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    How much time have you guys seen shaved off a game? Learning the game we played mostly Brewers vs Butchers so we didn't exactly use a whole lot of the pitch anyway lol. I've suggested it as the second week of the escalation league (so it adds a mascot, 1ft to the board and 4vps) after the first week 3v3, on the basis that it would be good for new players to learn too.
  2. Thousand Cuts

    This is exactly the problem I have when using Shank (and in fact other butcher plays like they ain't tough or get stuck in etc). It rarely seems as good as picking the damage option overall.
  3. Vassal Bug/Suggestion Thread

    Interesting to know this is a vassal problem rather than GB module, this is my first time using Vassal. I notice it can be quite laggy at times too (not sure if this is a server issue or Java being Java....). If this is a server issue, given there isn't a huge GB lobby to hang around in anyway is it possible to host private Vassal servers to just spin up whenever my remote friends and I fancy a game?
  4. Vassal Bug/Suggestion Thread

    Bug Report - Arrow Key Movement Not Accurate When using arrows keys up/down/left/right to move the distance does not appear to be exactly 1" (or 0.5" with SHIFT) each time. This is noticeable when backtracking a move. Steps to reproduce: It seems to be turns with the arrow keys that are not quite right, though I think we have also encountered it with straight line movement. I attach a screenshot to demo this issue, using cloned players and Midas 1 (yellow) - Original Midas 2 (green) - UP, UP, UP, LEFT, LEFT, UP, UP Midas 3 (red), reversed green - DOWN, DOWN, RIGHT, RIGHT, DOWN, DOWN, DOWN Background: A friend and I have just started using the Vassal module and figuring how to get the most out of it. Sometimes we move by putting an aura and dragging the player. Other times (particularly on a laptop without a mouse) we use the arrow keys to walk a player around. We noticed on both our different machines that backtracking a model seems to mess with the distances if we try to fix a mistake or redo a move. The difference may seem minor in the contrived example above (though I would expect there to be no difference at all), but we have noticed differences of 0.5-1" during more complex moves.
  5. New Butcher Player's Starting Ten

    As something of a newbie myself I noticed something about our two captains that might be helpful when picking your lineup. Butchers deal lots of damage Ox enacts this by empowering the rest of his team Fillet enacts this by the rest of the team empowering her So in a Fillet team I over value mobility (and enemy immobility) and buffs. In an Ox team I over value playbook damage and efficiency.
  6. New player on the fence needs help

    My first few games I was still learning and we gradually introduced concepts - plot cards, then terrain, then the clock. It all helped to get used to the game without being overwhelming at first. You mention that you're playing into a group of very experienced players, and even for any new player I wouldn't expect wins to come very often. As a new player I loved guild ball because every single game I learnt something new, and I think that should be your goal. Whether it's a new play I figured out for my characters, or understanding what my opponents characters did; the first time I saw Avarisse and Greede get a goal from the other side of the pitch it took me be surprise, but it was a lot harder for my opponent the second time he tried it. I lost by 3 goals when I first saw seaBrisket, but the next game I figured out how to pin her down once her legendary was gone and she wasn't so scary anymore. Try to figure out what you learnt that game and how it improved you as a player, rather than just the final result. Worst case, ask your opponent what they would have done to stop that crushing play if they were you - if they don't want to help you well then it's probably time to find a new playgroup with human beings
  7. Wanna Get Lucky?

    We're planning on running this in Dubai to get some of our newer players in and playing games. Should be a good introduction to the league and building up a team, though I think by the time this starts we will have the 6-man player boxes to jump straight in
  8. New Butcher Player's Starting Ten

    I had trouble getting vOx at first, so may I point you to this thread where other players have some handy hints on using him: Using vOx Also similarly for the Briskets: Using vBrisket (and oBrisket) I didn't like Shank at first but his playbook is really solid damage. I prefer him with Ox where he can come from downtown and hopefully finish a model off (or if not dodge to safety with all his dmg/dodge results). In fillet I play him for cleanup duty or if I need more 2" melee
  9. newb strat qssss

    Are you sure you don't mean vKat? That's the fat one
  10. New Butcher Player's Starting Ten

    Starting with your 6, I prefer to take vBrisket when taking Boar just to make up for his slow movement (and he can be a rocket punch with Quick Foot and Marked Target also available in the rest of your 6). I've also found vOx to be a bit underwhelming depending on the matchup, and probably prefer Harry in his place. I'll sometimes take Boar if kicking with him but he's not an immediate pick for me. I also prefer him in Ox where he can make the most of 4 attacks for 1 inf (but conversely I prefer oBrisket in Ox which limits him a bit). My 10 are not too different to yours, as I rarely make use of Truffles (I always seem to want Boiler, which includes Princess), but I've found Shank to do a good bit of work too. My starting 6 normally therefore look like either: Fillet, Princess, Boiler, Meathook and 2 from vBrisket/vOx/Harry/Shank/ Ox, Princess, Boiler, Shank, oBrisket, Meathook/Tenderiser/Boar
  11. Guild Ball Dubai

    In case we get any wanderers to the forums here, Guild Ballers meet every Monday night at Battlezone in the Jumeirah Centre. We have a WhatsApp group that we use to communicate on and play pickup games (such as at Gloria Hotel or Back2Games), and our local pundit is Mike Dunlop. If you haven't discovered us yet, come and join on us.
  12. Avarisse & Greede FAQ

    Thanks for the link, also clarified a few other things for me! Some of the rules that came up in the past regarded influence generation (Greede doesn't generate influence if attached?) as well as something I saw about Greede not given icy sponge tokens but that might have been S2 specific. Conceptually how they work makes sense but mechanically it has resulted in quite a few head scratchers :-)
  13. Avarisse & Greede FAQ

    Could anyone point me to an faq regarding A&Gs rules? In our little playgroup there isn't a single model (pun not intended) that has given us so many rules questions, and I've been trawling the forums for some individual answers but some of these relate to S2
  14. Using vBrisket (and oBrisket)

    Updated the first post with tactical advice from this threat. Excellent point on counter charge - it might not be immediately obvious that they're all males until someone points it out
  15. The next post in this series (does 2 make a series?), is my question on how you make best use of vBrisket? I hear lots of raving about vBrisket over oBrisket, but having played more with oBrisket I notice a few things. Goal threat range is the same (oBrisket is 8+8+super kick, vBrisket is 8+8+quick time), but vBrisket needs 1 more inf to hit this. The playbook is probably where it counts here, but I see oBrisket having a tackle on 1, and vBrisket having a tackle on 2hits (and the more powerful tackle/push on 3). I don't see either of them as being killing machines, so ball retrieval and shooting is what I want out of a Brisket. In either case I rarely end up assigning either much influence throughout the game, and they end up just hovering on the wing most of the time What is it that makes vBrisket so useful, how should she play differently to oBrisket, and why do I want either over a more moderate goal threat but stronger beater (Shank or vOx) Edit: Summary of thoughts so far: oBrisket is good vs counter charge models (which are all male with the exception of Marbles) Dirty Knives is particularly useful vs Farmers to enable a KD hit on other players oBrisket with her improved defensive stats is better for holding and killing the ball vBriskets Quick Time can free up engaged models that would otherwise not have a good way to disengage (or re-engage, e.g. Boar) Receiving, vBrisket can enable a turn 1 goal (and +2INF) Kicking, she can increase threat ranges to engage quicker