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  1. Aybarra's Butchers and Fishermen

    Hey everyone, So next saturday I have a tournament in Rouen (North West of France) and I'd like to play a fully painted guild. I've decided to try this roster Fillet Princess Truffles Boiler Brisket Boar Shank Meathook Harry the Hat Don't know if this is the right choice but that's what I'm going with and that leaves me with Fillet, Boar, Truffles and Harry the Hat to fully paint this week. Here are the four minis almost unpainted And after a few hours the 3 humans with all their skin and faces done As it seems Truffles might be easy to paint I'll paint him last. See you tomorrow with those guys a bit more painted !
  2. Erahf's WIP Teams

    I love your work on Katalyst ! The skin is really nice and the work on the tubes is awesome ! It's fun to see that your goal pictures where taken before you painted Katalyst ^^ What have you used for the bricks on the wall ?
  3. Aybarra's Butchers and Fishermen

    It's hard for me to tell because I started him last March et only finished him now But not unpleasant at all ! I have to confess I have a medical problem with using green on my minis ... there is no painting project in the last 2-3 years where I have not used green or turquoise ... For the butchers I wanted a somehow classic color scheme but with a twist
  4. Fishermen Sakana

    Really nice work on this guy ! Love the tattoos
  5. My Mortcians

    Really nice job ! Love the haunted feel about your crooks ! And the "Joker" Color Scheme is really nice
  6. Balefirestorm's WIP

    Nice work ! Love what you've done with your butchers
  7. Aybarra's Butchers and Fishermen

    So I knew I was a really slow painter but I also answer to questions on a really slow rate ... @Fomorian I use mostly GW paints with a tanned flesh and a brown wash. For the warm spots I have followed Mat Hart video tutorial on Youtube @masterkdog They are home made with bits of wood, greenstuff and other things As I don't want to come empty handed, here is Shanks finally finished ... after a long time waiting on a shelf he is done. I aim at playing my butchers fully painted before mid-march so I will be back soon I hope
  8. The Captain's (painting) Log

    Quaff looks nice The Tartan is also nice but I would add white line to make it more readable
  9. Nerodine's slowly progressing teams

    Nice Job on this one ! I like the little purple detail
  10. Fillet- a REAL Blood Dance

    The effect is wonderful !! The mini must be a little difficult to transport but she looks great !
  11. Aybarra's Butchers and Fishermen

    Hey everyone, I have finally found time to paint ! Before the holidays I had hard times with my Hunters on the field so I decided to give a shot to the Fishermens Guild ! So here is Tentacles So what do you think of my new slimy friend ? Next up are Corsair and Zakana.
  12. Aybarra's Butchers and Fishermen

    Thanks the Nerdist for you comment I love to have a few colors that really pop on my minis. New update and this time I have more WIP's ... Egret is almost finished but I'm waiting on those for to do the base. For now there is still work to do but their faces are done. Theron Jaecar - Shaved skulls are really hard to paint so I've added tattoos, I imagined him as a deranged assassin so runes were what came to mind Hearne - I think I will add someting on that huuuuuuuge chin but haven't figured what for now For once in 18 years since I have started to paint I'm happy with a skin tone. Mat Hart tutorial on painting faces was a great help ! See you soon with more colours on these guys !
  13. Aybarra's Butchers and Fishermen

    So it has been 2 months and weirdly enough I have not respected my planning ... I have finished Princess and Meathook but was too lazy to make pictures so I only have WIPs pictures of Egret for my Hunters. Tell me what you think of her sofar
  14. Let's talk Hunter's - Theron

    My mistake was mostly on the "While this model is on the pitch" a simple "For this turn" Thanks for your answers and forgive my ignorance
  15. I know they are just out but I'm already certain that the S2 Hunters Captain would be a woman from the "Moon side" of the guild ... I would say Veteran Egret or one of the guild mistress favorite follower (Or Veteran Captain Minx )