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  1. The Scarecrow Goal

    He's better to score late turn in my opinion - you are more likely to have 'spare' Harvest markers and the momentum that you need. I have used him to score last activation many times before.
  2. Farmer rules?

    Lack of armour is a more defining trait generally I think. Low defence is potentially indicative of the Farmers, but the Honest Land box is 50% def 5+ models, so I'm not sure it's going to be the thing people notice about them... Core Farmer playstyle elements for me are: - Lack of armour - high health boxes - high amount of 2" Melee - lack of ranged plays - Planters are generally support / set up models - Reapers are models that score VPs - Lots of KD options There are some cards in the file section of the Farmers Facebook group.
  3. Casting materials for new guilds

    Note that Malifaux plastics are actually hard styrene and not the same material as PP or Reaper. While these are PVC, we've been told it's a new mix so not really like anything we have yet. The Kick Off models are pretty good in my opinion, and the normal plastic will apparently be higher quality than that, so I'm not concerned...
  4. It isn't optional who gets KD though - so it comes with a big downside... Parting blows are pretty simple though - take the most if the risk is minimal and the reward is worth it. If some has an easy KD, don't take a parting blow from them...
  5. Furnace!

    That's the 'hard synergy' between them, but with KD and Singled out, there's obviously some good soft synergy...
  6. How can the Labrats Refute the Exile?

    Mainly her greater need for Katalyst 2. The biggest problem with this match up is that neither Katalyst is that great into it, but I would argue that Katalyst 2 is extremely vulnerable to a good Corsair player. To be honest, it's not hugely different in my opinion, and this was the closest game because Vitriol missed two vital tackles vs Greede turn 1 and Salt turn 3 that probably turned it from a comfortable 12-6 win into an uncomfortable 12-11 win with seconds on the clock that put me off it... 6 Midas wins in a row (2 that day) though definitely made me happy to play him into Corsair after that though...
  7. How can the Labrats Refute the Exile?

    I played this match up a bunch at the beginning of the year when I was playing Alchemists - 7 of my first 14 tournament games this year we're into Fishermen. I've won it every time - it's actually the only match up where I really feel the need for Midas - the hardest of these was the first where I used Smoke. Mostly won by going 2/2 - looking for a goal turn 1, a take out straight away in turn 2 and then looking for 1 more of each as the opportunity presents itself. I mostly played it with a team of Midas, Naja, Calculus, Compound, Katalyst 1 and Vitriol - Compound was very valuable here as a ball holder, as he's probably the strongest piece at stopping Fish from stripping the ball. It certainly helps that I played Fishermen throughout season 1 and 2...
  8. Snapping the ball

    You don't have to end a move within 1" of the ball. You can snap a ball mid movement when you move within 1" of it. All movement within 1" of a free ball is eligible to snap the ball. You can also snap a free ball within 1" of you when your activation starts, or a free ball that is placed within 1" of you.
  9. Pat needs to check himself. Why the hell would anyone drink a Corona without a lime jammed in it?!
  10. newb strat qssss

    This is why Katalyst 1 and 2 are easier to understand people... Which Katalyst do you think isn't good? The 40mm one or the 50mm one. They are both good, but the smaller one probably has the edge at the moment in terms of flexibility and power. Katalyst 2 is extremely good in one area, but he's a glass Cannon that good opponents are able to exploit. I play both in my 10, but if I could only pick one, it would be Katalyst 1 at the moment...
  11. GB events london

    I think that one is full, but there are more events planned for Maidstone this year and there was some talk of events happening at Chaos Cards in Folkestone sometime.
  12. GB events london

    The Guildball South, UK group on Facebook is a good place to check for local events in easy reach of London.
  13. Best S3 Player for Existing Guilds

    I rate Ulfr very highly as well - I think he's a huge benefit to the Hunters as a team and I would say that he and Jaecar are in pretty much all my Hunters teams. Hag is just huge though - I've had games where I haven't given her a single influence and she's still done loads - a well timed Legendary has won me more than a single game by resetting the centre of the field.
  14. Best S3 Player for Existing Guilds

    Hag for her efficiency- one of the best batteries in the game.
  15. Directly Away From a Template

    it's in the collected clarifications thread that centring on a model allows you to pick the direction of the push.