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Found 30 results

  1. Here is the German quote from Ludo Packt directly. I'm a little bit worried about that "probably" because if it's still not going into delivery next week I will be pissed off as hell... But I'm optimistic... Also, every German version is now in delivery.
  2. Hello! Brian from the Critical Thwits here. Hope everyone's enjoying the game and having as much fun as we are with it. If you're wavering or unsure, though, you might find our unboxing video useful - Joe and I take a comprehensive tour through exactly what you get and what we think of the contents. Enjoy! https://youtu.be/Jy8-LbZ6mrM
  3. I'm not a fan of using unpainted miniatures to game with, even though it's a board game, so wanted to get cracking straight away. Life has got in the way a bit - as well as focusing on Guild Ball ready for Vengeance last weekend so it's been slow progress The nature of the plastic used, even after an undercoat, hasn't made painting the easiest and I've struggled with edging on some of the softer parts. First model completed is The Dancer, although not sure on basing yet so it's been left plain for now...
  4. Hey everyone, Just putting this out there since I enjoyed painting my set so much. http://m.ebay.com/itm/272671822748?_mwBanner=1
  5. Ok I got most my miniatures painted and have since decided through my photography to do some digital art using my Mini's my first price is here and can be bought on my photography page Www.facebook.com/nicholasbirdphotography Alone in the night
  6. Hi everyone, I recently sent Battlefoam an e-mail asking if they were planning on making a box organizer for Dark Souls. I got a reply back saying that they are planning on making one for Dark Souls. They are just waiting to obtain a copy of the game. After that, it could take anywhere from 1 week to a month before they release it.
  7. Here we go! Please sub for more Dark Souls: The Board Game content going forwards and get involved in the video comment discussions!
  8. Edit: I would like to change this thread a little bit and have this a big collection thread for every kind of physical problems with the game. Original posting: This is what I read on Kickstarter right now: How can something like this happen? Paper thin cardboard, directly on the game box, what? I thought there were a delay because they repackaged everything and better? My question is now, how can you even package it worse than that? No wonder people have damaged stuff, Jesus.
  9. Hey you hollowed lot. Now I have my copy of the game and it's all in one piece *praise the sun*. I've decided to do a step by step painting walkthrough of my process. Will pick up paints and stuff tomorrow and begin painting tomorrow night of the main characters. *disclaimer* I'm no pro (not even close) just thought I'd share my progress and if people wanted to know what colours I used etc it would all be here in one place
  10. Hello unkindled! Very excited to kickstart a series of videos on Hot Gates Gaming covering Dark Souls: The Board game, starting off with this "Initial Impressions" video, unboxing and looking at the contents. Please head over and have a look and help shape the series going forwards. Next up will be a review vid, how to play vid and then aiming to film an actual campaign.
  11. Every single day I read the comment section of the Kickstarter page and you find so so many people there that either has problems with some of the rules or reports of endless streamers who doesn't understand it at all. Many people say your rules are too vague in many important points and that the rulebook is a little loose on clarity. I can't confirm it yet personally because as a German who ordered the English version, it seems we are the last persons on Earth that gets it... Especially since UK already has their English versions and Germany their German versions but we , even if it's manufactured in Germany, nothing, still can change the address on Backerkit. But that's a different story. I read and watch many many things about this lovely game and almost everyone has problems with the rules. What went wrong?
  12. So, having broken the 2M mark in pounds, the reward was revealed - the Darkroot Basin Expansion. Of course, any DS fan will know how exciting this is. We get Artorias! And Sif! As well as some other things. For reference, here is the (presumed) full list of what we get in this expansion. - Boss (Sif) - Boss (Artorias) - 3 Plough Scarecrows - 3 Shear Scarecrows - 2 Demonic Foliage - 2 Stone Guardians - 2 Stone Knights - 1 pair of Mushroom Parent and child. This ends up as a total of 2 bosses and 12-14 enemies (depending on if the mushrooms are hostile.) There are no environment pieces, tiles, or NPCs as of yet. So, what does everybody think of the expansion? I, for one, am excited, but have some issues. First off, I can't help but feel that this is a missed opportunity to include the Bloathead Enemies from the DLC (both melee and casters). I would definitely have preferred to have seen them over the scarecrows, since the scarecrows just feel so bland and repetitive with the demonic foliage included. There's also the loss of a mini boss, such as those big cats in Darkroot, which is unfortunate. I can't complain for the lack of NPCs since there are no NPCs at all yet, nor can I complain for the lack of tiles since the Iron Keep expansion lacked them as well. I will, however, say that it feels unfortunate we aren't getting Trees as environmental pieces here. Just seems perfectly thematic, so I guess we'll have to wait for another expansion. Anybody else? Thoughts? Comments? Concerns?
