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Found 164 results

  1. Beat engineers

    Anyone have any good brewers strategies against engineers
  2. Recently picked up the kick-off box, trying to create a Guild Ball community here in Porto (Portugal), so I think spending some time on minis I'll be doing demos with will be worth it!
  3. Captains and Matchups

    I've been playing my Brewers again a LOT lately, and I've started doing the "tourney ten" draft before pretty much every game I play to get accustomed to it. I'm interested to pool the collective brain-thoughts: what matchups do you play which captain into? Are there any matchups you think we automatically go one way or the other? Which Guilds/Captains do Tapper and Esters each hate to see on the other side of the table? I'll certainly sound off my own thoughts down the discussion, but as I'm trying to gather others' opinions, I want to leave the beginning wide open so people are talking about what you all think, rather than reacting to what they feel about what I think... =)
  4. Advices to an event

    Dear fellow guild members! In my local meta there will be a one day event on next saturday. There will be upper and lower side, and i'm in the lower. The other players will bring alchemists, brewers, blacksmiths and union. My questions are the following. 1. Against these guilds, wich captain would be the better choice? I think the gamers would bring these captains: Union: Rage Brewers: Tapper Blacksmith: Ferrite or Burnace Alchemist: I think it will be Smoke. 2. What tactics I choose in these games? 3. What squaddies will be the core of my team each games? I know, this is so theoretical, but I would really appreciate any advice, ideas or help
  5. Estus match-ups

    Hi guys, hoping for a little Estus advice. What match ups do you like her into? I'm finding in most games I end up thinking Tapper would have been the better choice. I like Estus into alchemists for the condition removal and to play them at their own game a little but other than that I struggle to place her. I expected to like her vs farmers and masons but in recent games I really struggled to get anything good out of her past turn 1 denial with fire blasts. I often get some good work out of her but I just feel my boii tapper is the heart of the brewers team and makes the team play the way they should. Any help/advice would be appreciated
  6. Hi Guys just a couple of NOOB questions that came up between 2 new players last night 1 on character play cards what does S & P mean on ranges 2 gluttonous mass on ester if she is charged and you get a wrap does she ignore the first result or both results off the wrap cheers Guys
  7. 4-2 SteamCon US recap

    At SteamCon US there was an awesome cosplayer who captured the image of Esters. My brother didn't cosplay but anyone who played against this loud drunk will definitely say that he captured the spirit of the Brewers. Now that he's sobered up Mike has written his recap. http://midwestwargaming.com/steamcon-usa-lcq-recap-brewers/
  8. We had a tournament in Virginia this weekend, and I went out for my first Guild Ball competition! In point of fact, it was supposed to be the Kick About Cup for the end of our KA league, but only three of the KA guys showed up, so we got "grandfathered" into the big tourney. Suddenly, I was playing on a clock for the first time and playing against seasoned veterans...yikes! Fortunately, everybody was really nice, classy, and fun- I had a great time. I played Brewers through both the KA league and the tourney, but I'm throwing my support behind the Fishermen for UiC. This is the last of my four games at the event. So then! ROUND FOUR: Fishermen (Shark, Tentacles, Angel, Greyscales, Hag, Siren) My Lineup: Tapper, Scum, Hooper, Friday, Spigot, and Stave This one went really, really quick. Remember how I'm learning how amazing Shark and Greyscales are at scoring goals? Even more amazing than I thought, as it turns out! I also badly misplayed Stave in this one. I got a chance to blast Hag forward to what I hoped would be her doom, and so I pushed Stave up to get the barrel blast off, which worked, but then he was exposed and both Shark and Siren were able to farm momentum and dodges off him at will for the rest of the game. Shark literally crossed the entire board on his first activation to retrieve the ball and score a goal. The ball was kicked back out, and next turn, Shark was back at it again. To make matters worse, Hag got away on account of the team needing to pull back defensively (which they really had to do because Shark had caught almost my whole team with his legendary play). It made little difference; Shark was able to get the ball back and score again. This time, I kicked the ball as far away from anybody as I could and did what damage I was able in the scrum (such as it was). Greyscales was able to cover most of the distance to the ball while the rest of his team farmed a bunch of momentum (off Stave, naturally) for the purposes of winning initiative for the next turn, and on the first activation of turn three, the old seadog grabbed the ball, went in on Tapper to generate some momentum, "Where'd They Go?"-ed into tap in range, and bonus timed it to end the game 12-0. Mistakes were made. Lots of them- I should have hung Stave back to play demolitions goalie like I did against the Masons, and I definitely should have painted Mash before the tourney to have him in the lineup if needed- but still, I learned a lot, had a great time playing some great people, and got four matches posted up here to support my Fish! Now all I ask is that Veteran Gutter have Gut & String if we win her, so I can use these tokens I have left over from old Shark...!
