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  1. As the Corsair player, I'd be tempted to play Siren 1 into that match up, to give me an edge in terms of pulling him in without exposing himself too much. Thresher tends to work like a kind of fighty Shark, so his team will suffer greatly from not being able to use him. Definitely want to play into a few times.
  2. I think his biggest problem against Corsair is getting dragged in, KD and crowded out to the point that Corsair can just take him out at his leisure... Corsair's own drag out threats Thresher's charge by an inch. I don't necessarily think it's a terrible match up, but I'd certainly be wary about what Corsair could do if he catches him...
  3. I'd imagine when the models are released.
  4. It isn't triggered until it's used.
  5. So while I wait for the models, I’ve been getting in a few games for practice / fun, so I thought I’d keep track here to see how my thoughts develop over time. Game 1 – vs Masons My team – Grange, Buckwheat, Windle, Tater, Harrow, Millstone His team – Hammer, Marbles, Flint, Tower, Granite, Mallet From my perspective, I wanted to play some more games with Windle, as I’m wary of just how vulnerable his defensive stat line can make him. When limited to 9 for a tournament roster, I felt like I was most comfortable dropping him from the team, just because he’s one of those models that a game could turn on. With the change to 10, I’m making a resolution to try him a bit more and try and play in a more conservative way to keep him safe while maximising the damage he can do. I am still concerned that I feel like I need most of the above team in place to make him work – Grange seems essential, as he’s bringing lots of the things Windle seems to lack (the George to his Lenny maybe?) in terms of the influence, Harvest Markers, damage buff, crowd out support, sturdy, amongst other things… Tater’s Fork Off! Also seems like the best way to stop your opponent easily abusing him, and Millstone offering the ability to prevent him taking conditions also stops him getting neutered. Tooled up from Harrow is also pretty good for his potential 6 attacks… My opponent was also experimenting a bit I felt – Marbles without Honour or Brick felt like an interesting choice to me, especially as he had Wrecker on his line-up. We talked about it afterwards and I think he thought I would play Thresher and wanted to threaten loved creature to stop me using optimal Don’t Fear the… Turn 1 I lost the roll off, but my opponent elected to kick off with Flint, after Granite used Foundation to start walking into the centre of the pitch. The ball scattered to right in front of most of my players. I had Millstone go first and push everyone else forwards and give Grange goal defence. She also put a harvest marker down between Tater and Buckwheat on my left. While I hadn’t collected the ball, if Flint wanted to recover it, he’d need to come right into Grange, Windle and Harrow’s melee and risk a counter charge from Tater. We jockeyed for position a little with Marbles and Tower moving up while tooling up Hammer and Harrow advancing into the centre and laying out a harvest marker while tooling up Windle. Tater eventually collected the ball and passed it to Buckwheat, who dodged forwards. Again, Flint couldn’t come into him for fear of a Tater counter charge. Granite moved up in the centre of the board. Buckwheat ate the harvest marker near him and Tater to jog up, keeping within 8 of the board edge to allow a Wingback charge into Tower. I was a little overzealous in my positioning here in order to try and have Tower pushed closer to my lines, and ended up engaged by Granite as well. Still, Tower was knocked back 4” and knocked down and Buckwheat had a YOLO 50/50 shot on goal that he made, dodging back towards my lines. The ball landed somewhere behind Granite on the floor. Not to be made a fool of, Hammer brought new meaning to the expression ‘Donkey Punch’ by grabbing influence for Iron Fist and Forced March and smacking Buckwheat into the ground. Grange sprinted over to him, knocked him down and put up his Honest Labour. Mallet advanced on the right hand side. Windle, who’d been taking dodges as his team moved around him was able to charge into Hammer, and with +2 damage from tooled up and Honest Labour, as well as the additional influence and Tac from Big Breakfast was able to do some huge damage to Hammer, leaving him alive but KD and prime for a take out at the start of the next turn. Flint was forced to try and build some momentum by attacking Tater. Score: Farmers 4 – 0 Masons Turn 2 I won initiative, and thought I saw the opportunity for Grange to kill Hammer and score, but Granite advanced in when I first hit Hammer, which stopped it. He was still able to kill Hammer and hit Granite a little. Granite knocked him down and moved up the board in an attempt to stop Tater from Counter Charging later in the turn (I should probably have counter charged her when she moved into Grange earlier). Harrow scooped up the loose ball and scored. Mallet, Marbles and Tower all tried to grab him, but the rest of my team surrounded and beat up Granite for the last 2 points I needed for the win. Final Score: Farmers 12 – 1 Masons This game was pretty brutal, but I was impressed by what Windle could do with the right support. I got pretty lucky with the donkey goal, but I think it was probably still