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Found 43 results

  1. Hi there, in this thread I'd like to post collections of photos of Guild Ball figures I painted over the years. Which means we're hopping back to (late) 2015 for starters, but it won't be long until we're up to date! First two teams I painted were Butchers and Morticians (naturally): On I went to do some Fishermen! Shortly thereafter I also painted Captain: Thanks for having a look, hope you like the minis and stay tuned for more!
  2. vs Engineers

    Hey All! I really want to know what do you think are the best tactics against a Ballista, and Pin Vice lead Engineers teams?
  3. Advices to an event

    Dear fellow guild members! In my local meta there will be a one day event on next saturday. There will be upper and lower side, and i'm in the lower. The other players will bring alchemists, brewers, blacksmiths and union. My questions are the following. 1. Against these guilds, wich captain would be the better choice? I think the gamers would bring these captains: Union: Rage Brewers: Tapper Blacksmith: Ferrite or Burnace Alchemist: I think it will be Smoke. 2. What tactics I choose in these games? 3. What squaddies will be the core of my team each games? I know, this is so theoretical, but I would really appreciate any advice, ideas or help
  4. Just a quick rules query Iron for the blacksmiths heroic play try hard gives you -1 on your to make a shot rule while withinn 2 inches of the goal marker does this stack with a tap in to give you -2 cheers
  5. Forum! Episode 15 of RTL is out! I'm really excited about this episode for so many reasons new guilds, the world champ is guest starring, and the game is really close! The other reason I'm excited is that this was the first RTL that I edited with the new software that was paid for by my amazing backers over at Patreon and it includes some of the new graphical improvements that working with professional software brings. Let me know what you think of the changes. Follow me on Twitter: @TheCurkov https://mobile.twitter.com/thecurkov My Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/TheCurkov Follow Alex on Twitter: @LeftSlothrop https://twitter.com/LeftSlothrop Strictly the Worst Guild Ball Podcast: http://strictlytheworst.libsyn.com/
  6. That's right, you thought that there aren't enough Scottish events on the calendar already this year? Well, here's one more and this one is going to be hard core METAL! Hub Ball 4; The Hearthwarming - Saturday 17th Feb, Games Hub Edinburgh This will be a 16-man tournament to celebrate the launch of the new Blacksmiths box. The tournament will follow the OPD structure, with the only amendment being that we require fully painted teams UNLESS you are using the brand new Blacksmiths. The painting standard in Scotland is without par and we are bringing out our best painters for this one. Expect some impressive paint jobs - follow more details on Twitter (@kingpash). Full up-to-date event details are on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/1999486763657482/ The event is also live on Longshanks: http://longshanks.org/events/?event=754 Looking forward to seeing you guys there!
  7. For our first episode of 2018 Lance and Dan break from thier normal news-reporting habits and get into the nitty gritty of Blacksmiths. Lance has been known to dabble in these waters and Dan has lost to his brother's Blacksmiths before so they are both experts. Come listen to thier expert opinons and they'll tell you why the midwest is right and why the UK is wrong. Oh, and if you like this podcast please take a moment to leave a review on iTunes, it really helps a lot with visibility. http://midwestwargaming.com/podcast/pitch-ep-8/
  8. Hi all, Wanted to share one of the kicking strategies I have been using with my blacksmiths that I have found to be quite effective. It is a very aggressive, explosive style of play. Note, I'm not claiming that I am necessarily the first to think of this - it's pretty straightforward - but I think it is good and worth sharing! My go to lineup for this has been: Ferrite (c), Iron, Hearth, Alloy, Furnace, Cast. That doesn't mean it couldn't work with some changes. The key models are Ferrite as captain, iron, hearth, and alloy. The last two spots are more flexible. The general setup is as follows: Alloy kicking. Hearth next to Alloy. Furnace nearby iron. Iron next. Ferrite on the wing, but still relatively close to the center. Ideally you want Ferrite within 6" of as many models on your team as possible - certainly Alloy, Iron at minimum. On the other side of alloy, hearth and cast (or cinder). Alloy advances and kicks - no specific goals with the kickoff, do whatever kind of kick seems the best - make sure alloy is within 6" of hearth at the end of his kick off advance. Allocation - 4 on Alloy