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  1. That seems to be the intent.
  2. Page 14: A target-spot is any point on the Pitch where the ball-marker may be legally placed.
  3. The only things that normally affect the TN on a Kick are: • If the target-spot, friendly model or enemy goal-post is not in LOS of the kicking model then the Kick suffers a [+1] TN modifier. • If the target is a friendly model, then each enemy model engaging the target friendly model causes the Kick to suffer [+1] TN. The TN can affect the dice pool, but the dice pool doesn't affect the TN.
  4. Piervo team is interesting: Captains: Grange Mascots: Buckwheat Players: Bonesaw, Casket, Grace, Benediction, Tater, Jackstraw, Harrow
  5. I'm Open is once per turn and you can't drop the ball outside of a models activation.
  6. Sprint is less of an issue as you don't have to move in a straight line so could move out of touching and then back in again.
  7. Certainly worth a try if Harry isn't available. P.s. Decimate is a gal not a guy.
  8. Going for pure goals is difficult but a 2 goal 2takeout strategy is pretty straightforward. Either captain works, Scalpel for mobility and fast goals with good damage potential or Obulus for lots of control and mobility. Graves probably comes for the early Tackle, 2" melee and utility of tooled up. Union picks you are looking at A&G or Mist. Brainpan and Memory give you footballing or brawling options so they are coming. You then have one spot for another striker in Bonesaw (not everyone's cup of tea) or a control piece like Casket or Ghast. Silence is also an option, especially if Dirge is your mascot.
  9. "The page you are trying to access is not available for your account."
  10. Charges from the collected clarifications thread: May result in a model charging 'past' the target, so long as the Charging model ends its Advance engaging the target the Charge is successful. Do not need to be 'towards' the target model if target model is out of range. I.E. Furious models may use this as a free Sprint as long as the Charge is still in a straight line and the charging model's activation is ended immediately if the Charge move ends without the Charge target in melee.
  11. Excellent, thank you.
  12. @Slothrop what's your kick off strategy in general? Kicker central and kick to flank,more kicker on the flank kicking to the middle, or either depending?
  13. I'll be there too. Im thinking of running something other than my Morticians, probably either Union or Alchemists although they are all either unpainted, unassembled or unpurchased yet. ill be interested to see what you can do with them.
  14. The Dodge Ball and Multi-ball Mayhem formats in the Mob Football Association documents add the following Special Rule: "A model may have possession of multiple ball-markers in this format. A model in possession of multiple ballmarkers still must spend [1] Influence to Pass each ballmarker individually." This isn't in the Season 3 Rulebook (at least the online version), so it's unclear whether this is just a clarification that you can have multiples or whether it is a permissive rule that you can in these formats but not normally. Tackling a player with multiple balls doesn't seem to be covered anywhere yet.
  15. You make Hunter's seem like a lot of fun - finding it hard to resist.