  13. Hi everyone, I was referred to the forum by a redditor names serendipity (reddit username). I shared my idea of creating an excel sheet that would keep a running history of the rolls each profession of character makes. Essentially it breaks down to the effectiveness of each player for their rolls of the black, blue, orange, and green dies. It also keeps track of the deaths of the human players and even so of the NPCs! It goes without saying that this is all manually entered data and simply will allow you to see which characters you are most effective with. I have the preliminary excel sheet already created and ready for distribution to you all if you are interested. My goals are to share it with as many people that would like to get involved and we can fine tune the sheet as a community rather than me alone. This is all based off the rule book that I downloaded from the website and was created to the best of my knowledge of the gameplay explained in the PDF. Maybe after a while of using this Excel sheet we can all die just a little less. Let me know what you think guys! Ryan
  14. Hi all. Long time lurker and late backer to the project. I've been vastly interested and entertained by some of the discussion going on in the forums and also on the kick starter comments section, though sadly being a late backer I'm unable to participate in the comments which finally brings me here. With the release of the rule book I've seen several comments in regards to progression in the campaign. Seems a few people (myself included) are very much looking forward to throwing a whole heap of expansions together and having a prolonged campaign experience. Having said that people are already unsure of how much longevity a campaign run can withstand, so I thought I'd take it upon myself to do some good old theory crafting and number crunching! Feel free to skip the to TL/DR section at the end First off let's look at how souls can be acquired in the campaign: Every completed encounter yields 2 souls per player. In a three player party this would grant 6 souls per encounter, in a four player party 8 souls etc. (note that boss fights are different) A defeated boss yields 1 soul per player, per remaining spark. So assuming a perfect run, a three player party would gain 9 souls (3 players * 3 sparks) while a four player party would gain 8 souls (4 players * 2 sparks) You can also gain 1 soul by selling items back to Andre, thus removing them from the game permanently. So now we need to know where these souls are being spent: Leveling: This is most likely to be the core soul expenditure. I'll go into numbers in below, but I'd also like to point out here that leveling is precisely nothing without gear. Perhaps more so than the video game, your stats don't serve any purpose except to gate the items you can equip. Thus items are vital to creating your build. Treasure Flips: Speaking of items, besides the treasure you can draw from treasure chests and boss encounters, you have to pay Andre souls to flip treasure cards from the deck. In the campaign this costs 2 souls per flip, but you can also sell those items back and remove them from the game permanently for 1 returned soul. Luck: Your luck token seems to be an important way to mitigate dice RNG. After each encounter you'll have an opportunity to visit the Fire Keeper and pay 1 soul to refresh your luck. (On a personal note to this seems like a very high priority action before entering a boss fight) Sparks: In the campaign, sparks do not reset after each boss encounter. Instead you gain 1 spark back after a boss encounter, up to your maximum limit. However you can also purchase sparks at a cast of 2 souls per player. I'll put the numbers together below, but remember you always spend a spark to rest. Resting is automatic after a party member has died, but can also be used to refresh 'Once Per Spark' abilities, luck and reset encounters. Now let's take a closer look at soul expenditure. Time to get a little crunchy: The leveling tiers in the campaign are as follows: Base to tier 1 = 4 souls Tier 1 to Tier 2 = 8 souls Tier 2 to Tier 3 = 16 souls Tier 3 to Tier 4 = 20 souls Thus the total amount of souls to level just one attribute from base tier to tier 4 will cost 48 souls. Thus the total amount of souls to level a character completely will cost 192 souls. (I would also like to point out that it seems all 4 characters in the base set will most likely have one attribute sitting at 40 by tier 3. This makes spending souls to raise that attribute to tier 4 entirely unnecessary. Keep that in mind!) Without playing the game a few times it'll be impossible to know just how worthwhile it'll be to pay Andre for treasure flips for gear at the beginning of the game. However it's worth noting that in a single player run only the soul stash contains 16 souls. This is presumably intended for both purchasing treasure flips, and leveling the character the necessary amount to actually use those treasure flips. So while I won't be using exact numbers in the below examples, remember that spending souls for treasure flips from Andre