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  1. Unpainted but assembled (no undercoat, most joints pinned and mostly if not all pinned to bases) 6 player metal Butcher team plus ball and lmtd Boiler Ox (KS exclusive) Boar Princess Boiler (unassembled) Lmtd boiler (painted to a good standard, the kind that wins me best painted comps at tournaments) Brisket Shank Will also include a fully painted themed goal £60 postage included to uk. Couple of £ extra to overseas DM if interested. Will post pics shortly
  2. Sold

    Hi, sorry guys, both items sold now. Thanks for all the interest though!
  3. Sold

    Both under offer currently. Queuingline noted 😉
  4. Sold

    Hey, as title I have 7-man Masons team with KS exclusive Honour, assembled very well with pins in nearly every joint and pinned to bases. Pics on request. £45 posted to UK, slightly more international. Guild Ball playing mat, used twice. £30 plus shipping, or deliverable to a malifaux tournament in UK as I get about a fair bit.
  5. Kick off! A Guildball Tournament - Sunday June 21st

    Sounds like a great time had by all! Sad I couldn't make this one but real life gets in the way sometimes, hope to get to one soon
  6. Kick off! A Guildball Tournament - Sunday June 21st

    Updated, one spot left! They will possibly add more though if there is demand
  7. Kick off! A Guildball Tournament - Sunday June 21st

    I've neglected this thread a little, apologies. Will post a revised list of entrants shortly.
  8. Kick off! A Guildball Tournament - Sunday June 21st

    Entrant list updated
  9. Coin - Bag of Coffers

    To me the rule reads that once per turn you may use this ability. It gives the target model 1 influence and the ability to use bonus time without using MP (as in target can use bonus time as many times as possible that turn without using MP)
  10. Charging past the target

    Ugh, hadn't even considered charging was directly towards. Charging directly towards limits tactical options massively, also isn't possible in a multitude of instances, would make the game quite clunky.
  11. Casket's Foul Odour

    Awesome, thanks!
  12. Kick off! A Guildball Tournament - Sunday June 21st

    Schedule has been updated. The perfect Fathers Day present? I have the same Issue too tbh, didn't realise it was fathers day. Cool It was mentioned on Twitter yesterday that the Outpost are gonna be talking to Mr Loxam to sort something interesting out for this event so stay tuned!
  13. Models in Guild Ball are affected by their own auras, but surely not this one? making Casket's move 3/5. That just seems ridiculous. Have I missed something?