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Found 23 results

  1. Is it just me, or is the sixth new blacksmith player pictured in the latest blog entry actually flying? http://steamforged.com/sfg-news-blog/steamcon-swag-box A step up from a horse!
  2. Help Me Craft A Champion

    Ok guys. I haven't gotten to play much against the blacksmiths and have yet to play as them. I'm bringing a new player into the fold this evening and he is really excited about the plastic and like the sculpts of the smiths. He also digs not having a mascot and no assembly (stealing him from magic.) Smiths are strong which I dig because he won't be fighting an uphill battle. The team also lacks a bunch of "make or break" triggers which is nice since there won't be much to remember (unpredictable, shadowlike, clone, etc.) I know how the team works. I know what the models do. I can help formulate a strategy for the team. What I don't know is what you miss. What triggers are clutch. What is easy to forget. What are some quick 1-2's to shine a light on and focus on. Was this anyone's first guild and if so what have you struggled with? I haven't worried about the ins and outs on them as they haven't been anything that my locals have had on their radars until now. To make it a single question; What are the struggles of playing the blacksmiths? (Don't need a list of bad match ups) Thanks in advance all.
  3. Die Obulus Die

    Dudes. Has anyone played a a game against Obulus yet. I'm posting this post Hearth and after a just announced Burnish but I have played the OG six several times against him and it is insanity. Currently only Ferrite can make a pure goal run on the Morts but after that I've got nothing. Low Def and solid kick stats allow him to essentially bully the entire team into a corner in fear of losing the ball. That being said, I know new tools have released such as Hearth's three inch melee and two inch natural as well as her legendary, Also, Burnish can pay to ignore Puppet Master (assuming good ol Ohs hasn't used that Legendary yet). Just curious as if anyone else has had fun yet trying to solve this problem? Looking forward to hearing from you guys.
  4. [W] Blacksmiths [H] Cash

    Hey everyone, i know it‘s unlikely, but would anybody be willing to part with his or her unpainted Blacksmiths and ship them to Germany? I do not own much in the way of potential trades, but I am open for negotiating a fair price on the Blacksmiths set. So yes - I realise that Gencon is already a long time ago and that any spare copies have probably been moved. But maybe I'll get lucky (pun intended) and find somebody willing to sell for somewhat of a more realistic price than what people ask on eBay... Have a great Sunday! Sebastian EDIT: Posted from phone, terrible spelling. Sorry.
  5. I'm new to the forum so thought I'd have my first post be sharing my current work on my Blacksmith team. I'd tried Guild Ball when it first came out and none of the teams really spoke to me but after having another demo game and seeing the Blacksmith's at the NOVA open I'm hooked! First up on are Anvil and Sledge, since Anvil was the miniature I was most excited to paint I thought I'd start there. I've always struggled with human skin tones so this was a good challenge to try something that is out of my comfort zone and I must say they were really fun to paint. Nothing revolutionary with the color scheme, I tried to bring more texture into the other materials to go alone with the great sculpted metal texture. I'm not sure who is next on my list to paint. Comments, criticism, critiques, advise always welcome =)
  6. Blacksmiths (:

  7. Blacksmiths

    As my Blacksmiths come off the painting table I'll add them here, and on My Facebook Page. If you like my painting, it's on Instagram @gameglazingguru Anvil Iron
  8. Grenoir's New Guilds

    Just finished a commission, painting the new Blacksmiths box, and decided I needed to get round to finding a new host for my images. So, below, are team shots for the newer teams not seen since Photobucket started charging loads, plus a few of my older team shots for prosperity Blacksmiths Farmers Hunters
  9. DTTB8: Ferrite Vs Hammer

    Come witness just what sleep and coffee deprivation can achieve!
  10. Well after a nice long holiday (which was lovely, thanks for asking) DTTB returns with the channel debut of the forged from steel models freshly Ninja’d off of that there Gencon.
  11. Farmers and Blacksmiths in Big League

    I asked this in the Pundit facebook group the other day but it went unanswered. I thought I'd try here just in case it helps get an answer and it is technically a rules question I guess. There are currently no Farmer or Blacksmith Plot Cards for the Big League and thus make them unplayable. Do we know if we are getting cards that will make them playable or should the Longshanks just share that those particular guilds are unplayable for the purposes of Big League? I know we can homebrew stuff but for the purposes of an official rule is this how we should play it?
  12. Double Sentinal

    If Anvil and Furnace have the apprentice within both of their auras, can Sentinal stack so that the apprentice has +2 ARM?
  13. Blacksmiths Questions

    Hello everyone! I am getting extremely excited to play as the blacksmiths, but I had a question about Anvil and Furnace's legendary plays. I understand they only hand out the second part if they are the captain, but the first part says "This Model gains [+1] TAC." Does this mean that only Anvil gets the +1 TAC or do other friendly guild models get it too? I was confused because I was watching a replay where they mentioned others in the aura got the benefit. I just want to clarify for my future games. Thank you everyone in advance for your assistance!
  14. Tryhard