seems like something you might be doing a fair bit. Especially when transposed items come into play. Finally, you will be spreading leveling out across your party if you want everyone to be reasonably equipped. Spending a soul to refresh your luck token seems like a given, especially before encountering a boss. How often your party needs to do this is entirely down to player decisions and play experience. While the idea of a 'perfect run' is appealing, it's fairly certain that at some point someone is going to die. This is Dark Souls after all! Die too much and you're absolutely going to want to purchase fresh sparks. Even if you don't die you may need to refresh your character's once per spark abilities, which essentially means purchasing a new spark for the privilege somewhere through the campaign. So finally let's look at a couple of examples using the campaigns listed in the back of the rule book. For this example I'm going to be assuming a party of 4, performing a flawless run (so no grinding, no additional spark purchases), and I'm not going to be taking into account souls spent on treasure flips or luck. The First Journey: 12 encounters = 96 souls (every encounter yields 2 souls per player. In this case 2 * 4 = 8) 3 boss fights = 16 souls (2 per player per spark. So 8 per boss. We're taking into account that the final boss will yield no souls on account of you having beaten the game) So the total souls for The First Journey = 112 Without thinking about souls spent on treasure or luck, 112 souls is enough to raise 4 attributes to tier 3. In a party of 4 this doesn't make for a well equipped party The Coiled Sword: 15 encounters = 120 souls 3 boss fights = 16 souls (Last boss doesn't yield usable souls) Total souls = 136 Enough to get 4.8 attributes to tier 3. Again the attribute spread is likely to be wider than this in a real game, but even so we're not looking at well equipped characters The First Journey and The Coiled Sword combined: 27 encounters = 216 6 boss fights = 40 (again, last boss doesn't yield usable souls) So if we combine that to a total of 256 souls, this means that in party of 4 each player could get an equal share of 64 souls each. That is enough souls for each player to raise two attributes to tier 3 with 8 souls over. Even with that, it's highly likely that some end game loot won't be equippable by the party. Importantly if we wanted to play enough to raise all of our characters attributes to the equivalent of tier 4 (So an attribute rating of 40) and taking into account that each character likely possesses one tier 3 attribute with a value of 40, we would need to accrue 172 souls per character. Ultimately this means that we would need to play through the combined campaign 3 times, hitting max tiers around the first mini boss of the 3rd Dancer run. TL/DR - Assuming a perfect run with 4 players (no grinding, no treasure flips, no luck refresh and no spark purchases) you would need to play through both campaigns in the rule book 3 times in succession before hitting max attribute tiers. That's 6 boss runs in total, with max tier being reached roughly around the first mini-boss of the final run. That's a whole lot of play time! Final Thoughts - This is really as far as I'm willing to go without playing the game myself. But needless to say all of the above needs to be taken with into account with these caveats: If players die, or rest, then they will likely repeat encounters they've already cleared. This will offer up more souls (thus the ability to grind), but also consider that you will very likely need to pay for that spent spark somewhere in the campaign. The cost of purchasing a spark is equal to clearing 1 encounter. The above numbers don't take treasure flips into account in any way. Even if you sell back most of the treasures you flip (I'm guessing not all that likely) a fair percentage of your souls are not being spent to level your characters. The gear acquired from bosses are likely the best gear you can equip to 'safely' take on the mega bosses. We haven't seen the stat requirements, but I imagine they're high. It's also extremely likely that the mega bosses are still balanced around the players equipping boss gear, so definitely don't expect an easy fight! This is pure speculation, but as the game is played more I believe groups will come up with builds and strategies to counter specific bosses and mega bosses. This means that you may need to change your character build at the cost of souls. Remember that Mega Bosses also drop gear. Following on from the thought above, if you want to max out your chances of survival over a complete boss run you'll most likely need to be very smart about how you equip your party for each fight. Phew! I'm finally done. A long read, but I hope this helps a few people out. With grinding I fully expect each run to yield more souls than I've listed here, but again there are some additional costs to take into account too. Ultimately we'll just have to play the game to work this stuff out properly. All that remains to be said: The real Dark Souls begins here... Prepare to Die!
