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Found 93 results

  1. Hi, My Masons from Guild Ball Starter Set. What do you think about it? More paintwork on my fb page: https://www.facebook.com/craftspaintingstudio/?ref=aymt_homepage_panel[/ur]
  2. So I don't want to try and keep track of multiple threads so I'll just link the Alchemist's Guild and Brewer's Guild that I have already done and add the new stuff from now on to this thread. I got a few Union options for my first two guilds and figured I might as well go a little bit further and get enough to field the Union as a team too. I'm sure that wasn't the exact intention that SFG had. So first off I made and painted a ball for my Alchemist's: And here's the Union I have all painted up. I tried some of the blood effects paint for the first time on this team and it worked fantastic. Ended up using it on almost the entire team. They are a bloody bunch of criminals and killers anyway so it fits. Not super excited about the dead pirate and now that I say that I might have to repaint/modify him to be an undead pirate. I went with the turtle because I just like him a lot better than that sad snake. I bought the LE Rage during the Black Friday sale, and he came out much better than I was expecting. Harry was the first Union player I purchased and the one I was the most excited to paint. I've made a few alterations and touch ups to him but I'm happy how he looks now. Decimate, I had to fix. It was the easiest alteration I've done to Guild Ball so far. Cut off her head and turn it around. Gutter, well there's not much to say really. I dirtied up her chains pretty well and added some rust and blood. Had a pretty good time with Avarisse and Greede. Took a little work to make sure Avarisse didn't look like Galactus with the color scheme I chose.
  3. While I've not played many games it was my first chance today to try out my newly, full-painted Fisherman's team vs a friend whose only just started (both Guild Ball and miniature games) who was playing the Brewers. Fish - Shark, Angel, Kraken, Greyscales, Salt, and Siren. Brewers - Tapper, Hooper, Friday, Stave, Spigot, and Scum. In retrospect I should have gone with Corsair given the Brewer's propensity to knock people down (and they did this a lot) but my opponent hadn't seen any of the Season 2 models, just the ones in the Season 1 rulebook, so I thought it might be a bit 'unfriendly' for our first game. Turn 1 - The Fish choose to receive and start with Greyscales collecting the ball and missing his pass to Angel (this sets the tone for the whole game...) though it does scatter to Shark. The Brewers move up the field close enough for Shark to spring forward, generate some momentum hitting Hooper, and then move off for a shot on goal - with bonus time he still missed. The rest of the turn sees the Brewers collect the ball, move up field, and hit the Fish about a bit, mostly concentrating on Shark after seeing his first activation. The turn ends with Siren and Kraken on one wing with Spigot; Friday on the other with Greyscales; and everyone else in the middle. Turn 2 - Fish win initiative and Greyscales "where'd they go" into Friday, tackles her for the ball, hits again for some momentum and dodging away, then moves off for a shot on goal...and misses again. Stave collects the ball (he acted as a pretty successful goalie barring one "mistake" which we'll get to soon) and lobs barrels to knock Greyscales down. I've not really got anyone near enough to Stave to threaten to get the ball again this turn so it transforms into a bit of a scrum in the middle, however Shark's Legendary really hampers the Brewers from doing anything with the ball either. Turn 3 - Fish win initiative again and Greyscales charges Stave to get the ball back. Momentum is generated, a shot is taken, and Greyscales misses again! Stave gets the ball back once more. The Brewers instead of getting the ball up the field right away, decide to concentrate on taking Shark out as his antics on turn 1 and 2 really struck a nerve. This they do to go ahead 2-0. The Fish respond by using Siren to Seduce Stave into passing Greyscales the ball who goes for a Snap Shot.....and finally scores! Not the best move a Goalie can make Obviously the previous shots were just too easy and I needed to make it more difficult for Greyscales. 