  9. We had a tournament in Virginia this weekend, and I went out for my first Guild Ball competition! In point of fact, it was supposed to be the Kick About Cup for the end of our KA league, but only three of the KA guys showed up, so we got "grandfathered" into the big tourney. Suddenly, I was playing on a clock for the first time and playing against seasoned veterans...yikes! Fortunately, everybody was really nice, classy, and fun- I had a great time. I played Brewers through both the KA league and the tourney, but I'm throwing my support behind the Fishermen for UiC. This is the third of my four games at the event. So then! ROUND THREE: Masons (Hammer, Marbles, Brick, Tower, Mallet, Lucky) My Lineup: Tapper, Scum, Hooper, Friday, Spigot, Stave This one went well for the boys and girl in Tartans. As it turns out, a Topped Out, Sic 'Em-ed kitty in Tapper's Commanding Aura can do a bit of damage. A scrum developed pretty early on in this one, with Hooper kicking off and the rest of the squad hurrying up the field. I'd played against Masons a few times, but never against Hammer. I was soon to be impressed by his playbook! The man of the match in this one, though, had to be Stave. Though you wouldn't think I was capable of it based on what happened in Round Four, I played him very cleverly in this match, sticking him back behind the gang and normally giving him three influence (which is a lot, but I was basically using Old Jakes with Tapper every turn to help compensate). He then just lumbered around throwing barrels to knock people down or around. Twice, the Masons found their ball carrier blasted away from the goal and the ball suddenly loose. An even bigger problem was that they often found their players unable to support each other or knocked down to be easy pickings for the rest of my team (when Stave wasn't tossing barrels, he was belly-bumping people onto their butts with that momentous KD on one). By separating the Masons, using Friday and Scum's comparatively long jogs to get in the way of others or stop counter charges (something they can both do just fine even without influence), and focusing down one target at a time, I managed to take out Brick, then Hammer, then Tower and Marbles in rapid succession. Tapper did finally get taken out, but I was able to bring him back in on the edge, ready to rush up and jump on Lucky, who was serving as the Masons' ball carrier. He even managed to gain control of it, rather than just beating Lucky up. Unfortunately, I had forgotten that at the start of next turn, both Hammer and Tower would be returning to the pitch, and would be in position to threaten Tapper easily. They got the ball, shoved him away, and sent Hammer sprinting down the sidelines after passing the ball to Tower. Remember how I said I did pretty well with Stave in this game? Probably my best moment of the whole tourney was Stave thumping over to blast Hammer off the pitch and into the crowd with a barrel immediately after the Masons' leader had put a beat down on tapper. Meanwhile, Friday retrieved the ball, and darted away to tap-in range. It was a chip shot, and she didn't miss. 13 (12) - 2, Brewers! Another victory struck for our allies, the Fish!
