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  1. Something that represents this on the pitch.....
  2. I'm not a fan of using unpainted miniatures to game with, even though it's a board game, so wanted to get cracking straight away. Life has got in the way a bit - as well as focusing on Guild Ball ready for Vengeance last weekend so it's been slow progress The nature of the plastic used, even after an undercoat, hasn't made painting the easiest and I've struggled with edging on some of the softer parts. First model completed is The Dancer, although not sure on basing yet so it's been left plain for now...
  3. Game Finder

    Well I was born in Aylesbury.... In MK which, while not a million miles away, isn't that local. Always happy to host though on the random Saturdays I get off work though.
  4. Kicking the ball out of bounds

    I have Puppet Mastered an opponent to kick off the pitch... Prevented a goal run and would have set me up for a goal if it hadn't scattered 6/6 I felt a bit bad doing it, but then in a game where beating opponents half to death is a valid tactic, kicking the ball off for a throw in seems legit
  5. What's your S3 NPE?

    You can also have dinner at tea-time, but not always tea at dinner time.
  6. Cacklad's Morticians

    Here you go @Erahf, this should blow up better. Although compared to the flesh on your teams mine looks completely amateur - your Vet Kat is sublime! The colours used are mainly Game Colour, but there may be another random skin tone in there somewhere that I've forgotten. Base was Scarlet Red, through Heavy Skintone, Dead Flesh and Off White added for final highlight.
  7. Cacklad's Morticians

    Cheers ☺ I think I have a bigger one somewhere. Will try and post up over weekend.
  8. Cacklad's Morticians

    I also painted these guys up a while back - but just forgot to take a decent photo or post up. Probably because they haven't seen much use and disappeared into a case for ages. I absolutely love the Vet Graves model, I just wish his rules did him justice Vileswarm I am starting to field but it is a totally different style of play to Dirge so is taking a while to see the strengths and avoid the easily-exploited-by-opponent weaknesses.
  9. Cacklad's Morticians

    I've not had a chance to try these guys out on the pitch yet but looking forward to some more Mortician shenanigans... I didn't want to go down the dirty black robe look, even though it looks great with the character of the model, as I am trying to avoid the team looking too uniform. Also Brainpan seems so much more freaky than the rest of the team so I wanted him to really stand out from the more 'human' looking players, (as I'm not really sure what the hell is under that hood!)
  10. Bonesaw - do you love him or hate him?

    I have used Bonesaw in all my S3 games so far. Not to great success sadly Generally he dies as he seems to be perceived as quite a big threat... which can be helpful to distract from the back-up goal scorers but he is an easy 2vp with his Def and low hits. I've still not managed the turn 1 goal as I normally miss a pass in the chain but I'm going to persevere. I normally set him up for a turn 2 goal as I usually kick and then he's a handy snapshot turret for goal 2/3 if not dealt with. I'm tempted to start dropping him against Fillet Butchers as he gets murdered far too easily. Fish with all the 2" melee can be a struggle to keep the ball on him as well.
  11. The curious case of... Vileswarm?

    I've been loving the rats... until Fillet bled them and Meathook exploded him into bleeding Greede, Ghast and Avarisse as last activation that turn. I was playing like a total numpty so he should never have been that close to everyone but definitely highlighted his potential downside 😐
  12. The curious case of... Vileswarm?

    Ran the rats tonight and helped by some ridiculously good dice ended up pushing 2 players off the pitch, generating 3 MoM each time and tackling vBrisket stopping a goal run. (Not all at the same time!) Vindictive combined with lurking on some fast ground was ace. Not sure against a more experienced player, or with average dice, I would be saying the same but was nice to see some potential. Going to persevere for a few more games as Vileswarm just looks too nice to be on the bench...
  13. S3, Who do you kickoff with

    I've been experimenting with kicking off with Graves1, especially if opposite fast terrain. Kick up one flank with the option of punting ball slightly across to centre depending on where their likely ball retriever is. So far he's got the ball back and scored, pushed a couple of players off and held up Honour and Harmony for 2 turns. (Admittedly helped by appalling Mason dice rolling!). If he lurks on the fast ground and his target is wounded - Fireblast is good for this - he can threaten 13". This isn't necessarily a recommended tactic - I've just always loved Graves and like throwing him right into people's faces
  14. Winning Ways for Your Guild Ball Plays

    I got a goal via Football Dervish from a Cosset pass last week (I was clocked out and clutching at straws and still lost the game but still cool to see... Especially since the only Meditated 3 dice kicks I've made have all failed )
  15. Brainpan and Memory

    The first thing I thought was that his face looks a bit cenobite like. His hands look a bit.... bony... to say the least too. Doesn't look like he's just a guy that happens to work in a mortuary. More like something that woke up in one