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    Or restrict the middle line to having only 2 players per side.

    That would be cool
  3. Adding Missions to Guild Ball

    Not sure about missions. I think it takes away from teh whole sports aspect of this game. I do like teh idea of different conditions being in effect for a game: slippery snow, rowdy crwod, etc.... That would put a different challenge into each game and still fit in with the whole narrative

    Just to clarify, that's 3' long and 2' wide?
  5. Long time minis gamer

    There's a gew of us here. I just got started on teh game myself.
  6. He used to be one of them, one of the crowd sitting in the stands cheering for the team. He wasn’t a noble, nor a royal, nor a guild master. Just a common labourer, his days filled with work, eat and sleep. Until game day. Then he would add his face to the excited masses and they would become one large being united in their exuberance. On those days he was part of something bigger. There he was amongst his kin, the fans. The horn would blow and the team would enter under the roar of the crowd. Their champions had arrived. Their team would bring them glory and take them away from their dreary lives if only temporarily. After the game, when the exhilaration was still fresh, he would take his dilapidated ball into the alley behind his dilapidated housing complex and spend hours kicking it into a dilapidated wall. To him it was no longer a wall, but goal post of the Butchers , or the Brewers, maybe even the Alchemists. He would aim for this spot, that spot, dodging imaginary defenders. Making the perfect kick, scoring the perfect goal. Getting the crowd to cheer for him. Today he is no longer one of “them”. Today, he is one of THEM. He has finally made it. Through countless hours of perfecting his kick in the alley, raising through the ranks of the minors, he has finally caught the attention of the Masons. He has done everything asked of him in the training program, fervently listening to everything told to him by his coaches. Today it has paid off. Today he gets to play for the team he has always cheered for. Today, he is a Mason. This isn't the same team he's grown up with though. This is their first game since winning the Frontier Cup and gone is Honour. In her place sits a new captain, and an air of discontent in the locker room. Few players are talking to each other. A tension hangs over the room. He gets changed for the game, no one giving him the least bit of attention. Scared to do something wrong, he just sits quietly on the bench, waiting for the signal to go on. Finally, someone approaches him. It is the new captain, Hammer. "Hey , rook, " he says sternly. "Just get me the ball, got it?" The rookie wants to say yes, to show enthusiasm to let the captain know he can be counted on. But before he can open his mouth, Hammer has already walked away. He can feel the daggers being thrown at the captain from the eyes of some of the others. If Hammer can feel it too, he doesn't show it. The horn sounds and the game starts. The Butchers kick off, sending the ball into Mason territory. Tower runs out to retrieve it, passing it back to Hammer. But his aim is off and the ball goes wide. The rook sees the ball get nearer to him. He can get it. He can get it and race through the opening he spots in the Butcher’s line. He can do this, race through that opening and drive straight to the goal. Kick it with that pinpoint precision he’s honed all this time and get the first goal. As he charges towards the ball the crowd roars, their energy feeding into him, giving him the momentum to surge forward. His foot touches the ball. Hammer calls out to him, wanting the pass. But he keeps going, either ignoring his captain, or deafened to the orders by his enthusiasm. With his sight set on the goal post, he fails to see Boar come charging in from the center line. A massive uppercut sends him flying three feet into the air. His stomach goes even higher. Before he can even begin to descend, the Butcher beast follows up with another punch that sends him flying four feet away , landing in a heap on the ground. He wants to throw up. Something might be broken, but he’s not sure what. He thinks everything is, he hurts so much. He just wants to lay there on the ground, but he knows he can’t. He sees Harmony coming in from the wing. She’ll help him, he knows she will. But she just keeps running past him, tracking the ball. For a split second she glances down at him with a dirty look. A disparaging curse is uttered towards him as she races on. Beyond her Mallet shakes his head. At the rookie’s mistake, or Harmony’s treatment of him? Or the way things are going so wrong so quickly? He tells himself to get up. He’s in the big leagues now. He’s no longer just a fan. He’s a player now. He slowly struggles to his feet only to be hit by another wave of pain, a new source this time. He has no idea what’s happening, but he can see the Butcher’s new captain standing nearby, blades outstretched, and knows it must somehow be her doing. He can feel himself bleeding, even though he wasn’t when he hit the ground. As he tries to comprehend what’s happening, he spies movement out of the corner of his eye. He turns to see the Erskirii beauty known as Meathook charging for him. A hungry smile paints her lips. A sadistic madness sparkles in her eyes. She lashes out with her hooks, ripping out his wounds. Blood flows out, followed by an internal organ or two. He falls back to the ground with a groan, staring up into the sky. If he could think straight he would probably have an epiphany, but he is still trying to comprehend what is happening. Meathook looks down at him, filling his view. She raises her boot over his face and brings it crashing dow- Welcome to the big leagues.
  7. I've been noticing in my games lately that there's usually this huge strip of the pitch, either on top on bottom, that never gets used the entire game. Checked out some of the vids from this year's Vengence, and noticed that play pretty much stayed in the center "lane", unless a player came back on the field. I'm wondering if we need all that space. Would reducing the field width impact the game? Players returning to the pitch usually return on the edge closest the action. Only thing I can see is maybe making support from the wing more effective, but I doubt that's very game breaking (not when compared to Furious) One thing I did notice from the Vengence videos: The corners of the pitch were covered in piles of tokens and rulers, etc.... ANd that's one of my issues with the pitch size: having a table that's not too small and still allow you to have all your cards and bits without interfering with the board.