  10. We had a tournament in Virginia this weekend, and I went out for my first Guild Ball competition! In point of fact, it was supposed to be the Kick About Cup for the end of our KA league, but only three of the KA guys showed up, so we got "grandfathered" into the big tourney. Suddenly, I was playing on a clock for the first time and playing against seasoned veterans...yikes! Fortunately, everybody was really nice, classy, and fun- I had a great time. I played Brewers through both the KA league and the tourney, but I'm throwing my support behind the Fishermen for UiC. This is the second of my four games at the event. So then! ROUND TWO: Butchers (Fillet, Princess, Boiler, Meathook, Brisket, Boar) My Lineup: Tapper, Scum, Hooper, Friday, Spigot, and Pintpot. GOLLY I wish I'd used Stave in there! This one was a bloodbath (aided in part by the prize of a Limited Edition Rage model for whomever got the fastest mascot takeout in this round). Since I was just here to have fun, anyway, I decided to hang winning the game and just go for that dog. In goes the squad- Sic 'Em, Knockdown, Commanding Aura, the works. By early in turn two, Princess was toast. (Scum goes after Princess) So I won the Limited Rage (yay!), but this proved to be pretty costly. I did a good job of managing Boiler, Boar, and Meathook- ok, I managed Boar and Boiler pretty well; Meathook I mostly left to her own devices and got lucky that she proved more set-up girl than actual threat, though she did do a pretty solid amount of damage. The one I did NOT manage well was Fillet. She basically got to roam around the table murdering people at her leisure- having played against only Ox on the Butchers' side in the past, I misunderstood that Fillet doesn't need to be near/supported by the rest of the squad to do huge damage, and doesn't do much for them in return, so I ignored her at my great peril if she wasn't close to the main action, and she surgically dismembered my team's stragglers and outliers. I did some good things, too- both Spigot and Friday each scored a goal, and this came after they combined forces to take out Brisket. I got my second goal and second takeout before Fillet could get her sixth, actually- but one of my takeouts was Princess, so I ended up losing 11-12. Still...Limited Rage. Totally worth it. =) (Spigot scores for the first time since I've played Brewers) (Friday scores as well. This evened my lifetime "Goals Scored by Humans" to "Goals Scored by Cats" ratio!) My opponent was a great guy and we had a blast in this round. Totally awesome. Totally worth it. Also worth one more game for the Fish for UiC! =)
  11. We had a tournament in Virginia this weekend, and I went out for my first Guild Ball competition! In point of fact, it was supposed to be the Kick About Cup for the end of our KA league, but only three of the KA guys showed up, so we got "grandfathered" into the big tourney. Suddenly, I was playing on a clock for the first time and playing against seasoned veterans...yikes! Fortunately, everybody was really nice, classy, and fun- I had a great time. I played Brewers through both the KA league and the tourney, but I'm throwing my support behind the Fishermen for UiC. This is the first of my four games at the event. So then! ROUND ONE: Fishermen (Shark, Siren, Salt, Greyscales, Sakana, Jac) My Lineup: Tapper, Scum, Hooper, Friday, Spigot, and Stave. Holy wow can Shark score goals. This surprises no one, but as somebody who has loved the Fish since I joined Guild Ball, but doesn't have a lot of tabletop experience against them (and none against Shark; our one KA Fish player played pretty much all Corsair all the time), it sure caught me off guard. Shark was to prove my nemesis throughout the event. Slippery fishes indeed! The game got underway with me kicking off with Spigot and then sending him, Friday, and Scum chasing after the ball, while Tapper, Stave, and Hooper got set to hold the middle. Shark and Greyscales were just LIGHTNING fast in this match, getting up there, getting the ball, and slipping all over the place with it. My poor Brewers spent most of the game chasing their own tails, but one or twice one of the Fish got too close and paid for it in spades. The combination of Tapper, Hooper, and Spigot managed to surround Siren after the first Shark goal, and Hooper beat her down handily. After the second Shark goal, the kickout mercifiully went straight to Spigot, who looked downfield to see Friday lurking with a single point of influence more or less unattended by Sakana and Shark (who had both already acted at this point), so he sprinted closer and passed her the ball. She burned a momentum for "I Shoot Better after a Beer", snapped off a shot, and scored. Unfortunately, I had dramatically underestimated how fast Greyscales can be with the ball! The kick-out when his way, and he was able to scoop it up, charge someone (I think Stave?), stay at 2", trigger Where'd they Go? to scoot around, and get into a position to shoot the winning goal. A great game, and some lessons I hope not to forget (don't worry, later in the tourney, I do just that!). One more for the Fish!