    For Iron's heroic, Must you be within 2 inches to even be able to use it? Also is the -1 TN a separate bonus or because of the wording is it attached to "must be within 2 inches"?
  15. In team creation for the Homeland cup, do the Blacksmith special list creation rules apply? For example, would it be legal to take Ferrite but not Iron in a Raed list or would that violate the half masters, half apprentices rule? Could Ferrite be the Captain of a Raed team or would she have to be a player?
  16. http://www.buzzsprout.com/…/553248-episode-43-playing-with-… Andrew and Jason discuss playing with the Blacksmiths full line up, with no real evidence whatsoever as to if they know what they are talking about or not. You would like to support the podcast? Well now you can! Find Singled Out on Patreon, and become a patron to access their bonus podcast, Singled Out: Bonus Time! https://www.patreon.com/singledoutGB
  17. W Blacksmiths H $$$$

    Looking for someone who picked up Blacksmiths at GenCon. Looking for tokens as well. Will pay over MSRP.
  18. A lovely evening spent discussing the Blacksmith's Guild with Steamforged Games' Senior Developer, Mr Jamie Perkins! No really! for realsies! who knew?! So the subtitles on this didn't work out quite how I wanted and I thought I could either edit it all over again or just release it for you to hear the interview, I think this is what you'd want. Enjoy!
  19. So I think this is the first! A special episode of Don't Touch The Beard, Blacksmith cageball.
  20. http://www.buzzsprout.com/57387/541303-episode-40-cinder-blacksmiths-guild-apprentice-sneak-peek In this episode Andrew and Jason talk about Cinder, the new Blacksmiths guild apprentice, and how she fits into what we know about the team so far. You would like to support the podcast? Well now you can! Find Singled Out on Patreon, and become a patron to access their bonus podcast, Singled Out: Bonus Time! https://www.patreon.com/singledoutGB
  21. Just watched the Vengeance Q&A and thought I'd post up a few notes for anyone who hasn't had time to watch it yet ... SEASON 4 TO LAUNCH NOVEMBER 2018 Season 4 should launch at Steamcon 2018. Season 2 was cut short as Steamforged switched from an April-April cycle (matching the Salute wargames show in London) to a November-November (Steamcon) cycle. They want to give Season 3 a bit more time to settle in before jumping forward. Mat Hart: "It gives us more time for you guys to enjoy the current meta ... What we actually don't want to do is rush out effectively another season because it would just feel too short again." But there will be "regular releases" in the meantime. BLACKSMITHS ON PRE-RELEASE AT GENCON The new Blacksmiths guild will be available on pre-release at Gencon (August 17-20) and then likely full retail release around Steamcon time (November-December). The price is estimated at around $50 (somewhere around £40 at current exchange rates). There will be story material about the blacksmiths, possibly in the box. The blacksmiths won't be available on the webstore at Gencon time. FARMERS SET FOR RETAIL RELEASE IN AUGUST Rich Loxam: "I can guarantee ... 90%ish ... they're going to be out in August." They'll be the same price as the blacksmiths, around $50 for six models, goal, terrain, tokens etc. THE STORY SO FAR They are still working on making a combined version of all the background material. This might be an ebook release with profits to charity. ROOKIES They tested various ideas for rookies, but "they had such a destabilizing effect on the balance of the game that right now they're on ice, almost permanently," according to Mat Hart. LUCKY Lucky, first exhibited in the display case at Salute in April, is a dual guild player for brewers and masons. He lost his arm in an accident at the quarry, then spent a lot of time drowning his sorrows in the pub. It would be a promotional figure for events or organized play packs, such as to reward players taking part in a league. "His name is ironic," says Sherwin. STEAMFORGED NEW GAME They are working hard on the new Steamforged skirmish game (first announced Steamcon 2016). This will be a "gritty, high fantasy" setting, with lots of explosions! Expect to see some events around this at Steamcon 2017, for example there might be play-throughs of the new game. WORLD FINALS IN THE US The Guild Ball world finals this year will be held at Steamcon USA (December 1-3, Chicago) not Steamcon UK. BIG LEAGUE UPDATE There will be a future update to the Big League covering new guilds such as farmers. BROKEN TOAD BUSTS Steamforged is working with Broken Toad to produce a bust of Veteran Rage, with other characters to follow. TERRAIN PACK This is in manufacturing and likely to come out September/October time. GAME BALANCE Steamforged is "very happy" with the current balance of the game, according to Jamie Perkins, and was pleased to see a good spread of guilds represented at the Vengeance tournament. NEW WAYS TO PLAY Mat Hart: "There is more than one new way of playing Guild Ball being developed right now. There is a brand new way of playing Guild Ball and there is a new way of playing the existing Guild Ball that we believe is the next level up in terms of raw fun."
  22. Issue six of Tabletop Gaming magazine (UK) has artwork for a new farmers player, called Jack Straw. He looks like a sinister scarecrow armed with a large sickle. The magazine says season three will add rookie players for teams, and hints that the second team for season three could be blacksmiths. Anyone seen more on all this?