stand up and swing again for another push moving Corsair within 2" of the hag. Siren moves in on Ballista and does a few damage and gets a dread gaze up to stymie any melee attacks I might want to make. Mother sprints up and drops a nest to be in Kraken's way if he tries to get into Ballista. Kraken gets to Ballista and KD him anyways. Due to the drag, Hoist can't get into range of Ballista for momentous inspiration (because Ratchet forgot to Overclock him) so he goes ahead and advances and drops a pair of tooled up blast earths on Siren, Corsair, and Hag. Siren eats both, Corsair and Hag, get hit once each. Alex goes for the A/G goal here instead of Tentacles which I felt was a mistake as I had 2 inf on Locus still and 1 on Velocity. They of course make the tap in goal after double sprinting and a where did they go, but taking it now instead of 1 activation later meant Velocity would have had to retrieve the ball instead of Locus. The kick out scatters in front of Locus who sprints up and passes it back to Velocity. Tentacles moves up behind the nest. Velocity sprints out wide but in a positioning mistake on my part does not end within 18" of the fish goal. Turn 2 - initiative to Engineers - 4-0 to the Fish I lead off with Locus who walks up to Kraken and >> him into some rough ground just outside 6" from Velocity and then gets a knock down on him. Kraken forfeits his movement to stand up and plays Good Marker to gamble on a Harpoon at Velocity on 1 die (due to being engaged) but he misses. He then knocks down Locus. [We played this wrong, if you forfeit your movement, you can't use Good Marker.] Ballista clears his conditions (knockdown) and walks out of range of Hag and Siren taking a pair of parting blows for 1 damage each. He pays for a Minefield and deadbolts Corsair back out of melee and triggering Sturdy. Corsair decides to Harpoon Ballista instead of taking the 3 damage from Minefield and then grabs a few momentum knocking the engineer captain back down and doing some damage. Tough Hide is doing a ton of work keeping Ballista from dropping too fast. Mother drops a nest back near Hoist and Ratchet where A/G might have tried to converge then moves up to crowd out Kraken preparing for Velocity coming in later for a momentum or two. Siren shadow likes and get a dread gaze and some damage and momentum off Ballista who is now down to 10 hp. She then heals herself after her advance to offset the Minefield. Ratchet tools up Hoist Avarice charges Hoist and Greede walks in but can't make melee range. Avarice takes a >> instead of Single Out or knock down and moves hoist enough to be in melee range of Greede. Greede wiffs for only 2 net hits so takes a < due to tough hide. Hoist, super excited by this turn of events gives Avarice a parting blow to lose the crowd out and swings 3 times on Greede for 6 non-momentous damage. Hag uses her free play to dodge Corsair towards Tentacles, but he gets stopped by the best nest ever so doesn't move the whole 2". Velocity makes her charge at Kraken who defensive stances. She gets 4 net-hits for the super awesome <<>> and dodges into Tentacles who has 1 inf and uses her last inf to Nimble because I don't want to let the octopus trigger close control with a counter attack. She spends my momentum to stand Locus back up because I'm so far behind on momentum this turn i may as well spend it. Tentacles does 1 damage to Velocity. Turn 3 - initiative to Fish - still 4-0 for Fish Alex sees a hilarious play and goes for it. The Hag shadow likes off the obstruction and walks to a spot where she has 9 players in her legendary range. She uses the free play to position Kraken closer to Velocity then pops it. She closes the gap between Avarice and Greede, gets Tentacles and Kraken on 2 sides of Velocity but can't get Corsair to close the gap still due to the best nest ever. At the end of all this, Velocity was b2b with Tentacles and Kraken and engaged by Corsair, but the Hag took 9 damage and was taken out which then left a nice clear 30mm wide path out of this scrum if Velocity was a bit lucky. 4-2 Fish So Velocity gives it the 'ole college try. Mother is still ganging up Kraken so he's the target. Minus 2 dice for Tentacles and Corsair and +1 for Mother, Velocity decides to spend my lost initiative momentum for a bonus time. The dice come up 3 hits for a momentous <<. Acrobatic gives another 2" dodge to break all the melee ranges so Velocity walks around Siren and slots in a goal staying in position instead of running the length because I felt I'd need the momentum to clear some knock downs. 4-6 Engineers The kick out scatters extremely poorly for Alex and lands well behind the scrum instead of on any of his players. Fearing Locus using Remote Control, Alex felt he had to pick up the ball so Kraken backed up and grabbed it and passed to Corsair. He sits on his momentum. It takes me a minute, but I finally see it for two reasons; 1. This was an interaction I wanted to use going into the game and 2. A/G are b2b again and 1 hp Greede will die easily and save me some grief later on. Hoist swings on Greede and gets the 1 damage for the take out. 4-8 Engineers Hoist spends both momentum I have to stand up Ballista (who is now engaging Corsair). Hoist then walks up and true replicates Burrow from Mother and uses this to place himself next to the best nest ever. He's crowded out by Tentacles but has Ballista to off set that. The burrow swing nets a T popping close control on Corsair. The counter attack triggers Sturdy. Swinging again gets a momentous T again. Last influence is spent on a pass to Velocity crowded out twice (Corsair and Tentacles) with an intervening model (Siren) so is down to 1 die. Composure brings this back up to 3 dice. He gets the 1 success once the last die stops spinning and that makes 2 momentum for Velocity to Snap Shot which she lands like a champ! 