and Iron, 2 on hearth, 1 on furnace. Last influence is flexible - can put it on hearth or ferrite. First activation - Ferrite legendaries, advances, Get Over Here on Iron to position him up to 6" forward. If she has 1 on her, she can acrobatics towards the wing a bit to spread out for positioning for later turns. Next activations hearth buffs iron with 2" melee, instructs either iron or alloy depending on board state, advances 6"(should be within legendary). Furnace tools up iron, advances to within 1" of either Iron or Alloy if either of them is threatened by an opponents' model (for sentinel - obviously not needed vs. a ranged gunline team). Last 2 activations you send Alloy and Iron zooming across the board. Order depends on board state. If your opponent kills the ball from Alloy, but also makes it so they can't score that turn, then you can send in Alloy to get dirty knives off, do some damage and generate momentum. If they keep it live for them to score, you can hold alloy back last activation as basically a guaranteed snapback goal. Tooled up, 2" melee Iron threatens 10" before impetus from the up to 6" he already dodged up previously. You can either use Impetus to get him into someone holding the ball and go for the goal, or pick a vulnerable target and try to take them out or generate a bunch of damage and momentum to carry you into turn 2. Tooled up Iron is pretty likely to do around 11-12 damage vs. a 4/1 model, and really starts to excel against 3/1 or other lower defensive stat combinations. The ideal outcome of this first turn setup is a goal and getting a takeout ready for top of 2. However, even in the worst case you should be able to position aggressively, generate a bunch of momentum, get damage out, and threaten the ball. The best part is that both Iron (through Ferrite) and Alloy have built in yo-yo mechanics - you can pull Iron out turn 2 if he is getting into a bad position either before or after he activates, and alloy naturally is bouncing in, out, and around the scrum with back to the shadows.
  9. Apologies if this has been asked here. Do the legendary plays for blacksmiths last the whole turn or the particular characters activation. My assumption is that they last the turn, given that they are an aura that may have an additional effect that lasts outside their activation if they are captain. It came up in my first ever match with them today where Hearth having 3" melee for the turn mattered a lot (she was not captain). We looked at two examples that I had on hand, Ox and Fillet, none of the wording indicated length of time other than that one is a pulse (immediate) and the other is an aura (lasting). Does that seem right to you guys?
  10. Blacksmith tourny 10

    So I have been known to jump around guilds and finding new and challenging things to do. I have now set my sights on Blacksmiths. I enjoy playing competitively and would like several opinions on who you think should be left out and why. For me, I plan on leaving Anvil and Sledge at home for a few reasons. I really think the 2-2 or 3-0 game is the most optimal for BS's. Anvil and Sledge have only a few ways to help in the footballing aspect (While the iron, early tackle, long bomb pass) but, they are much more for the brawl. Furnace is picked (made captain?) when you are looking for a 2-2 game. Hearth and Alloy seem to make the team every time. Ferrite is typically captain for goal scoring abilities. Major toolbox that is hard to leave home Iron works well with her and has the same toolbox to work with. Cast over cinder if looking for a 2-2 game. Bolt and Farris look very interesting, "free" im open seems very useful after a free jog for positioning. Also shoemerang is a thing. All in all, a very difficult drafting selection and would love to hear what you lovely people think about selection and why you pick certain models. Cheers!
  11. Basing ideas?

    Dear all, what are your ideas on re-basing the Blacksmiths? I checked both this Subforum and the Showcase for related topics and could not find any. I hope that this is now in the right sub-forum, as it is Blacksmiths-related and I do not want to showcase anything yet. I only just got my Blacksmiths and think that they deserve more than they come with in terms of bases. Have a nice day, Sebastian
  12. Good evening everybody, just jumped on the hype train that is the Blacksmith's guild. Loving the sculpts and mechanisms. However, I also somewhat love the lore of this game. Is there any piece(s) of lore/fluff regarding the Blacksmiths available yet? I glanced through the Season books and obviously found none. I also can't find anything on SFGs main site. I just found that some people commented on Blacksmith fluff in this sub-forum and was curious as to where the information came from. :-) Thank you for your time and have a nice evening!
