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  1. Masons at the Rusty Cup

    Nope, no union. Generally i dont think they need any. Minx is great with hammer but i find you drop some utility. Certainly can fit one in to fit your play style.
  2. I love Guild Ball miniatures!!!

    Always amazing work!
  3. Masons at the Rusty Cup

    Hi huggy, Sorry missed the post. At irish masters i took Honour, harmony, brick, flint, tower, mallet, marbles. I also had vet harmony, granite, hammer but i didnt play any of these 3. It was a 4 round event and i played into 2 engineers and 2 alchemists. Unfortunately lost in the final, partly due to a little unfortunate luck, and on reflection i did have an out and i misplayed it slightly. Alchemists are for me the hardest match up with masons and something i need more practice with. Hopefully i can still qualify for worlds at the british champs or steamcon
  4. Is scoring goals too easy.

    I find topics like this interesting to read through. I really don't see the problem with goal scoring against the more melee orientated teams and i don't kill the ball in a corner because it then takes it away as a resource for myself. Im currently something like 26tournie games and 3 loses this year. Of those loses 2 have been crap dice and one some bad luck and a slight misplay with the ball on my part. I know i play stuff differently to other people, condition game with smoke, 2 goals with capt rage team, take outs with shark, masons in general. Alot of what i see for me comes down to picks and how you play. Majority of my recent 11 tournie games have been against fish, alchs, engineers. All very capable of getting the ball easily and scoring. All teams have players that can hold the ball well, steps you can take to control the game. I often find its when people over extend as has been mentioned that the game becomes easier and they are punished. Whilst i can see how people find how binary goals seem, as has been mentioned they are compound and one thing goes wrong and thats often the goal run finished, especially if you have match fixing. Vengeance token also punishes goal scorers only.... In my last tournie i lost int every game playing masons and my opponent elected to recieve. In order to score they have to work around a situation i create and then potentially lose that player and a goal back by end of turn 2. Because they have generally only extended one player this means most commonly they are limited in the threats they can pose back and i win initiative turn 3 to score or punish a player again. 10-4 is a great place to sit start of turn 3...as long as you have somewhere to put the ball safe on the counter goal. All of the fighting teams can still score very well with the right players. I often find kicking to not be a huge detriment that people percieve. Having someone in a position to threaten a take out and win initiative when most teams are limited when recieving to 3 or 4mp and have to spend some to score is a goid position ti be in. Accept that they will probably score just make it hard and capitalise on it. Of my past 3 loses, 2 were to shark fish and 1 midas. All games were 3 goal loses in which i kicked. 2 were using masons and 1 smoke. These are the only games ive conseeded 3 goals and tbh i should def have won 2 and probably the 3rd. If i had kicked to space in my last game i think id have won in turn 5 with the situation described above where it 8-8. I have also noticed the meta shifting in the last 6 months as people become more adept and play what they want rather than as much echo chamber. So for me i think the balance between goals and take outs is there for moat teams, just counter pick in your selection well...you have the options
  5. Guild Ball in Yorkshire

    Theres a pretty active guildball community around yorkshire. From sheffield/outpost there is about 8players and id say 5/6 of them are regular tournament goers. The facebook group is probably a good place to hit people up, also the other guildball channels on there.
  6. Talk through the board state with your opponents in practice matches and see what options you think you have and what they see. Then talk through if i move here etc. Learn to try and give your opponent multiple poor options. The more you practice the quicker your internal analysis of the board state and being able to read the game. Consider the percentages in risk vs reward plays and then the longer game if it fails, what are your chances to still win? And have discipline, often players lack the foresight/courage to not commit and pull players back to reset the board into a more neutral or favourable position - this is hard to do when under pressure and people often play more by instinct.
  7. Vengence 2017 - Stats

    I think people have also got to factor in the new OPD which was in effect at Vengeance and how this impacted some captain choices. In my mind thisnwould skew the results as well. Not knowing who is kicking/receiving when picking made that choice harder for some teams. There was previously similar comments around how masons werent competative, marbles being garbage etc....to which end i played masons for about 2 months lost in the final against Bryce of a 32 man event, won the next 32man against another masons player in the final. The comment of no one is really championing them is probably true but not for the reasons stated. Il be honest, i havent managed to get the new ones painted yet but i expect il run them at an event when i do. Id personally like a couple of subtle changes, like the bear generating 1inf....but overall i think they can compete as is and will happily put my money where my mouth is
  8. Vengence 2017 - Stats

    I think the above post is a valid point. Practice, learning curve and acknowledging the errors that tipped the game. Also we've had several years to understand most of the players/teams/interactions. Hunters were previously more limited. Im not saying they are perfect, there are a few tweaks with them id like to see...but i dont think they are so below the curve as people think.
  9. Vengence 2017 - Stats