4-12 Engineers 12 points in 4 activations (his and mine) MVP was that very first nest marker that Mother placed which kept being in the way for repositions and ultimately was the burrow to win for Hoist. First game out with a brand new team and a win out of nowhere. I was really not felling good about this game until Velocity got super lucky dodging out of the death trap the Hag put her in. Hoist and Mother was half the reason I wanted this team in the first place so I was glad to get to use that this game. Having played primarily scrum teams who football when they can, it was very interesting for me to actively try and pursue the goals before the kills and there is certainly a visceral excitement to winning a game with a snap shot that I couldn't even afford to bonus time. Game 2 - vs Fishermen 21 April So, this game was vs. my most frequent opponent Jayden who was the first person I dragged into guild ball after I bought the Hunters. Since we both had some free time Friday, I took my puppy over to his house to play with his while we got in a game of guild ball. I was pretty sure Fishermen (Shark in particular) would be a very tough match for the Engineers and they guild is quite popular so I wanted to practice this match up a few times. Jayden won the roll off and opted to receive Teams in drafted order were: Tentacles, Avarice/Greede, Sakana, oSiren, Greyscales, Shark - leaving Corsair, Hag, Kraken on the bench - his plots were Super Fan, Who Are Ya?, and Match Fixing Mother, Hoist, Locus, oVelocity, Ratchet, Ballista - leaving Pin Vice, Compound, Harry the Hat on the bench - my plots Good Marker, Sic 'em, Wingback I kick off with Ballista. Greyscales sprints and decoys and passes the ball to Siren. Mother walks up and drops a nest. Siren walks up and passes to Greede. Ballista walks up and puts up a minefield and deadbolt's Avarice. Avarice clears conditions and advances. Greede passes to Tentacles and walks back b2b with Avarice. Locus sprints up the field. Tentacles passes to Sakana and walks forward. Ratchet Tools Up Hoist, advances and drops a blast earth on Tentacles missing him. Sakana walks up and bonus times a pass to Shark who dodges forward after receiving it. Velocity sprints off to the wing. Shark sprints around the minefield to engage Mother attacking 4 times for 4 momentous dodges and shoots a goal with a bonus time successfully. Hoist punts the ball away from Shark and Greyscales out towards the sidelines and then misses a blast earth on Shark. Turn 2 - Fish win @ +4 - 4-0 Fish Shark sprints around taking a parting blow form Mother for 1 damage. Locus's gravity well pulls him in and he uses his Legendary catching everyone except Velocity. Shark starts swinging for a >. Locus's counter attack > him back away from the ball. Shark keeps swinging for <<, <<, swing on Ratchet for << and finally get in range on the ball and snaps it up. Ballista uses Good Marker to Deadbolt Shark and the ball scatters 6" directly towards tentacles...so much for me being in this game at all. Greyscales engages Velocity. Avarice and Greede shuffle around in the back a bit. Mother moves her 1" and drops a nest Siren walks through the forest and seduces Locus to knock down Ballista. Velocity walks away from Greyscales taking 1 damage for her troubles. Tentacles snaps the ball and passes to Sakana which misses and scatters to just in front of the Fish goal line. Locus uses Destructive Impulse on Shark pushing him towards the edge of the pitch. Sakana sprints and snaps up the ball and gets a couple of momentous dodges off of Ballista. Hoist Blast earth's Shark a couple times because Ratchet forgot to Overclock him or the free sprint and 2 Destructive Impulses could have pushed him off the pitch. Shark is instead left on 3 hp. Fish win the roll off at even. Sakana hits Ballista for <<, <, engages Locus and gets sucked in by Gravity Well [Wrong, gravity well only triggers on advances]. << off Ballista again then walks into tap in range and slots in a goal. My kick out scatters directly towards Shark continuing the trend of why do I even bother with this game. I fail to see that A/G are fully loaded and I have Mother grab the ball with a nest and drop it next to hoist to avoid Siren seducing me into giving him a snap shot. Avarice and Greede double sprint and Where Did They Go into another tap in goal. [All the notes below were taken immediately after the game - my second with Engineers] This was the first game I'd been shutout in probably 8 months or so and it was brutal. I intentionally didn't draft Compound this time around even knowing that he's amazing to shorten the A/G threat range and can cause alot of trouble with Horrific Odor. Shark's legendary hitting the entire relevant portion of the board is every bit and stupid as I remembered only this team is all walk 4 or 5 so its even more debilitating than I'm used to. oSiren completes the Fish dominance vs Engineers because I have no one I can leave the ball on and have it safe for even a single turn. Had the scatter when Shark got knocked down gone literally anywhere except where it did, I either would have had the ball or it would have been dead for a turn, both of which I think would have allowed me to get at least some points on the board. I still think that Locus has some merit into the Fish match up, but I'm not sure how to cram him into the lineup. Taking for granted I want Hoist, Ratchet, and Compound that only leaves me one flex slot which I kinda want to be Velocity so that I can have two pocket goals (Breach+Velocity) and a semi-maybe-possible place to park the ball (def 6 with close control is hard for all the fish to actually T and is a coin flip for Siren). If this doesn't get figured out, I may as well just stick with Alchemists who I believe are a stronger team or the Union which I have more experience with.
