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  1. Hello everyone, So I had a question on where does Blood Rain pulse starts from. The Range is indicated as P for this Character Play and the rules say that the P is [P] Denotes that the Character Play can only be triggered as a Playbook result using play-icons. This Character Play may only target the original Attack target. So does the Pulse extends from Fillet or her target. Thanks for your help
  2. Your S3 minis are juste gorgeous ! Brainpan is sooooooo creapy and VetOx look just say "don't you mess with me..." I love them !
  3. Really nive VetOx He almost look too clean
  4. Love what you have done with all your Morticians minis ! The Cloak on Obulus is great and the blue robes of Brainpan are really nice !
  5. Hi everyone, Thanks Anphiarus for your message. As we had a rainy week-end in France I managed to get VetOx painted : Next I really have to finish Harry the Hat
  6. Love your green and your OSL on the tubes ! I'll add a highlight on smokes hairs and gloves because they seems really dark. Could we have a first group photo ?
  7. It's really cool to see a Hag painted and your PintPot is also nice ! You have a grat productivity
  8. comission

    Love how you treated the leather on your Brewers team ! It feels real And the green is really beautiful
  9. Love your Butchers team ! The colors are really nice, the eyes pop-out in a nice way ! Well done ^^
  10. Awesome ! As I told you on the french facebook group your Obulus is really beautiful I love the colors and everything ^^
  11. Thank you for your comments ^^ Yes it is ! I wanted to give him a kind of realistic look ^^ Here are Fillet, Boar et Truffles finished And the group photo with all my butchers painted so far
  12. Hey everyone, So next saturday I have a tournament in Rouen (North West of France) and I'd like to play a fully painted guild. I've decided to try this roster Fillet Princess Truffles Boiler Brisket Boar Shank Meathook Harry the Hat Don't know if this is the right choice but that's what I'm going with and that leaves me with Fillet, Boar, Truffles and Harry the Hat to fully paint this week. Here are the four minis almost unpainted And after a few hours the 3 humans with all their skin and faces done As it seems Truffles might be easy to paint I'll paint him last. See you tomorrow with those guys a bit more painted !
  13. I love your work on Katalyst ! The skin is really nice and the work on the tubes is awesome ! It's fun to see that your goal pictures where taken before you painted Katalyst ^^ What have you used for the bricks on the wall ?
  14. It's hard for me to tell because I started him last March et only finished him now But not unpleasant at all ! I have to confess I have a medical problem with using green on my minis ... there is no painting project in the last 2-3 years where I have not used green or turquoise ... For the butchers I wanted a somehow classic color scheme but with a twist