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  1. Yep, Tater is great. He's probably my favourite Reaper, as he doesn't even need to consume Harvester markers to be good - all his interactions with them are defensive / healing in nature - his offensive power is all him.
  2. Why does charmed have to be of the same value on every character? Unpredictable movement is inherently stronger for models with 2" melee for example...
  3. This was my understanding during play testing as well.
  4. That's probably my favourite Grange line up from previous testing. Not too reliant on eating crops for good effects, so let's you play from turn 2 onwards with decent influence. Note - Peck does have a heroic and you'd normally pick cards prior to choosing your line up.
  5. Yeah but is blessing so compelling over Last Light? I like Last Light a lot more, as you aren't committing any resources to the character play until you actually make the play (as opposed to Blessing where you pay a momentum for a character play you can use later) - if you lose the model with Blessing or their target disappears later, that momentum is basically lost. It's also got the advantage of stacking with Blessing for Theron teams.
  6. I think you pretty much have to assume that a competent opponent who has a passing knowledge of Hunters is clearing snared every chance they get. That's why target selection is so important and going for a target that's already activated makes this harder (particularly if you have multiple snare options) - this is what makes Minx so useful in my opinion - if I snare and KD a target that's already activated with Vet Hearne but I still have Seenah and Minx to go, this pressures your opponent into making lose lose decisions...
  7. I've got a mad theory about who she is...
  8. Well, the obvious reason your score is capped at 12 is that you'd have strong players trying to milk weaker ones to get their tiebreakers up - for example, if I'm beating you 10-2 and you have 5 minutes left and I have possession it's in my interest to play until you clock out once, then score, giving me 15 compared to the average score of 12 (13 for games where a mascot died potentially) which gives me an imediate advantage in tiebreakers later...
  9. It's definitely possible to win with Brewers - Charles Nurser and Sherwin Matthews have both won events this year with them.
  10. I think it's useful to have rankings that look at more tournaments other than tiebreak - this data ignores one of my tournament wins from this year for example, because it wasn't run through tiebreak. There's pros and cons to any system really, but consistency is key.
  11. I like this system. It's ranked me 7th instead of 9th. 😜
  12. Why? More interested in the thought process that got you to these models than the models themselves. Particularly Hearne 1 with Skatha, as I haven't seen many people suggesting that...
  13. Probably the best way to mitigate #2 would be to keep his more vunerable players in the melee range of someone like Vet Hearne, so he can KD on a parting blow if you try and jog the model forward. I agree that Zarola is helpful in that match up. Skatha's Snow ball and running up Snow into aura range are the other options for trying to save someone. It's worth noting though, that you can only do so much to mitigate Puppet Master - it's both Obulus's primary strength and a 4 influence play that can only generate a max of 1 momentum, so it should be pretty strong and potentially game changing when it's used...
  14. Teams have cards now for which Union players will work for them now - the season 3 cards are out for all teams apart from Farmers.
  15. So, my thoughts so far – Skatha is definitely a good Captain. She’s not back breaking in any sense, but like Theron, she has a lot of different things going on that mean she can usually have a pretty relevant activation even if she can’t get to the ball. I like this team list – the mix of brutal killing, goal threat and utility control feels pretty good. I probably favour the version with Fahad right now, as it is a little influence strapped until you’ve got a few goals in, and several players are asking you to give them max each turn. Fahad helps with this some, as the free charge can get you some damage and momentum for no investment, and while the anatomical precision would be good, it feels like it would be hard to justify it most turns. I do want to play around with Snow a bit more though – in the right circumstances, the dodge aura could be huge. Wing back feels like a fantastic card for Ulfr – he wants to keep away from the rest of your pack to some extent, he really wants to charge, and it can give him the influence to make max use of all of his abilities. Vet Hearne didn’t get to do much in these games – partly because I didn’t give him that much influence, and partly because I completely spaced on using Last Light at all(in contrast to the couple of games I played with him a few weeks ago after the book spoilers where I was last lighting all over the shop)… I still think he’s a worthy inclusion here though – 2” melee and a KD are a potent combo, and Last Light could have been useful a couple of times in these games. Potential swaps I could see are Minx (more influence efficiency and Snared) or Egret (more goal threat and splash damage pressure) but I’m not convinced either of them are right here. I think I’d want a team without Seenah in to make best use of Egret. Minx is more compelling, and will warrant some further testing I think – there is something quite satisfying about half your team charging for free though…