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Found 8 results

  1. Let's Bring Decimate Home, Laddies!

    The Union in Chains is upon us, my fellow Drunks. And I for one am down for embracing #TeamDecimate. With access to Besters' songs or Tapmaster 5000's Commanding Aura, we've got potential for a quick moving killing machine, who's a decent baller. Anatomical Precision and Commanding Aura. Together. If you're not stiff or frothing down below at that, you don't have a beating heart in your chest. Besides, the Masons wanting her is good enough to take her as our own. Let's bring Decimate home, to the stablest Guild in all the realm.
  2. I appear to be in possession of a BNIB Decimate I don't need. Would love to get hold of a Lucky, but would be happy to take cash. Looking at ~£5 + P&P. Anyone interested? Based in UK.
  3. Thousand Cuts

    Just read an article about Friday from the Brewers and using Dirty Knives on her, and how much it helps out with the defense debuff. Got me thinking about Decimate and her Thousand Cuts debuff; it's really nice on paper, but never really got to use it in game. I'm going to try to make it a point next game, but just curious for people that run Decimate, do you feel it's worth stacking 3 inf on Decimate for the debuff?
  4. Minx vs Decimate

    I'm putting together a Union list in part because I'm growing tired of Midas's one track game plan and in part because I think the Union's long list of powerful situational picks gives them a huge advantage every time an OPD update increases the roster size. Unfortunately, filling my list with situational picks leaves little room for mainstays. I find I have only one slot that I'd like to put both Decimate and Minx in. They're very similar pieces. Each has a character play that increases an ally's mobility and one that lowers an enemy's defense at the top of their playbook. Minx is furious which makes her considerably more efficient if she can charge but Decimate has a higher tax and anatomical precision so she does more with the same influence if she can't charge. Decimate has a more accurate kick but Minx is faster so there isn't as much of a difference in goal threat. Hunter's Prey is great, but BTTS means Minx doesn't want to stick around to support Bloody Coin. Decimate has 2 more hit points and a stronger counter attack which add up to noticeably more survivability. Am I mistaken in thinking these two compete for the same slot? Is there some other important difference I've overlooked?
  5. The Big League plot card Bolt Action states "The friendly model may use that Character Play again during this activation without spending Influence, regardless of restrictions." In the following examples, what restrictions may be disregarded? If Gutter uses Scything Blow to damage an enemy model, can this card be used to Scything Blow again even though that play is not normally bought with influence? If a Union team borrows this card from an Engineer and vRage uses Red Fury to allow Decimate to trigger Thousand Cuts off her play book, can this card allow her to use Thousand Cuts again even though it's not her activation?
  6. Hey all, "Finally" took the jump into buying engineers. I started playing guild ball 3 months ago and started with the brewers. Struggled at first, but lately have been seeing quite a bit of success with them in my local meta (wins and very close losses). But as I started with brewers, I was always so intrigued with engineers (I'm an engineer, robots, crossbows, colossus, and bombs. How not?). So I love brewers but have just constantly been thinking about engineers. Got a good deal on their entire team so I took the jump and decided to also order decimate and rage as for brewers all I had was gutter and hemlocke. So, I'm just fishing for some hints and tips towards the team. Also, anyone want to explain why decimate is so good with engineers? Like, I've read/listened to a lot about the engineers and I've picked up some gameplay/strategies and everyone always just mentions decimate being so critical, but never explains why. Goal threat? Damage? I do know that he seems to work better than gutter because he does more consistent damage as gutter can be lack luster if she isn't hitting that momentus scything blow. Thanks everyone!
  7. Picked up the Union starter for Blackheart and Gutter, but I already had Decimate. Anybody interested? Unassembled and unpainted. I'm willing to do a straight swap for Harry the Hat (preferably unassembled). Otherwise, we can make some sort of deal over PayPal. I'm also interested in finding a KS Midas, but no one seems willing to get rid of theirs . Let me know if you are!
  8. The State of the Union...

    I've just finished painting up my final Union model - Gutter - so figured it was about time to put up a picture of my little purple and red quartet. It may be 2:30am on a work night, but I'm sure not going to let rationality get in the way of hobby! Originally I wasn't too fussed about the Union, but when I did a 2 team pledge with the Kickstarter it bagged me a pair of free models, so I went with Gutter and Mist, giving me a compatible player for my Fishermen and Masons respectively. At the Expo I then picked up Snakeskin and Decimate, so at this point I'm just Coin and Blackheart away from having a full team, so I may as well go with it! So here we are, Decimate, Mist, Gutter and Snakeskin, all finished and ready for action. I haven't lavished these guys with the same time as the Fishermen, but am happy with them overall. My only major issue with them is that I completely messed up the skin on Snakeskin, but on the tabletop she's such a dynamic model that the attention doesn't really fall there.