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  1. Hunters have too many 2" melee zones

    @WhiteYin Haha I know the feels - no casual games for us!
  2. Granite Tactics

    I played against a Granite the other day with my Hunters; Theron was a good counter with pinned, but the turns she did make it in to combat were horrible!
  3. Hunters have too many 2" melee zones

    Hunters are a thinking Guild, we don't need those easy 2" melees
  4. Masons!

    Theron is amazing if they take Hammer, however if it's blind pick you won't really know... Also, Egret performs amazingly if they don't take Veteran Harmony, quite a few low defense models that love to be near each other
  5. Love the tactics blogs!

    Hi guys, I couldn't fight a more appropriate place for this post, so I've put it here. if there is a special blog related forum please let me know! Just wanted to say I love reading the tactics blogs; the latest one http://steamforged.com/sfg-news-blog/the-union-tactics-of-the-tyrant was really interesting, and a few months ago I really enjoyed reading the Hunters ones too. Please do more
  6. A kind of the unfun game

    @MechMage @JacctheInsomniac @kryzak *sobs his way into the trio*
  7. How many Strikers is too many?

    @Charlie Haha I wish we could! Thinkers game for us
  8. How many Strikers is too many?

    @Charlie I think you've got this all wrong, planning ahead will definitely not help you win games... You should just wing it every time
  9. How many Strikers is too many?

    Hey everyone, so getting more use out of Skatha after my last post, I'm slowly coming round to her value With that in mind... how strong can we make our football game? Say I was playing a fighty lineup against Butchers, Brewers etc. would a team composed of max goal scoring be effective? Or would you struggle without having some beat sticks in there? Example lineup below Skatha, Snow, Egret, Ulfr, Jaecar, VHearne/Minx
  10. Best S3 Player for Existing Guilds

    @FearLord My one game against Hag didn't result in much, but I'm sure she'll cause me loads of trouble in the future!
  11. Best S3 Player for Existing Guilds

    I play Hunters and the only people outside of Ulfr and VHearne on this list I've played are Hag and Pintpot. In the games I played, both didn't do very much! From personal experience, i've found Ulfr to be amazing. With his super dodgy playbook and Where'd he go, he can score from weird angles that other players don't seem to expect! This could also be partly as I've noticed a lot of people dismiss him as not begin very good, which could explain why I manage to do well with him.
  12. Hi guys, with Snow's Ooh Ball, Snow can make a free jog directly towards the ball. From what I understand, this means that Snow must move in a straight line towards the ball, and at no point be further away from the ball than when he started. Does this mean that Snow can jog towards the ball to get into base contact... but then actually travel directly OVER the ball, but end his move still in base contact with the ball? As this means that snow is still touching it, and therefore hasn't moved further away from the ball?
  13. Midas, the Shining Terror

    @Charlie Or Skatha can do her Snowball to get a 4" dodge, which means he then can't move away...
  14. How to cut off Corsairs second leg?

    @WhiteYin I'm confused! When I said Snow killed the ball, I meant I got the ball to Snow, and he then stayed away from the other Fish. He stayed protected behind a skirmish line of Jaecar/Chaska/Minx