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  1. I'm hoping mine isn't too far away so I can get cracking on painting it up.
  2. They all look fantastic, did you free hand the design on the Winged Knight ?
  3. Really nicely done, the freehand details on the cloth parts of the Herald are the best Ive seen so far fantastic job all round. I will be using you pics for inspiration (ie stealing)
  4. something like this but specific to DS would be boss http://shop.battlesystems.co.uk/fantasy-dungeon-set-19-p.asp
  5. You might need to wash them in warm soapy water before priming to remove the mold release agent, once they dry use a good primer and you will be golden
  6. push him close to one of his own players with Jac or Kraken and siren him up
  7. clean Spigot, new ability, snap pass (wish listing haha)
  8. I'm with Tim on this one Vennin isn't the source of the damage so venomous strike wont apply
  9. That's going to be a LOT of tartan to paint
  10. Stave! gets him up field early and in range for barrel lobbing hilarity
  11. always charge with Friday where possible its the same as swinging twice but she gets the extra movement (8 tac vs 4 tac twice) With the brewers play books being so short charging can generate some very good wraparounds for that extra damage/KD but isn't always required
  12. South Aussie player here, the game is exploding everywhere from what Ive experienced. I know the Canberra boys are getting into it in a big way as well
  13. Only 3 more days before the awesome happens Prize pool is massive, plenty of swag for everyone
  14. might need to change that thanks for spotting something bad in something awesome, keeps me on my toes
  15. This is how we keep track of things in Adelaide