  12. Corsair took his roster up against the Brewers line up today. The Fishermen score a T2 goal with Greyscales after setting up in T1. Brewers came in hard and furious but Salt took a chance on being taken out, with a parting blow, fleeing for a loose ball. Snapping it along the way, he was able to score a tap in goal on 2 dice. The goal kick was certainly in favor of the Brewers but Corsair made it a little harder for them to score by KD'ing Spigot and dragging Friday away, but not before taking on some poison. Friday still managed to score a goal, bringing the score to 8 - 4. The goal kick was made at the end of turn 2. With the Fish winning the initiative, Greyscales made the best of it, snapping the ball after ganging a momentous "where'd he go" and scoring the Fish's victory goal. Thanks to Jason Carman for the fun match. The funny banter and snaps make our matches memorable. I always look forward to playing with you.https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1687945084609900&id=100001832758699
  13. This was an 2nd round escalation league match. Masons: Honour, Harmony, Brick, Marbles Brewers: Esters, Friday, Spigot, Quaff After a great strong start from the Brewers, who managed to position themselves to score early on (pictured), some (really) bad dice led to a no goal, which went on to allow the masons to dominate possession and out maneuver the Brewers. After a little brawl in the middle of the park, the Masons eventually went on to score the 2 goals required to win the match. Masons won 9-3.
  14. Hey guys got another game in with one of my local brewers player. Had a great game and I managed to get a win out of it! My team: Fillet, Truffles, Meathook, vbrisket, Shank, and Vox His team: Tapper, scum, Hooper, oSpigot, Stoker, and Luckey He won the roll off and elected to receive: I give the ball to vbrisket and she jogs up and kicks it which lands in front of ospigot and hooper. Seeing as there was really no better option I let it stay there. End of Turn 1: He starts the turn by having luckey activate and move up, snap the ball, then pass it to ospigot, then he does his ability to dodge and dodges back into the brewer lines. I use my free dodge from that ability to move up Vox. I activate Truffles and have him sprint up towards the rough ground. He activates Hooper who puts tough skin on himself then moves into the rough ground. I activate Shank and sprint him towards the rough ground then have him do where they go and dodge him near hooper but out of his melee. oSpigot activates puts tooled up on the cat then passes the ball to Tapper, the walks up the pitch. Meathook activates puts tooled up on Fillet then sprints towards the rough ground. Tapper activates puts commanding aura up and does his heroic play giving scum 2 then he moves in range of Shank and manages to miss. Fillet activates and not seeing any viable targets moves up the pitch next to meathook, gives Vox quick foot then does pain circle on hooper and tapper hitting them both. Scum activates and charges Shank dealing 7 damage. Vox activates and charges Spigot which my opponent then does def stance and brace for impact, Vox gets MOM whirling chains which grabs hooper moving him into base of Vox, Spigot ignored it. Stoker activates charges Vox and knocks him down. vbrisket charges Stoker while being within 8 of the edge, but only getting MOM 2 damage he counter attacks and does a double push, vbrisket does quick time to get back into melee I use 2 mom to stand vox up. Score: 0-0 End of turn 2: I lose the roll off and he starts the turn with Hooper and puts tough skin on himself then he knocks vox down and deal some damage, then he moves up to engage fillet and meathook. I activate Vox and stand him up and attack stoker doing mom get stuck in then I end healing three. He activates tapper and does commanding aura then he knocks down shank and does some damage then walks away and kicks the ball to spigot. I activate truffles and spend 1 mom to glide and he charges, and gets mom Knockdown. He activates spigot and puts tooled up on luckey then he moves him toward the goal. I activate meathook and give fillet tooled up then i have her engage hooper and she fails to do any damage but manages to push him and free up fillet. He activates Luckey and has him charge vox dealing a ton of damage knocking vox to 10 hps, and knocking him down. Shank activates and does field dressings and clearing both his and vox's knock down conditions, then he moves around