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  1. Masons / Brewers reboxing?

    Yeah but getting the Kickoff set if you're just interested in one of the teams feels a bit odd. Not to mention people said there were some issues with the plastics.
  2. Has there been any news on whether Masons and Brewers are getting a 6 man team reboxing like the other teams?
  3. The apprentice Pin Vice is torturing / modifying in the Season 2 Engineer introduction, do we know who they are? (Also slightly disappointed Pin Vice turned out the be so evil. :/ Sometimes I wish Guild ball was a bit more lighthearted and less political.)
  4. Is the Season 2 player fluff available somewhere online?
  5. Maybe my mind's playing me tricks, but wasn't there a Gutter blog post up earlier? I remember seeing it before I left for work at least yesterday.
  6. Is scoring goals too easy.

    A chance to actually intercept a la Bloodbowl would be nice; would put more empahsis on positing as well.
  7. Is scoring goals too easy.

    Making intercepts more meaningful could result into more interaction with goal scoring, cause right now it's just a simple modifier.
  8. Is scoring goals too easy.

    I wonder if intercept options were made stronger. Right now it just essentially makes a pass / score attempt a bit harder, but in say Bloodbowl iirc you actually have a chance to intercept the ball and take it yourself.
  9. Engineers or Morticians?

    " The Engineers tricks are all very straight forward. You can push KD and take lose balls from far away. Ballista's minefield is their most unique and interesting trick. Morts are almost nothing but tricks and with their pretty meh playbooks they need them. Both of the teams lean on a union pick to fill in their weak spots. Engis need Harry and Morts need either Mist or A&G to cover their weak spots. I'd generally recommend Engineers Morts you really need to know what your opponent is trying to do since they run a lot of disruption. They have a steep learning curve unless you have a really good understanding of all the other teams. " Is a reply I got in another place about whether Engineers had tricks that prompted me to ask.
  10. Engineers or Morticians?

    Someone told me that Engineers don't really have any tricks up their sleeves, to what extent is that true?
  11. Is scoring goals too easy.

    Alternate scoring systems are luckily very easy to test since they don't make any fundamental changes to the rules. So it might be worthwhile to do some games with say play to 15, goal is 5, take out is 3 or any others suggested above and report data back.
  12. How do Engineers and Morticians compare with each other play style wise? Cause I've finally narrowed it down to these two teams.
  13. Enter The Blacksmiths...

    Any idea on when these'll be released? Cause I'd like to start playing again but I'm doubting between these guys and Engineers and not sure if it's worth the wait if it'll still be a long time.
  14. Engineers unfun to play against?

    I just don't want to make people loathe playing against me; like ideally a match involves both people having fun even if they lose. I just know some things can be incredible frustrating to face even if you win and wanted to know if Engineers were that.
  15. Farmer rules?

    Is there any news on when the Farmer rules will be put up online?