  7. Hey all, I participated in the Spring Fling this past weekend, the largest US Guild Ball tournament to date. It was an awesome event, got to catch up with a lot of people I know, including the awesome Liberty Guild Ball crew, the chicago guys, the capital guild ball group, and all of the other people I've have met in my GB travels around the east coast/midwest. I brought my Engineers to the event. This is the team I have been playing the most the past few months, its the team I took to the Captaincon finals a few month ago and did pretty well with, so I was hoping to be competitive with them in this event as well. My 10 was the following: Ballista, pin vice, mother, rachet, hoist, colossus, harry, compound, velocity, salvo. I can talk more about my thoughts on team composition in a separate thread. I knew I would be playing mostly ballista this event. I do like pin vice, however I really believe she only makes it into a few matchups (and ideally is receiving then as well). The issue is that Ballista plays the flexible 2-2 game soooooooo well, and can deal with most annoying defensive options. In particular, he is much better than pin vice at getting the ball off of UM models and stopping some of the extreme ball killing tactics I was expecting from any of the chicago guys. Note: Some details may be off, if so I apologize to any of my opponents in advance! Going from memory here. Day 1 Game 1: Engineers (Ballista) vs. Alchemists (Midas) Engineers Lineup - Ballista, Mother, Colossus, Harry, Rachet, Hoist Alchemist Lineup - Midas, flask, Vitriol, Mercury, Katalyst 1, Harry (?) Won roll off, chose to receive. I played very cagey, killed the ball effectively for the first 2 turns while I shot at his players and force him to come into me. Vitriol gets a bonus timed deadbolt to neutralize her turn 1 on the kickoff. I unfortunately don't remember too much about this game, and I apologize to my opponent Derek for that, it was definitely a good game. I know I was eventually able to pick off 2 of his players and score a goal. He eventually gets a return goal with mercury, and I respond with return goal. Result: 12-4 victory I definitely was able to control this game pretty well. He couldn't get his players into me to attack the ball well at all, and I was able to hold onto it until I had already started winning the scrum and then could convert it into a goal and a few take outs. Derek was a great opponent, and he recognized pretty quickly my strategy and did his best to try to push through despite having to play the losing side of a slower grindy game. Game 2: Engineers (Ballista) vs. Butchers (Ox) Engineers Lineup - Ballista, Mother, Colossus, Harry, Rachet, Hoist Butchers Lineup - Ox, Truffles, Shank, Minx, Meathook, Boar Won roll off, chose to receive. Ox kicked. I grab the ball, get my passes going, deadbolt ox and second wind back to safety. the ball eventually goes to hoist, who has dodged up and has the nest down to score the goal whenever. He decides to throw the marked target onto a model so that shank can Whered they go and charge in, generating a momentum so ox can at least stand up. I end up knocking down shank and getting him crowded out a bit. I throw overclocked hoist into boar who generates some momentum and scores a goal, staying engaged. he kicks the ball back out towards the right flank where ox and meathook are. I win the roll off, do some additional setup on shank. Minx goes in, gets singled out on the counter attack. Eventually, ballista is able to kill shank, who is in melee with him, and then walk over to minx and one round her with all of the gang ups, KD and singled out. He legendaries with Ox and is able to take out a snared colossus with his full stack. He is trying to figure out if there is a goal angle for meathook, I kindly and cheekily help him out a bit so he can take the shot. I then basically immediately respond with a ballista breach goal for the win the next turn. Had he held on to the ball it goes a bit longer, however Ballista probably kills Ox next round, and then meathook is very lonely sitting next to my team. Result: 12-6 victory Felt very comfortable here. My opponent, the awesome Alex C from Philly has had some good success against a few engineer players with ox recently, and thus chose him into me for this matchup. I think a bit of his experience with the matchup may be skewed by skill disparities - I feel this is one of Ox's worst matchups in the game. Ballista can control him very hard, and very quickly wittle down his health, to the point that Ox can basically never go near Ballista or risk getting taken out. Ballista's counter also is brutal against ox, forcing him to have to hit the KD or basically be highly likely to be pushed out. At the same time, the engineer team is still threatening goals much better than ox butchers realistically can. Game 3: Engineers (Ballista) vs. Union (vRage) Engineers Lineup - Ballista, Mother, Colossus, Compound, Rachet, Hoist Union Lineup - vRage, strongbox, Harry, Gutter, Minx, Mist Pretty sure I received here. This game is a bit blurry in regards to turn by turn. I know Hoist went in and scored the first turn goal, then dodged into cover. He played who are ya. Hoist promptly dies to vRage. He goes into hardcore ball killing mode with mist. The rest of the game is pretty straightforward. He comes into me, starts ripping into my players. I get colossus up on the right flank, get him into position and threatening mist. I win a disadvantaged roll off turn 2 or 3, which puts me in an interesting situation. Mist has the ball next to his goal. Colossus is in range to charge and shoot. At the same time, I have ballista and another player who have put themselves into bad situations near vRage and the team. I end up deciding it is more important to go for the points and give up the 1/2 players, rather than trying to save 1, which may or may not even do anything and allow him to further kill the ball. Colossus charges mist, who defensive stances. I need 2 6's on 8 dice to get the momentous tackle, but get nothing. I had gotten that, I have a 3 die tap in to put me up 8 to 2, which I think puts me in an excellent spot. Instead, I end up settling just for getting the ball on my next attack. He goes ahead and murders 2 of my players and starts working on compound. I basically go into scatter my players mode and abandon the scrum. The next