the cat causing to cat to proc unpredictable. The cat activates and engages fillet dealing 1 damage. Brisket activates and moves towards hooper and does quick time on fillet allowing her to get within 1 inch of Hooper. Stocker activates and throws out a molotov catching, vox, meathook, hooper, and vbrisket on fire, then he knocks vox down again then attacks brisket doing a double push. Fillet activates and does blood rain on hooper hitting luckey and stoker, then she does what fillet does and takes hooper out, she then dodges into stoker and pops legendary. Score: 2-0 Beginning of turn 3: I win the roll off and I start the turn with Shank. Shank charges spigot and does a wrap doing a mom tackle and 1 mom damage, then he makes a goal kick which was good. Tapper activates, does commanding aura then does a double push on the pig, then he moves to get within range of meathook and does a knockdown. Vox activates stands up then end his activation healing for 2. spigot puts tooled up on luckey then engages shank and does some damage putting him to 4. Fillet activates, does blood rain on stoker and luckey then takes stoker out, then walks into luckey and takes him out. Hooper smashes shank and takes him out. Meathook takes a breather then engages tapper and does a double push, tapper knocks her back down with a counter attack. the cat charges meat hook but does some damage. vbrisket clears conditions and positions herself to take the ball for next turn. Score: 10-2 Beginning of turn 4: I lose the roll off and he begins with Tapper who does commanding aura then smashes meathook and takes her out, then he moves to the ball and then moves back towards hooper and then he drops the ball letting hooper pick it up. Fillet activates walks into hooper and spigot and does a non mom blood rain hooper counters and does a 1 inch push, fillet attacks again and tackles the ball, then she makes a goal kick and bonus time it, ending the game. Final Score: 12-4 Really great game, just wish I could get better at handling the ball as I'm still too reliant on take outs.
  15. Brewers

    Started painting my Kick-off minis. Decided to dive in with Brewers and attempt Tartan!
  16. I forgot to take pictures of this game because I was using my phone as a clock This game was for a local league, which has secret missions each player is trying to achieve, in addition to victory points. And we play with the new deploy rules and GiC . Stave was really good against Blacksmiths! My missions - have 3 enemy players KD at once, kill each Master once, Get a double wrap Brewers - Tapper, Quaff, Hooper, Spigot, Friday, Stave GiC - 4 heal, remove KD for free once per turn Blacksmiths - Anvil (captain), sledge, ferrite, iron, furnace, cinder (boxed set # 1) GiC - 5 heal, once per turn, gain +1 arm after getting KD Turn 1 - Stave kicked off, with Quaff and Hooper up front, tapper on the kick off line, and spigot and friday in the back. Anvil and Sledge deployed on the wing, Sledge went and KD Tapper and did a lot of damage. Quaff second wind on Tapper, thinking he could go in and grab the ball and run out. Stave hit Anvil and Sledge with a barrel toss, sending sledge toward my team, and anvil away near the edge. Tapper went and KD cinder, got the ball and ran back a little. The ball got tackled off of tapper and sent back to ferrite. Spigot tooled up Hooper, Friday jogged up, and Hooper attacked Sledge, in commanding aura, so +3 damage. Easily killed Sledge and went up on momentum. Score 2 - 0 Turn 2 - Tapper went first and jogged to engage Furnace and Cinder, KD both of them and scatter the ball back towards blacksmiths goal. Furnace attacked Tapper and KD him. Stave jogged up and threw a barrel at Anvil, who was within 4" of the edge from last turn. The barrel pushed him off the pitch. Hooper and Spigot attacked Ferrite and killed her. Friday attacked and poisoned Furnace. Iron got the ball and sprinted up to take a shot, rolled snake eyes (my opponent rolled badly all game it really sucked). Score 6 - 0 Turn 3 - Tapper and Hooper killed Cinder. Quaff sic em charged sledge and got 3 momentum and 5" push, he actually was in commanding aura and could have done 6 damage to kill Sledge, but i forgot about that. Furnace got momentum, and Iron went and got the ball from its scatter and scored. Friday and Spigot killed Furnace. Score 10 - 4 Turn 4 - Tapper set up Ferrite to get taken out again, and Spigot finished the job, ending the game with 6 kills. All secret missions complete!