    So i played at vengeance and went 6-1 losing to Bryce on a goal run that was over 90% to win me the game.....and i played alchs! I decided on alchs last minute of the morning, with no practice based on my guestimate of the field on the day (majority engineers due to a supposed prevalaince of fish). I had 5 teams with me being unable to decide what i fancied playing prior to the event. I played against the following: Morts (obulus) - i ran smoke, harry, flask, mercury, calc and vet kat. Morts (scapel) - i ran same list as above. Fish (shark) - i ran same list but compound instead of vet kat (lost this one 12-9) Alchs (smoke) - i ran midas, flask, vitriol, harry, vet kat, compound Fish (shark) - same smoke list as other fish game Alchs (smoke) - midas list same as other alchs. Hunters (skatha) - smoke list same as into obulus. So in 7 games i kicked every game and i only played midas and vitriol twice both into smoke. I witnessed me only once in the whole event. All of this i think against conventional wisdom and popular internet opinion. I would say that data from Veng is too small a sample size to be conclusive and isnt reflective of the player skill at all. You are really talking about perceived power ratings, the teams chosen are done so for a number of factors such as new releases, familiarity, cool factor, supposed meta etc. Interestingly, Jay clare certainly represented hunters and went 5-2 narrowly losing to world champ Tim on a 50/50 shot who was using engineers and who also finished 5-2. Jay had about 4 games with them prior to vengeance. Of the 8 England WTC players that attended, 3 went 6-1 (all using different factions to what they normally do, which were alchs, engineers, union), 3 went 5-2 (2 using new factions, morts, hunters and maria who used her regular team alchs but played me round 7 so only one of us could get 6-1), 1 4-3 (new team morts) and 1 3-4 (regular fish). Greg and Daniel also faced off in the tournament which possibly impacted their individual overall standings. For me this indicates that the players are such a big determining factor in wherw a team sits for its "power level" Going into game 7 there were most of both the England and German WTC players, and regular top tournament finishers like Bryce, Henry Kay (using a new team - engineers) in the 5-1 bracket, a literal shark tank of a field. All with a spread of nearly all the guilds between them. For me this indicates that the different teams must be of very similar balance levels, and its more personal preference that shows the spread of teams that players picking them for power. I really dont think there is such a margin as the internet/data supposedly proclaims in the balance of teams. Sorry for the rant/long post, my point is that player skill is too hard to really quantify and such a big determining factor in how teams perform. My experience is that good players consistently get to the top no matter what team they play....this means they are very closely balanced.
  10. Vengeance 2017! Dates and ticket availabillity

    Its still on-going. Today is day 2. Follow it on tiebreak and the live stream
  11. Union List-making and Power Level After 9/5/17

    @Slothrop yeah i get what your saying, I agree about tunning mist up to insane. Blackheart often gets 6inf and it is situational and unreliable to use minx with marked target to increase his threat, grace is guarenteed (add in tooled up and he fairly consistently gets a take out or wins you initiative turn one. Max melee threat 14" With rage its not his personal threat that shes good for, (there is needed) but i found it good A+G to deliver them where they were needed and red fury attacks. Ive only played a few games with them, so still work to be done
  12. @EpicChris i disagree. I think you can build vet rage to play football or melee the same as blackheart. Union have come out of this very well apart from s.brisket. Grace, rage, a+g, mist, harry and stongbox. More goal orientated, good threat ranges, and who doesnt like mist with confidence and a 18" melee threat on the ball. And can still bring the pain easily.
  13. Union List-making and Power Level After 9/5/17

    Im surprised no one has grace in there who for me is an autoinclude with both captains? Both appreciate the speed increase and she gets 1 for the team and the speed increase is free....also a pretty good striker herself and pushes mist up if playing blackheart football above a+g maybe. Benidiction more siuational but i do like the idea of him as an arc node and no kd is great for capt rage or someone taking a parting blow. I envisage him more as a battery and pushing people into ranges rather than doing much himself.
  14. Engineers actually benifit in the new system especially against fish. You can now draft mother, compound, vet velocity and have decent anti goal tech vs shark or a goal orientated team. With there natural resiliance they dont die to him easily and can switch gears. So popping your captain and mascot for them early is a benifit as the teams components impact the overall playstyle much more.
  15. Mason's Team Selection and changes to Roster Size

    @HuggyTheBear The heroic is good but mainly its going to be used on mallet. If your kicking you can not use it turn one unless your opponent allows you to generate mp, so the only player that can threaten is hammer himself ....so people play around that bubble. I think youd still need to play marbles with him over wrecker because of the chance youll kick and you need the defensive tech of 2 counter charges. I love wrecker and want to use him, but he can't bring enough to outshine the benifit of the areas of control you exert. I guess well see this weekend how it comes out in the wash, but im now re-evaluating what team and the team selection to play, and considering if i can even take hammer. I hope that my take on it is wrong! As an example. I can build a vet rage or blackheart team to counter pick and play football or damage. Both have ways around unpredictable, elements of control within a team, threat range extenders, damage buffs....counter pick choices within the 10players that then reward the higher skilled player as they react to their opponents choices.