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  1. Cassaralla's Gallery

    Very nice!
  2. Again, to all, my thanks for the constructive feedback... wonderful new things to try.
  3. Thanks very much @Intergalactic Slacks, @ADG and @Mako .... much appreciated! Did a practice run on a metal model and so I am set up with both white and black primers that I picked up with a bunch of Vallejo paints on Amazon. If I ever manage to produce something that looks good... I'll share HA! =) You folks have certainly set the bar pretty high ... but going to work on getting to that level eventually!
  4. Long time minis gamer

    Welcome to this community... have seen a few from Halifax around here. I look you all up if I'm ever out that way.
  5. Just as the title reads...I am curious if painting the plastic figures from the Kick Off set should follow the same priming as a metal figure. New painter as well as player...pretty obvious!
  6. Siberys's Table-Quality Gallery

    I think they look good!
  7. Thanks very much @Refused8778, @MechMage, and @Fastenhate ... for the clarifications. Much clearer now.
  8. So at what point, or what height, does an obstruction become a barrier.... and is this only for when 3D terrain is used?
  9. So...what is the physical difference between something that is deemed an obstruction and what would be viewed as a barrier? Examples?
  10. new painter, starting on the Kick Off! Masons

    Still looking good for a first go at getting a team painted up in my opinion. I haven't yet tried painting the Kick Off guilds... I bought a separate metal figure to try my hand at first... and it doesn't look as good as yours... so I need more practice for sure. As long as they look good on the pitch... I think you can be mighty please with your efforts @Intergalactic Slacks!
  11. Painting Preference: Resin or Metal?

    Thanks @Doc!
  12. Thanks very much for all the feedback... it is much appreciated @Siberys, @The Old Buzzard, and @Charlie
  13. Anyone else in Utah?

    12 hours north unfortunately... but hey! Welcome!!!
  14. Thanks for that @Wynter.