  15. EXPANSION DISCUSSION DISCLAIMER: This expansion discussion thread is by no means official and is made solely with the intent of considering the possibilities of what could be included in expansions for DS:BG based off of areas from within the Dark Souls games. This initial post posits only what I personally think would be the best fit for the area, working with the expansions released at the time of writing as an example. With what little information is available, please understand that anything and everything within this post can and will be subject to change, especially at the behest of the community. Take all speculation on as-of-yet unconfirmed concepts with a grain of salt. Thank you. The Painted World of Ariamis The Painted World is honestly my favorite area in Dark Souls. I think a lot of people dislike it because it's pretty much a straight shot with a bunch of branching paths around it, but its simplicity and design are just genius to me. Besides, the idea of an extra-dimensional dump/prison for everything the gods fear is something incredibly appealing to me, and I certainly felt as though it didn't disappoint. That said, when it comes to translating this area to the board game, I was surprised by how little there really was. Browsing the DS wiki for information, I distinctly had a feeling of "that's it?" So I got a bit creative here and there, and I've stretched some definitions a bit thin. I hope you don't mind. First off, tiles should reflect the cold desolate land. Some fire hazards would be nice, to represent the burning corpses we find there. A narrow bridge or two would also be great. More importantly though, is an idea I had for getting to the boss. In order to get there, you need to find the Small Doll item, somewhere in the level's treasure deck, and use that to access locked doors. I think this is the best way to bring this mechanic of actually getting into the Painted World into the game, and also provides a sense of direction for players. "Okay, I know I can't progress without finding this item. I better check every nook and cranny to find it so I can get to the boss." Would be a fun bit of impetus, I think. Enemies 3 Crow Demons: Quick on their feet and with a nasty grab attack, the Crow Demons I think are the bread and butter of the Painted World. A perfect enemy for transition to the BG. 3 Engorged Hollows: Man these guys are a pain. Let's make them more of a pain, huh? Armed with a torch that deals fire damage, and killing them gives you Toxic. Fun enemies that are almost more of a hazard. Oh, and they can squirt Toxic at you too. 2 Berenike Knights: Elite enemies of the area. Tall, tough, and with a big shield that can block all damage. Not to mention they hit pretty hard too. Reminiscent of the Anor Londo Sentinels. 1 Hollow Phalanx: This is a weird one. I think for BG purpose, 1 Phalanx would be like, 5 figures? 6? I don't know, but it's a bunch of them arranged in a circle. Armed with spears and shields to poke you, but vulnerable from behind. 3 Torch Hollows: Yeah, stretching it here. Just a hollow armed with a torch. Like their Engorged brothers only without the horrible nasty Toxic business. More importantly, they're a staple enemy of DS1 and I think they need to be represented. So there. Mini-Bosses Undead Dragon Torso: The top-half of a dragon that's rotted and undead. Has powerful swipes, can vomit poison at you, and a crushing bite. His mini-boss arena should reflect his ingame one, where he is blocking a bridge. He cannot move, which means cheesing him with ranged attacks would probably be OP. I would add a few more direct ranged poison attacks to counter this, so you can't rely on him just helplessly pawing the air in front of him. Boss Crossbreed Priscilla: Touch Fluffy Tail. But in all seriousness, Priscilla is a HARD one to make. Namely because she turns invisible, and that just doesn't work in a BG. At all, really. Like, if anybody has any ideas for this, please tell me, because I'm at a loss. But aside from that, I'd say Priscilla would be a great boss. The problem is that, taking away her Invisibility, she only has three attacks - single scythe slash, double scythe slash, and fairy dust. So you'd have to make up a bunch, so I'm taking a few liberties here. Basically, more interesting Scythe attacks. Maybe reference Gehrman from Bloodborne for ideas? Although she could have her fairy dust off the bat, her first phase is primarily melee focused. Her heat-up phase adds more devastating scythe combos, as well as the Lifehunt effect of her scythe, allowing her to regen health (this will not pull her out of heat-up phase). She can also get an improved fairy dust that deals more damage and applies Frostbite(?). I think that would be a fitting idea, given how cold her area is. That's pretty much all I got though. I think this, above all other DS1 areas, is one that requires a lot of community brainstorming to get right. That's about it for this expansion, but if you think I missed something or just have a better idea than I do for any character, enemy, or situation, please tell me! This isn't so much my expansion idea as it is the community's. Stay tuned for another area expansion discussion thread. The next thread will be: The Catacombs/Tomb of the Giants.