    Played Fillet Butchers vs Obulus Morticians. The first turn action got started really fast. Fillet and Meathook got the first take out half way through the first turn. The game was very high scoring, ending 12-8. Morticians were good at scoring and probably could have pulled it off if they could've kept their line intact. only problem we really noticed was during set up. Morticians kicked which meant Butchers got to set up first. Fillet and Vet Ox were put on the middle of the center line, a few inches apart. This resulted in the morticians forced to put their forward players closer to the wings, not being allowed to get within 3 inches of an opposing player. SHut out of center as another poster put it.
  9. Snapping to kickoff team in formation

    A player can still be 17.9 inches from the end, and if the ball land 18.9 inches, its still going to have landed in the receiver's half, and be within snap to range. I think the whole spirit of the kick off is that the receiving team starts the game with possession of the ball, or at least a decent chance of getting it. It's just this new format that has this wrinkle that needs to be addressed if it's going to be implemented. Something that couldn't gave come up before under the old format

    The rule book says that the ball has to be on the receiver's side after the kick off is resolved. My argument was that once the scatter is determined, and the ball touches the pitch, kick off is resolved. Theoretically, if the masons had kicked off and done the same thing, Granite could have made her free jog and grabbed the ball if it was close enough, also ending with the kicking team having the ball

    Played Masons vs Fishermen. Fish kicked off. First thing I thought was if it's possible for the kicking to team to start with the ball. I purposly kicked it up the middle between Shark and Greyscales who were on the center line placing it slightly over the line (part of teh base was still on the line. It ended up landing within 1 inch of Greyscales which meant it snapped to him. The Masons had Granite on the center line, and she was able to make her free jog over to Greyscales to start off with an attack to get the ball away from him. To me I feel that having two models on the center line means you have two models to threaten the ball carrier with, so whoever's got it has to use their activation to fall back. That's my thought process right now. In this game, the ball changed hands a few times during he first turn. The action did get strated from the get go, which I liked. I personlay don't like the first turn as I find it's a bit slow, both sides waiting to see what the other will do. There were no first turn goals, but it was a fast and high scoring game. (3 goals to 2 in 5 rounds) If you're going forward with this format you will need to shore up the rules on ball possession once the kick off lands. Should the kicking team be able to snap it?
  12. Season Four Solthecian Player

    Union is only 1 mascot away from being able to fill 3 complete teams (no overlaps) I'm wondering if we'll see one popping up sooner rather than later.
  13. New player on the fence needs help

    If you're not able to get to teh store too often, you could always practice at home. Both Vassal and Tabletop Simulator have Guild Ball modeules that allow you to play virtually. You can experiment with your team, your tactics, get a good feel for your models and what they're capable of.
  14. An ability like ground pound will push and knock down a character. If said character has the ball, from where do you measure the scatter, where the character finally landed, or where they where they started before the push?
  15. Forum Challenge - Welcome To The Big Leagues

    Yeah, when I first got the iudea it was supposed to be Brisket who took him out, as he's charmed by her and lets his guard down. But using her didn't work pon several levels. So I switched to Meathook and guess still tried to cling to the whole being charmed thing, which doesn't really need to happen. As for the dialog: yeah, Hammer shouldn't sound like he's outta the hood (lol, what was I thinking) But I want to show the team not letting the rookie fit in which influences him to try to get that goal and show off. The team is in turmoil as hinted at the end of season 2, and I want to show how that impacts this rookie. I feel those bits of dialog convey that.