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    There will be another blog article out this week with an update on Pitch Formations which takes into account the feedback we've had so far. Spoilers, we think it's going pretty well

    Welcome to the light, Chris. On a serious note, heed what Chris is saying here. Make sure you give this a try, and not just once because it is radically different to your usual game of Guild Ball. I've seen a few times on this thread and in other places that people have been surprised by how things turned out and by the brand new tactical challenges Pitch Formations present.

    So, you guys seem concerned about the weight of Play being too much in favour of the receiving player just now. I understand why, an unanswered fully stacked captain activation is pretty daunting. So, a couple of different things you guys could try in your next games to see what you think: 1) - kicking player starts with [1] MP. 2) - deployment order changes to: The kicking model The receiver deploys all of their models the kicker deploys all of their remaining models

    In the case of Avarisse & Greede and Brainpan & Memory. The additional model follows the same deployment rules as the rest of their team, they must sit on the half way, deployment, or goal line. They are still deployed at the same time, as they are normally. However, they could be deployed on different lines because they don't count towards the Formation Criteria. For example, you could deploy Brainpan on the deployment line and Memory on the half way line. For other questions, such as Granite, I'd suggest following existing Lawyer's Guild rulings.

    Good spot indeed, but just a typo. The kicking model is both determined and placed first. If the kicker is placed last it leaves far too many options for the ball to be 'killed' by a kick-off into a deadspot. This is the last thing we want.
  6. The linked post does not accurately reflect my current stand point on the issue of tiebreakers. In a nutshell, and this is a sentiment that has been expressed multiple times in this thread already - There are a LOT of different ways in which we can control tiebreakers and how player to player match ups are generated. All of these changes are more subjective than you would believe. Almost every change with a positive intention may also cause a different player to have an equally more negative experience. I take the construction of our tournament rules very seriously but we all need to bear in mind that our rules are an attempt to maximise the enjoyment of every participant at an event, not just those at the top, and not just those at the bottom. If we do make any changes in the future, they will be with this principal at their centre.
  7. Hey all! Details for SteamCon have been announced. Dark Souls the Board Game will be available to play! Check it out here: http://steamforged.com/steamcon
  8. Hey all! We finally have SteamCon details for everyone, go and check them out at: http://steamforged.com/steamcon Enjoy!
  9. Hey all, Tickets are now on sale for the Guild Ball British Championship! We have chosen the world class 'Firestorm Games' venue in Cardiff as our location for this event. 7 rounds will take place over Saturday the 8th and Sunday the 9th of October with the winner being granted free entry to SteamCon and an invitation to the Guild Ball world finals! Tickets cost £30 each and include lunchtime meals on both days. Full 'Championship' rules will be in effect, these can be found in our Organised Play Document. Tickets can be purchased on Tiebreak here: https://www.tiebreak.co.uk/sfg-guild-ball-british-championship/feed See you all there!
  10. path of ball when kicking

    The Ball path is drawn centre to centre, kicker to target when performing any kick action. The ball path is always 30mm wide.
  11. A player can not tackle a player without the ball. However a player can select a result that has other effect in addition to tackle when a player does not have the ball. Example Colossus has a 'Tackle & >>' result on his 5th column, in this case only the '>>' would take effect in addition to generating an MP for a momentous action. This also applied to other effects such as knockdown. A player can not choose a purely knockdown result against an opponent who is already knocked down. However a player can choose a combination result of knockdown & damage (such as on Blackheart's 6th column) where only the damage will take effect in addition to generating an MP for a momentous action.
  12. THE Owner

    Question asked & answered this is not a place to discuss 'theory-ball'
  13. Obstructions

    This issue was spotted by the play testers a few weeks back and has been added to the list to errata. For now play Obstructions as follows: - The 1 inch area around Obstructions that provides Cover is considered to be open ground (no movement penalty). - Movement penalties only come into effect when a model is attempting to 'climb' onto an Obstruction that has been predetermined by the players to be small enough to climb on or over. Light footed does not ignore the movement penalty for climbing onto an obstruction,
  14. UK Games Expo - 31/05/2015

    As has been noted on the Tiebreak site, the painting rule will be waived for this event due to the short noticed you have all had. Painted model are encouraged however and don't forget that there are some cool prizes on offer for good painting! Additionally I can confirm that everything Podfrey has said in this thread is accurate.