  16. EXPANSION DISCUSSION DISCLAIMER: This expansion discussion thread is by no means official and is made solely with the intent of considering the possibilities of what could be included in expansions for DS:BG based off of areas from within the Dark Souls games. This initial post posits only what I personally think would be the best fit for the area, working with the expansions released at the time of writing as an example. With what little information is available, please understand that anything and everything within this post can and will be subject to change, especially at the behest of the community. Take all speculation on as-of-yet unconfirmed concepts with a grain of salt. Thank you. My word it's been too long. Sorry I haven't been active on here since like, forever ago, guys. Started up College life and been busy ever since. But with the release of Ashes of Ariandel (which I still haven't played! Gah!), I got back into the Dark Souls swing of things. And with BackerKit coming shortly, I figured now was as good a time as any to pick up where I left off with the Area Expansion Concept Discussion threads! Boy, that's a mouthful... The Catacombs/The Tomb of the Giants Much like my Demon Ruins thread, I find that these two areas are not sufficient enough on their own to warrant their own expansion, but given their proximity and similarity I figured it was okay to just combine them. I list both titles because I'm not sure which should take primacy over the other, so I'll just leave that for the community to decide. Now, for the area itself! The Catacombs faces the same problem as Blighttown in being a primarily vertical area, but if it gets tiles I think this can be done away with comfortably just because of the design of the area. A bit generic, sure, but we still don't have a proper catcombs-like area in the BG, so I think it's fine. We could even have that one graveyard at the entrance where the skeletons bone all the new players! As for those areas in the Tomb of the Giants, we face a different problem - darkness. I don't remember if anybody's put forth ideas on lighting, but I've come up with (maybe, these might just be memories that I forgot were memories) a few ideas for how to tackle this issue. Perhaps without a source of light, items on tiles are revealed one at a time. This means that without a torch or sunlight maggot or what have you, the players would have to grope blindly in the dark, potentially walking right into an enemy! Another idea I had is that maybe there is a torch in the middle of the room, and once it is lit it reveals everything within. Maybe a combination of both mechanics? Whatever works best, I think, unless you guys have another idea? Enemies There's kind of an awkward issue with the models here in that they're almost all skeletons. Now, I'm no expert in the field of printing plastic, but I imagine getting the amount of detail and little holes these skeletons have is not exactly easy. Even if they're filling molds and stuff, I imagine the process ends up being rife with extraneous bits and just kind of poor quality for the consumer overall. Again, I'm not sure, but my main hesitation with this expansion even existing is this simple fact. If anybody knows better than me, please correct me! Because right now, in all honesty, I rank this expansion idea pretty low on the list of expansions I want this game to get for this very reason. Anyway, now that that's covered; 3 Skeleton Swordsmen: The basic grunts of the catacombs. Nothing special, except for that radical spinning jump attack. 3 Bonewheel Skeletons: It wouldn't be a Souls game without these guys. Iconic not just of the Catacombs but the Souls series as a whole, we just have to have them. Rolling wheels of death incarnate, coming to spook you real good. 2 Giant Skeletons: Elite enemies of the area. Giant dudes with big machetes, fairly straight-forward for the area. 2 Necromancers: This is the real kicker here - all of the enemies I've described so far are fairly straightforward, and would probably be relatively easy to kill, but the Necromancers change that. As long as a Necromancer is alive, every enemy around them returns to life one turn after they were killed. They also don't drop anything until they die for real, so if you really want to make the most out of an area you need to kill the Necromancer first. Of course, the way the rooms will be laid out, this will be a feat easier said than done. Watching players fail here would certainly be quite humerus. 3 Skeleton Towers: Now wouldn't this be a fun model? These big totem-pole guys won't move, and won't deal a whole lot of damage with their limited range and attacks, but they can block your path very easily. These guys serve almost like a living fence, keeping players locked into an area, forcing them to deal with whatever enemies are within. Not to mention, they also provide a bit of a hazard - one dodge in the wrong direction and suddenly you might find yourself rattled. Mini-Bosses Pinwheel: Poor, poor, Pinwheel. The easiest boss in the game, so much so that he just isn't worth making a boss in the BG. I don't think anybody will find it controversial if I make him a mini-boss. If we really want to transfer the whole duplication mechanic from his boss fight to make him a more unique mini-boss than just "big sorcerer guy," the best solution would be tokens, I think. Just remove the model and place mystery tokens around the arena. Attacking one reveals if it was Pinwheel or a dupe - if it's a dupe, remove the token. If it's the real deal, deal damage as normal and return the Pinwheel model to the game until he makes more duplicates. Boss Gravelord Nito: Things are about to get really spooky guys. The Gravelord himself would make for a pretty Nito boss fight, if I do say so myself. I originally thought he would need to be a mega-boss, but in retrospect, he could probably fit well enough on a Smough-sized base. He could maybe go a bit bigger, but I think the mechanics of his fight make that unnecessary. Now, as for the fight itself, we need skeletons. Plenty of skeletons, all with the Necromancer effect permanently active. I think this fight alone, just from the sheer quantity of enemies, will make it qualify as a mega-boss. You will be fighting not just nito, but sword skeletons and giant skeletons as well. I generally