2-4 to the Fish. Unfortunately the Brewers respond by getting it straight up the field to Tapper, then to Friday, and score to go straight back in the lead for 6-4. Kraken is beaten quite badly as all this goes on. My turn is nearly over but with a pretty open left wing I put the ball out to that side of the pitch from the goal kick, and move Salt over to the left of centre. Turn 4 - Shark comes back on, pretty near the ball, but I need to generate some momentum first so Siren (of all people) wails on Tapper to generate 4 including a Seduction on Hooper (would have been great if he'd done more than 1 non-momentus damage). There's no way for the Brewers to reach the ball before I do so they continue their beat down on Kraken and take him out 8-4 to the Brewers. Shark's turn and he collects the ball, and runs up field. The plan had been to pass to Salt to take it further to Greyscales but moving the otter into position had been too obvious and Spigot was now marking him. Instead Shark kicks the ball to just a little out of Greyscales reach but, again, beyond the reach of any Brewer. The Brewers player decides he's preferring the 'beating people up' game to bothering with the football and stays in the centre with Angel and Siren. Given his previous form he probably didn't have too much to worry about but Greyscales is left alone to collect the free ball and take a shot - Screamer! 8-8 and it's all even. Turn 5 - The ball had come out to the centre and Angel got it following a roll off to see who it snaps to. However, with the Brewers winning initiative, she is promptly tackled and the ball passed to Friday. With Salt luckily nearby, Angel gives herself Nimble and oh-so-narrowly avoids being knocked down as she takes a parting blow for one damage and moves off to tackle Friday. She then fails to get a single hit and, even engaged by Angel, Friday scores the winning goal. 12-8 to the Brewers. Lots of turns there but we're still both relatively new to the game, and my shooting was amazingly bad - something like 12 dice in a row all below 4! Both really enjoyed the game though, and that was the main thing for someone who was discovering Guild Ball for the first time. Loved the moment I caused Stave to pass to Greyscales for a snap-shot, while my opponent mostly enjoyed knocking people down and the mental image of an otter and a cat playing football (Shark was attacked by Scum at one point and damage was done ). Stave did well as a goalie and we were both pondering if either team would get someone comparable to Tenderiser or Compound in Season 2. With the guild's theme I'm betting on a cormorant as their season 2 mascot for the Fish but a goalie-walrus is truly what I'm hoping for
  4. Here is the start of my brewers team ...
  5. http://www.buzzsprout.com/57387/512093-episode-33-talking-season-3-brewers-with-sherwin Andrew and Jason talk to Sherwin about Season 3 Brewers, what makes them good, and what models they aren't taking to Vengeance. You would like to support the podcast? Well now you can! Visit the Singled Out Blog, click on the Element Games banner, and obtain your shiny new man dollies from their great web store. Singled Out Blog: https://singledout2016.wordpress.com/
  6. I have a big tourney this weekend and I've been considering bringing Engineers. But no, I'll stick to my guns and bring me 'ol Brewers with unabashed, and largely unrequited loyalty. It was actually the BOW's new 'Faction Guide' video that rekindled my appreciation (not that it was lost): http://www.beastsofwar.com/guild-ball/faction-guide-brewers-guild/ There is something to be said about Brewer's identity, or guild identity, that I find much more appealing than actually winning (except for the prize support, which should be awesome). So my question is, what is the Brewer identity to you? There's a hell of a lot of loyal players, even with the (perceived or actual) S3 disadvantages. What brings you to the table?
  7. Tell me some of the coolest, craziest, most fun situations that you have had as a brewer player in season 3. I had spigot balls gone shark passing to mash within football legend aura for a 5 dice snapshot for the win! Super fun and hilarious to play out.
