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Bob Hambleton

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  1. Yes, unless you are in campaign mode and have rushed through an encounter (in which case you will have to fight or rush through that one again to get back the bonfire).
  2. Manual page 17. The first line of each terrain item's description is how it blocks or restricts movement.
  3. I've soloed through the Boreal knight to (and defeated - just) O & S using the Warrior. Had several gear loadouts that worked well against the miniboss and all encounters but took a while to find gear and tactics that would get through the O & S heat up phase after tanking all of their early attacks. I like the warrior. I played the assassin in my last 4 player game. Struggled to put much damage on anything but mostly due to poor weapon availability and not realising how good blood gem plus poison dagger would have been (I had a titanite shard to cancel the -1 damage on the dagger, 3 automatic condition damage is way better). Not played the knight myself yet but in that 4-player ours was an indestructable tank for block and resist (and ignored pushes). Looked like no fun at all (and we still lost because the fireball toting herald got zapped by Ormstein and we'd spent all the souls armouring the knight). Currently soloing towards the Dancer as Herald. Bit trickier that the warrior run (the winged knight's armour was a sod to get past) but I am running with my custom hard mode dice now which all have a blank face so there is no guaranteed tanking of incoming damage with anyone. Much more fun.
  4. Nice work. I really like the way you've done your bases too. I have two minibosses left to complete but it's got too hot & humid to paint at the moment.
  5. It's a good job airbrushes put down a very thin layer of paint as that was my third attempt at painting the sword. The cloak came about after I found I had a very, very old pot of GW moody blue which had got so thin it would work as a glaze over metallics.
  6. Bit too upright to be canon but once you start sawing you can't go back.
  7. It's a slight nerf but only to the lower rolls on those dice. Basically my blue dice are blank, 1, 2, 2, 2, 3 and the orange are blank, 1, 2, 3, 3, 4 (so one 1 on the blue and one 2 on the orange was blanked). I think the average result on the blues has gone down by 0.2 and on the orange by 0.4.
  8. Not so much a house rule but I have just finished engraving my custom 'hard mode' blue and orange dice to remove my biggest annoyance in the game i.e. guaranteed minimum dice results taking a lot of the threat out. These ones all have one blank face so there is no auto-killing 1 wound mobs or guaranteeing that half of a boss' attack is blocked before you even roll.
  9. This one
  10. It's Battle Systems' dungeon terrain. I picked up a set at the UK Games Expo.
  11. I can see why you might be thinking that way as there is another thread on here where the Dancer has been given an extemely bling chameleon pearlescent cloak. Which looks amazing.
  12. It's not really a diorama. There are movement nodes marked on that bridge.
  13. This may not be the most sensible thing I've done. Still, just painting the minis didn't seem enough somehow.