  13. Help Me Craft A Champion

    Ok guys. I haven't gotten to play much against the blacksmiths and have yet to play as them. I'm bringing a new player into the fold this evening and he is really excited about the plastic and like the sculpts of the smiths. He also digs not having a mascot and no assembly (stealing him from magic.) Smiths are strong which I dig because he won't be fighting an uphill battle. The team also lacks a bunch of "make or break" triggers which is nice since there won't be much to remember (unpredictable, shadowlike, clone, etc.) I know how the team works. I know what the models do. I can help formulate a strategy for the team. What I don't know is what you miss. What triggers are clutch. What is easy to forget. What are some quick 1-2's to shine a light on and focus on. Was this anyone's first guild and if so what have you struggled with? I haven't worried about the ins and outs on them as they haven't been anything that my locals have had on their radars until now. To make it a single question; What are the struggles of playing the blacksmiths? (Don't need a list of bad match ups) Thanks in advance all.
  14. Is it just me, or is the sixth new blacksmith player pictured in the latest blog entry actually flying? http://steamforged.com/sfg-news-blog/steamcon-swag-box A step up from a horse!
  15. I forgot to take pictures of this game because I was using my phone as a clock This game was for a local league, which has secret missions each player is trying to achieve, in addition to victory points. And we play with the new deploy rules and GiC . Stave was really good against Blacksmiths! My missions - have 3 enemy players KD at once, kill each Master once, Get a double wrap Brewers - Tapper, Quaff, Hooper, Spigot, Friday, Stave GiC - 4 heal, remove KD for free once per turn Blacksmiths - Anvil (captain), sledge, ferrite, iron, furnace, cinder (boxed set # 1) GiC - 5 heal, once per turn, gain +1 arm after getting KD Turn 1 - Stave kicked off, with Quaff and Hooper up front, tapper on the kick off line, and spigot and friday in the back. Anvil and Sledge deployed on the wing, Sledge went and KD Tapper and did a lot of damage. Quaff second wind on Tapper, thinking he could go in and grab the ball and run out. Stave hit Anvil and Sledge with a barrel toss, sending sledge toward my team, and anvil away near the edge. Tapper went and KD cinder, got the ball and ran back a little. The ball got tackled off of tapper and sent back to ferrite. Spigot tooled up Hooper, Friday jogged up, and Hooper attacked Sledge, in commanding aura, so +3 damage. Easily killed Sledge and went up on momentum. Score 2 - 0 Turn 2 - Tapper went first and jogged to engage Furnace and Cinder, KD both of them and scatter the ball back towards blacksmiths goal. Furnace attacked Tapper and KD him. Stave jogged up and threw a barrel at Anvil, who was within 4" of the edge from last turn. The barrel pushed him off the pitch. Hooper and Spigot attacked Ferrite and killed her. Friday attacked and poisoned Furnace. Iron got the ball and sprinted up to take a shot, rolled snake eyes (my opponent rolled badly all game it really sucked). Score 6 - 0 Turn 3 - Tapper and Hooper killed Cinder. Quaff sic em charged sledge and got 3 momentum and 5" push, he actually was in commanding aura and could have done 6 damage to kill Sledge, but i forgot about that. Furnace got momentum, and Iron went and got the ball from its scatter and scored. Friday and Spigot killed Furnace. Score 10 - 4 Turn 4 - Tapper set up Ferrite to get taken out again, and Spigot finished the job, ending the game with 6 kills. All secret missions complete!