  8. Hi, So I figured it'd be somewhat useful to have a quick-reference sheet, per Guild, of all the Character Plays, Character Traits, Heroic Plays and Legendary Plays in use in Season 3, in one place on one side of A4 paper. I've started the process with the Brewers, which you can have a look at below. I guess you could call it a work in progress; I wasn't too sure what I should leave out but I didn't want a table that was too cluttered. Obviously there's no cost, range, zone, sustain or opt information in the table. But it may provide some use at a glance during a quick-paced game, especially if you don't own or haven't printed out your opponent's character cards. Thoughts, improvements? Click the image for a higher resolution:
  9. As so many of you I ended up getting into Guild Ball. After a few demo's and test matches, reading up and oogling models I had the daunting task of choosing my first guild. As the title says, I clearly went for Brewers but I wasn't entirely convinced. I liked their play style and although the models are really nice, something was a bit of. As far as it goes for me, Brewers can be divided into two groups: models with the scottish theme and models with a viking theme. Looking at Esters, Stoker and Mash I really preferred the latter thus I decided to fully change Brewers into a norse flavor! Now the catch was that I only saw the models once in real life and had not paid attention if this could be done easily or not. I could end up with some cut up models and nothing to show for it... But as I'm not the person to plan everything thrice ahead I just took a plunge and ordered a Starter and some extra models! Spigot was the first I got my hands on and not to go too much overboard I cut off the head and kept the rest original, this would be the easier change of the lot. After cutting Spigot, grinding Tapper and Hooper and drilling Stave (and a little surprise for Scum), here's how it stands so far:
  10. I faced off for the first time against the Brewers yesterday in our local Figo league. I went with a weird lineup of Esters/vSpig/Mash/Friday/Scum/Harry (leaving Stave, Stoker and Pintpot on the bench) whilst my opponent fielded Tapper/Hooper/Pintpot/Stoker/Scum/Gutter while benching Esters, Stave and oSpig. I received and (as usual) left myself open for a T1 tackle, thereby eliminating any early advantage I might have held. I managed to get 3 Takeouts and a Scum goal (I don't think I've scored a goal with someone other than Scum or Greed in S3 - yes, that's how bad I am at this game!) before falling to a final Gutter goal to bring the final to 10-14. Geez, vSpig continues to feel pointless to me. As does footballing in general, so I suppose that goes without saying. Esters sans healing really hasn't clicked with me yet. Mash spends zero time as a goal threat, and desperately tries to make a nuisance of himself long enough to allow for some Takeouts. Scum is my lone bright point, and I can't seem to get the ball back effectively with Friday. In short, I completely lost sight of my game plan - I Goaded zero times, chickened out and did not bring Stave in, and generated a negligible goal threat for the majority of the game. The score may indicate otherwise, but I was thoroughly outplayed from beginning to end. I'm starting to think that making any other roster choices other than maximizing the amount of 2" melee every time is silly - maybe that's just this guild, but perhaps it's the whole game of Guild Ball. Lots of mistakes, obviously, from player selection to positioning to activation order. A frustrating outing overall.
  11. I've been out of action since s1, so never picked up any new players. Do folk think Pintpot would be a good 1st 'in' for getting started back in s3 .... or just play a few games 1st? I must be honest, current chat about guild parity isn't inspiring my Brewers return when it seems just about every GB player I meet goes to tournaments regularly. That's quite intimidating. Any helpful advice appreciated.
  12. Hey guys, it took me some time to get the courage to put this on here, but I'm pretty happy with the way my guys turned out so I thought I'd just leave them here. Hope you like them Here is the team, sponsored by the world's favourite stout
  13. I'm a slow painter. I don't have the time I would like to have for painting and playing. But I enjoy it very much, when I finished a miniature and much more, when it get some table time. Two or three month ago I started with Guildball and choosed the Spooks. It was the first time, that I had the chance to choose a faction freely, because I was the first in my gaming club collecting Guild Ball. When we start a new game, we normally try to choose different factions and not to double some on the start. But I never was the first, when starting a new system - but for this time! After some rounds with the models of the starterbox, I bought the rest of three team members to fill the ranks to a full team. In the meantime I began painting Obulus, but stuck with the feather coat. So I took a reacreation of him and started with my new Ghast, one of my favorit of the Morticians. After a game I played yesterday, I finished him today. But because I didn't know if I do myself a Guild Ball gaming table or buying a gamemat, I don't finished the base and doesn't used dull coat spray on him. But I hope you still like him:
  14. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/92383879/Guildball/Brewers/Brewers%2012-2016.pdf I have updated these tokens to be current as of December 2016. Enjoy.