hate boss fights with adds, but frankly, Nito isn't Nito if he isn't surrounded by his skelebuddies. To balance this, I would give Nito slightly diminished health, just to ensure the fight doesn't drag on and just become ridiculously unfair. So, how does Nito behave, anyway? In Phase 1, he mostly attacks with his spooky skelesword, and it's occurred to me that perhaps another way to balance the skeletons is to only have them resurrect when Nito uses a certain ability. This would make him vulnerable for a period, but would replenish the field with adds - just a thought. In any case, he is pretty much all melee in phase 1. During the Heat Up Phase, Nito gains his really cool abilities. His deathly miasma, his ephemeral gravelord greatswords that just burst from the ground, his horrible wail of death - all of that good stuff he gets, to spook the everliving daylights out of you. What a shame that I made this post three days after Halloween. I missed the time for spooky memes! But that's okay, I suppose. Got a bone to pick with my awful puns? Think my analysis was bare-bones? Leave a comment and tell me what I did wrong! For my part, at this point I was supposed to jump right into my ideas for DS2, buuuuut - Ashes of Ariandel came out. And oh boy, do I want to talk about that goodness. That's about it for this expansion, but if you think I missed something or just have a better idea than I do for any character, enemy, or situation, please tell me! This isn't so much my expansion idea as it is the community's. Stay tuned for another area expansion discussion thread. The next thread will be: The Painted World of Ariandel
  17. Hi Unkindled, Before anything else - we are still working on BackerKit and are planning to meet our 31st October roll-out as announced. Apologies to everyone for our lack of updates over the last few weeks. As some of the backers have been talking about it has literally been due to our huge workload ensuring that the quality of the product we plan to deliver is of the highest we can achieve. Part of this involved a trip to China... Hopefully this update will give you a 'behind the scenes' look at the logistical challenges a project like this poses to a company. We felt with a project on this scale we needed to visit the factories involved directly. So Rich Loxam (Managing Director) & Mat Hart (Creative Director) went on the 12 hour flight across the world to personally see how progress was going. The awesome Ludo Fact Asia Office - so many shiny toys inside! After travelling from Hong Kong to mainland China we met up with Ludo Fact Asia in the city of Dongguan. They had arranged a full trip to the various factories that are producing each element of the Dark Souls project and gave us a full run down of exactly how it was all happening. To give you an idea of how production of this project happens essentially: Models, Components and some Printed Products are produced in China These items are then shipped to LudoFact Germany & LudoFact USA Both these locations and LudoFact Asia then compete the printing and assembling processes of the product Once completed, these are then sent to multiple distribution hubs around the world Once at the hub, parcels are pick/packed and then sent to the customers On our visit in China, we stopped off at one of the main printing factories that deals with most of the gaming industry printed components. One of the large scale printers within the factory - yes that is a man poking out of the bottom end... Pretty much every major board game was seen our our trip round (unfortunately we cannot show you images of them!) and we were shown the various stages they go through to make sure the components are of the highest quality. Some of these processes included: Cold/Heat treatment of the board components so warping doesn't occur Machine fed card cutting for accurate centering (yes, rounded corners!) Digital file checking and error flagging from prototype creation and digital samples Calibration of machines for perfect wrapping of graphical packaging around outer boxes, etc. It was incredibly impressive the level of quality checking that happens and confirmed to us we had made the right choice for Dark Souls. Stages of Production - 3D Print Approval Samples (Orange) and Pre-Tooling Samples (White) Another key stop on our trip was to the modelling manufacturer. We were shown the entire process from mould and tooling creation to production samples. The image above shows some of the various stages the current Dark Souls models were at. The level of detail achieved on these miniatures is incredible. We cannot wait to update you with the photos of the final production samples over the next few months. We have recently gone through a similar process with our Guild Ball range of miniatures (see steamforged.com - Kick Off! for details) and we are so happy that the level of quality is some of the highest seen in board gaming. Titanite Demon 3D Sample Prior to Tooling Sample...and yes thats a 75mm base! Top Down look at the Gargoyle - with tape measure for scale. A selection of base sizes from 25mm - 75mm. Don't worry, they come pre-assembled on the models in the box After a few exhausting days we come back from China with a full sense of excitement and amazement at the sheer scale of what is involved behind the screen of emails and communication we normally get to see when producing a new game. We also have full confidence that the final products will be well received by our backers and customers. Finally, we can now confirm that every single model unlocked on the campaign is now sculpted and at various stages of approval/production. The next update from us will be relating specifically with the BackerKit and should arrive on October 31st as planned. Praise the Sun! \[T]/
  18. Hello, I've followed the project since it started the Kickstarter campaign; unfortunately, for that time I didn't have the money to pledge it (now I have, but it's closed...). I'm, of course, interested on buying the retail version, but I have some doubts (I know the board game is not finished yet, of course): - Is there exclusive Kickstarter content or everything can be purchased later? - Is Solaire an extra model for the Summoned Expansion? - Any estimated price for the core game and the expansions? - Is there anyway I can contribute now as a backer? Thank you.