turn, I score early with colossus, he takes out compound and mother (I believe). He is on 9, I am on 8. I continue avoiding the fight as much as possible and getting my models into position to threaten the ball again. I make a mistake with Colossus and dodge him towards cover. This allows him to walk mist and pick up the free ball from the kickoff and then unsnap it. We measure, and the ball is JUST over 10" from Colossus, meaning I can't grab the ball and pass it back towards ballista or anyone else on the team. He ends up killing someone else, and I eventually clock moving a player up trying to threaten the ball for next turn and giving him the final point. Result: 8-12 loss Not sure if compound was a mistake here. Harry feels dangerous because vRage kills him so quickly. Velocity may have been the answer. Although compound is the better battery player, having another striker threat vector may have been enough to tip that final goal into my favor. Felt pretty good with my play here. My opponent, Alex Botts of Chicago/STW fame, is an excellent player and really does a great job at pressuring and taking control of the board with vRage union. I felt that I did very well at recognizing the board state and what my win condition was and adapting to that by abandoning the fight and leaving my players to their fate while gunning for the ball. Game 4: Engineers (Ballista) vs. Butchers (Fillet) Engineers Lineup - Ballista, Mother, Colossus, Harry, Rachet, Hoist Butchers Lineup - Fillet, Princess, Boiler, Tenderiser, Meathook, Brisket 1 Believe I received, not sure who won roll off. I played the first turn pretty standard, threw out blast earths to wittle down fillet and anyone else I could hit. She ends up throwing out a pain circle and not doing too much else. I don't recall the exact sequence, but fillet eventually charges (possibly quickfooted) into rachet, blood reigns getting him and mother, and puts him down to 3 but forgets to legendary to kill him. In return, Fillet gets KD, singled out, and crowded out a few times. Ballista comes in late in the turn and puts fillet down to 1 or so. Hoist, who had been holding the ball, passes to ballista before the end of the turn. I win the momentum race and end up killing fillet and then shooting the breach goal. I believe I mostly kill meathook in that activation as well. I definitely kill meathook at some point in the turn putting me to 8. In return in the same turn he goes to score with Brisket but accidentally makes 1 too many attacks and forgets he needed the extra influence to super shot. He eventually scores with brisket. We spend a lot of time doing not much of anything, with me putting mostly ineffective attacks into brisket and him moving boiler and princess up. He eventually gets boiler and princess into colossus, putting a solid hurt onto him. At this point, I am fighting for the ball back with brisket (may have been after a bad scatter) and trying to find a goal angle (as he had healed most of his players). However, tenderiser is proving to be really annoying, as it is hard for me to find an angle where I can get better than a 2/3 die goal needed 5's, which I didn't feel comfortable taking. Meanwhile, my clock is running low fast. Fillet is able to return to the field and get setup to go into colossus, killing him and another player with legendary and trying to grab the ball to end it with a goal (which would have been an amazing 8 point activation). However he gets a little too focused on the goal and takes a dodge to get set up for the goal and forgets about ballista's counter attack, which pushes fillet out of melee and out of goal range. I am then able to get the ball cleared out towards hoist with mother. Hoist is then able to grab the ball, burrow, charge tenderiser and push dodge him out of melee, setting up for the 4 die tap in needing 4's and I get it for the win. Result: 12-8 victory I felt very comfortable early in this game. I felt that I baited fillet into overextending, which I was able to convert into 6-8 points. I think the length of the day may have been getting to me at this point, and I spent way too much time doing all of nothing while he slowly positioned himself to start getting points. This put me low on clock, which caused me to make a bunch of small positioning errors. I had thought I had lost it once fillet went in for the 8 point run but luckily my opponent forgot about ballista's excellent counter attack. I was happy with how I was able to manuever the ball to a safe spot to set up hoist for the goal run. Great game and great opponent (Brad M). Day 2 Game 5: Engineers (Ballista) vs. Morticians (Scalpel) Engineers Lineup - Ballista, Mother, Colossus, Harry, Rachet, Hoist Morticians Lineup - Scalpel, Dirge, Silence, Ghast, Rage, Graves 1 Won roll off, chose to receive. Opponent kicked off with Ghast. I am able to grab the ball, pass around and throw out blast earths and deadbolt rage. He moves up super aggressively with Scalpel and ghast. A little fuzzy on the details here, but I know I am able win the roll off turn 2, deadbolt scalpel and score the breach goal. He ends up scoring with scalpel and second winding back to by ballista. Ghast does an unmasking on a few models, but then slowly gets surrounded by the rest of my team, and gets a good chip of damage onto him. I also get the ball back to ballista. I win the roll off, put 6 on ballista and generate some momentum, KD scalpel and get her down to 2 health and score a 2nd goal. He then goes and bonus times a shutout onto hoist and misses. Had he hit it, it definitely slows down the game a bit, potentially, makes it last another turn. However hoist then goes, reps blast earth to kill a KD scalpel, putting me to 10. At this point, ghast is completely boxed in by my team, so he takes an activation and then I go ahead and kill ghast with a combo of colossus and Harry. Result: 12-4 victory After the game, my opponent mentioned that the engineer player he typically plays with loves to play very passively and shoot and back up a lot, which is why he chose to position ghast and scalpel aggressively. I think he was not prepared for me to switch from that controlling shooting style turn 1 to a much more aggressive goal scoring style throwing ballista up into his team. I was able to take advantage of that and take control of the tempo, knowing that I had 2 eventual takeouts more or