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  1. I'd like to understand the reason behind this. Why wouldn't enemies have this same restriction? I can't really speak to specific boss attacks having this as I haven't done much boss fighting, but it doesn't exactly seem balanced that a Sentinel can attack with a halberd at range 0, but a player can't. I understand that enemies are controlled by behaviour cards and not players, but they have the same action limitations as the players. If I remember correctly from the video games, enemies with lootable weapons had the same moveset for that weapon as players did, so the above restriction doesn't seem to translate properly either. Although now that I write that, perhaps giving players an increased moveset but restricting range, while giving enemies a limited moveset but increased range is their way of balancing?
  2. Hi there, I'm sorry if I happened to miss this, but I looked through the whole thread and didn't see any mention of range on enemies with bows and polearms. On page 23 of the rulebook, it explains the Shaft icon under Character Activation as "Bows and polearms are difficult to use effectively at short range. Weapons with the Shaft icon cannot be used against targets at Range 0." Does this also apply to enemies and bosses with these kinds of weapons? I've been operating under the assumption that it does, especially since the example weapon right next to the above explanation is the Dragonslayer Spear, but I would really appreciate a clarification. Thanks!