  19. Having broke the 2500K mark, and with the reveal of the Old Iron King boss add-on, I think now's as good a time as any to discuss both this boss and the Old Iron Keep expansion. I'll preface this by saying that I personally do not like Dark Souls 2. I think it's just not a very good game and a bit of an embarrassment for the series. Iron Keep was one of my least favorite areas in that game, but hey, at least it has some of the more iconic stuff I suppose. For that reason I'm not opposed to the expansion, and hey, no point being picky right? Would I rather have a different expansion? Definitely. But will I complain? No. That said, I'm actually pretty excited to see the Ironclad Knight model, since those were pretty cool enemies. As uninspired as Old Iron King's design is, I bet his model will be super cool as well. Besides, what's not to love about greatarchers and lava hazards?
  20. So there are a few things about Artorias that are still unclear, or at least to me they are, but one thing I wanna know is, how the heck did he get his arm broken? Something about it makes him seem so much cooler than he already is.
  21. I'm just curious to know what the Dark Souls series has done to change the way you look at other games. That is to say, perhaps you now believe other titles are less satisfying, long cutscenes should be left to the movies, or levels should be more creatively connected. These are just a few examples to get your brain juices flowing, you don't have to say anything about the ones I brought up, they are just to give you an idea on what I'm looking to discuss.
  22. Hi all! I recently interviewed Rich and Bryce from Steamforged at the UK Games Expo after having a demo game of Dark Souls: The Board Game. You can find the article here: http://www.dirgemag.com/dark-souls-board-game-designer-interview/ I'd love to know what you guys think! I've already backed the game and I play a bit of Guild Ball from time to time, so hopefully you'll find it interesting. Brian
  23. Hello everyone! First of all thanks a lot everyone for this beautiful campaign and community. The scope of this topic is to think about a possible expansion regarding Archdrake's peak, as it's my opinion that it could bring lots of interesting mechanics both to the core game and the campaign mode (beside the incredible miniature of the Nameless King ) . I'd be very pleased to hear your opinion on what this expansion should contain and discuss the most interesting ideas.
  24. EXPANSION DISCUSSION DISCLAIMER: This expansion discussion thread is by no means official and is made solely with the intent of considering the possibilities of what could be included in expansions for DS:BG based off of areas from within the Dark Souls games. This initial post posits only what I personally think would be the best fit for the area, working with the expansions released at the time of writing as an example. With what little information is available, please understand that anything and everything within this post can and will be subject to change, especially at the behest of the community. Take all speculation on as-of-yet unconfirmed concepts with a grain of salt. Thank you. The Duke's Archives: The Duke's Archives, thematically and lore-wise, is one of my favorite areas in the original Dark Souls. Many people really don't like it though because it's very easy to get lost. In terms of translating it to a board game, however, I think that makes it one of the best areas in the game. Especially given this game's procedural generation, it would make sense to make the paths of the Archives winding and twisting, filled to the brim with enemies and often leading into dead ends. At least, it does in my book. Speaking of, I came up with a special environment piece for this place! The Bookshelf. Every Bookshelf that you place has a chance of dropping Spells as loot cards for people who investigate them. This, of course, makes them value for anybody who relies on miracles, pyromancies, sorceries, or hexes. However, there is also a chance that there will be no spell loot, and if so the player character will immediately be given the aggro token. This sort of risk-reward is fundamental to Dark Souls, and I think this would be a good system to put in place thematically and mechanically. So put 3 Bookshelves as the first bit of this expansion. Oh, and if there are tiles, some of them should reflect the Crystal Caves. Just saying. Very important area, that. Throw it in too, I say. Enemies: 3 Crystal Hollows (sword): Your classic mooks of the Duke's Archives. Nothing special outside of maybe a specific resistance against sorceries? These guys could probably be dropped for something more unique, but at the same time they are absolutely perfect at capturing the feel of the Duke's Archives. The sight of hollows that have been reduced to living experiments of the bastardized marriage of crystal and flesh is quintessential to the Duke's Archives, and any expansion without them would be remiss. 