worth it even if I’d missed to put the ball in an awkward spot while my fighty team got stuck in. Game 2 vs Alchemists My team – Thresher, Peck, Tater, Millstone, Harrow, Jack Straw His team – Midas, Naja, Vitriol, Venin, Calculus, Mercury This is my standard Thresher team – I only really mess with the Mascot pick, but I felt Peck would be useful into Alchemists for dealing with conditions. My opponent went with a maximum footballing list, but I think this was a mistake in part, because he had no model that could really threaten Thresher, and stop him doing what he wanted. My opponent won the roll and elected to receive. I kicked with Thresher, in a fairly central position so that I could threaten anywhere and kicked the ball over to my right. Venin collected it, passed to Vitrol and put up Melting body. I tooled him up with Harrow and put out a Harvest Marker near to Thresher. Calculus moved up and bonus timed a Blind into Thresher, which hit. She also hit Harrow with a Poison Bomb. Millstone pushed Thresher forwards. Naja moved up between Calculus and Venin. Peck gave Thresher Cocky. Vitriol passed to Mercury and advanced up. Jack Straw hit Calculus with his Crop Duster. Mercury sprinted over towards the centre and passed to Midas who dodged forwards. Tater redeployed to be a pain to Midas with Counter charge. Midas elected to sprint into 10” of the goal and defensive stance the Counter charge. Tater managed to get 2 hits and pushed him out of range. Midas used his heroic to dodge into Tater and hit him for a momentous dodge back into 8” of the goal, and Midas took a 1 dice shot (engaged by Tater and Jack) and missed. Ball stopped on the goal (Jack could have intercepted but I felt it would have been pretty easy for Midas to take it back and score next turn). Thresher ended the turn by charging Calculus and even with the reduced TAC from Blind; he left her Knocked down and on about 2 health. Don’t fear the… did 4 damage to her, Naja and Venin. Farmers 0 – 0 Alchemists Turn 2 I win the roll off and start with Thresher. He removes the 2nd of Jack’s harvest Markers, taking out Naja and Calculus and dealing another 3 to Venin. Thresher could probably have killed Venin and this point, but he had hardly anything allocated. Instead, I charge Midas, who has 6 allocated and is probably the only player on the Alchemists team who can reach the ball this turn. I Knock him down, dodge into 2”, beat him up some more (using my Legendary, catching Tater, Jack and Harrow in the pulse) and my opponent concedes at the end of the activation. Final Score: Farmers 3 – 0 Alchemists Although it was still early in the game, I think my opponent was probably right that he had no way back in at this point – Midas needed at least 2 momentum to have a meaningful activation (stand up and dodge away with Heroic) and he had none (he had defence stanced against Thresher’s charge), and he’d have been dead as soon as Tater activated and I don’t really see how he would have recovered after that. Game 3 – Alchemists With the first game cut short, we reracked with the same teams and started again. Turn 1 I ended up kicking again, and performed much the same way as last game. The Alchemists did similar, although kept other players away from Calculus when she did the blind. They did miss some passes though, so didn’t get even an attempt at a goal run on the first turn. Thresher still ended the turn by smacking Calculus around and leaving her KD. Farmers 0 – 0 Alchemists Turn 2 I lost the initiative roll and Mercury passes the ball away to Midas who dodges over to the left wing – this wasn’t a great first activation, but he needed to go first or else I would have simply killed Calculus, and taken the ball from Mercury and scored. Mercury charged into Thresher in an attempt to block Thresher from dealing with Midas, but I played Brace for Impact and so the charge only managed a non-momentous point of damage. Thresher moved slightly, did a Don’t Fear the… on Mercury, Calculus and Venin. By the end of his activation, Calculus was dead and Mercury was KD and at -1 ARM and had taken a fair chunk of damage. Midas managed to score a goal and the ball landed near the back where Vitriol couldn’t get to it. Harrow hit Mercury for some damage and some Harvest markers. Venin engaged Harrow and hit him for some more momentum. Tater charged Midas and managed to get some damage and momentum from him. Naja and Peck moved up, Peck collecting the ball and moving it to Millstone. Vitriol moved close to Jack Straw and pulled him away from the closest Harvest Marker with some push dodges. Millstone moved up, dropped a Harvest Marker in 4” of Jack and dropped the ball near it. Jack activated next (as Calculus had no activation), jumped to the Harvest marker, hit the downed Mercury (who was on 1 health) for a take-out, collected the ball and scored! Farmers 8 – 4 Alchemists Turn 3 I went first – a returned Mercury was within 11” of Thresher and had come on close to the ball. Thresher charged into Mercury and collected the ball, ending well within 8” of the goal. My opponent conceded before I got 4 – 6 Vps from this state of affairs. Another brutal Thresher beat down. We talked about it afterwards, and I think a big problem for his line-up was no one who could threaten Thresher – with no model capable of punishing Thresher for overextending; he was free to go where he wanted and just cause havoc.