less in the bag. Again great opponent and great game. Game 6: Engineers (Ballista) vs. Union (sBrisket) Engineers Lineup - Ballista, Mother, Colossus, Harry, Rachet, Hoist Union Lineup - sBrisket, Coin, Mist, Averisse & Greede, Harry, Gutter Lost roll off, opponent chose to receive. Colossus kicks, opponent is able to recover with mist and pass it along. I start generating momentum with blast earths from rachet. He ends up throwing gutter up into easy threat range of colossus. A&G score the first turn goal, I put who are ya on greede. Colossus is able to KD/single out and push gutter into range of ballista/hoist. They go into gutter, generate a bunch of momentum and put her down to 1, hoist gives ballista the ball. 2nd turn, ballista goes and kills gutter, then deadbolts sBrisket and scores the breach goal - believe he puts up minefield and dodges back or second winds. I kill greede with harry. He moves harry and averisse up, does a few things to my harry. At some point, ball scatters and lands on averisse who snaps it. I end up tackling the ball with hoist, moving him to the right flank and unsnapping the ball. Brisket is able to legendary, get the ball and score with aplomb, dodging just out of 1 of hoist. I kick the ball pretty aggressively, hoping for a decent scatter. It sends up in a pretty live spot for both me and my opponent. I win the roll off. I make a huge mistake here (my time was getting a bit low, definitely had time to think it through though) and only allocate hoist 3. I go first with hoist, grab the free ball and land within range of ballista and rachet - true rep blast earth, hit sbrisket, dropping her to 2 and gaining a momentum. Had I had 4 on hoist here, I bonus time the second blast earth, kill brisket and hold onto the ball. I then am almost guaranteed to get the takeout on harry (who was very overextended) before he can get mist or anyone else over to the ball, or get 2 more takeouts. Instead, I pass the ball to colossus, who was up the field in cover on my opponent's side of the pitch. I make another huge mistake here. I use the momentum for teamwork action, I dodge colossus closer to the goal, making the goal next activation super easy, but also putting him within threat range of gutter. I did this to make sure he was out of threat range of brisket - however I think I overestimated that threat - he would have had to sprint around hoist to avoid the lethal parting blow, and then would be very susceptible to a counter from colossus, and even if if he did manage to get the ball he couldn't get back nearly into range of the goal. Had I kept colossus back here, I think my opponent is extremely hard pressed to do much except steal the ball with brisket, and then he likely loses her in return. Anyway, he ends up going in with gutter and KDing colossus and getting the ball off of the scatter onto mist. I go with Colossus, spend a momentum to stand up, then walk to exactly 2 inch away from both mist and gutter. I then make another big mistake and attack gutter, getting a little greedy and forgetting that the KD is a big threat against colossus on the counter. I whiff my attack and he kd's me. Then mist goes and scores the goal for the win. Result: 8-12 loss. Overall, was happy with my play except for the final turn. I felt that I had decent control and tempo of the game, and had the options on the table to bring it home. That said, my great opponent (Sheridan) played extremely well and went for the aggressive goal scoring plays he needed to do to get the win, and was able to pull it out. As for the matchup/draft, Harry probably was a mistake here. Was a bit on autopilot at this point. Compound stops the turn 1 averisse and greede goal, and can still go and kill greede later on if he gets thrown in for a goal on later turns. Overall Thoughts *WiP*
  8. The Big League plot card Bolt Action states "The friendly model may use that Character Play again during this activation without spending Influence, regardless of restrictions." In the following examples, what restrictions may be disregarded? If Gutter uses Scything Blow to damage an enemy model, can this card be used to Scything Blow again even though that play is not normally bought with influence? If a Union team borrows this card from an Engineer and vRage uses Red Fury to allow Decimate to trigger Thousand Cuts off her play book, can this card allow her to use Thousand Cuts again even though it's not her activation?
  9. Match Report - Engineers vs. Fishermen

    Truth be told we did say this would be coming out at the weekend but with our Hunter Scout Reports and Salute you guys might not get a chance to watch it, so here it is early! Our newest match report, Fishies vs Pin Vice! :-)
  10. Greetings forum-ites! I am back with another game play commentary for my series Run the Length. This one is against Pat VanValue from Strictly the worst. Can I break my losing streak vs the Strictly the Worst guys find out below. Let me know what you guys thought about the game and tell me about my mistakes in the comments. Go subscribe over on Youtube if you want to know when new content gets put up and while you are over there hit the like button it helps the channel a lot. The Plugs: Strictly the Worst Guild Ball Podcast: http://strictlytheworst.libsyn.com/ Game was filmed at Grognard Games in Hoffman Estates. Their Website can be found here: http://grognardgames.com/ Follow me on Twitter: @TheCurkov https://mobile.twitter.com/thecurkov Pat's Twitter: @PatVanV https://twitter.com/PatVanV
  11. Truth be told we did say this would be coming out at the weekend but with our Hunter Scout Reports and Salute you guys might not get a chance to watch it, so here it is early! Our newest match report, Fishies vs Pin Vice! :-)
  12. Which Mercenary Makes the Cut?

    @DrillbossD and I were just starting to have this conversation in another forum thread, but I thought I'd post it to the main page and let everyone weigh-in. I'm a new guild ball player and am slowly filling out my Engineers team, so I'll probably be picking up one or two of the models recommended here. Question: If you can only take one Union model in your tournament 9, who makes the cut and why? Feel free to respond however you want or use this small form below: Union Model: Nine Model Roster: How does this model support your team roster? What do you hope to accomplish with this model?
