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  1. The more I'm playing Morticians in Season 3 the harder it is not using Obulus, Dirge, Graves, B&M, A&G, Casket. Ghast sometimes comes in for Casket, but not that often.. I can see the value of Silence I just don't know who he would replace.
  2. For reference:
  3. In instances like that they are different named effects so the conditions of both would need to be met. Both Lure and Goad are 'directly toward' rather than just 'toward' so the conditions are unable to ever be met. From the rulebook: Towards means a model or marker can only move in such a way that the distance between the model or marker and the target is always decreasing. Directly towards means that a model or marker must move along the line between the centre points of the model or marker and the target. Additionally, the distance between the model or marker and the target must always be decreasing.
  4. Cosset does die to a stiff breeze but her damage output can be insane with a little set up. She's likely to go late in a turn, but a Tooled Up, Confidenced Cosset attacking someone engaged by Dirge is not pleasant.
  5. Now lost to Corsair. Fish vs Alchemist final. Good whilst it lasted.
  6. Nope, he's playing Engineers and has lost one. It's @VanV.
  7. Works better with a Mortician loaning Crucible but the premise is fine.
  8. Do you have a typical Blackheart list.?
  9. As per the Picking a Team procedure in the rule book: To pick a team: 1. Pick a model with the [Captain] type. 2. Pick a model with the [Mascot] type that may play for the same Guild as the [Captain] model. Skip this step if playing an Introductory Game. 3. Fill out the team roster with models that may play for the same Guild as the [Captain] model. If you picked a Union Captain you would have to play as the Union not as Brewer's as the Captains are not available for selection in other Guilds.
  10. As has been said Casket Time only works on Human models and there are no Humans who can be brought back with Creation currently.
  11. I've always thought about a Mortician Alchemist crossover, either as a Jekyll and Hyde character or a scientist looking to raise the dead.
  12. Condition damage usually resolves in the maintenance phase, not the end of turn so in your example the turn 3 Reanimate would trigger.
  13. No problem, welcome to the game!
  14. and are unique icons, rather than tokens or a resource that you can spend. You can't spend 2 x if you get a . In the example you give, you could activate Chain Grab but not Scything Blow.
  15. To gain the additional [1] VP the taken out condition would need to be gained during the timing sequence of the character play. In this instance the bleed damage occurs after and so the additional [1] VP would not be gained.