3 Snakemen (sword): Yeah, maybe the four-armed casters would be more unique. Yeah, maybe the swordsmen would be better in a Sen's Fortress expansion. Except this area already has better casters and Sen's Fortress (IMO) isn't enough for its own expansion. Maybe half of another expansion, at best. So yeah, throwing these guys here because they provide a solid counterpart mechanically to the Silver Knights or what have you, only with the added benefit of ranged attacks with their snapping heads. A formidable foe that should not be taken lightly, especially in numbers. 2 Channelers: Ah, Channelers. The original caster enemy of the Dark Souls universe. I really love these guys' design, and the Eyes of Seath should receive no poor treatment here. They can buff the defenses of allies, shoot soul spears at you from a distance, and whack you real hard up close. A perfect enemy for the board game. 3 Pisacas: These ladies would be kind of weird. Offensively, they're limited to a few attacks, but all of those attacks - especially their grab - are devastating. Would be a dangerous foe, but perhaps there could be a mechanic where they do not initially aggro unless a snakeman is there? Or, perhaps, the Bell could be included in some fashion? That would be neat. 2 Crystal Golems: Essentially analogous the the Sentinels of Anor Londo, only for the Duke's Archives. A classic enemy that I almost considered as a mini-boss, but given how many of them there are that just didn't feel right. So here they are, as elite grunts ready to punch you to the next dimension if you get too close. Mini-Bosses: There's a couple that could work pretty well here, so I'm just gonna analyze them both and defer which one should be used to your good judgement. Moonlight Butterfly: An early game boss that becomes a potential mini-boss in the late game if you choose to bother it, the eerie and beautiful Moonlight Butterfly is perfect for the magic-focused mini-boss. It can fly, rendering it totally immune to melee attacks, but only for so long. Eventually, it will come down to roost, leaving it very vulnerable up close. An annoying, challenging fight for any party without any ranged options, but one that could potentially feel very rewarding. Crystallized Knight: Found guarding Seath's first boss room, the Crystallized Knight might be a fun mini-boss. Mechanically similar to an invader, only without the invading. Nothing crazy, but would be a really nice model, I can guarantee. Oh, and the metal boar could be a mini-boss too maybe, I dunno. Boss: Seath the Scaleless: And now we get to the big boy. And I mean big. Seath would HAVE to be a mega-boss, there's just no way around it. That's yet to be done in an area expansion, so this fact alone could throw everything I've written here out the window. That would suck. But maybe, if the game is as successful as I think it will be, there will be a first time for everything eh? So let's just work with that premise. Seath's first phase would be primarily melee-focused. This is to represent his initial desperation at you destroying the Primordial Crystal. Oh, yeah, let's forget that, hey? No need to waste time in the board game with that stuff. So yeah, he's initially mirroring that desperation we see in his opening cutscene, so he fights by flailing his tails and tentacles, even swiping with his hands when he can. Range becomes more of a thing once he enters his Heat-Up phase, where he starts to use his crystal breath attacks. These hit in wide sweeps that can hit multiple targets at once, and apply Curse. And we all know how much it sucks getting cursed, right? A fairly simple mega-boss, but one that would be nevertheless very challenging. I think he might actually be my favorite mega-boss not in the game yet. hat's about it for this expansion, but if you think I missed something or just have a better idea than I do for any character, enemy, or situation, please tell me! This isn't so much my expansion idea as it is the community's. Stay tuned for another area expansion discussion thread. The next thread will be: The Painted World of Ariamis
  25. I'll preface with this from the Kickstarter page's FAQ section: "I don't have a credit card. Can I use PayPal? Not right now, Kickstarter does not support PayPal. However, we will have a Late Backer Pledge where PayPal may be used." So I want to pledge but can't use PayPal or Discover, which are the 2 methods available to me currently. My question is mainly two things. 1: Will the late backer pledge system be set up the same way it is while the regular backing is going on? Where you pay £80 for the game and get ALL stretch goals, as well as adding extra £ for add-ons. 2: Will PayPal or even Discover be available as payment options? I ask this because in the FAQ it is worded as "we will have a Late Backer Pledge where PayPal may be used." Which I could see this being taken as its a possibility that they will allow PayPal since it states "may be used" vs "can be used". Not a definite.