  13. Facing the engineers

    This is a popular topic these days, and I'm running light on ideas. Plus I dont want to bump an older thread so...We have a force in our meta who runs Ballista, Mother, Hoist, Colossus, Ratchet, and Harry, though lately he played Velocity and it worked well for him. I usually play into him with Midas, Naja, Vitriol, oKatalyst, Harry, and Compound. in S3 he's basically the one I have no answer for. If he kicks I typically score quickly and he fires back, scoring at the top of T2. He plays a line across the middle of the field, with Colossus on one end and Ballista on the other. This has the great effect of having Ballista's TO threat be an L, across the field to Colossus or in front of him. Ratchet tools up Ballista almost 100% of the time except when a viable target doesn't present in which case he uses blast earth to funnel toward Colossus, Harry, or Ballista. If I kick he will sit on the ball scoring at the end of the turn which only makes sense for any of us since it exposes your striker to be a MO farm. The real problem is Hoist. Between replicating Burrow to make a dodge, Tough Hide, Reanimate, and Sturdy, he literally parks him 6" from my goal in the middle of the pitch with the understanding that he is not worth the inf cost to attack him. Final score is almost inevitably 12-8 or 12-6 with a first goal by Hoist, 2 TOs from either Ballista or Colossus/Harry team up, finished by Ballista's Legendary. I can almost always score, but he only occasionally exposes Ratchet or Harry and conditions being present for vKat shenanigans are iffy so swapping there seems like a losing proposition. Thoughts?
  14. My Engineers

    Hi! I post the only two minis I have painted, Mainspring and Hoist. I hope you like them, the rest of the team will go in this Golden/Dark steel NMM + Clear blue with some OSL in blue... and mud in the bases .
  15. Hey guys I'm back with a new video! No it isn't another episode of Run the Length. It's another Blog! Run the Length to return in 2 weeks. In this blog I talk about my Guild Ball adventures this past month and go over the new models released this month. I cover where i think they fall within their respective teams from a competitive perspective.
  16. Kicking off with Cogs

    Afternoon, fellow Engineers enthusiasts! I've been running a lot of Pin Vice recently (she won me a local 8 man tourney this past weekend, so huzzah!) and have been enjoying her and the Engineers as a whole. One thing I have been struggling with is kicking off. So my question(s) to everyone is what do you for your first turn when kicking off? Who do you kick with? How do you set up? What do you try to accomplish in that first round of activations? Thanks for your input!

    When using ballista's legendary is there a an accident misprint? his kick is represented as ' 4/6" ' where as his breach adds [+0"/+4]. is it plus 4 kick or is it a misprint/the wrong way round and is meant to be [+4" / +0]. +4 to kick dice is odd as intervening models cannot intercept, are ignored and then get knocked down. Just curious as im in big league and a player has asked. although we think it is a misprint, its easier to make sure Thanks!
  18. Scenario: Pin Vice puts up Mechanical Heart to give all friendly Guild models the Mechanica type. She pops her Lengendary to give each Mechanica model a well-oiled token. For whatever reason, Pin Vice dies during the turn and there are still well-oiled tokens on Mechanical Heart-ed players. Question: Since Mechanical Heart reads "While this model is on the Pitch", does that mean typical non-Mechanica models (i.e. Ratchet/Salvo) are no longer Mechanica? To follow up, the well-oiled tokens are now stuck on these players and unable to be used?
  19. When using ballista's legendary is there a an accident misprint? his kick is represented as ' 4/6" ' where as his breach adds [+0"/+4]. is it plus 4 kick or is it a misprint/the wrong way round and is meant to be [+4" / +0]. +4 to kick dice is odd as intervening models cannot intercept, are ignored and then get knocked down. Just curious as im in big league and a player has asked. although we think it is a misprint, its easier to make sure Thanks!