  16. Smoke led a more physical roster against the blacksmith guild. Katalyst was chosen for Kickoff and a nice little breeze brought the ball to the far left side of the pitch. After some slow positioning Furnace charged Katalyst for eraly momentum, but he did not consider the backswing of old Kat. Avarisse and Greede teamed up with Kat and crushed poor Furnace. While Ferrit was slowly approaching the goal from the flank, the other blacksmiths struggled to withstand the pressure from the alchemists. Sledge was sperated from his Master and got beaten up real quick. Anvil could do nothing about it and was bullied himself by A&G. When Ferrit was finally able to score a goal, the game seemed dire already. Smoke made a quick return goal and the blacksmith conceded to the dominant alchemists.
  17. Blacksmiths helping the Morticians

    So Paul travelled all the way from Dudley to play me vs my Blacksmiths. I've decided the Blacksmiths have been employed by the Morts to help wrestle control of Hemlocke from the Hunter through her affiliation with the Brewers. A great game using some proxies of Alloy and Hearth who are immense! The Brewers got the ball after a Stave barrel-lob caused Ferrite to lose it but Iron soon battered Esters to take the ball back and take a 2 dice tap in which he scored. He sat there later for a second tap-in snapshot after a pass from Ferrite to make the game 8-0. The Brewers suffered under the armour of the Blacksmiths and Esters fell to combined hits from Iron (getting that sweet 7mom dmg hit) and Furnace to make it 10-0. Finally Iron saw Greede exposed and careered into him and spiked 4 hits to do 5mom dmg (tooled up) and then win the game on the next hit 12-0. Great opponent and the Blacksmiths grabbed hold of Hemlocke for the Morts.
  18. Scalpel's Morticians face the venerable Blacksmiths for a swift victory (12 - 4) to advance the Engineers new signing. Bonesaw dances across the Pitch at the beginning of the game shoving the Blacksmiths players out of his way to Score a Goal. Scalpel takes out Furnace, skips passed Ferrite to pull In Cinder to grab the ball for a Tap In Goal and soon afterwards Graves get her the ball back for her to finish the Game.
  19. Last night, I deployed my brand new Blacksmiths against John who was playing Veteran Rage, Strongbox, Fangtooth, Avarisse and Greede, Minx and Mist. game started positively as the Blacksmiths janked there way up the field, Avarisse got a 7 damage smack in the teeth from Sledge but then Rage decided enough was enough and all hell broke loose. Ferrite clinched a quick goal just after Sledge fell to his furiousness and then soon after, Avarisse and Greede sent Ferrite to the apothecaries along with iron. Mist countered with another goal and things were looking bleak! Iron returned and was looking like he might be able to get back up for another goal but Rage spotted a weakened Cinder and that was all she wrote! Sad times but good that Gutter is coming home to the Butchers! The wall started out well!! Avarisse and Greede say... 'Get in the bin!' Mist says... 'I got this' Blacksmiths cry in their cornflakes...
  20. Die Obulus Die

    Dudes. Has anyone played a a game against Obulus yet. I'm posting this post Hearth and after a just announced Burnish but I have played the OG six several times against him and it is insanity. Currently only Ferrite can make a pure goal run on the Morts but after that I've got nothing. Low Def and solid kick stats allow him to essentially bully the entire team into a corner in fear of losing the ball. That being said, I know new tools have released such as Hearth's three inch melee and two inch natural as well as her legendary, Also, Burnish can pay to ignore Puppet Master (assuming good ol Ohs hasn't used that Legendary yet). Just curious as if anyone else has had fun yet trying to solve this problem? Looking forward to hearing from you guys.
