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  1. Seismic Kick Off the Pitch

    Correct. It's a bit of a weird interaction but the final landing spot is off the pitch, the ball marker then moves along the ball path, knocking anyone down along it. the ball then leaves the pitch and you then resolve the standard scatter from the centre spot.
  2. Hi from Kent, UK

    Welcome on board! Lots going on in Kent at the moment.
  3. Stripping paint off of the new plastic models?

    Exactly that , just don't put it near water until all the paint is brushed off.
  4. Stripping paint off of the new plastic models?

    Usually leave mine soaking overnight.
  5. New Blacksmith player from brit championships

    Apprentices need to complete a shield to become a master , not sure if having one means they are or not though. His family are bonded to the Blacksmiths guild by a debt which is why he plays for them. Other Blacksmith info was that from now on most releases will be 6 player boxes with a second Blacksmith (and Farmer) box coming in the q1 2018 (probably).
  6. Tournaments

    They are currently being played in the UK Nationals.
  7. Standardized Legal Terrain Sizing

    Most recent: https://static1.squarespace.com/static/56728f72a128e6b1e548ec55/t/5912ec0215cf7dde1df24f70/1494412293612/Guild+Ball+Regional+Cup.pdf
  8. Blacksmith painting schemes

    @Mat's scheme:
  9. Worst Team Lineup

    The Mortician team isn't that bad, generates 12 Inf and just feeds people into a grinder for a Tooled Up Obulus/Casket/Fangtooth/Silence (most have a on column 2) to take out. Extra VPs from Casket Time. At least 1 Goal won't be that difficult either. If you wanted a weaker Mortician list you would probably look at Scalpel, Vileswarm, vGraves, Bonesaw, Fangtooth, +1 but you still have options.
  10. Tormented Agony - No legal targets

    If there are no legal targets in range (including the model the influence is taken from), then the influence is just removed. You must chose a legal target if one is in range, rather than just choosing a target at max influence.
  11. Mechanical Heart Broken

    The [Mechanica] stipulation in Overclocked is a targeting requirement, rather than one that needs to continue for the play to activate later, so in the example given Salvo would still be able to sprint or charge for free.
  12. Project positivity - making Masons great again.

    I think you could make a strong argument that the strong synergies between players is a key defining feature of the Mason's playstyle along with their great flexibility and ability to break the rules (out of sequence activations, additional activations, out of sequence charges, etc.).
  13. Welcome to the forum. Step 4 of the 'Sequence of Taking a Model Out' states "Gain any VP for inflicting the taken-out condition.". The [+2] VP from Witness Me! are additional to the normal VPs generated so are applied at the same step. During step 4, the Alchemist team would gain 4 VP and the other team 2 VP, resulting in the score being 12-12.