  20. Inverted Polarity

    I've had my engineers team for a while now and dabbled with them a bit, however, until now they've always played a distant second fiddle to my Union team. I'm poised to change that though as I really want to move Engineers up to first string and really make some significant ground with them. The main obstacles I can see to this are firstly that I feel for me specifically - my play style is very aggressive and I prefer to execute take outs and maintain goal scoring as a secondary threat when the opportunity presents. This is almost the antithesis of an ideal Engneer to play style (in my mind) though as every time I've put them on the table and 'defaulted' to instinct I end up getting them bunched together where they lose on any mobility and get squashed. When I am able to overrule my instinct (and keep my hand in the box) though I have significantly better games with them and am also much more successful. The second obstacle to this transition is that presently I haven't painted any of my engineers. Thanks to @Shano I inherited a painted base line, yet as the roster grows I haven't devoted any time to painting them or coming up with a scheme that I like. This point of s easily overcome with a dedicated time investment and some discipline (Agot, lol and hots are all vying for my time in addition to GB games, work and life in general); it's a matter of choice though - so I have to make the call and get it done! With respect to play style though this is a harder thing, there is a real challenge to seeing blood in the water and choosing to swim past... I've had a couple of iterations with my Engineers and one that worked well utilized several union players mainly to shore up the gaps that Engineers have to reliable melee damage and momentum. I've found that Decimate and Gutter make excellent Engineer companions as they are both competent kickers as well as having exceptional melee abilities - even ifor perhaps because ) the rest of the team adds nothing on that front. I have had some good success with Ballista - I've always found though that it's like pushing a wheel up a cliff - eventually it gets away from you and that tipping point usually happens on turn three once you get engaged and the opponent starts to generate momentum. What I'd like to do now though rather than trying my fusion team is strike out from a new start point with a new design perspective and goals in mind. Firstly what am I trying to achieve; well for the most part that is win games and as Engineers are designed as a goal kicking faction it makes sense to conform to those strengths rather than trying to bend a square through a circle port. I've decided to that end that I want to give Pin vice a go, I've had her for a bit and just never managed to get the model put together. I think it's because I really haven't decided on a ruling aesthetic for how I want to paint my Engineers. That being said though I really need to just make it happen and get her on the board so that I can at least learn to play her. I feel like the team that I want to start off with is using main spring (until Mother comes out anyway), Hoist and Velocity as they both conform to the scoring archtype as well as being mechanikcka for her plays. The last two slots are going to start off being a combination of Compound,Salvo, Colossus, and either Decimate, Avarisse and Greede and lastly Rage. I'll need to chop it down to eight at some point however for the moment this is the selection that I want to go with and see if I can get an effective scoring team up and running. I'm going down to IF tomorrow where I hope to get some practical experience and develop some of these ideas into strategies and maybe break my streak with Engineers.
  21. One of the two guys I consistently play Guild Ball with, plays Butchers as his main guild, and we played two games yesterday. I have been trying to figure out how to beat the butchers since I started playing the engineers at the beginning of the year and it's been a bit of a rough journey. Typically, I would score 6-8 points against him but I had little luck closing out a game because of the way I was going about it. Against most teams the Engineers tend to go for 2 goals and 2 TOs, we are a great footballing team but my experience has been that we don't do it very fast, which tends to lead it's self to the 2-2 game style. What I've learned, the hard way, is that the engineers have to go for three goals against the Butchers. The problem I kept running into against the Butchers is that I had no problem getting a first turn goal, but then when the scrum started to form, I thought I needed to be in it to try and provide Crowd-outs and Gang-ups while also attempting to knock out a couple of players. This never worked for me because the damage output of the Engineers just frankly doesn't measure up to that of the Butchers and then when you add their bleed conditions into the mix, especially Fillet's shenanigans, the last place you want to be is in a scrum with her. Sooo... long story short, I decided to try a different plan yesterday and told myself no matter how good of an option I would have to charge in on a lone player to try to get a Take-out, I would resist temptation and only go for the ball and trying to score three goals as fast as possible. Game 1- Butcher Roster: Fillet, Truffles, Boiler, Vet. Ox, Meathook, and Minx Engineer Roster: Ballista, Mainspring, Ratchet, Salvo, Velocity, and Colossus The game plan was simple: attempt to gain as much momentum as possible, deny the Butchers as much momentum as possible, and score three goals. My opponent chose to kick off and other than a couple of terrible rolls (no 4+ successes over the course of two passes and a Blasted Earth) the first turn went great. I received the ball with a sprinting Mainspring who then hid behind some rough ground as far out on the right wing as possible and kicked it back to the line where Colossus was waiting. Ratchet dropped some more rough ground and then Colossus passed to Ballista. All of these where the ones that failed, but all goals were met. Both passes were intercepted and the rough ground still got placed. The important part here is that nobody left the line by more than an inch, which kept the Butchers super speedy players out of range. The last three of my activations were Ballista who deadbolted vet ox from behind a wall, being sure to stay out of threat range of remaining butcher players, and then passed to velocity who dodged forward 4 in. Then Salvo went up and flurry'd vet. ox bringing the momentum count up to three. Lastly, velocity sprinted up the field bounced off vet ox and then scored. We ended up winning the initiative roll because the Butchers were unable to gain any Mom. This first turn denial was very effective and led to having the upper hand going into round two. 4-0 Round two began with Ballista charging Fillet to tackle the ball away and then popping his legendary for a second goal. This is where