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  1. Just Something Short

    anime was a mistake
  2. July 2017 Errata Changes!

    The Lure of Gold nerf ticks me off the most. What am I supposed to do now that I am not scoring goals? The time I want to use LOG a bunch more, they just take it away. It might as well just be renamed to Lure of Katalyst
  3. July 2017 Errata Changes!

    #notapro what about Harry? The first time I put harry on the field I kept forgetting to activate Crazy, and I still did some work with him because of molotov and 2" reach. He's still >>> than mercury But Vitriol got hit so hard, is it worth using the harry slot to swap her into mist now?
  4. Forged From Steel

    Awesome, thanks.
  5. Forged From Steel

    What is the forge and bellows in the background for?
  6. New starter team

    Ah, I didn't even realize there was a Smoke box, that's so cool. On one hand, I'm jealous I didn't wait a couple weeks for these boxes to come out to get in, and on the other hand I'm glad - because if I didn't I would have bought the smoke box and gotten completely steamrolled by everyone. Smoke, Naja, Crucible, Compound, VENIN, VKAT So you have just Smokes legendary to chemical breeze, and Venin and Crucible meleeing people to try and get status effects on them. Hard Mode.
  7. newb strat qssss

    @MechMage Ha, I meant to say I think VKAT's not worth the $35. OKAT is the man for sure. What do you guys do to get the ball back from Sharks?, those 2 inch melee zones are so annoying. Does compound do a lot of work with Horrific odor? Or do fishers play around him too easy to be worth? I guess what would I use instead of him? Some kind of face beater (like vkat lol).

    I'm still a noob, but this seems awesome to me. I'm scared of filet deploying inside of my body, but at the same time the idea of someone being able to drop a Casket into midfield and be like 'sup' is hilarious to me.

    that's awesome

    @Slothrop I was excited about drafting during placement as well; however the document indicates that teams are picked before deployment: >Both coaches select their Guild and choose the six-player team that they wish to use for the match (including a Captain and a Mascot)
  11. newb strat qssss

    Ya, I heard Naja was a good ball holder vs fishes, I'd def put one in if I had a naj. I think vkat is a cool guy, except his name is katalyst so if you run him you can't play like the best dude on Alchemists. Feels like a handicap I don't need, especially since im a noob.
  12. newb strat qssss

    Hey Alchlords, I've gotten to play almost 2 full games of GB with alchemsists, and a couple partial games now. My 10 are the meta 10 except I have mercury instead of naja/VKAT because $35USD is too much for a guy who sucks and I can't find Naja anywhere. What can I do to help against my friend's Shark team? I'm kind of clueless how to not get run over by fishes right now. I also have yet to use midas legendary, is there something I am missing to scoring turn 1 with midas? I have to have something midfield to bounce off of right?
  13. Vs Morticians

    ah, I forgot about the UM on Ob, and my friend does love his bp&m. rip compound.
  14. Vs Morticians

    I thought morts were a scoring team - when should you bring in compound?