  21. This a game from last night, played against my friend who took the blacksmiths. His captain was ferrite and my line up was Captain Ox, princess, vbrisket, boiler, meat hook, and shank. I once again kick off, our cards were Mine: sic em, man marking, and from the wing. His: field dressing, who are ya, and the free dodge for scoring vbrisket kicks off and ball lands close to where I wanted it to go, trying to keep it away from cinders kill the ball ability and its close enough that shank can get to it. after the kick is good. end of turn 1. Man this was a struggle, his first activation was to tool up sledge with furnace and march furnace into the middle and drop his AOE. Shank then where they go, sprint, snap the ball and manages to make a perfect kick into my side of the field close enough for meat hook to pick up and pass to ox. Shank then gets cornered by sledge and anvil and gets beaten to a pulp with only 4 boxes left. Boiler and the dog move up and put swift stance on vbrisket, my opponent then figures out what im gonna try and do and has cinder get close to furnace and put a shot into vbrisket dealing 1 damage and sets her on fire. Ox moves up to vbrisket and puts +1 arm on her then passes her the ball and has her dodge 4 to get closer to the goal. My opponent then has ferrite move into position where the only path that vbrisket has is by going through middle of her and cinder. vbrisket activates and sprints to get close enough to goal but I'm being crowded out by ferrite and cinder and I only have 1 mom to use for the goal kick and I manage to score on 1 dice, she then dodges 4 to get away from them. Score is 4-0 beginning of turn three. Turn 2 saw shank get bodied by anvil then sledge charging vbrisket who has "who are ya" and he has pile driver managers to do 14 in two hits. taking her out. I mob up on furnace with Ox popping his legendary, then boiler and the dog take him out. ferrite has the ball and her and iron go to the right flank. Top turn three I bring in shank and vbrisket to the right flank he brings furnace back on to the left. Score is 6-4 Forgot to take a pic for the end of turn three but it basically went like this: Anvil and sledge gang up on meat hook but don't do enough damage, Ox, and meat hook take out sledge. Shank steals the ball from ferrite using wingback, then doing where they go and trying to make a goal but I'm like 2-3 inches too far so the ball scatters close to the goal. Cinder kills the dog then does kill the ball and has it shoot back into the right flank landing next to iron and he snaps it. vbrisket then activates charges iron and gets mom balls gone and passes to Shank iron counters and knocks her down, she does quick time and dodges away and takes a breather. Iron charges shank but is unable to kill him then ferrite charges shank kills him but is unable to pick up the ball, she positions herself where she can protect the free ball, Boiler charges ferrite snaps the ball deals a 3 points of damage, she misses her counter, and Boiler tries to go for a goal but with only 1 die and the TN being 5+ is unable to score and the ball lands in front of the goal. Score is now 8-7 Turn 4: things are really heating up a huge brawl is forming on the right flank and I manage to get the first activation. Ox leaves meat hook to deal with anvil and charges ferrite I wrap by two and get a Knockdown and they aint tough. Then Ox beats ferrite up but doesn't have enough to finish her off. ferrite activates does come on iron and has iron gang up on boiler then ferrite proceeds to put every single debuff she has on boiler. Boiler has : hobble, weak point, and disarm. But I throw a fast one and I have vbrisket activate and charge ferrite and brisket proceeds to destroy her and taking her out. Sledge, iron, and cinder (who has the ball now) decide that they've had enough of boiler and all three put him him down. Shank gets into the brawl and puts mild damage on iron. The score is 10-9 Last turn: boiler comes back into the pitch to threaten anvil, and with man marking and vbriskets early game score I have 17 influence this turn but I lose the first activation and I nearly lose because of it. Sledge goes into Ox and does massive amounts of damage nearly killing the great butcher. But Ox is not going down without a fight and endures the beating, then he activates and starts fighting iron, but only able to do a they aint tough, Iron counters and pushes ox back by two but since ox hasn't moved this turn is able to charge iron and get a 3 damage butchery and a mom 1 damage hit and proceeds to take him out winning me the game. Final score 12-9 A super tough game but I think I was able to control ferrite and iron enough so they couldnt score but sledge just kept on spiking on damage and going through my players like nothing.
  22. No one told Ox the blacksmiths could play ball, cue a sneaky Ferrite goal, a shank snap back and a Cinder and Furnace goal run. Poor Boiler tried to kick their iron clad ball and broke his foot.
