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  1. Ok, got it. But both of those scenarios require some set up for maximum scary. I was thinking Flask and Scum are pretty good w/ Sic 'Em on their own, though I didn't realize Strongbox applies Shelling Out to his own attacks. But thanks for the info.
  2. I must be missing something with Strongbox, because I don't get why he's particularly murder-y with Sic 'Em. Can somebody enlighten me?
  3. Avarisse & Greede FAQ

    A few other things to consider. As @MechMage and @doublecheesesaid, in a perfect world you'll get a SO or KD w/ Avarisse. BUT, also note that Avarisse has fewer columns than his printed TAC (5 columns, TAC 6) - Greede is the opposite (8 columns, TAC 7). So a wrap from Avarisse is not totally uncommon, considering Greede can often serve as a crowd out. So you might just get both a SO and a fat momentous 3 . Do you need to re-position your target, perhaps for another crowd out, or into Shelling Out, or an AOE, or whatever? Then Avarisse is your man. Actually, now that I think about it, you have a few more options w/ Avarisse, in that you often have the choice of either a KD, SO, or some damage and re-position, but perhaps a bit less damage in the long run. I wonder what the damage output over time (that is to say, a simulation against many attempts) would be for the two. Hmmm, I am bored at work...
  4. Best S3 Player for Existing Guilds

    You'd rate Pintpot below those? I'd have him a pip above vHearne, I think.
  5. *sigh* I am the one who is wrong, and I apologize to @Isante & @Dirt Rey. I'm used to Patreons that have a $1 level that is access to the minimum content. In this case, they didn't set it up that way - I thought they had set up a $1 for the podcast only level. Mea culpa.
  6. Dude, the opinion was WRONG. They both said "$5 is too much for 2 extra 'casts." It's not $5! It's only $5 if you want to be in the drawing.
  7. And that's why I didn't quote you. YOU I understood...
  8. I don't understand this at all. Nobody is forcing anybody to pay anything. If you want the additional content, you need to be a patron. What's it worth to you? The $5/month is to be included in the drawing. And who says it's going to be 2 episodes? It's 2 right now, but they may accelerate. I wonder what bitching about it will achieve. And hey, I get that not everybody's budget is the same as mine, but for me, I get $5 of entertainment per month for now (including the standard content), as I can listen to a single 'cast multiple times, and hey, it may help them do more in the future. Some point down the line, I may decide it's not worth it, and re-evaluate then. I can pretty easily waste $5/month on stuff that I don't get any value out of...
  9. sBrisket 10 Player Roster

    That is true; Snakeskin can be an INF hog. But w/ 1 INF she can make an attack, get a and Clone, or w/ 1 INF she can go to 5 DEF (and 6 against those greedy men trying to steal her ball!). Snakeskin might be better suited against another mobile team, and Grace better against the kill-y or AOE heavy teams. Of course, we should include Decimate in the discussion, as she is super fast, and w/ her 6 TAC and Anatomical, she has essentially the same Tackle profile as Grace and Snakeskin, and is a bit dodge-ier than they are too.
  10. sBrisket 10 Player Roster

    I want to use Grace too, just like this. But I'm having trouble justifying including her over Snakeskin, who has 1 better TAC, can leave some poison behind, has the same Tackle profile, and can hang onto the ball super well if needed. I wonder what the team would be like with Grace and Snakeskin and no Benediction? *edit* Let me clarify what I mean by that. I'm looking at Grace vs. Snakeskin in their winger position, which is to set the ball up for a shot by a striker, or taking a shot when needed. To that end, I want them to be fast, accurate, and have plenty of tackling skills. And, to that end, I forgot to mention that Snakeskin has a 3/6" kick too - so shorter range, but more accurate. Hmm...
  11. sBrisket 10 Player Roster

    @KuellerNo interest in Mist, then?
  12. Mo-Ball Podcast Ep3

    You and I have different opinions about what constitutes a down side. To me, what you describe would be perfect.
  13. Mo-Ball Podcast Ep3

    You magnificent bastard.
  14. Want to win stuff?!

    My experience with podcasters (that is to say, what I've seen over my vast number of years) is that they will be super excited and gung-ho out of the gate, but can't go the distance. I've really liked what you've produced thus far (even though I haven't agreed with everything you've said), but how confident are you that you can keep up the pace? Or note even the pace, but at least continue to produce quality content regularly?
  15. Skatha's snowball

    @rozyncrantz Thanks. So is your typical game plan with this line up 2-2, or 3 goals?