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Found 11 results

  1. If Blackheart is in possession of the ball marker, can he use Benediction's Impart Wisdom to target himself with On My Mark to pass the ball by having Benny be the origin of the play even though it normally only targets other friendly models?
  2. Any love for oRage?

    Hi guys, In my head I really would like to have oRage in my 10 to be able to spice up the damage game in my Blackheart rosters if need be. However, I never seem to make him fit into a line up, and he often feels like the 7th player. I guess Maverick is annoying me a bit - stopping On my mark, Legendary, Quick foot and Bag of coffers just to name a few, but tooling up Blackheart and doing the occasional furious charge/damage/kd/bleed seems like it have merits. So dear friends. In what line ups, if at all, are you fielding rage and against what teams? Is he a forgotten gem or just simply the 7th player? With our new additions of G&B we have even more choices/decisions to make.
  3. Hey guys I'm back again with another episode of RTL! Let me know your thoughts and please like, share, and subscribe. It helps the channel a lot. This is the fifth episode of Run the Length a game play commentary series for guild ball. Join me as I breakdown an Alchemists vs Union game against Craig Cassata Adepticon Team Tournament Champion explaining my thoughts and decisions as I played this match. Game was filmed at Grognard Games in Hoffman Estates. Their Facebook page can be found here: facebook.com/fairgamestore Follow me on Twitter: @TheCurkov https://mobile.twitter.com/thecurkov
  4. So, I'm looking around my guild ball collection, and I realize I have a union team except for mascots and a captain. I go online and order mascots, vet rage and (wait) -- I can't get Blackheart. If the rest of the union is sold individually, it would make sense to at least sell Blackheart that way as well. You can have my money, and I can play Union. What say you Steamforged?
  5. Captains grudge match

    A friend and I both ended up with most of Union after the Steamcon deals and it got us to thinking about a fluffy grudge match. We are going to have a Blackheart/Coin versus Rage/Strongbox battle for the Union. We are going to draft from the remaining Union players one at a time with no repeats. It presents some interesting exercises in thought about player selection. As the Rage player do I take Minx first as the most universally useful to both captains, or do I take Avarisse and Greede to take the scariest goal threat from Blackheart? Also if I want to play the brawling game, would it be worth a spot to take Snakeskin to kill the ball, or perhaps even Fangtooth could serve a more active version of the same role? Lots of options with season 3! Anyone else thought about doing this? We just got the models in so it will likely be a few weeks before the game, but I will post and tweet details when we play it out. (@2manmeta)
  6. Ooooh, look. New Blackheart. That's quite exciting, isn't it? http://steamforged.com/sfg-news-blog/2016/11/16/a0qlkkqiyjx6c4ese7mzh5r4mnigsr I'll be floating around here to answer questions for a while if anyone has any! Enjoy! EDIT: Joined these two threads since apparently myself and Giblin made one at the same time. Discuss away!
  7. The Union: Blackheart

    Not the best photos as my living room light bulb just blew out so the lighting in here isn't great! Blackheart is now done for my Union team! Still 6 Union members to paint, but once Coin's done I'll at least have a fieldable team which is fully painted
  8. A situation arose last night, Blackheart (the union captain) was knocked down, really close to an apposing team member. The text on his card, and the ability 'Shadow like' states "At the start of this models activation, it may make a [2"] dodge" My understanding is, that he would have to sacrifice his movement/advancement in order to stand up. Therefore, can the model perform the 'shadow like' action move into a range where it would be in range of a model. Then stand up and begin it's attack? or Can Blackheart or another model with 'Shadow like' sacrifice this in order to stand up and then advance. or because the model is knocked down, it can neither perform a 'Shadow like' or 'Advance' action.
  9. Blackheart/Tapper cast Commanding Aura. Gutter casts Chain Grab at Target model outside of Commanding Aura. Target is Pushed in to Commanding Aura. Is the DMG from Chain Grab a Playbook damage result? (Sounds like its just a play?) -If no then that solves this question there. -If yes when does the additional DMG from Commanding Aura apply? --When the target is hit, or once it has been Pushed?