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Found 1 result

  1. CrusaderEm

    Help needed vs butchers

    Hey all! I've been out of guild ball for a while(since season 1), and coming back for season 3 masons feels a little... Well, my immediate gut reaction to seeing some of the changes was a sad face(R.I.P. Tooled up Marbles). For me, the hardest part about playing masons was choosing who to bring along. Each member offered so much, and now that feels even more spread out. But that's neither here nor there. I need your help, good people. I have to set up the scene here, because a lot is riding on this. Back in season one, I played a few games against my room mate. He played alchemists and I beat him every time. This is the kind of guy who throws a fit when he loses. Slams doors, swears, he's about one step away from the guy who throws models at you. One time I decided that I didn't feel like playing after I had told him maybe before I left for work and he lit my paper models on fire. As bad as that sounds, he's absolutely insufferable when he wins. Gloats for months. I made the mistake of losing to him in another miniatures game(which he cheated in), and I still haven't heard the end of it. So I know what you're thinking. Don't play against him. It's not that easy. He's the only person I have to play against. Two of my other friends started to get into it, but only ever played one practice game. In order to play, I have to play against this guy. And I have to stomp him into the dirt to convince my other friends to play again. So this guy has nearly endless reserves of money, and can buy any teams or players he wants, and has done so to counter my masons. He's so desperate to beat me, he switched to butchers because he heard it's a strong counter. I have to defeat him. If not to bring more players to the pitch, then purely out of spite. But I'm rusty. Very rusty. And all the games I remember against butchers left a very bad taste in my mouth. I've been going over the models but can't really come up with a good team comp. Any suggestions or strategies would be greatly appreciated. I own all masons models except vetHarmony, and have no union, but I'm not above forking out a little more cash to bring this guy down. He will pretty surely be building his team to specifically counter me and the masons armor game. 6 man team format. Let's take this guy down together. Thanks in advance!