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  1. I think if you make Tapper go last, and this might work with Corsair too, you are on a winner with him. Tapper can only give the extra 2 INF from his heroic to some one else. If he is last there is nowhere for it to go. Making Corsair go last takes the edge of his legendary too. But most of this is theory as I can't get to play often. Bill
  2. Fierce Not thought of that combination! A very fast team too, except Silence. Bill
  3. Managed to paint Zombies (!) whilst listening to you guys. "Another one done" or should it have been "bites the dust'. Good rambling stuff as ever guys. A bit like have Test Match Special on in the back ground. Blokes rabbiting on about stuff you are interested in and your hands free to do other stuff. Thanks Bill
  4. I think he can. Just the sort of dastardly trick he would pull!
  5. Thanks guys. I enjoyed that. Got some figures painted too!
  6. Too many images generated in my head. Once you have thought them they can't be 'unthought' Peering over the wall, with just his eyes, long nose and finger-ends showing he said' "What no Carball?" I guess you had already discussed how to grind the opposition with your major contributors. Good stuff guys, keep it up!
  7. And the fund of corny puns! Oops there is another. :-)
  8. Those in-guild matches needed a little cleaning up ;-) And 'Husbandry' might be worth choosing!
  9. Good interesting stuff Jason. The others were OK too. . I have all those Union players and I don't use them much either. Note to self: "Must try harder!" Bill
  10. Thanks for the summary. But I struggled with your use of 'goal' when you mean 'intention'. "Goal" is what you kick for in a soccer playing society such as we have in the UK! Bill
  11. So your team for this review would be: Scalpel, Dirge, A&G, BP&M, Ghast and Cosset? It sounds vicious! Brilliant. :-)
  12. Good effort with that blanket!
  13. And Truffles. fullsizeoutput_1334 by William Atherton, on Flickr
  14. http://fullsizeoutput_1335 by William Atherton, on Flickr fullsizeoutput_1334 by William Atherton, on Flickr My Truffles is happy. "Pigs in muck!" All my butchers have red edges to their bases and tall tufts of grass. Truffles ate his grass, so it is flat and trampled. Bill
  15. Good listening as usual guys. I have lost to Steve and his girlfriend, she was playing Butchers he used my Morts. He used season one Graves too. :-) Bill