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  1. Well I enjoyed it all. I have not engaged a layer and my opinion is my own. I expect no payment for these comments. Thanks guys. Bill
  2. From Sheffield there appears to be a good group of gamers in Leeds. I have been to one tournament there. Good choice of game. I too have more guilds than I know how to play. Bill
  3. A 2" push on a character on the edge of the field might take them off and be a more INF efficient way of taking them out. Especially if it has been done with a 1INF charge. Leaving the mascot, who is only worth 1VP, close to the edge in case of retribution. Grave digger could add to the potential bonus of this tactic. And of course there is the poison & 3 damage that would occur if the rats were taken out by pushing them off.
  4. For all we know the over muscled Sledge might have a TAC of 3! Can but hope
  5. The idea of a 1 min activation with him! It is just bound to fail.
  6. Glad to find it is not just me slow with the Morts. I have a reputation as a slow player. (Quite justified) I should not have chosen Morts as my kickstarter team. But I did! Thanks for all the reports. Bill
  7. That would be throwing down a gauntlet might be upset, as might "Singled out" thought 'S.O.' do claim to be the "Ninth best" or some number like that. I am crap with numbers which is one of the reasons I suck at this game!
  8. Your man "Slothrop" 's pod cast is worth the listen. Some high end concepts in there. Bill
  9. mo-ball

    Lucky basta** I mean about the games, not the addiction.
  10. mo-ball

    Enjoyed the listen this morning. Thanks guys. You all play way more games than I have been able to do. I have too much other stuff getting in the way. Good job I retired at the end of February! I have actually got less games since I stopped work than I did before. :-( Bill
  11. A had forgotten about Honour. If she has to go last or Harmony has to go first the n 'Linked' is less of a thing. Better off going for honour as 3+ is usually do-able unlike 5+.
  12. I think if you make Tapper go last, and this might work with Corsair too, you are on a winner with him. Tapper can only give the extra 2 INF from his heroic to some one else. If he is last there is nowhere for it to go. Making Corsair go last takes the edge of his legendary too. But most of this is theory as I can't get to play often. Bill
  13. Fierce Not thought of that combination! A very fast team too, except Silence. Bill
  14. Managed to paint Zombies (!) whilst listening to you guys. "Another one done" or should it have been "bites the dust'. Good rambling stuff as ever guys. A bit like have Test Match Special on in the back ground. Blokes rabbiting on about stuff you are interested in and your hands free to do other stuff. Thanks Bill
  15. I think he can. Just the sort of dastardly trick he would pull!