  23. It's game day in the Free Cities! We have Blacksmiths, supporting the Butchers claim on Gutter, VS The Farmers, supported by Benediction while Windle sits on the bench... the lazy bugger. Full rosters are Blacksmiths: Ferrite, Anvil, Furnace, Sledge, Iron and Cinder. Farmers: Grange, Brushel, Benny, Harrow, Jack and the damn rooster. Kick off time! Both teams flip a coin and Blacksmiths win and decide to receive the ball. During the pre game team huddle, the Blacksmiths made the lovely Ferrite their Captain. The Farmers choose... the rooster to kick off? You heard that right, that mascot they call 'Peck' is kicking the ball which so happens to be a pumpkin. How? Who knows but it worked! Anyways, Cider sees the opportunity to blow that pumpkin sky high and get this ball rolling for the Blacksmiths. A loyal Blacksmith fan tossed in a ball that's on FIRE! What has Guild ball become?! The ball lands next to the walking tank they call Iron and he scoops it up. Farmers then regroup as best they can to brace themselves against the armour of the Blacksmiths. Iron tries to kick the ball to his master, Ferrite, but misses! And he misses good. The ball almost goes behind the goal line and Ferrite is NOT happy about it. Poor Iron, I sure wouldn't want to be him! Farmers wiggle around and give each other pep talks to hold their ground. Ferrite looks over to Iron and rolls her eyes, Iron can't even look her in the eyes but he would never admit it. She chases after the ball and against her better judgement passes the ball to Iron to show him how it's done. With the pass she dodges up and calls Iron to her side. He didn't think twice. Everyone else on both sides just position themselves for later in hopes to get the upper hand. The game continues, with a scrum right in the middle. The Brewers would be proud to see the fists flying, trash talk spewing, bruising, sweating, all around "good time" in the middle of the pitch. Both teams are just beating each other up but no one is falling! Anvil, The Old Timer, took most of the hits but with his shield that is bigger than most men protected him and what did get through hurt a lot, but not enough to take him out. Tough SOB. But Blacksmiths weren't the only team with a player getting singled out. The Blacksmiths put a lot of hurt onto the Holy Giant known as Benediction. With support he was able to heal himself with his faith... and a little help from the Farmers, to stay healthy and ready for action. During the scrum though, Iron and Ferrite were in control of the ball on the wing and saw an opportunity for a quick goal. Now, Iron had something to prove, like the tryhard that he is and kicked the ball to Ferrite, and it made it! With a nod of approval from his master, Iron felt like he could take on the world! With the scum in the middle continuing, Ferrite dodges up with the ball and sprints around the rough ground to get within range for a goal kick. She lines up the shot, takes a deep breath and kicks the ball right into the Farmers goal! GOOOOAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLL! Crowd cheers, and boos, depending on who you are cheering for and a loyal Farmers fan throws another pumpkin on the pitch. Strange folk they are. The scarecrow, Jack gains possession of the ball and Ferrite runs right back into the scrum in the middle to support her team and show her leadership skills. 4 - 0 For Blacksmiths. Now with Ferrite in the scum, she can help out her team with laying on the pressure in the middle. She knew that doing this she was vulnerable but didn't care, she wanted to win. She calls Iron over to help pick on the Farmers Captain, Grange. She then attacks, Grange, Peck, Big Ben, and Harrow and disarms all of them. Stunned, the Farmers weren't sure what they could do. Jack knew what to do however, he saw that he could get that "ball" and score a goal. With that he did his teleport trickery and was able to grab the ball and get into range of a goal. The Blacksmith fans boo as they feel he is cheating, but the Farmers fans cheer even louder to show that the Farmers are a real team and they can be as loud and as passionate as any other fan in the league. Jack gets so close to the Blacksmiths goal that no one could miss, and if you did miss you shouldn't be playing this game... GOOOOAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLL! The strange scarecrow just taps it in and the Farmer fans cheer! Jack liked it when the crowd cheered for him. It didn't really make him feel good, but it scared the crows away so that made him happy. 