  17. Smoke Naja Vet Katalyst Calculus Compound Harry the Hat Vs Esters Scum Mash Friday Spigot Pintpot Smoke kicked off and Spigot picked up the ball before passing to Friday on the brewers right flank. Friday and Scum shot down the side of the pitch heading for the goal after the cat received a pass from its teammate. Compound tried valiantly to get in the path of the goal threat with his rush keeper and horrific odour but with some impressive dodging from the mangy moggy a cat goal was scored Meanwhile in the middle of the pitch a fight started between Harry and Pintpot with Naja in support. Harry and Pintpot took chunks out of eachother before Harry shot off to help out Vkat against esters and Spigot who he was gradually chewing away at with several blows and intensifies. Smoke began to work her way up the pitch only to be tackled and howzat'd by Mash into a patch of rough ground. This led to a 2nd Brewer goal by Friday. The ball was kicked out and landed right next to Smoke who used momentum to clear the knock down condition (after Harry clobbered Pintpot some more and took a hit himself to raise momentum) before cloudjumping away and sprinting off to tap in a goal. The ball was kicked out to Spigot who ran away from Vkat down the same flank as Friday before passing the ball to her who then tapped it on to scum for a second cat goal of the game ending 12-4 to the brewers. Moral of this story- don't get stuck in a brawl with brewers and always kill the cat!
  18. Again the brewers bring the Brawl no goals only take outs!
  19. The Brewers guild brought a brawl! No goals only Take Outs!
  20. After doing some research into the newest member for both Masons and Brewers guilds aka Lucky, I want to give him a test run in my masons team. The only thing that's got me thinking is his Stack the Deck. If you lose the initiative, does that 1 INF he gains count as an extra or is it part of the overall INF allocation?
  21. This was the final game of the tournament, I forgot to take pics but here's one of me playing the final round (with my back to the camera). If I won this game, then I had a chance for 3rd place, since my first round loss won the tournament. I deployed Tapper and Hooper up front, and kick off. Vet Kat was on the wing, and Hooper / Spigot combo was able to take him out turn 1. My opponent got the ball to Vitriol who scored turn 1. Tapper and Hooper went in to attack Mercury and Calculus, while Spigot and Friday tried to hold the ball and bring it upfield. Vitriol and Smoke kept stealing the ball back and they scored again. I was able to take out Vat Kat, and Mercury and Calculus so the score was 8 - 8, and I had a choice to either kill the ball (but allow his returning taken out players to get it uncontested) or throw it in the middle. I tried to pass it upfield to Spigot, but Smoke was able to steal it and pass it around. Vitriol had the ball in goal range, and Spigot stole it again, and kicked it upfield. Unfortunately I just couldn't prevent Smoke from getting it and kicking it towards Vitriol, who scored for the win. It is really hard for Brewers to stop Vitriol from scoring, next time I think I need to forget about Vet Kat and focus on killing Vitriol and Smoke.... but then letting Vet Kat have his way isn't great either .... overall great game and was really close at the end. I think if I had used a momentum to dodge Spigot further up after getting the ball, then perhaps I could have stayed out of Smokes range (wow she has a huge range!) Overall I played pretty well this game, and played decently at the tournament, even though I ended up going 1-2.