  15. Im selling off all my spare models as I have all teams. Alchemist - Smoke (metal) built, unpainted Morticians - Obulus (metal) unbuilt, unpainted... Morticians - Obulus (metal) built, unpainted (staff snapped at hand) Morticians - Dirge (metal) built, unpainted Morticians - Cosset (metal) unbuilt, unpainted Morticians - Cosset (metal) built, unpainted (very top of staff snapped) Morticians - Silence (metal) built, unpainted Morticians - 2 x Graves (metal) unbuilt, unpainted Morticians - Graves (resin) unbuilt, unpainted Morticians - Brainpan + Memory (metal) unbuilt, unpainted Butchers - Limited edition Ox (metal) unbuilt, unpainted Butchers - Ox (metal) unbuilt, unpainted Butchers - Vet Ox (metal) unbuilt, painted stripped Butchers - Boar (metal) built, unpainted Butchers - Brisket (metal) unbuilt, unpainted Butchers - Princess (metal) built, unpainted Fish - Hag (metal) unbuilt, unpainted Masons - Granite (metal) unbuilt, unpainted Brewers - Pintpot (metal) unbuilt, unpainted Union - Rage (metal) unbuilt, unpainted Hunters - Theron (metal) unbuilt, unpainted Hunters - Hearne (metal) unbuilt, unpainted Hunters - Zarola (metal) unbuilt, unpainted Hunters - Jaecar (metal) unbuilt, unpainted Hunters - Egret (metal) unbuilt, unpainted Hunters - Farhad (metal) unbuilt, paint stripped Please pm me if you are interested in any to discuss price, would prefer they went to a good home as they are sitting on my shelf next to my painted teams. Prefer to sell teams as a whole if possible. UK based and attend many events if you want to save on postage. Pics available if requested
  16. Hello, I have various lots for sale with pictures in the website free shipping and safe secure checkout!! playitagain.mysimplestore.com/t/GB please take advantage of these team lots as they will give you a great start on the game. Just simply order the team as normal and it will ship the same day!, thank you so much and I hope you guys enjoy what I have to offer.
  17. Looking to trade out some extra items i have acquired. I HAVE: Union: New: Decimate and Vet. Rage Masons: Original Honour(Painted), Flint(Painted), Mallet(Painted), Harmony(Painted) New and unpainted: Kickoff Flint, Kickoff Marbles New Masons momentum/influence tokens (won em in a tourny but already had some) Other: 4" Hunters Patch (Won in a tourny but dont play them) Full S3 card set for the following teams: Engineers, Butchers, Alchemists, Hunters I WANT: (Preferably Unpainted) Brewers: Esther, Quaff, Mash, Pint Pot, Vet. Spigot Union: Token Set Morticians: Any.... Chibi Cards: Honour(really want), Blackheart, or Tapper Can send pics upon request. Tried posting one or two but it keeps giving me messages about size limitations no matter how many times i try to resize it.
  18. Tapper Hooper Friday
  19. Hello Guild Ballers! Another report is up on my blog! Read it here! It's a friendly game between my Brewers and Hunters. We used season 1 guild plots since nobody had the season 2 plots yet. Other than that, feel free to comment or ask questions. I hope you enjoy the read, and don't be afraid to look at the other stuff in my blog. It's all guild ball related! See you on the pitch some day!