4 - 4 all Tied up Blacksmith fan tosses the blacksmith ball right down the middle. He or she must of wanted to see both teams just scrum for that ball. Didn't work out that way though as the ball went right to Cinder. Cinder smiled slyly and shot Benny with her crossbow and dodged out of the way of the boxes next to her for she could get a clear sprint to the goal. So that's what she did. She ran as fast as she could and without even looking fired a shot at the Farmers goal... GOOOOAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLL! But barely. Furnace looked over at his apprentice with his one good eye and gave a nod, showing no emotion. He knew he had to talk to her after the game about taking her time and making every shot count. 8 - 4 Blacksmiths Fan throws, yep you guessed it, another big orange pumpkin back onto the pitch and it rolled into the rocks on the pitch. Farmers knew they had to put more pressure on the Blacksmiths to win this, and did they ever! In the big scrum in the middle, Captain Grange then lays on the hurt on Iron and Ferrite. He knocks the big armored fella, Iron, onto the ground and starts to attack Ferrite. Even with a damanged weapon, Grange had more than enough support from his team to take out Ferrite. Ferrite knew this could happen and accepted it but didn't expect what happened next. Grange ran onto the rocky hill and was able to grab the ball and line up the perfect pass to the scarecrow, Jackstraw. Without issue the pass made it and Jack made a dodge to get closer to the Blacksmith goal. Sledge sees this happen and against Anvils orders, jogs up to Jack to put some pressure on him for the shot. However Jack was up to his scarecrow trickery again and plans some things that farmers plant and dodges out of Sledges range and taps in another goal! GOOOOAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLL! 10 - 8 Farmers. Now, there must of been a blacksmith fan in the crowd that had one hell of an arm, as he threw the ball directly to Furnace! Tired, but not out of the game Furnace takes matters into his own hands and tries to close the game as soon as possible as defeat was near. With his big molten sword he attacks Brushel who decided she wanted to bother the big man. He swings and misses but in order to not be basically burned alive by Furnace, Brushel has to dodge out of the way. This worked out perfectly for Furnace as now he has a direct path around the boxes and into range of a goal. He takes it and runs away from the scrum in the middle with the ball. He stops and takes a deep breath and lines up the shot... GOOOOAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLL! Blacksmith fans lose it and drown out the boos of the Farmer fans. They start to chant Furnace! Furnace! As they cheer he raises his molten sword over his head and gets the fans into it even more. Benny was not happy with the defeat as it made the Church look weak, but the Farmers knew a good game when they saw one. Grange walks onto the side line and shakes Ferrites hand, congratulating her on the win. She nods and gives her thanks and comments back and the crowd cheers witnessing this great act of sportsmanship. Both teams leave the pitch. On the way to the locker room Ferrite sees a figure in the shadows that no one on the team noticed. She tells them to go a head and celebrate as she just needs to breath some more fresh air. She approaches the shadowy figure but he comes out into the light. It was Ox, The Master Butcher! He looks at her and smiles, congratulates her on her win. "Well done, Captain." He said to her. "Lets hope the churches weakness shows through today and Gutter notices... I need more allies...". Ferrite doesn't say a word back and walks away to go celebrate with her team. Final Score 13 - 10 Blacksmiths [1 extra VP for opponent clocking out] 3 Stars of the match [both teams]
  24. I'm new to the forum so thought I'd have my first post be sharing my current work on my Blacksmith team. I'd tried Guild Ball when it first came out and none of the teams really spoke to me but after having another demo game and seeing the Blacksmith's at the NOVA open I'm hooked! First up on are Anvil and Sledge, since Anvil was the miniature I was most excited to paint I thought I'd start there. I've always struggled with human skin tones so this was a good challenge to try something that is out of my comfort zone and I must say they were really fun to paint. Nothing revolutionary with the color scheme, I tried to bring more texture into the other materials to go alone with the great sculpted metal texture. I'm not sure who is next on my list to paint. Comments, criticism, critiques, advise always welcome =)