  22. The tournament was too hectic and I forgot to take any more pictures, but here's one of me playing my round 3 game, and of the others at the tournament. In game 2 I was in the loser bracket and I played against a new player who was playing kick off Masons. I opted to play kick off brewers, with Stoker instead of Stave. My opponent did well, and I was trying to teach her strategies as we played. I received the ball and got it to Friday, who was able to take a shot on goal, and missed! Tapper and Hooper deployed up front and started KD'ing people and doing some damage. Turn 2, Tapper, Hooper, Spigot and Friday all laid in attacks under commanding aura and got 3 takeouts this turn. Tapper got a kill start of turn 3. Flint and Harmony danced the ball away on the other side of the pitch and Harmony scored a tap in goal start of turn 3. Then I threw it back in to Friday and immediately counter scored for the win.
  23. This was the first game I played in a 3 round tournament this last Saturday, unfortunately I forgot to take any more pictures after it started. Esters was overconfident against Masons after her previous win. Was waiting to activate her but she got KD and Singled Out by Mallet, and then Honour came up and used her legend to attack 7 times, killing Esters turn 1. The ball was dead and Flint controlled it. I fought hard after that and prevented any more points for a while. I used Friday and Scum to mess with Flint and keep him from scoring, but he was able to get the ball back into the middle of the pitch. After losing Esters, I also lost Hooper, but I took out Mallet. We played for an hour at 4 - 0, and my opponent finally got a goal and I threw it in to Friday, and then next turn chain activated Honour and Harmony to get the winning goal. Overall I played pretty well, except I misplayed so badly at the beginning that I just couldn't come back. I learned that I can't be so overconfident with Esters and I should probably deploy her at the kick off line or behind, since she has such great ranged plays, I should force the opponent to come to me.
  24. Managed to get a second game in this week so might as well post another one for Decimate. My opponent has been using paper cut outs for his Blacksmiths in anticipation of the release. He's not played many games with them so we took this one nice and slow talking through a lot of the options (which is fine by me as I hadn't faced Blacksmiths before). I took: Tapper, Scum, Hooper, Friday, Stoker, Pint Pot He took: Ferrite (captain), Anvil, Furnace, Iron, Cinder, Sledge I ended up the following plot cards: Who Are Ya?, Knee Slider, Man Marking He wins the roll off and elects to receive. I kick off with Tapper and kick the ball to the right hand side Start of Round 1 Influence Iron 2, Anvil 3, Sledge 1, Furnace 1, Ferrite 3, Cinder 2 Tapper 3, Scum 3, Friday 3, Hooper 1, Stoker 2, Pint Pot 1 Cinder Kills the Ball. Goal Kick is short and ends up on Furnace. Cinder sprints left. Friday uses Shadow Like and sprints over the fast terrain within 6" of Cinder and hits her with Dirty Knives. Then calls Scum over. Furnace passes to Ferrite and jogs up, careful to stay out of range of Tapper. Scum shadow likes and charges Furnace (who counters), pushes him an inch, now in range of Tapper. Furnace hits and does a point setting Scum on fire. Scum takes another swing and does a point. Anvil uses While the Iron is Hot and Furnace dodges back. Anvil sprints up just out of 1" of Scum. Hooper sprints past Tapper. Sledge jogs up and swings at Scum, with the free Piledriver does 2 damage. Pint Pot sprints up the middle. Ferrite passes to Iron and fails the kick. Scatters back behind the goal line. Ferrite sprints and uses Acrobatic to get close to the ball and then calls Iron back who is able to snap to. Tapper sprints up to threaten next round. Iron uses Impetus and sprints down the left side of the field. Stoker sprints up and throw a Molotov, setting Anvil and Sledge on fire. End of Round 1 We're tied for momentum and he wins the roll off. Opts to go second because I really cannot stop Iron. Sledge, Anvil and Scum take a point of fire damage. Cinder takes 2 from poison. Influence Iron 3, Anvil 3, Sledge 3, Furnace 3 Pint Pot 