things started to get hairy. The butchers player very quickly took out Ballista and then got a return goal with Fillet. My throw-in went pretty poorly and was picked up by the butchers. The turn ended 8-6 with the ball in the butchers hands. On the final turn I ended up charging in with Ballista, tackling the ball back and then sending it out towards salvo on the wing. Salvo was engaged previously by Truffles and then was charged by Fillet picking up the ball on her way in. He managed to stay alive and dodge out of Truffles engagement. On the next turn Salvo got a super clutch T<< that allowed him to take the ball off of Fillet and dodge out of engagement. Salvo sprinted up the field, passed it in to velocity who snap-shotted for the game winner! Result: 12-6 and my first win against a Butchers Team! Sidenote: Even though he didn't play a major role in the game (and therefore was included in the match report), Colossus was really important in the support role. I know he becomes a bit of a Mo battery against beater teams, so by keeping him out of range during the first turn and then sending him up the wing during the second turn. He was able to keep a couple of players engaged and knocked down who were straggling behind the run of play, which turned out to be very important! Game 2- Butcher Roster: Fillet, Truffles, Boiler, Vet. Ox, Meathook, and Minx Engineer Roster: Pinvice, Mother, Velocity, Ratchet, Hoist, and Colossus After the first game I decided to change things up a bit and proxy Pinvice who I had never played before. At first she was a little disorienting because I didn't really know how to use her, but by the end of the game I was really liking her versatility. My opponent won the role off again, but this time decided to receive because he really didn't like the way the first turn had gone the game before and figured that by pulling one of my figures out for the kick-off, somebody would have to be in range! I kicked off with Hoist and he received with Vet Ox who basically jogged up, grabbed the ball and passed it to Fillet who then took a four inch dodge. Things were looking grim for me because there was a full six stack of INF Fillet staring me down from about six inches away. I decided to Blasted Earth Fillet with Hoist's True Replication and then sprinted away from Fillet and angled behind a wall effectively taking away her sprint and charge options and ultimately was able to deny Fillet an attack turn one, so she ended up only using 2/6 INF to sprint and pass. The rest of the turn was mostly just repositioning for me. I spread mother and Colossus out a bit moving Colossus out onto the wing and using mother to drop a nest by the goal just in case they decided to shoot. Pinvice then cast alternator on herself and Velocity and they both shot up the left wing. This is when I learned that Pinvice is crazy fast! But because we didn't gain any momentum, the butchers won initiative. 0-0 Turn two Fillet tore off towards Hoist to try and take out a model that was finally in reach. Hoist weathered the storm. For my first activation Velocity charged in from the wing to tackle the ball off of Vet ox. who had the ball at the end of turn 1. Velocity was just out of reach of a shot herself, so she passed the ball to Pinvice who was able to score a goal on her next activation with Minx charging in first trying to keep Pinvice from scoring. My opponent kicked out to vet ox who ended up charging ratchet. Mother went next and dropped a nest within 4in. of Hoist and went to crowd out vet. ox. Hoist didn't have any INF so he remained engaged to Fillet and Colossus attacked boiler. Ratchet attacked vet. ox and Engineers one the initiative roll. 4-0 Turn three, Hoist Burrowed up to vet ox. and tackled the ball away and kicked it up the field to Colossus who then dodged four inches towards the goal. Fillet decided that there was no way to stop the goal so she charged mother who was the only model in range and took mother out. Colossus charged minx and knocked her down, then scored a goal, used knee slider to reengage boiler and truffles. He kicked out to meathook who charged in towards hoist. The rest of the turn was a blood bath, with reanimate saving Hoist and Pinvice. We barely won intiative. 8-1 At the top of turn four, Hoist was able to tackle the ball away true replicate acrobat, sprint up the field and pass to Pinvice who snap-shot the final goal. 12-1 TL:DR Going for three goals with as many reanimate models as you can seems to be the Butchers kryptonite. If you can manage to receive and deny the butchers first turn momentum, it's looking even better for you!
  22. Hello, I have various lots for sale with pictures in the website free shipping and safe secure checkout!! playitagain.mysimplestore.com/t/GB please take advantage of these team lots as they will give you a great start on the game. Just simply order the team as normal and it will ship the same day!, thank you so much and I hope you guys enjoy what I have to offer.
  23. A Cog's Life

    Hi there I've decided that with the new year and the new season comes a new guild. I've decided that I'm going to commit myself to playing the Engineers Guild for Season 3, giving my Brewer's Guild team a rest. To make things more fun for me and to chronicle the change to the new team, I've also decided to launch a blog, which I've called A Cog's Life In general, A Cog's Life is just meant to be a place to throw down some thoughts about the game and especially the guild. My forum posts tend to be long-winded, and even then I sometimes have more to say. So, I figured that a personal blog might be a more appropriate place to do that. As often as I can (I'm aiming for 1 post per week), I plan to cover a range of topics, from new (...and new to me...) player reviews, match-reports, news releases, the meta-game, etc. And, honestly, I'll probably cover some topics more than once as my opinions will inevitably change as I become more experienced and the zeitgeist of the Guild Ball community shifts. So, I don't know if there's necessarily any need or any interest in yet another blog about Guild Ball or someone's shiny new guild, but I thought that I would at least extend an invitation to the community to have a look. Of course, if any of you fellow-coaches have any thoughts about the content (which isn't much right now, I'll admit ... one post!) I'd welcome any constructive criticisms or comments. Cheers!
  24. First video in a series I am making for the Engineers. It is just basic stuff, but I made it to help beginners or those thinking about getting into the game, because I knew I was looking for videos like these my self. Any criticism is welcome!
  25. When making the Season 3 Long bomb it changed from ignoring terrain and models by placing then standard-scatter, towards a long pass that can't be intercepted. Was the way a pass interacts with terrain currently taken into consideration when making season 3 long bomb and just elected to not ignore terrain?