  20. Hi all, We're back with a new match report as Tom takes on the Pundit King Jamie from GBHL/Steamforged! Both players are using the 'original six' lineups from the kick off set so if you're looking to gain a new insight to the players or simply want to enjoy a really close game, we've got you covered!! Let us know what you think in terms of the editing and style and we'll be sure to keep working on it! ((Its worth noting again that we're going for causal play vs. competitive but are looking for feedback whether we should use plot cards next time around?)) See more GBHL here: https://www.youtube.com/user/GBHLPodcast ...also I say 'okey dokey' A LOT in this one...I was very peppy and a little overexcited...#sorrynotsorry
  21. Hi all, We're back with a new match report as Tom takes on the Pundit King Jamie from GBHL/Steamforged! Both players are using the 'original six' lineups from the kick off set so if you're looking to gain a new insight to the players or simply want to enjoy a really close game, we've got you covered!! Let us know what you think in terms of the editing and style and we'll be sure to keep working on it! ((Its worth noting again that we're going for causal play vs. competitive but are looking for feedback whether we should use plot cards next time around?)) See more GBHL here: https://www.youtube.com/user/GBHLPodcast ...also I say 'okey dokey' A LOT in this one...I was very peppy and a little overexcited...#sorrynotsorry
  22. Hoping you ladies and gents can solve this conundrum... Veteran Spigot is within 8" of the edge of the pitch and is on the receiving end of a charge from Meathook. His charge reaction is to Counter-attack. Since he is within 8" of the edge of the pitch at the time of the charge, Veteran Spigot gains Poised (once per turn, the model can counter-attack w/o spending momentum). I declare the counter-attack (and spend no momentum). My opponent enjoys enough successes to generate 2 DMG + which leaves Veteran Spigot out of melee range and outside of 8" of the edge of the pitch. While it was obvious to us that the counter-attack will fail (Meathook now being outside of Veteran Spigot's 1" melee), the question is whether I am forced to spend the [1] Momentum for the counter-attack now that Spigot is, at this point, no longer benefiting from Poised. At the time we resolved to play it that I did not need to spend momentum, reasoning that the position of the model (within 8" of the pitch) at the time of declaring the counter-attack is also the time at which the "price" (in this case "free") is paid. Since Veteran Spigot was benefiting from Poised when the declaration of a counter-attack was made, that counter-attack was free (i.e. no momentum cost) irrespective of where Veteran Spigot was at the time of the dice-rolling (or in this case, no dice rolling was necessary...much sadness). I hope that I've laid the scenario out clearly enough. My apologies if this question (or one like it) has already been asked and answered. Thanks, in advance. Cheers and Merry Christmas!
  23. Hi all, We're back with a new match report as Tom takes on the Pundit King Jamie from GBHL/Steamforged! Both players are using the 'original six' lineups from the kick off set so if you're looking to gain a new insight to the players or simply want to enjoy a really close game, we've got you covered!! Let us know what you think in terms of the editing and style and we'll be sure to keep working on it! ((Its worth noting again that we're going for causal play vs. competitive but are looking for feedback whether we should use plot cards next time around?)) See more GBHL here: https://www.youtube.com/user/GBHLPodcast ...also I say 'okey dokey' A LOT in this one...I was very peppy and a little overexcited...#sorrynotsorry
  24. So, it's finally here. Season 3. A lot of comments have already been made about this player or that over the last few months, but it's been somewhat difficult to judge the nature of any changes without knowing "the whole story" and without being able to put the changes into the new landscape. So let's re-evaluate the alterations made to our players and potential interactions, examine the role the Brewers Guild plays in the game (i.e. what is our "thing"/"gimmick"), and, our prospects for the current season. --- My opinion, is that Brewers players have been presented with a mixed-bag of changes. Some strong (e.g. Stoker, Mash, Spigot 1), some were arguably balanced (e.g. Tapper), some have been made objectively worse to (e.g. Friday - no more momentous ( 2 ); Esters - no healing on Heroic ability), and some left many, though by no means all, Brewers coaches scratching their heads (i.e. Stave). Addressing the elephant in the room, I think that Stave's potential is quite different vis-a-vis Mash's new Character Play, "Howzat?!". The potential to bully one or more players around the pitch is enhanced, especially with easy access to on Stoker and even Quaff. In terms of where we "fit" amongst the teams, if I take off my Brewers fanboy hat off, I feel we'll come in 6th out of the nine teams. I haven't really sussed out the changes to the other guilds, but Engineers, Fishermen, Morticians, Alchemists, and Union (not necessarily in that order) still feel, at least subjectively to me, "stronger" in terms of their gameplay options and ability to face all comers in a competitive format. However, I'm interested in reading all of your thoughts.