  6. Something cool and collectible might encourage people to play with different Guilds I suppose for a chance to complete a set, but I do find Guild Ball players chop and change a bit more than in other games possibly - low model count means a lot of serious players have more than one Guild and they like to mix things up a bit. I'd like to see how the Hunters bed in following the new models - it would definitely be nice to see them getting some wins on the board.
  7. Define best- the following have all been using Hunters recently: Daniel Harwood - currently 4th in the world on Black Orifice used them at a 32 man tournament the week before Vengeance. Chris Tamplin 5th in the world used them at Vengeance Henry Clark (me) 7th in the world - I wasn't at Vengeance but used them in my last tournament Sherwin 12th in the world used them at Vengeance I think plenty of good players are interested in using them - they are hard to use, but I'm enjoying the challenge and I think after one to two more events I think I'll be getting some very solid results with them...
  8. A lot of (most) UK tournaments do.
  9. If they do it first in a turn, they won't get a lot else done either...
  10. I think Alchemists definitely seem to be doing well, although they're clearly not unstoppable. Hunters I think people should give a little longer to. While the results at Vengeance weren't great, it's a pretty small sample size - if you look at the scores since The Heralds were released on BO (currently missing the Vengeance results) you can see that over this small sample, they're showing a dramatic improvement to a 50% win rate. That improvement may not bear out (pun intended) but currently, it looks like they're actually running quite close to what you'd probably expect / want a team to run at over the last month. More results are needed to see if that's just people not knowing what they do or lots of people trying the new shiny or whatever, but it needs a bit of a bedding in period...
  11. Yeah, it can be pretty nasty in this context, as it becomes hard to stop him whether you go first or second - you could have 2 guys KD and in trouble and a 3rd could come in to try and help out - if you got those 2 low on health, this might just be more fuel for the fire and just add to the value of a Don't fear the...
  12. It depends if Knocking down 1-2 models at the end of the turn is going to make your opponents first activation really weak - Thresher could theoretically engage 2 enemy players and have them both KD at the start of the round - if you're out of their Melee (which you basically should be) there's only a handful of models that can actually recover from that, so they'd be relying on someone else - if that player is not the best choice, that can basically make going second superior anyway... Of course, I wouldn't risk him for zero gain, but that swing of losing an activation and possibly influence is what take out teams are looking for to exert that kind of pressure on the opponent. For me, Thresher favours big bold moves, because, his 3" Melee is fairly forgiving when he's activating and he's capable of scoring a lot of points on his own (6 point activations are very doable from turn 2 onwards with the right set up). You could blow the Legendary turn 1, but I rarely think it will be that necessary, especially if you tool him up first. I might do it if I had the opportunity to smash 2 enemies up, so I could take them both out first next round...
  13. Worth noting that you potentially don't want to actually kill the player you hit turn 1, but would rather leave them on fumes KD at you feet. That way, assuming the momentum from that was enough to win initiative you can finish them on your first swing and then deal with someone else. In those circumstances, first activation of turn 2 is a decent enough place to use it, but life drinker might not be as relevant at that point...
  14. I seem to be finding Engineers the hardest team to play against at the moment, but I wouldn't say they're not fun to play into. They do have a fair amount of denial tech though, which I think some people definitely don't enjoy...