2, Stoker 1, Tapper 5, Hooper 3, Friday 2 Looking at distances for Iron, realize I can slow him down. Stoker jogs left and throws a Molotov which hits Iron, setting him on fire. Cinder jogs left to get out danger. Scum shadow likes over to get in Furnace's way. Ferrite jogs forward and uses her Legendary to counteract the fire on Iron and Anvil. Friday shadow likes within 6" of Furnace and hits him with Dirty Knives and jogs back to the fast terrain. Anvil uses legendary and charges Pint Pot, knocks him down and pushes him back. Attacks Stoker, but doesn't do much. Tapper charges Furnace, who plays Brace For Impact. Tapper triggers Commanding Aura. Then knocks him down and does some damage. Furnace gets up and uses his legendary. Knocks Tapper down, does some damage and pushes him to block Hooper. Pint Pot shakes knock down and sprints to up to Sledge and Furnace. Drinks a beer to Smash Face, which takes out Scum so he's not blocking Furnace. 1-0. Then uses his last influence and two beers to do some damage and pushes Anvil into harm's way. Sledge is close enough to Anvil for the free Piledriver. Shakes conditions and heals Furnace. Walks up to Tapper and comes up short on the big damage and only does 4. Remaining attacks mostly just to get momentum. Hooper uses True Grit and walks up to Anvil and takes him out. 1-2. Iron uses Impetus, shakes fire, and sprints to within 4" of the goal, bonus times a kick and scores. 5-2. I play Who Are Ya on Iron. Goal kick scatters to Friday. He plays Match Fixing and the re roll still goes to Friday. End of Round 2 I'm up on momemtum 5 to 1. I win the roll off and take first activation. Scum comes back on behind Friday. Furnace comes back on staring down Friday. Cinder takes 2 from Poison Influence Tapper 5, Hooper 2, Pint Pot 1, Stoker 4, Friday 1 Iron 3, Furnace 3, Ferrite 2, Cinder 1, Anvil 3 Tapper gets up and proceeds to beat on Sledge, triggering Commanding Aura, knocking him down and eventually taking him out. 5-4. Then uses Old Jake's to fill up Hooper and Pint Pot. Furnace sprints towards Iron engaging Friday. Take a swing and tackles the ball. Kicks out to Iron, but the scatter is too short. Friday shadow likes away from Furnace and with the fast terrain gets to the ball and kicks it to Scum. Misses the kick and it scatters past him, fortunately not close enough to Cinder for her to kill it. Cinder sprints right to avoid the scrum in the middle and heals for 4. Stoker goes after Anvil and pushes him 4" on the first two attacks to get him into the scrum with Tapper and Hooper. Knocks him down and then hits his 3 damage result. Anvil gets up and beats on Stoker, knocking him down. Hooper uses True Grit and Come On Mate to get Stoker up. Proceeds to knock down Anvil and nearly take him out. My opponent is extremely wary of the scrum and Ferrite sprints left (red circle in picture below). Pint Pot uses his two influence to put down Anvil. 5-6. Iron runs to the other side of the goal hoping get another crack at the ball. Scum shadow likes to the ball, grabs it and uses the fast terrain to jog around Furnace within 4" of Tapper End of Round 3 I cannot lose the roll off for first activation and take it. Cinder takes two from poison. Influence Tapper 6, Friday 2, Hooper 2, Pint Pot 1, Stoker 2 Cinder 2, Iron 2, Sledge 3, Furnance 2, Ferrite 2, Anvil 2 Scum shadow likes away from Furnace jogs to Stoker and drops the ball, which he snaps to (good kitty). My opponent realizes he has extremely limited options for getting the ball. Stoker is too far away for most of his team to get to and those that do don't have the influence to get the ball away. We debate several options and he decides to advance with Cinder, who has to get within 2" of Tapper to get within 6" of Stoker. She bonus times a Hot Shot, but isn't able to tackle the ball. Tapper advances and takes out Furnace. 5-8. Use Old Jake's to fill up Hooper and Pint Pot again. Anvil sprints up. Stoker sprints and bonus times a goal. 5-12. End of game Definitely not the best showing for the Blacksmiths. But my opponent was trying some things to see what would happen, mostly to see if he could go toe to toe in the scrum. He was pretty wary of scrum in the middle after Furnace went out.